The top universities in Australia for student satisfaction are led by Avondale University, Bond University, and the University of Divinity. They excel in creating supportive, engaging, and high-quality educational environments.

Other top performers include Edith Cowan University, the University of the Sunshine Coast, the University of New England, and Deakin University. All have strong student support services and innovative learning approaches to enhance the overall student experience.

Rank University Undergraduate Postgraduate
1 Avondale University 87.9% 78.0%
2 Bond University 86.3% 80.6%
3 University of Divinity 81.8% 88.7%
4 Edith Cowan University 82.7% 79.3%
5 University of the Sunshine Coast 80.6% 83.1%
6 University of New England 80.1% 78.4%
7 Deakin University 78.5% 78.8%
8 CQUniversity Australia 78.2% 76.6%
9 Torrens University 77.8% 77.1%
10 Swinburne University of Technology 77.5% 77.2%
11 Griffith University 78.2% 74.8%
12 University of Notre Dame Australia 77.2% 76.2%
13 University of Southern Queensland 75.7% 78.1%
14 Flinders University 77.0% 73.4%
15 Charles Sturt University 73.9% 79.1%
16 University of Queensland 76.2% 74.2%
17 University of South Australia 76.8% 72.4%
18 Australian Catholic University 76.5% 72.4%
19 University of Western Australia 75.8% 73.2%
20 University of Newcastle 74.2% 75.5%
21 Australian National University 75.6% 72.6%
22 University of Canberra 74.8% 74.1%
23 University of Adelaide 75.8% 72.0%
24 Macquarie University 74.4% 72.6%
25 James Cook University 73.7% 73.8%
26 Queensland University of Technology 72.3% 76.3%
27 University of Technology Sydney 72.0% 76.7%
28 Curtin University 74.2% 72.1%
29 Murdoch University 72.6% 74.0%
30 Victoria University 72.8% 73.4%
31 University of Tasmania 75.4% 67.8%
32 Federation University Australia 71.5% 75.1%
33 La Trobe University 71.9% 74.0%
34 Southern Cross University 70.1% 77.4%
35 University of Wollongong 73.6% 70.2%
36 Monash University 71.3% 73.0%
37 RMIT University 70.7% 72.4%
38 Charles Darwin University 70.6% 71.8%
39 University of New South Wales 68.5% 75.9%
40 University of Western Sydney 72.2% 68.0%
41 University of Sydney 69.3% 68.4%
42 University of Melbourne 67.3% 70.7%
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Updated: 22 May 2024

Source: Student Experience Survey

University Ratings Measures

The table reports the percentage of students who rated their overall educational experience positively. It includes both undergraduate and postgraduate students from all Australian universities.

The ratings are based on a single question in the Student Experience Survey (SES), which asks students to evaluate their overall educational experience. This measure helps compare student satisfaction across different institutions.

Higher percentages indicate a more positive overall student experience at those universities. The table serves as a benchmark for universities to understand and improve their educational offerings.

Australia’s Top Unis for Students

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Avondale University

Avondale University tops the list with 87.9% undergraduate and 78.0% postgraduate satisfaction. These figures are well above the national averages of 74.4% and 74.8%. Avondale’s small size and recent university status contribute to a strong sense of community.

Bond University

Bond University has high satisfaction rates with 86.3% for undergraduates and 80.6% for postgraduates. Known for personalised education and small class sizes, Bond consistently outperforms national averages.

University of Divinity

The University of Divinity excels with 81.8% undergraduate and 88.7% postgraduate satisfaction. Specialising in theology, it provides a supportive and close-knit academic environment, far exceeding national averages.

Edith Cowan University

Edith Cowan University scores 82.7% for undergraduates and 79.3% for postgraduates. These ratings are above the national averages, reflecting ECU’s focus on student support and practical courses.

University of the Sunshine Coast

The University of the Sunshine Coast has 80.6% undergraduate and 83.1% postgraduate satisfaction. Its welcoming campus and innovative learning spaces contribute to these above-average ratings.

University of New England

The University of New England rates 80.1% for undergraduates and 78.4% for postgraduates. UNE’s flexible learning options and strong student engagement drive these high satisfaction levels.

Deakin University

Deakin University scores 78.5% undergraduate and 78.8% postgraduate satisfaction. These figures are above the national averages, thanks to Deakin’s strong support services and focus on employability.

About the Student Experience Survey

The Student Experience Survey (SES) evaluates higher education students in Australia. It includes both undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students. Over 175,000 undergraduates and 65,000 postgraduates are surveyed annually.

Most recently, 141 institutions participated, including all 42 universities and many non-university higher education institutions (NUHEIs). The survey is conducted online via email and SMS invitations.

SES results help improve teaching and learning outcomes. The data informs the ComparED website, aiding prospective students. Findings are reported in national and methodological reports, helping institutions and policymakers enhance the student experience.

Unfiltered Student Opinions

Student reviews and ratings are also available in the Student Reviews section of Uni Reviews. This open forum allows students and graduates to post reviews or comments about their university experiences.

Readers can gain insights from these unfiltered opinions, which discuss both the pros and cons of attending different universities. The section encourages fair and balanced reviews, offering different perspectives on what to expect from various institutions.

We do, however, suggest you take the reviews with a grain of salt due to sampling bias. The comments section tends to attract frustrated students looking to vent or otherwise make their grievances known. In contrast, overall ratings based on official surveys are generally positive.