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Centenary Building, University of Tasmania.

The University of Tasmania is the only university in Australia's island state. It's based in a prime part of the scenic city of Hobart and has a sizeable Launceston campus. As the only local uni, UTAS is an education all-rounder and offers a good range of courses. Students also benefit from cheap accommodation and low tuition fees. If you've studied at UTS and have insight into the student experience, feel free to post a review and share your thoughts.

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  1. Anon
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    The computing faculty is awful

    If you’re considering studying computing at UTas, don’t. Look at OUA and RMIT or another university, anything but this faculty. Lecturers were often unavailable for consultation, and responses via email were mixed at best. They were also rude, condescending and at times downright incompetent, with marks often making no sense or at odds with provided solutions and the marks of other students. The overall course structure is also quite limiting, being focused on either games and creative technologies or software development, with very little in the way of other fields. To top it off exams were often unrelated to work done during semester, meaning that 13 weeks worth of work could be undone in as little as 2 hours. Avoid like the plague.

    • Anon
      | Reply

      This couldn’t be more true.
      I’ve moved to Melbourne, just because of UTAS and how useless the IT degree is.

  2. Khem Raj Chetri
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    I am from Bhutan and exploring admission at Tas Uni. to pursue Masters in HR Management/MBA (International). Also I need do part-time jobs. Is it easy to get part-time jobs in Tasmania. Please advice me.


  3. Anonymous
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    Had an overall bad experience with a postgraduate course in pharmacy. There wasn’t much support (if any) for students whatsoever despite discussion forums. Assignments were marked down for ridiculous reasons that are not valid despite assignments being assessed by clinicians prior to submission to be of good quality. Very 1920s enrolment process with mixed information provided which caused a lot of unnecessary delays.There is also unfortunately a condescending attitude portrayed by some tutors and the head of school. Found that many good tutors actually stopped working for the university too. It seems like the school has a fail quota to meet so students are forced to repeat their units and waste more money. Would not recommend wasting precious time and money on this.

  4. Kitkat
    | Reply

    Fine Art UTAS Needs Improvement

    I studied one year at University of Tas doing Fine Art at Hunter Street and hated it.
    The teachers are very old fashioned in there thinking as is the work, you are expected to look up how to use oil paint and all that yourself or just know how to use the stuff.
    There is a lot of snobbery regarding mediums as well, oil paint is recommend as Old Masters used it. And other mediums are secondary! They don’t even have a major of drawing! It’s either digital, printmaking and painting.
    The teachers themselves many seem unhappy, and one even said “you’ll be taking our jobs when you’re finished. Taking commissions away from us.” Teachers shouldn’t be saying that to students!
    One teacher in painting said to me she wasn’t giving out High Distinctions and gave me a high Distinction instead, but she told me and everyone else in the class that my artwork was HD standard. I wasn’t given the marks I deserved. Just because the teacher wasn’t giving our Hd’s It’s not fair!
    The campus itself is nice he feels like there isn’t enough toilets. Parking could be better, have to hike to my campus or get a lift. If you’re thinking of going to Utas for Fine Art go to Curtin Uni online through OUA instead.

    • Arts Student
      | Reply

      i 100% agree with u

  5. big daddy
    | Reply


    Enrolment process is just very 1920s. it is just frustrating. make it simpler utas. make it user friendly. keep it simple.

  6. Nicole Dean
    | Reply


    Read all the comments below before you apply. Don’t waste your precious time and money.

    • Binh Nguyen
      | Reply

      I’m intending to study Electrical Engineering in UTAS. Can you give me some devices. Thanks.

  7. LW
    | Reply

    The lecturers are mostly very good, and the tutors are skilled. Hobart is a nice and cheap city to live in. The Sandy Bay campus has some facilities, including a gym, sport fields, a cafe, a bookshop and a library with 24 hour access. There are buses but very limited parking.

    It’s important to understand that the nursing course at UTAS in Hobart is not run from the main Sandy Bay campus or the large Medical Campus in the city. It is taught at the Domain Campus. There is a lecture room, three classrooms and some basic facilities: boiling water, toilets, wifi, three computers and a printer. This is not a campus with space or facilities for socialising, and most of the lectures are given online. The nursing and medical library is located a few blocks away. The library is very good, but does not have 24 access. Nursing students are no longer allowed to have a building access card, so if the building is locked the library cannot be accessed.

