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University Reviews

University student asking a question in a tutorial. The best universities provide quality teaching and allow students to have a great university experience.

  • Universities should be assessed from a student perspective.
  • After all, students are the main reason why these institutions exist.

In Australia, the top unis include prestigious universities as well as some that are less well known. A university can be good even if it lacks a long history or employs few Nobel Prize winners.

Find out what students are saying

Student views are important. On this site, you can read reviews of universities as well as student feedback from national surveys.

How do recent graduates feel about their study experience? Is it easy to get accommodation close to the campus and city life? Do the courses lead to professional jobs? These are the sorts of questions where student feedback is valuable.

University rankings

Universities should be compared on a like-for-like basis and without getting carried away with academic research performance. Quality is about getting the best possible outcomes in learning and personal development.

The statistical ranking of universities is generated using a 3R formula. Equal weight is given to:

  1. Reputation (world ranking)
  2. Ratings from students (satisfaction %)
  3. Results (graduate employment, pay and further study).

The formula was created specifically for students and avoids common statistical flaws.

Editorial Policy

Editing. Uni Reviews presents facts, statistics, rankings, analysis and opinion. Content is aimed towards helping students make informed choices about university study and living.

Facts and figures

We try hard to ensure the accuracy of information. Original sources are cited where it may be helpful to readers.

If you have any concerns about the factual accuracy of anything on this website, please let us know.

Analysis and opinion

All analysis and commentary represent the views of Uni Reviews at the time the information was released or updated.

While Uni Reviews maintains editorial independence, feedback is welcome. The goal is to present balanced and clear information.

If you have a contribution towards uni assessments or other feedback, please send it in. While we do not promise to add or change content in exactly the way asked, all submissions are considered.

If you are a student or graduate, you can always post a student review.