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RMIT Online - Master of Business Administration

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RMIT's Master of Business Administration is a globally recognised MBA for next-generation leaders. Build the leadership skills and mindset for Industry 4.0 and ride the wave of technology and innovation. The 100% online program is fast-paced, dynamic and re-defined. Enrich your online learning with in-person industry networking and student-driven meetups.

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Why Choose the RMIT Online MBA?

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What makes the online MBA from RMIT University worth it are the cutting-edge knowledge and skills you gain. The program offers specialisations in areas like design thinking, technology and innovation, leadership, and project management. These areas reflect the modern demands of business, preparing students to suceed in different sectors, from health and science to startups and NGOs.

An important cost and time saver is the ability to study part-time, focusing on one subject at a time. You can study online when it's convenient for you, all while maintaining a full-time job. RMIT's online MBA provides this flexibility, ensuring that students can balance their professional commitments with their education. The choice between virtual or in-person networking sessions further enhances the student experience.

An MBA degree from RMIT University is highly valued by Australian employers. When complemented by your experience and personal qualities, it should lead to exciting job opportunities. Graduates from this program leave with more than just a degree; you gain a contemporary, industry-relevant education, positioning you for leadership roles.

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