The top 3 engineering schools in Australia for 2017 are

  1. University of Melbourne
  2. University of New South Wales
  3. University of Southern Queensland

Uni Reviews ranked Australian universities by a formula using:

  • engineering school size (student numbers)
  • student and graduate satisfaction with engineering courses (% satisfied)
  • indicative graduate salaries (based on pay, study and unemployment rates).

Engineering definition

Engineering includes Process and Resources Engineering, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical & Electronic, and Aerospace.

Detailed study areas: Manufacturing, Automotive, Geomatic and Maritime Engineering and Technologies, Food Processing Technology, Chemical, Mining, Materials, Mechanical and Industrial, Construction, Structural, Building Services, Water and Sanitary, Transport, Geotechnical and Ocean Engineering, Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering, Aerospace and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

University of Melbourne

The School of Engineering at UniMelb tops the rankings for Australia in 2017.

The School has a high indicative graduate salary ($73,000) and is solid in other areas (size and satisfaction).

University of New South Wales

On equal points with UniMelb are the engineering schools at UNSW.

UNSW is the comfortably the biggest engineering university, with 12,300 students. It has a solid course satisfaction rating (78%).

University of Southern Queensland

The Faculty of Health, Engineering and Sciences at USQ ranks among Australia's top 3 for engineering.

USQ is the leading university for online engineering degrees. It scores highly for graduate salaries.

Engineering School Rankings for Australia

RankEngineering SchoolStudentsSatisfactionGrad salaryPoints
1University of Melbourne306374%$73,024198
2University of New South Wales1232178%$54,753198
3University of Southern Queensland431577%$69,818194
4Federation University Australia64981%$73,416188
5University of Wollongong309484%$60,151186
6University of Queensland586783%$55,670184
7University of Newcastle274388%$56,990180
8Queensland University of Technology453384%$54,579168
9Swinburne University of Technology587382%$50,745164
11Monash University686479%$51,379156
12Curtin University675674%$55,062152
13RMIT University851676%$49,565148
14Murdoch University65885%$59,876147
15James Cook University68984%$60,002140
16University of Technology Sydney509775%$51,373136
17Griffith University275583%$47,790134
18University of Adelaide425979%$49,186133
19University of Sydney570272%$51,264131
20Edith Cowan University165978%$54,080123
21Deakin University216776%$51,644119
22University of Western Australia189662%$66,638118
23University of South Australia258575%$50,082111
24Western Sydney University201877%$47,95198
25Australian National University125674%$51,81296
26La Trobe University75280%$47,16694
27University of Tasmania174269%$53,78585
28Victoria University109868%$44,36837

Updated: 8 November 2016

1. Engineering School Size

Engineering SchoolStudentsUndergraduatePostgraduateInternational
University of New South Wales12321 8141 4180 4461
RMIT University8516 7045 1471 3255
Monash University6864 5770 1094 3154
Curtin University6756 5448 1308 3184
Swinburne University of Technology5873 4573 1300 2863
University of Queensland5867 4650 1217 1452
University of Sydney5702 3892 1810 2273
University of Technology Sydney5097 3890 1207 1617
Queensland University of Technology4533 4059 474 782
University of Southern Queensland4315 3661 654 450
University of Adelaide4259 3355 904 1402
University of Wollongong3094 2272 822 1212
University of Melbourne3063 68 2995 1792
Griffith University2755 2138 617 830
University of Newcastle2743 2335 408 688
University of South Australia2585 1923 662 1144
Deakin University2167 1369 798 893
Western Sydney University2018 1744 274 316
University of Western Australia1896 638 1258 567
University of Tasmania1742 1473 269 561
Edith Cowan University1659 1182 477 862
Australian National University1256 860 396 544
CQUniversity1172 954 218 23
Victoria University1098 926 172 361
Flinders University756 618 138 148
La Trobe University752 438 314 393
James Cook University689 632 57 51
Macquarie University672 591 81 120
Murdoch University658 505 153 169
Federation University Australia649 244 405 128
Charles Darwin University573 435 138 176
University of the Sunshine Coast408 381 27 18
University of New England78 78 0 3
University of Canberra73 73 0 10
Southern Cross University72 65 7 0
Charles Sturt University23 0 23 5
Australian Catholic University3 0 3 0

Source: uCube Higher Education Statistics (Category: Engineering and Related Technologies)

2. Student Course Satisfaction

RankEngineering SchoolGraduatesStudentsOverall
1University of Newcastle87%87%88%
2Murdoch University81%86%85%
3University of Wollongong86%82%84%
4James Cook University89%81%84%
5Queensland University of Technology83%83%84%
6University of Queensland85%81%83%
7Griffith University81%83%83%
8Flinders University88%80%83%
9Swinburne University of Technology86%77%82%
10Macquarie University90%78%81%
11Federation University Australia80%81%81%
12University of the Sunshine Coast77%81%80%
13La Trobe University83%78%80%
14Monash University79%78%79%
15University of Adelaide82%75%79%
16University of New South Wales81%75%78%
17Edith Cowan University72%79%78%
18Western Sydney University83%72%77%
19University of Southern Queensland77%75%77%
20RMIT University73%78%76%
21Deakin University80%73%76%
23University of South Australia76%74%75%
24University of Technology, Sydney78%72%75%
25Australian National University76%72%74%
26Curtin University74%73%74%
27University of Melbourne74%74%
28University of Sydney69%72%72%
29Charles Darwin University76%67%70%
30University of Tasmania69%68%69%
31Victoria University75%65%68%
32University of Western Australia62%60%62%

Sources: Course Experience Questionnaire (2014-2015), University Experience Survey (2014-2015)

Universities are ranked by student and graduate satisfaction, with an adjustment for different satisfaction rates between the 2 groups. For further details, see Course Ratings by Students.

3. Indicative Graduate Salaries

RankEngineering SchoolEmployedStudyingOtherSalary
1Federation University Australia65%31%4%$73,416
2University of Melbourne29%54%17%$73,024
4University of Southern Queensland90%6%4%$69,818
5University of Western Australia53%29%18%$66,638
6University of Wollongong83%7%10%$60,151
7James Cook University69%13%18%$60,002
8Murdoch University68%5%27%$59,876
9University of Newcastle77%7%16%$56,990
10University of Queensland72%7%21%$55,670
11Curtin University70%3%27%$55,062
12University of New South Wales75%7%18%$54,753
13Queensland University of Technology70%8%22%$54,579
14Edith Cowan University59%13%29%$54,080
15University of Tasmania65%14%21%$53,785
16Australian National University69%11%20%$51,812
17Deakin University65%11%24%$51,644
18Monash University67%12%21%$51,379
19University of Technology Sydney76%5%19%$51,373
20University of Sydney68%11%21%$51,264
21Swinburne University of Technology65%12%23%$50,745
22University of South Australia57%17%26%$50,082
23RMIT University51%23%26%$49,565
24University of Adelaide64%11%26%$49,186
25Western Sydney University69%7%25%$47,951
26Griffith University61%8%31%$47,790
27La Trobe University67%9%24%$47,166
28Victoria University55%9%36%$44,368

Source: Graduate Destinations Survey (2013-2015)

The indicative graduate salary accounts for:

  1. low incomes of unemployed graduates
  2. earnings potential of graduates doing advanced studies.

For further details, see Graduate Salaries by University.