The top 3 Teacher Education universities in Australia for 2017 are

  1. Australian Catholic University
  2. Queensland University of Technology
  3. University of New England

Uni Reviews ranked Australian universities by a formula using:

  • education faculty size (student numbers)
  • graduate and student satisfaction with teaching courses (% satisfied)
  • indicative graduate salaries (based on pay, study and unemployment rates).

Teacher Education field definition

Teacher Education includes Early Childhood, and Primary and Secondary.

Detailed study areas: Teacher-Librarianship, Teacher Education (specialising in Vocational Education and Training, Higher Education and Special Education), English as a Second Language Teaching and Curriculum and Education Studies, Early Childhood Education, Primary and Secondary Teacher Education, Nursing Education Teacher Training.

Australian Catholic University

The teaching and education program at ACU is ranked 1st in Australia.

The program is Australia's biggest and gets solid course ratings and graduate outcomes.

Queensland University of Technology

The Faculty of Education at QUT is second in the subject rankings for Teacher Education in 2017.

The Faculty achieves a high course satisfaction rate among recent graduates. QUT's indicative salary for education graduates is also impressive, indicating a high employment rate.

University of New England

The (mainly online) School of Education program at UNE is in the top 3 for Australia.

UNE scores highly for program size and course satisfaction.

Teacher Education Rankings

RankUniversityStudentsSatisfactionGrad salaryPoints
1 Australian Catholic University10,33381%$48,555218
2 Queensland University of Technology2,94789%$51,624217
3 University of New England5,48890%$46,265204
4 Deakin University4,92689%$47,177204
5 University of Southern Queensland4,05281%$51,966201
6 Griffith University2,81685%$51,131194
7 Western Sydney University2,46582%$54,265192
8 Charles Darwin University5,38376%$54,151183
9 Monash University3,74980%$49,866181
10 University of Wollongong3,17490%$45,303172
11 Edith Cowan University3,65087%$42,279155
12 University of Notre Dame Australia81292%$46,441149
13 University of South Australia3,01084%$44,797146
14 CQUniversity1,59381%$50,884145
15 Federation University Australia2,84881%$47,751142
16 Charles Sturt University5,00173%$47,774142
17 James Cook University2,62274%$52,170138
18 University of the Sunshine Coast1,05382%$50,202135
19 University of Canberra3,86776%$48,394130
20 Flinders University3,58383%$41,131128
21 RMIT University2,43482%$45,491126
22 University of Queensland2,13473%$50,311126
23 Macquarie University3,48481%$43,626125
24 University of Sydney1,65782%$43,696116
25 University of Technology Sydney3,05081%$43,165115
26 University of Newcastle2,60284%$40,703115
27 Curtin University4,76280%$41,517108
28 La Trobe University4,13068%$45,12594
29 University of Tasmania1,76576%$41,90879
30 University of Adelaide3,62972%$42,61775
31 Victoria University1,13075%$43,91070
32 University of New South Wales3,31773%$39,00663
33 Southern Cross University4,06075%$38,98163
34 Murdoch University2,93267%$41,02247

Updated: 9 September 2016

Universities with small sample sizes for satisfaction or salary components are omitted from overall ranking.

1. Education Faculty Size

1Australian Catholic University10333 6101 4232 212
2University of Melbourne5042 1219 3823 509
3University of New England5488 3596 1892 56
4Deakin University4926 2908 2018 180
5Charles Sturt University5001 3420 1581 202
6University of Southern Queensland4052 1969 2083 240
7Monash University3749 1320 2429 779
8Edith Cowan University3650 1590 2060 154
9Flinders University3583 1942 1641 479
10Queensland University of Technology2947 1079 1868 156
11La Trobe University4130 3182 948 224
12Charles Darwin University5383 4790 593 267
13Griffith University2816 1376 1440 245
14University of South Australia3010 1876 1134 232
15Macquarie University3484 2682 802 320
16Curtin University4762 4305 457 233
17University of New South Wales3317 2482 835 112
18University of Wollongong3174 2310 864 121
19Swinburne University of Technology2227 688 1539 79
20University of Newcastle2602 1525 1077 161
21University of Technology Sydney3050 2377 673 129
22University of Canberra3867 3433 434 239
23Murdoch University2932 2263 669 157
24Western Sydney University2465 0 2465 209
25Southern Cross University4060 3727 333 19
26University of Adelaide3629 3274 355 196
27University of Queensland2134 1410 724 162
28University of Western Australia2041 1264 777 149
29Federation University Australia2848 2412 436 50
30University of Sydney1657 509 1148 262
31University of Tasmania1765 1001 764 71
32James Cook University2622 2239 383 102
33RMIT University2434 2029 405 84
34CQUniversity1593 1280 313 46
35Victoria University1130 0 1130 275
36University of the Sunshine Coast1053 713 340 127
37University of Notre Dame Australia812 11 801 11
38Bond University1319 1272 47 15
39Australian National University64 2 62 17

