The biggest and best MBA online degrees in Australia, with rankings based on program size and features.

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Here is a ranking of the top 25 online MBAs in Australia based on program size.

The list shows how many students are enrolled in 100% online postgraduate courses in the field of Management and Commerce. As you can see from the table, RMIT is on top, followed by Deakin University and UNSW. The biggest MBA online programs have 1,500+ Australian students.

Size Rank Graduate Business Program Online Students
1 RMIT University 2026
2 Deakin University 1749
3 University of New South Wales 1721
4 Charles Sturt University 1317
5 Queensland University of Technology 1271
6 Griffith University 1258
7 Southern Cross University 940
8 University of New England 741
9 University of Southern Queensland 713
10 Swinburne University of Technology 491
11 Torrens University Australia 406
12 University of Newcastle 367
13 University of Tasmania 322
14 CQUniversity 320
15 University of South Australia 317
16 Curtin University 280
17 Monash University 241
18 Edith Cowan University 200
19 Macquarie University 192
20 Victoria University 176
21 James Cook University 170
22 Murdoch University 164
23 University of Melbourne 161
24 Flinders University 153
25 La Trobe University 151
Source: uCube. Updated: 21 September 2023
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MBA Online Australia Degrees

RMIT University

Master of Business Administration
Australia's biggest online MBA

Southern Cross University

Master of Business Administration
Low fees and multiple majors

James Cook University

MBA Global
Flexible with a global outlook

MBA Rankings Based on Program Features


Some websites have also ranked MBA programs in Australia based on features. One of the major features for many students is price – that is, course fees. Other features include the option for accelerated learning and whether students have to sit exams. Most programs are designed for part-time study.

Lerna Australia

According to Lerna Australia, the five best online MBA programs in Australia are headed by UTS, James Cook University, and Southern Cross University.

1. University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
The UTS Online MBA, backed by the AACSB-accredited UTS Business School, emphasises cultural sensitivity and ethics in decision-making across different business settings.

2. University of Adelaide
The University of Adelaide's online MBA merges theory with practical application, preparing graduates to lead confidently across sectors while focusing on adaptability and resilience.

3. James Cook University (JCU)
JCU's MBA Global helps students integrate global trends and data analytics into actionable business strategies. The standout feature is its Integrated Global Capstone Project.

4. Southern Cross University (SCU)
SCU's MBA program is recognised for its wide-ranging curriculum and specialisations. With accolades from the Good Universities Guide 2023, it's known for quality education and student support.

5. RMIT University
RMIT's online MBA addresses the demands of Industry 4.0 by offering insights into technology and digital trends. Engaging sessions with industry experts and a selection of minors set this program apart.

Source: Lerna Australia Best Online MBA Schools

Good Universities

Australia's largest graduate business schools
Sydney and Melbourne are the hubs for the biggest graduate business schools in Australia. The University of Sydney, University of New South Wales (UNSW), and RMIT University top the list, with the majority of students opting for online courses.

University reputation (entry scores)
University prestige often correlates with entry scores. Topping the list for their Bachelor of Business or Commerce programs are the University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, and UNSW.

MBA tuition fees
Fees for MBA courses vary significantly, ranging from $35,880 at SCU Online to a hefty $99,630 at Melbourne Business School. It's worth noting that SCU Online provides an affordable MBA, with its online program offering six start points annually and choices for specialisation.

Most in-demand MBA specialisations
Popular MBA fields include Finance, Marketing, Business, and Healthcare Management. For those aiming at high earning potentials, specialising in Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Marketing is advisable as these fields are known for producing lucrative salaries.

Source: Good Universities Best MBA Programs in Australia, 2023

Learning Lab

Course fees are a big consideration in the top 5 online MBA rankings at Learning Lab. Programs are ranked according to tuition fees while also accounting for other factors such as study flexibility.

  1. SCU Online
  2. James Cook University
  3. University of Adelaide
  4. UTS Online
  5. RMIT University

Source: Learning Lab Top 5 Online MBA Programs in Australia