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Bond University.

Bond University is a private university on the Gold Coast. It has a reputation for excellent student services, which students pay for through higher fees compared to public universities. If you've studied at Bond, how do you rate the university? What are the pros and cons? Post a student review to let people know.

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  1. Kien Kong
    | Reply

    Degree not accredited by Australian professional body

    Bond’s Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science are not recognised by Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA). After going through their exercise science program, if you do not pass their interview for their physiotherapy program or due to high competition, you can neither be a physiotherapist nor an exercise physiologist.

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  2. Andrew
    | Reply

    Great uni

    Exceptional uni. Great for teaching and learning, beautiful campus, nice community, good employment results.

    I did my undergrad at Bond. I also went to another university for Honours in Melbourne, and it did not compare to Bond.

    Other graduates of Bond have left hundreds of reviews on the Bond Facebook page, see .

    Also see and .

    Highly recommend it.

  3. Bond Student
    | Reply

    Low Standards - focus is on overloading classes to maximise profit

    Bond Uni is really Bond University Limited – a private company. It is really hard for them to get good staff to live and work on the Gold Coast. Teachers try their best but any complaint is not taken seriously and students who raise concerns are bad mouthed. Bond ignore their own class size requirements and lecturers have no ability to address this. The three-semester intake causes problems for students and teachers. A student in their 4th or 5th semester may be in a class with a student in their 1st or 2nd semester and this makes teaching and learning very difficult since the 5th-semester student has more relevant classes under their belt. Lecturers always tell students to address this in the semesterly feedback process but it is always ignored by uni admin. Teachers play favorites along ethnic lines – which I guess in reality probably happens everywhere.

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    • Andrew
      | Reply

      Not my experience at all. I found standards at Bond were very good.

      • Yash Upadhyaya
        | Reply

        Andrew isn’t real

        Andrew you seem like a totally ‘real’ person thanks for leaving links and refuting every negative comment

        • Dana Jay
          | Reply

          What the heck yash

          Jeez you’re so aggressive, calm the f down

          • Mike

            I like James BOnd

            Calm the falafel down?

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  4. zee
    | Reply

    in 2011 i went to Bonds university exhibition in my country (Oman) and met one of the uni international student relations staff. he was very helpful from the start to end. However, he was quite familiar with the education system in the region and how far we were behind in terms of academic skills overall therefore told me they’d take care of me…etc. being new to the western world and facing all sort of complexity of their education system and intensive culture shock. i was overwhelmed almost instantly that i lost track of everything let alone i missing the orientation week…i cant stress how lost i was, there were no instruction on where to go or what to do and i was not informed that my accommodation was not available to me yet so i had to drag a year worth of luggage around the uni until i found a hotel where i spent 3 days.

    during my studies there, i found it difficult to cope and understand everything since i was rushed through everything which killed my spirit, made me very confused and depressed, homesick and feel isolated. i found myself overworked and having 3-4hrs sleep daily trying to figure out whats going on. i was there for 3 semesters each was a fail. i asked for help, guidance and/or anything that can help me from anyone anyway i know… now i am at the end of the second semester i receive a VISA Cancellation Note 28, i appealed. and another in the second semester i appealed again. i was disparate and in between i met the chancellor who was in every way professional and helpful. he had no idea of what i had gone through so he tried guiding me. Christmas came and after a long year and half i got to visit my family back at home. i met the immigration officer who asked me to go back home see my family and we will sort it out when i am back…the day after i landed i received a mail from the immigration that my visa was cancelled and i was bad for 4 years. i left everything i had in my apartment.

    i tried calling the immigration officer so he tells me he had no idea it happened and said he would respond to me. he didn’t i waited for few days and then tried to call them and he never picked up. i was band that bestride me and my future because i saved up a lot for years and never got a chance to view my options. i was always under the impression that i was unable to move universities ATM before the notice due to the visa assigned to Bond exclusively.

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  5. Khushh
    | Reply

    In which course did you study?

    i want to go for master in construction program, so i really want to know. shall i go to UniSA or Bond ?

  6. Mark
    | Reply

    I started out at Bond and completed my bachelors and masters there.

    Overall great experience. Nice campus, pretty good teachers (for the most part), small class sizes generally, fun place to go to school. Great support for sporting and social clubs. Nice facilities and buildings.

    Expensive. Some aspects of the school are set up as a bit of a money grab (sneaky fees etc)
    Overseas, the school was not recognised which was a disadvantage when job hunting.

  7. Freya
    | Reply

    Bond University is a welcoming space and encourages students to explore their interests. The teaching staff and courses are impeccable and the structure of the three semester year is innovative and puts students first.

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