The top universities for medicine in Australia for 2017 are

  1. James Cook University
  2. University of Western Australia
  3. Monash University

Uni Reviews ranked Australian universities by a formula using:

  • medical school size (student numbers)
  • student and graduate satisfaction with medicine courses (% satisfied)
  • indicative graduate salaries (based on pay, study and unemployment rates).

Medicine includes General Medicine, Surgery, Psychiatry, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Anaesthesiology, Pathology, Radiology, Internal Medicine and General Practice.

James Cook University

The College of Medicine and Dentistry at JCU tops the subject rankings for Medicine in 2017.

The program is relatively large (1,155 students), has the highest rate of satisfaction among student and graduates (92%) and produces solid job outcomes ($65,000 indicative graduate salary).

University of Western Australia

The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences at UWA is ranked 2nd in Australia for Medicine.

The Faculty’s medical graduates enjoy the highest salaries in Australia ($68,130) and have a solid rate of course satisfaction (84%).

Monash University

The Monash School of Medicine at Monash is in the top 3 for Australia.

The School is the largest in Australia (2,452 students) and is highly rated by students (85% satisfaction).

Medical School Rankings for Australia

RankMedical SchoolStudentsSatisfactionGrad salaryPoints
1James Cook University115592%$65,000227
2University of Western Australia94684%$68,130207
3Monash University245285%$59,370204
4Bond University45690%$63,650171
5University of New South Wales167983%$59,325170
6University of Melbourne140888%$57,615166
7University of Queensland213368%$64,450162
8University of Adelaide97984%$61,599162
9University of Notre Dame Australia88178%$64,650154
10University of Tasmania57086%$60,218134
11University of Wollongong32888%$61,000131
12University of Newcastle71782%$59,730122
13Deakin University54980%$61,462118
14Flinders University64586%$54,64599
15University of Sydney119676%$55,50091
16University of New England33976%$60,00072
17Australian National University37171%$60,00054

Updated: 9 November 2016

Universities with small sample sizes for satisfaction or salary components are omitted from overall ranking.

1. Medical School Size

RankMedical SchoolStudents
1Monash University2452
2University of Queensland2133
3University of New South Wales1679
4University of Melbourne1408
5University of Sydney1196
6James Cook University1155
7University of Adelaide979
8University of Western Australia946
9University of Notre Dame Australia881
10University of Newcastle717
11Flinders University645
12Western Sydney University619
13Griffith University603
14University of Tasmania570
15Deakin University549
16Bond University456
17Australian National University371
18University of New England339
19University of Wollongong328

Source: Department of Education and Training, 2015 Special Courses (Category: Medical)

Count of students enrolled in courses leading to provisional registration as a medical practitioner.

2. Student Course Satisfaction

RankMedical SchoolGraduatesStudentsOverall
1James Cook University95%89%92%
2Bond University85%94%90%
3University of Wollongong95%83%88%
4University of Melbourne88%88%
5Western Sydney University92%85%88%
6Flinders University81%88%86%
7University of Tasmania92%83%86%
8Monash University87%81%85%
9University of Adelaide84%83%84%
10University of Western Australia88%79%84%
11University of New South Wales78%88%83%
12University of Newcastle82%80%82%
13Deakin University92%72%80%
14University of Notre Dame Australia88%72%78%
15University of Sydney78%72%76%
16University of New England64%81%76%
17Australian National University59%80%71%
18University of Queensland71%61%68%

Sources: Course Experience Questionnaire (2014-2015), University Experience Survey (2014-2015)

Universities are ranked by student and graduate satisfaction, with an adjustment for lower average satisfaction among current students. For further details, see Course Ratings by Students.

3. Indicative Graduate Salaries

RankMedical SchoolEmployedStudyingOtherSalary
1University of Western Australia77%20%3%$68,130
2James Cook University97%3%0%$65,000
3University of Notre Dame Australia95%4%1%$64,650
4University of Queensland95%4%1%$64,450
5Bond University96%2%3%$63,650
6University of Adelaide78%18%4%$61,599
7Deakin University89%9%3%$61,462
8University of Wollongong97%3%0%$61,000
9University of Tasmania92%7%2%$60,218
10Australian National University99%1%0%$60,000
11University of New England98%2%0%$60,000
12University of Newcastle93%6%1%$59,730
13Monash University87%12%1%$59,370
14University of New South Wales83%16%1%$59,325
15University of Melbourne71%25%4%$57,615
16University of Sydney68%25%8%$55,500
17Flinders University67%23%9%$54,645

Source: Graduate Destinations Survey (2013-2015)

The indicative graduate salary accounts for low incomes of unemployed graduates.

For further details, see Graduate Salaries by University.