The top 3 Agriculture and Environmental Studies unis in Australia for 2017 are

  1. University of New England
  2. University of Adelaide
  3. University of Melbourne

Uni Reviews ranked Australian universities by a formula using:

  • the size of the agriculture and environment faculty (with extra weighting for postgraduate students)
  • course satisfaction ratings (% of students and recent graduates satisfied with their course overall)
  • graduate salaries (adjusted for unemployment and students doing advanced studies).

Agriculture and Environmental Studies definition

Agriculture and Environmental Studies includes Agriculture and Forestry, and Environmental Studies.

Detailed study areas: Agriculture, Horticulture and Viticulture, Forestry Studies and Fishery Studies, Land, Parks, Wildlife Management and Environmental Studies.

University of New England

The School of Environmental and Rural Science at UNE is Australia’s top ranked school for Agriculture and Environmental Studies.

UNE scores well for size (1,178 students), student satisfaction with courses (89%) and indicative graduate salary ($48,147).

University of Adelaide

The environmental and agricultural programs at Adelaide Uni place it 2nd in Australia for Agriculture and Environmental Studies.

As well as receiving high salaries, students of agriculture and environment courses report a high overall satisfaction rate (89%).

University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is in the top 3 subject rankings for Agriculture and Environmental Studies in 2017.

Spanning faculties for Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, and Science, the uni scores well in terms of student numbers and has the highest indicative graduate salary.

Overall Rankings

RankUniversityStudentsSatisfactionGrad salaryPoints
1University of New England117889%$48,147234
2University of Adelaide102289%$46,666215
3University of Melbourne391379%$49,849205
4La Trobe University54089%$47,094193
5Charles Sturt University188682%$48,392192
6University of Queensland181384%$40,445160
7James Cook University29088%$42,783158
8Southern Cross University50583%$43,483131
9Deakin University61892%$32,439126
10Murdoch University29884%$38,565106
11Western Sydney University19779%$42,71359

Updated: 4 November 2016

Universities with small sample sizes for satisfaction or salary components are omitted from overall ranking.

1. Agriculture and Environment Faculty Size

University of Melbourne3913 2825 1088 1357
Charles Sturt University1886 1461 425 94
University of Queensland1813 1166 647 404
University of New England1178 743 435 127
University of Adelaide1022 734 288 262
University of Sydney627 346 281 162
Deakin University618 605 13 47
University of Newcastle587 407 180 37
La Trobe University540 489 51 40
Griffith University520 201 319 165
Australian National University516 169 347 194
Southern Cross University505 397 108 55
University of Tasmania472 193 279 179
University of Western Australia444 25 419 201
RMIT University304 232 72 42
Murdoch University298 174 124 33
Macquarie University297 154 143 54
James Cook University290 127 163 137
University of the Sunshine Coast250 218 32 21
CQUniversity247 186 61 17
Monash University233 101 132 67
University of South Australia220 120 100 54
Curtin University210 126 84 52
Charles Darwin University206 126 80 32
Western Sydney University197 197 0 0
Flinders University195 131 64 50
University of New South Wales174 10 164 49
Edith Cowan University141 83 58 22
University of Canberra124 124 0 9
University of Wollongong114 94 20 9
Australian Catholic University91 90 1 13
Bond University78 39 39 30
Swinburne University of Technology21 21 0 2
University of Notre Dame Australia1 0 1 0

Source: uCube Higher Education Statistics (Category: Agriculture Environmental and Related Studies)

2. Student Course Satisfaction

1University of Wollongong92%94%94%
2Deakin University89%93%92%
3Macquarie University88%92%91%
4University of Newcastle89%90%
5Griffith University91%88%90%
6University of the Sunshine Coast87%91%90%
7University of New England95%86%89%
8La Trobe University87%89%89%
9University of Adelaide88%89%89%
10RMIT University85%90%89%
11James Cook University87%88%88%
12Charles Darwin University87%88%
13Australian National University91%85%87%
14Australian Catholic University88%85%87%
15Edith Cowan University85%89%87%
16Monash University84%85%
17Murdoch University82%88%84%
18University of Canberra83%84%
19Flinders University88%79%84%
20University of Queensland81%85%84%
21Southern Cross University79%87%83%
22Charles Sturt University84%81%82%
23University of Melbourne87%78%79%
24University of Sydney80%78%79%
25Western Sydney University77%80%79%
26Curtin University84%71%76%
28University of South Australia83%68%74%
29University of Tasmania67%72%71%

Sources: Course Experience Questionnaire (2014-2015), University Experience Survey (2014-2015)

Universities are ranked by graduate satisfaction. For further details, see Course Ratings by Students.

3. Indicative Graduate Salaries

1University of Melbourne47%38%15%$49,849
2Charles Sturt University76%8%16%$48,392
3University of New England71%12%18%$48,147
4La Trobe University39%42%20%$47,094
5University of Adelaide32%41%27%$46,666
6Southern Cross University45%22%33%$43,483
7James Cook University43%25%32%$42,783
8Western Sydney University49%17%34%$42,713
9University of Queensland54%17%29%$40,445
10Murdoch University50%10%41%$38,565
11Deakin University42%22%36%$32,439

Source: Graduate Destinations Survey (2013-2015)

The indicative graduate salary accounts for:

  1. low incomes of unemployed graduates
  2. earnings potential of graduates doing advanced studies.

For further details, see Graduate Salaries by University.