Here is a list of all 41 universities in Australia. The sortable list shows each university’s:

  • home city and state
  • number of students enrolled
  • indicative ATAR score for course entry.

Updated: 31 October 2015

Data notes

  • Student numbers are for 2014 and consist of all students enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate degree courses.
  • ATAR score is the average indicative required ATAR score for arts, business and science bachelor degrees at the university. See ATAR course entry scores for further detail.

About the Universities List

The location information (city and state) and student numbers in the list do not reflect the often complex ways Australian universities are organised.

  • All but a few Australian universities have multiple campuses.
  • Often a university’s campus network spreads across multiple cities and may cross state and even national boundaries.
  • A given student could attend a large main campus, a satellite campus or study through distance education.