The best universities in Australia for international students don’t just provide good teaching and a world-class degree. They also provide good value (low tuition fees). They are also likely to be popular study choices for international students.

Our rankings list of the best universities for international students uses 3 factors: quality, demand and value. Based on these factors: the top universities are the University of Wollongong, University of Melbourne and RMIT University.

Top Universities for Studying in Australia

Updated: 4 November 2015

For details about components, see Australian rankings and tuition fees.

The ranking formula combines scores for quality (Australian ranking), demand (number and % of students from abroad) and value (indicative annual tuition fee for bachelor degrees).

How the Rankings are Calculated

The rankings depend on a university’s combined score on 3 factors.

  1. Quality is measured by a university’s score in general university rankings. It depends on reputation, course ratings and graduate pay results.
  2. Demand measures both the number of international students attending the university and the percentage of students who are from abroad. It reflects both demand for and availability of international student placements. ‘Demand’ also indicates how experienced the uni is at receiving international students and how likely a student is to meet people from the same country.
  3. Value measures how cheap international tuition fees for the university are compared to other universities.

The university that is best for you depends on your individual circumstances. Value is important if you are on a tight budget. Otherwise, you may care more about quality. Location is another of many possible considerations.

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