The top 3 humanities and social science universities in Australia for 2017 are

  1. University of New England
  2. Charles Sturt University
  3. Australian National University

Uni Reviews ranked Australian universities by a formula using:

  • the size of the arts and humanities faculty (with extra weighting for postgraduate students)
  • course satisfaction ratings (% of students and recent graduates satisfied with their course overall)
  • graduate salaries (adjusted for unemployment and students doing advanced studies).

Note that online universities such as UNE and CSU tend to report high graduate salaries because of teaching large numbers of mature-age students.

Humanities and Social Sciences definition

Humanities and Social Sciences includes: Political Science and Policy Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, History, Archaeology, Geography, Indigenous Studies, Gender Specific Studies, Librarianship, Information Management, Curatorial Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies and Criminology, Languages, Linguistics and Literature.

University of New England

The arts and social science programs at UNE are ranked first in Australia for Humanities and Social Sciences.

UNE has the highest indicative salary for humanities and social science students ($54,011).

Charles Sturt University

The humanities, social sciences and communications programs at CSU are in the top 3 for Australia for Humanities and Social Sciences.

CSU has one of the larger programs and graduates are on relatively high salaries.

Australian National University

The College of Arts and Social Sciences at ANU tops the subject rankings for Humanities and Social Sciences for non-online universities in 2017.

The College is one of the largest (12,872 students) and graduates have a high indicative salary ($44,999).

Arts, Humanities and Social Science Rankings

Updated: 8 November 2016

Universities with small sample sizes for satisfaction or salary components are omitted from overall ranking.

1. Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty Size

Source: uCube Higher Education Statistics (Category: Society and Culture)

2. Student Course Satisfaction

Sources: Course Experience Questionnaire (2014-2015), University Experience Survey (2014-2015)

Universities are ranked by student and graduate satisfaction. For further details, see Course Ratings by Students.

3. Indicative Graduate Salaries

Source: Graduate Destinations Survey (2013-2015)

The indicative graduate salary accounts for:

  1. low incomes of unemployed graduates
  2. earnings potential of graduates doing advanced studies.

For further details, see Graduate Salaries by University.