The top 3 business schools in Australia for 2017 are

  1. University of Melbourne
  2. Charles Sturt University
  3. University of Southern Queensland

Uni Reviews ranked Australian universities by a formula using:

  • business school size (student numbers)
  • student and graduate satisfaction with business and management courses (% satisfied)
  • indicative graduate salaries (based on pay, study and unemployment rates).

Note that online universities such as CSU and USQ have higher reported graduate salary and employment rates due to high numbers of mature-age, part-time students.

Business and Management definition

Business and Management includes Accounting, Business Management, Sales & Marketing, Management and Commerce, Banking and Finance, Economics.

Detailed study areas: Accounting, Business Management, Human Resource Management, Organisation Management, Industrial Relations, international Business, Public Administration, Hospitality Management, Farm Management and Agribusiness and Tourism Management, Sales, Real Estate, Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations, Purchasing, Warehousing and Distribution, and Valuation, Banking and Finance, Insurance and Actuarial Studies, Investment and Securities, Economics and Econometrics.

University of Melbourne

The Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Melbourne tops the subject rankings for Business and Management for 2017.

The business school scores well in terms of graduate satisfaction and has the highest indicative graduate salary.

Charles Sturt University

The business faculty as CSU is ranked 2nd in Australia for Business and Management.

CSU has a large online business school and graduates have high indicative salaries.

University of Southern Queensland

The business faculty at USQ is one of Australia's top 3 schools for Business and Management.

USQ scores highly for graduate satisfaction with courses and indicative graduate salary.

Overall Rankings

RankBusiness SchoolStudentsSatisfactionGrad salaryPoints
1University of Melbourne10,33182%$56,767242
2Charles Sturt University8,91881%$56,499229
3University of Southern Queensland6,40284%$54,179222
4University of New England2,64989%$54,347218
5University of Wollongong10,88586%$44,591207
6Queensland University of Technology12,05485%$42,776193
7University of Newcastle5,97186%$45,796191
8Monash University18,96780%$43,811190
9Deakin University13,68184%$41,520189
10University of Technology Sydney14,11581%$42,435182
12University of New South Wales13,62275%$49,366181
13University of Sydney9,65674%$52,066177
14University of South Australia7,41885%$43,605176
15Swinburne University of Technology11,42884%$42,441174
16Edith Cowan University4,30486%$45,209173
17Griffith University11,73384%$39,654166
18Curtin University14,90181%$40,335166
19Macquarie University11,72180%$41,604165
20University of Queensland9,48481%$43,686164
21Southern Cross University4,09482%$46,924157
22Bond University1,49190%$42,576156
23University of Western Australia5,26579%$49,430155
24Federation University Australia5,29682%$43,908155
25University of Canberra5,15980%$47,121154
26RMIT University24,16976%$41,043151
27Western Sydney University10,47981%$40,138147
28Australian National University4,31375%$51,224147
29University of Adelaide5,58280%$43,367144
30Flinders University3,39287%$37,906144
31Charles Darwin University1,60575%$53,792132
32James Cook University5,35180%$38,685122
33University of the Sunshine Coast1,99290%$34,898120
34University of Tasmania6,09375%$44,816118
35University of Notre Dame Australia1,09787%$42,678117
36La Trobe University9,09576%$38,716115
37Murdoch University7,72577%$41,276115
38Australian Catholic University3,06683%$36,112100
39Victoria University10,56571%$36,96774

Updated: 16 February 2017

1. Business School Size

Source: uCube Higher Education Statistics (Category: Management and Commerce)

2. Student Course Satisfaction

RankBusiness SchoolGraduatesStudents
1University of the Sunshine Coast90%88%
2Bond University88%91%
3University of New England88%87%
4Flinders University86%86%
5University of Notre Dame Australia85%86%
6University of Wollongong90%81%
7Edith Cowan University87%83%
8University of Newcastle86%84%
9Queensland University of Technology89%80%
10University of South Australia88%79%
11Griffith University85%82%
12University of Southern Queensland84%82%
13Deakin University86%79%
14Swinburne University of Technology87%79%
15Australian Catholic University87%77%
16University of Melbourne85%77%
18Federation University Australia82%79%
19Southern Cross University80%81%
20Curtin University82%79%
21Western Sydney University85%73%
22Charles Sturt University80%80%
23University of Technology Sydney83%77%
24University of Queensland82%78%
25Monash University84%75%
26University of Canberra82%77%
27James Cook University84%76%
28University of Adelaide83%75%
29Macquarie University83%75%
30University of Western Australia78%77%
31Murdoch University76%75%
32La Trobe University78%73%
33RMIT University74%74%
34Charles Darwin University80%70%
35University of Tasmania77%72%
36University of New South Wales76%72%
37Australian National University76%72%
38University of Sydney76%71%
39Victoria University70%70%

Sources: Course Experience Questionnaire (2014-2015), University Experience Survey (2014-2015)

Universities are ranked by course satisfaction ratings of current students and recent graduates.

3. Indicative Graduate Salaries

RankBusiness SchoolEmployedStudyingOtherSalary
1University of Melbourne51%34%15%$56,767
2Charles Sturt University85%4%12%$56,499
3University of New England79%8%13%$54,347
4University of Southern Queensland80%8%12%$54,179
5Charles Darwin University79%6%15%$53,792
6University of Sydney59%24%17%$52,066
7Australian National University65%17%18%$51,224
8University of Western Australia62%16%22%$49,430
9University of New South Wales73%11%16%$49,366
11University of Canberra70%8%22%$47,121
12Southern Cross University76%7%17%$46,924
13University of Newcastle58%21%20%$45,796
14Edith Cowan University63%9%29%$45,209
15University of Tasmania66%13%21%$44,816
16University of Wollongong73%10%17%$44,591
17Federation University Australia66%8%27%$43,908
18Monash University63%13%25%$43,811
19University of Queensland65%14%21%$43,686
20University of South Australia69%8%23%$43,605
21University of Adelaide48%26%27%$43,367
22Queensland University of Technology68%10%22%$42,776
23University of Notre Dame Australia72%7%21%$42,678
24Bond University60%18%22%$42,576
25Swinburne University of Technology63%10%27%$42,441
26University of Technology Sydney67%9%25%$42,435
27Macquarie University65%10%25%$41,604
28Deakin University64%11%26%$41,520
29Murdoch University58%9%34%$41,276
30RMIT University62%11%27%$41,043
31Curtin University64%8%28%$40,335
32Western Sydney University59%11%30%$40,138
33Griffith University62%11%27%$39,654
34La Trobe University56%13%31%$38,716
35James Cook University67%10%23%$38,685
36Flinders University55%10%35%$37,906
37Victoria University50%11%39%$36,967
38Australian Catholic University56%7%37%$36,112
39University of the Sunshine Coast64%6%29%$34,898

Source: Graduate Destinations Survey (2013-2015)

The indicative graduate salary accounts for:

  1. low incomes of unemployed graduates
  2. earnings potential of graduates doing advanced studies.

It does not account for course participation by mature-age students who are already employed.