The top 3 Communications unis in Australia for 2017 are

  1. University of Technology Sydney
  2. Griffith University
  3. University of Melbourne

Universities are ranked by adding scores out of 100 for 3 quality indicators:

  1. Relative size of communications faculty
  2. Course satisfaction ratings (% of recent graduates satisfied with their course overall)
  3. Graduate salaries (adjusted for unemployment).

Communications includes: Audio Visual Studies, Journalism, Written and Verbal Communication.

University of Technology Sydney

The School of Communication at UTS tops the subject rankings for Communications in 2017.

The School is comfortably the largest in Australia.

Griffith University

The Humanities, Languages and Social Science program at Griffith is ranked 2nd in Australia for Communications.

The School has a large number of communications students and a high rate of course satisfaction (85%).

University of Melbourne

The School of Culture and Communication at Melbourne Uni is one of Australia’s top 3 schools for Communications.

The Faculty scores well for course satisfaction (88%) and indicative graduate salary ($39,052).

Overall Rankings

RankUniversitySize*SatisfactionGrad salaryPoints
1University of Technology Sydney1,54082%$35,366187
2Griffith University1,05585%$36,512185
3University of Melbourne31288%$39,052160
4Queensland University of Technology76482%$36,607155
5University of South Australia74286%$33,828152
6University of Wollongong59287%$33,876146
7University of Newcastle39887%$35,458140
8Macquarie University60185%$34,000140
9Charles Sturt University36684%$37,134134
10University of Sydney19985%$38,848133
11RMIT University89383%$30,367128
12Bond University22692%$31,671126
13Deakin University69084%$31,225126
14Edith Cowan University32489%$32,775126
15Monash University49283%$33,956123
16University of Canberra40084%$33,860120
17University of the Sunshine Coast26694%$28,630118
18University of Queensland65277%$35,333115
19University of Western Australia12473%$45,974111
20Curtin University30083%$34,173107
21Swinburne University of Technology48782%$31,446104
22University of Notre Dame Australia13686%$32,76594
23La Trobe University32178%$34,74190
24Western Sydney University40582%$30,08387
25University of New South Wales67971%$34,33986

Updated: 5 November 2016

* Combined sample size for student course satisfaction surveys.

Universities with small sample sizes for satisfaction or salary components are omitted from overall ranking.

Student Course Satisfaction

University of the Sunshine Coast98%90%94%
Bond University91%93%92%
Edith Cowan University89%88%89%
University of Melbourne87%94%88%
University of Newcastle88%85%87%
University of Wollongong90%84%87%
University of Notre Dame Australia80%91%86%
University of South Australia84%87%86%
Griffith University86%85%85%
University of Sydney89%83%85%
Victoria University92%80%85%
Macquarie University85%84%85%
University of Canberra89%80%84%
Deakin University86%82%84%
University of Southern Queensland86%83%84%
Charles Sturt University79%85%84%
University of Adelaide83%83%83%
Monash University85%78%83%
Curtin University86%78%83%
RMIT University79%84%83%
Southern Cross University86%81%83%
Queensland University of Technology81%83%82%
Swinburne University of Technology81%82%82%
University of Technology Sydney80%82%82%
Western Sydney University78%84%82%
Flinders University76%85%82%
University of New England78%83%80%
Murdoch University82%78%80%
La Trobe University80%76%78%
University of Queensland77%76%77%
University of Western Australia76%64%73%
University of New South Wales71%70%71%

Sources: Course Experience Questionnaire (2014-2015), University Experience Survey (2014-2015)

Universities are ranked by student and graduate satisfaction. For further details, see Course Ratings by Students.

Indicative Graduate Salaries

1University of Western Australia43%30%27%$45,974
2University of Melbourne30%44%26%$39,052
3University of Sydney42%31%27%$38,848
4Charles Sturt University69%10%21%$37,134
5Queensland University of Technology55%12%33%$36,607
6Griffith University45%17%38%$36,512
7University of Newcastle37%28%34%$35,458
8University of Technology Sydney56%13%32%$35,366
9University of Queensland43%19%38%$35,333
10La Trobe University37%30%34%$34,741
11University of New South Wales53%12%35%$34,339
12Curtin University51%14%36%$34,173
13Macquarie University54%10%36%$34,000
14Monash University41%22%37%$33,956
15University of Wollongong43%19%37%$33,876
16University of Canberra41%15%44%$33,860
17University of South Australia47%19%34%$33,828
18Edith Cowan University44%17%40%$32,775
19University of Notre Dame Australia54%13%33%$32,765
20Bond University41%16%43%$31,671
21Swinburne University of Technology48%12%40%$31,446
22Deakin University36%19%45%$31,225
23RMIT University40%16%44%$30,367
24Western Sydney University39%15%46%$30,083
25University of the Sunshine Coast43%13%44%$28,630

Source: Graduate Destinations Survey (2013-2015)

The indicative graduate salary accounts for low incomes of unemployed graduates and potential incomes of students doing postgraduate courses.

For further details, see Graduate Salaries by University.