The top 3 humanities and social science universities in Australia for 2017 are

  1. University of New England
  2. Charles Sturt University
  3. Australian National University

Uni Reviews ranked Australian universities by a formula using:

  • the size of the arts and humanities faculty (with extra weighting for postgraduate students)
  • course satisfaction ratings (% of students and recent graduates satisfied with their course overall)
  • graduate salaries (adjusted for unemployment and students doing advanced studies).

Note that online universities such as UNE and CSU tend to report high graduate salaries because of teaching large numbers of mature-age students.

Humanities and Social Sciences definition

Humanities and Social Sciences includes: Political Science and Policy Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, History, Archaeology, Geography, Indigenous Studies, Gender Specific Studies, Librarianship, Information Management, Curatorial Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies and Criminology, Languages, Linguistics and Literature.

University of New England

The arts and social science programs at UNE are ranked first in Australia for Humanities and Social Sciences.

UNE has the highest indicative salary for humanities and social science students ($54,011).

Charles Sturt University

The humanities, social sciences and communications programs at CSU are in the top 3 for Australia for Humanities and Social Sciences.

CSU has one of the larger programs and graduates are on relatively high salaries.

Australian National University

The College of Arts and Social Sciences at ANU tops the subject rankings for Humanities and Social Sciences for non-online universities in 2017.

The College is one of the largest (12,872 students) and graduates have a high indicative salary ($44,999).

Arts, Humanities and Social Science Rankings

RankUniversityStudentsSatisfactionGrad salaryPoints
1University of New England813089%$54,011220
2Charles Sturt University904986%$51,890205
3Australian National University1287286%$44,999203
4Monash University1750687%$41,404198
5University of Melbourne1179888%$39,647185
6Deakin University1380288%$41,817182
7Macquarie University1950287%$40,337181
8Griffith University987290%$38,885167
9University of Queensland1262886%$40,611162
10University of Southern Queensland358689%$49,621157
11Edith Cowan University440690%$45,498156
12Queensland University of Technology791686%$43,052149
13University of Wollongong518692%$39,585148
14University of Sydney1607483%$36,430145
15University of New South Wales1155482%$42,656144
16University of South Australia352992%$41,162143
17University of Newcastle531489%$38,058140
18Murdoch University565985%$47,151139
19Flinders University780385%$39,432135
20Bond University177194%$37,723134
21University of Technology Sydney469285%$42,751127
22Western Sydney University1330686%$37,541123
23University of Notre Dame Australia264792%$38,540122
24University of Divinity158890%$41,079119
25Curtin University733481%$46,532117
26University of Canberra340486%$41,921109
27Australian Catholic University632181%$42,552107
28RMIT University458885%$38,723107
29University of Western Australia500782%$42,967104
30University of Tasmania587985%$37,76594
31La Trobe University740081%$36,90378
32Swinburne University of Technology677885%$30,58975
33University of Adelaide589185%$31,71775
34James Cook University411084%$36,37569
35Southern Cross University258480%$45,68464

Updated: 8 November 2016

Universities with small sample sizes for satisfaction or salary components are omitted from overall ranking.

1. Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty Size

Macquarie University19502 16753 2749 2514
Monash University17506 12499 5007 3499
University of Sydney16074 11651 4423 2151
Deakin University13802 11238 2564 467
Western Sydney University13306 12744 562 275
Australian National University12872 5827 7045 1688
University of Queensland12628 10411 2217 1748
University of Melbourne11798 5825 5973 2010
University of New South Wales11554 8506 3048 1303
Griffith University9872 8239 1633 436
Charles Sturt University9049 5893 3156 373
University of New England8130 6315 1815 114
Queensland University of Technology7916 6372 1544 418
Flinders University7803 5488 2315 1129
La Trobe University7400 6437 963 333
Curtin University7334 6227 1107 591
Swinburne University of Technology6778 5805 973 334
Australian Catholic University6321 4736 1585 286
University of Adelaide5891 5032 859 431
University of Tasmania5879 5276 603 439
Murdoch University5659 4810 849 1115
University of Newcastle5314 3498 1816 177
Victoria University5196 4222 974 249
University of Wollongong5186 4645 541 712
University of Western Australia5007 3970 1037 428
University of Technology Sydney4692 3310 1382 132
RMIT University4588 2955 1633 292
Edith Cowan University4406 3802 604 158
James Cook University4110 3570 540 936
University of Southern Queensland3586 3164 422 57
University of South Australia3529 2967 562 254
University of Canberra3404 2753 651 411
University of Notre Dame Australia2647 2279 368 40
Southern Cross University2584 2283 301 20
University of the Sunshine Coast2286 2051 235 117
Charles Darwin University2045 1818 227 112
CQUniversity1942 1809 133 3
Bond University1771 1016 755 581
University of Divinity1588 580 1008 134
Federation University Australia1438 1219 219 24