    The course that I completed in Hobart (nursing) was quite overcrowded, disorganised and poorly resourced. Grading was often inconsistent, and it was difficult to get constructive feedback. I think this is more to do with the overcrowding and the administration issues that with the quality of the teachers. There seems to be an ongoing problem with administration where errors are not acknowledged. Communication is flawed, with calls not returned, incorrect information given, and emails not answered. Nursing placements are sometimes in remote locations, where accommodation is not always available. Having to stay for weeks in hotels for over $100 per night and without access to laundry or cooking facilities makes this a much more expensive course that it seems at first. The placements are usually good, friendly and supportive, although it is common for nursing students to be supervised by carers instead of registered nurses.

    Student accommodation is available and seems to be friendly and good quality. In Hobart it is much more expensive to stay in student accommodation than to rent privately.

    If I had my time over I would choose to live in Hobart and study by distance through another institution.

  8. Cate
    | Reply

    A bit of a mix of teaching and support staff – some are fantastic and others seem busy doing nothing. The course structures can look inflexible, but if you ask the degree coordinator lots of things can be suited to you – not handed to you on a plate, actually need to be an adult and put yourself forward. Depending on the faculty it can be quicker to contact direct rather than through student services though. Pretty place with plenty of study space.

    • Ayla
      | Reply


      Sorry that is not true

  9. Evan
    | Reply

    Very poor procedures for internal reassessment, completely lacking integrity, where errors are either not addressed or ignored to discourage future reassessment requests. No formal procedures followed in some faculties. A very unprofessional approach. Would not recommend to future students.

    • Nicole Dean
      | Reply


      This is exactly what I wanna say. This university will definitely go down if it continues ignoring the fundamental problems in academic quality while feeding on international students with no intentions to really provide anything.

      Basically I couldn’t even believe it is an university per se, what I got studying a master’s degree here was the worst “high school experience” ever. You will learn a lot more watching YouTube videos. Don’t waste your money on UTAS.

  10. Ayla
    | Reply

    As a mature age student who works full time I feel that there is absolutely no flexibility and I HATE being made to do group assignments and I feel like I am in primary school again by having to get my book ticked off each week. Turn back the clock I would have chose to go with another uni online where there is more support and flexibility for us workers who want to get a head in life.

  11. Edward
    | Reply

    If you’re contemplating studying computer science at Utas, don’t. It is a very unfunny joke.

    • Nicole Dean
      | Reply


      Couldn’t agree more. I should have read your comment 6 months ago, but now you can congratulate me for throwing the tuition fees away for absolutely nothing.

  12. Ian
    | Reply

    I recently completed a degree with UTAS.
    On completion of my degree UTAS sent me a questionnaire asking for information about my career path; however I don’t believe I was offered a real opportunity to comment about my concerns about service delivery. I view the lack of opportunity to provide meaningful feedback about my UTAS experience as a serious flaw.
    Overall I am disappointed with my UTAS experience because I felt lecturers didn’t provide me with clear or timely feed back in response to assignments, online discussion and major assessments. Maybe they are overworked, but that is not my problem, I paid a lot of money to study at UTAS and I don’t feel that I rec’d value for money.
    I have studied with several universities, and one thing that continues to amaze me is how many universities fail to acknowledge that students are in fact customers and should be provided with quality customer service.
    Also I believe all universities should be mindful how ridiculous it is for universities to expect exceptional performance from students when many lecturers fall considerably short in delivering an exceptional learning experience to students.

  13. Rez
    | Reply

    This year my partner and I applied through the “express admission”. Admission office made a mistake about our offers and they were really bad with communicating with us. The information provided by student cervices staff is misleading. It is better to contact more than once if you seeking advice. It is the worst university experience I ever encountered in Australia.

  14. Amelia
    | Reply

    Tas Uni was a great study experience. Hobart is not a big city but it’s lively enough and the Sandy Bay / Battery Point area has plenty on for students, including some good pubs. The uni sits in the shadow of Mount Wellington, which is a beautiful backdrop, especially when its snow-capped in winter. The lecturers and tutors vary in quality but mostly try hard to do a good job. A degree from Tas Uni is pretty well respected, partly because most of the brightest Tasmanian students are happy to study there.

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