The University of Tasmania is a regional and online university serving the people of the state of Tasmania.

Students: 29,282 (4,818 international, 60% female)

ATAR entry: varies (subject quotas)

Why Study at UTAS?

People choose to study at UTAS because it is affordable and reliable, and to experience student life in Tassie. It is affordable because Tassie is a cheap place to live. It easy to find good accommodation at low prices. For international students, tuition fees are low as well.

A big drawn of the university is the opportunity to study in Tasmania. The main campus is in a lively part of Hobart. There are also facilities in Launceston, Burnie and other parts of the island state.

Tassie is a bit like New Zealand: cool, mountainous and surrounded by ocean. It also has small population. The combination of elements make it an inspiring place to study. It is no coincidence that Hobart is home to many artists, craftspeople and other creative types.

Teaching and Courses

When you enrol at UTAS, you can be confident your academic needs will be met. The university has a long history and has always offered a full range of courses. It never struggles to attract good lecturers.

UTAS is a good quality university. It's not elite – it can't be since it is the only university in a small state. Nonetheless, the uni:

  • is globally ranked, often appearing among the world's top 500 universities
  • performs well in terms of graduate salaries, which is an excellent result for a university based in regional Australia.