Source: uCube Higher Education Statistics (Category: Society and Culture)

2. Student Course Satisfaction

1Bond University97%88%94%
2University of Wollongong95%88%92%
3University of Notre Dame Australia91%90%92%
4University of South Australia91%90%92%
5Griffith University91%87%90%
6Edith Cowan University90%87%90%
7University of the Sunshine Coast90%88%90%
8University of Divinity94%84%90%
9University of Newcastle92%85%89%
10University of New England90%86%89%
11University of Southern Queensland94%85%89%
12Federation University Australia83%88%88%
13University of Melbourne88%86%88%
14Deakin University90%85%88%
15Monash University90%83%87%
16Macquarie University89%83%87%
17University of Queensland88%84%86%
18Charles Sturt University87%84%86%
19Australian National University89%83%86%
20University of Canberra91%82%86%
21Queensland University of Technology86%86%
22Western Sydney University88%81%86%
23University of Technology Sydney86%83%85%
24Flinders University87%82%85%
25University of Adelaide86%82%85%
26Swinburne University of Technology85%83%85%
27Murdoch University88%81%85%
28RMIT University80%84%85%
29University of Tasmania90%80%85%
30James Cook University90%79%84%
31University of Sydney85%80%83%
32Victoria University77%81%82%
33University of Western Australia85%79%82%
34University of New South Wales86%78%82%
35Charles Darwin University88%74%81%
36Australian Catholic University79%82%81%
37La Trobe University85%77%81%
39Curtin University79%79%81%
40Southern Cross University84%74%80%

Sources: Course Experience Questionnaire (2014-2015), University Experience Survey (2014-2015)

Universities are ranked by student and graduate satisfaction. For further details, see Course Ratings by Students.

3. Indicative Graduate Salaries

1University of New England59%17%24%$54,011
2Charles Sturt University73%10%17%$51,890
3University of Southern Queensland47%37%16%$49,621
4Murdoch University51%21%28%$47,151
5Curtin University47%28%25%$46,532
6Southern Cross University56%15%29%$45,684
7Edith Cowan University47%24%29%$45,498
8Australian National University42%34%24%$44,999
9Queensland University of Technology53%21%26%$43,052
10University of Western Australia38%37%24%$42,967
11University of Technology Sydney65%9%26%$42,751
12University of New South Wales51%26%23%$42,656
13Australian Catholic University37%35%28%$42,552
14University of Canberra49%18%34%$41,921
15Deakin University39%35%26%$41,817
16Monash University34%41%25%$41,404
17University of South Australia41%33%26%$41,162
18University of Divinity71%17%12%$41,079
19University of Queensland41%31%28%$40,611
20Macquarie University50%21%29%$40,337
21University of Melbourne25%57%18%$39,647
22University of Wollongong26%56%18%$39,585
23Flinders University35%31%34%$39,432
24Griffith University38%30%33%$38,885
25RMIT University36%37%27%$38,723
26University of Notre Dame Australia39%26%35%$38,540
27University of Newcastle28%42%29%$38,058
28University of Tasmania27%45%28%$37,765
29Bond University41%22%36%$37,723
30Western Sydney University23%55%22%$37,541
31La Trobe University30%47%23%$36,903
32University of Sydney30%41%29%$36,430
33James Cook University36%32%31%$36,375
34University of Adelaide19%47%34%$31,717
35Swinburne University of Technology36%29%35%$30,589

Source: Graduate Destinations Survey (2013-2015)

The indicative graduate salary accounts for:

  1. low incomes of unemployed graduates
  2. earnings potential of graduates doing advanced studies.

For further details, see Graduate Salaries by University.