Source: uCube Higher Education Statistics (Category: Education)

2. Student Course Satisfaction

1University of Notre Dame Australia90%93%92%
2Swinburne University of Technology90%91%
3University of Wollongong94%87%90%
4University of New England92%88%90%
5Queensland University of Technology90%88%89%
6Deakin University89%88%89%
7Edith Cowan University85%88%87%
8Griffith University83%85%85%
9University of Newcastle84%83%84%
10University of South Australia85%82%84%
11Flinders University82%83%83%
12RMIT University84%81%82%
13Western Sydney University86%75%82%
14University of Sydney81%81%82%
15University of the Sunshine Coast83%80%82%
16Federation University Australia78%83%81%
17University of Southern Queensland81%81%81%
19Australian Catholic University79%82%81%
20Macquarie University86%77%81%
21University of Technology Sydney85%75%81%
22Curtin University78%81%80%
23Monash University79%80%80%
24Charles Darwin University74%76%76%
25University of Tasmania69%78%76%
26University of Canberra73%76%76%
27Victoria University73%75%75%
28Southern Cross University77%73%75%
29James Cook University74%73%74%
30University of Queensland75%72%73%
31Charles Sturt University72%73%73%
32University of New South Wales84%68%73%
33University of Adelaide80%70%72%
34La Trobe University73%66%68%
35Murdoch University65%67%67%

Sources: Course Experience Questionnaire (2014-2015), University Experience Survey (2014-2015)

Universities are ranked by overall satisfaction among current students and recent graduates, with an adjustment for lower average satisfaction rates among current students.

3. Indicative Graduate Salaries

1Western Sydney University18%78%5%$54,265
2Charles Darwin University81%3%16%$54,151
3James Cook University87%1%11%$52,170
4University of Southern Queensland82%4%14%$51,966
5Queensland University of Technology86%4%10%$51,624
6Griffith University83%3%14%$51,131
8University of Queensland80%4%15%$50,311
9University of the Sunshine Coast83%4%14%$50,202
10Monash University59%23%18%$49,866
11Australian Catholic University72%5%23%$48,555
12University of Canberra70%4%25%$48,394
13Charles Sturt University72%4%23%$47,774
14Federation University Australia72%4%25%$47,751
15Deakin University68%8%24%$47,177
16University of Notre Dame Australia65%4%31%$46,441
17University of New England70%3%27%$46,265
18RMIT University69%3%29%$45,491
19University of Wollongong60%7%33%$45,303
20La Trobe University63%8%29%$45,125
21University of South Australia68%3%30%$44,797
22Victoria University49%20%31%$43,910
23University of Sydney59%5%36%$43,696
24Macquarie University64%5%31%$43,626
25University of Technology Sydney60%4%37%$43,165
26University of Adelaide57%5%38%$42,617
27Edith Cowan University54%5%41%$42,279
28University of Tasmania59%6%35%$41,908
29Curtin University56%4%41%$41,517
30Flinders University51%7%43%$41,131
31Murdoch University55%3%42%$41,022
32University of Newcastle53%6%41%$40,703
33University of New South Wales44%11%46%$39,006
34Southern Cross University51%4%45%$38,981

Source: Graduate Destinations Survey (2013-2015)

The indicative graduate salary accounts for low incomes of unemployed graduates.