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La Trobe University (Bundoora).

Bundoora Campus. Photo credit: Love It Landscaping

La Trobe is based in Bundoora, a suburb 16km from Melbourne's CBD. Other large campuses are in Bendigo and Albury-Wodonga. La Trobe has 35,000+ students, with many from overseas. If you've ever attended La Trobe, you're welcome to post a review and let other people know about your experiences.

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  1. Brett
    | Reply

    complete balls up

    Quite simply an unadulterated clusterf##k, given the wrong textbook information, the online learning system is an absolute joke, I couldn’t even see a subject I was enrolled in for almost a week and was told it’s a known issue. They just moved over their Learning Managemant System to Moodle, apparently other universities use it, it’s an absolute nightmare to navigate, some of the classes I have been enrolled in even put this assignments in the modules section so everytime you need to see what tasks have to be completed you waste 45 minutes trying to find it, there’s a perfectly good “assignments” tabe but apparently that’s only good for a submit button. Whatever you do don’t study her, especially online, Not even worth half a star

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  2. Anant
    | Reply

    Some suggestions please

    I am willing to apply for the masters of information and communication technology in la trobe. Can anyone tell me that is it a good choice or not. I hav got some positive reviews of the university, is it worthy?

    • Sam joseph
      | Reply

      Dont come to La trobe University

      I do not recommend this course as the teaching staff is rude and does not enjoy teaching. You wont find it worth to attend the lectures. Trust me brother they wont even pass you in the subject. They just need your money.

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  3. Amy
    | Reply

    Master of Teaching (Primary)

    Is anyone studying or took the Master of Teaching (Primary) at La Trobe? Im thinking of doing it online.

  4. Zac
    | Reply

    First impressions?

    I visited their Future Students Centre for a one-on-one consultation booking. The Marketing Officer promised to provide some information about the transfer of units between two degrees I was interested in enrolling in. It has been a month now, and they still have not provided the information; despite having reminded them. This combined with the other admin issues I have read in others’ comments below gives me caution. If they don’t care about potential students, how much less will they care for you once you have enrolled and handed over your money.

    | Reply

    Great Place to study

    LaTrobe University has a great campus in Melbourne Victoria, many of the lecturers are the very same that teach at other institutes like Melbourne University. At the end of the day it all depends on your attitude to learning and what you want to get out of your course. I recommend this University highly .

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  6. Mr Accountant
    | Reply

    Toilet Roll

    I am former student of LaTrobe University. I visited Bundoora campus after 10 years to see how it’s going as I have two cousins coming from overseas.

    I went there and wanted to use washroom but none of washroom had toilet roll. Of course, level 3 was closed due to renovation.

    I approach female security who was sitting at the entrance. She said she is just security guard and she can’t do anything. I was shocked by her response and now I am believing that the class of this university has gone down significantly.

    Not going again.

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  7. sunil.g
    | Reply

    Worst university to join .Dont bother joining this if you want a career in Australia

    one of the worst universities in Australia. Joined here in masters in masters in mental health N .The staff ,mostly lecturers response to your emails or doubts is appalling. Overseas students are usually tricked into this uni by giving them easy admissions .No way will they prepare you to the industry .The courses in here are not informative. The learning management system through which the education is offered is not user friendly at all. Even the enrolment is pretty hard for a non-technocrat to understand .As a personal experience I have seen that no one is accountable. They don’t respond to your emails.They really don’t care once you pay the fee .I Now moved to RMIT uni even the credits or subjects that were done in Latrobe were not transferrable as they don’t meet the standards of RMIT and they said the courses I did were pretty generic and cannot be given credits. Overall its A waste of time energy and money.

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  8. Emerson Palma
    | Reply

    Alumni Member for Post Graduate Studies and am doing another Masters of Management (HRM and Project Mgt) through them!

    Have completed a Grad Cert and Grad Dip in Rehabilitation, am now shifting to a Masters of Management (HRM/Project Mgt), I have found online learning to be a swift and efficient learning curve at La Trobe. I would recommend La Trobe to any online student. However, I am stuck, as I have just been offered a Master of HRM at RMIT also online. La Trobe has given me the Excellence Scholarship (25% off your whole course) which is amazing…Hmmm…

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  9. Laura
    | Reply


    Latrobe Shepparton is a campus that does not care about the numbers of students they are enrolling. Students are seen as an income and not the paying customers. Nursing classes are so full that many students are missing the opportunity to ask questions and develop their clinical skills further. Unorganised University who blame the students for their mistakes. Will defintly be spending my money elsewhere for further education. Not worth the time, degree or the stress that I have experienced being at Latrobe University.

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  10. Pravin
    | Reply

    Is it a better choice

    Hey guys I might be a future student of Latrobe in 2018 and I got an offer letter for master of international business. Someone please give me a feedback about the course in the corresponding Univ. Also I got an offer for master of engineering management in CQU MELBOURNE and I I’m confused about choosing the right course and Univ.

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    • Dayanand
      | Reply

      Latrobe or CQU

      Hi pravin, I’m trying for something similar too..Latrobe and CQU… kindly mail me at ardaya22ukay@gmail… will get in touch with you

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  11. Yilek
    | Reply

    As a past student at the Bundoora Campus, I have seen the admin side of Latrobe change into something much more disappointing. The streamlining of individual student services into ASK Latrobe is frustrating and a waste of time. It appears the system sends the same generic email is sent to all students but not taking into account course or individual circumstances. Prior to the change, students could speak directly with someone who understood the situation. I understand the savings of costs is an important factor but as a student, this change has not helpful in anyway whatsoever.

    The course however, was very enjoyable and La Trobe has attracted a wealth of knowledge in their lecturers and tutors. La Trobe is very lucky to be able to provide future students with this high level of expertise.

  12. Disappointed
    | Reply

    l was highly disappointed with La Trobe as a future student. I was given the wrong dates for application into a course that l really wanted to do. I commenced my application and waited for the opening date so that l could submit only to receive an email today to say applications closed last week so they wont be accepting my application.

  13. Dini
    | Reply

    Excellent university to come out with great academic skills. You ll get all guidance and pathways towards your goal .
    Beautiful campus , just like a tourist spot for landscape views.
    Feeling good to be a latrobian.
    Good luck.

  14. student
    | Reply

    Friendly atmosphere. Beautiful campus. Most were good to very good lecturers. Not in the city which might be a + or – depending on your perspective. Enjoyed my time there.

  15. Chee Liu
    | Reply

    Had a great time there (Bundoora). Nice campus with lots of nature surroundings and wildlife (Parrots, cockatoo, kangaroos at night, foxes etc). It is relatively far to the city but there are many transport options available. Quality of the teachers are overall good.

  16. Greg
    | Reply

    Being the largest campus by area in Melbourne, combined with a parkland feel creates a wonderful environment to live and study. It is 15 km from the city, but in return it has built a strong and vibrant campus culture to accommodate for the distance. It has a diverse student body with people from all different backgrounds. I’ve had a few bad lecturers, but the good ones have had such a profound impact on me that I couldn’t mark it down too much. For anyone who has lived in communal accommodation/boarding the colleges are not too bad. The food by those standards is B/C+. The social atmosphere was great. I will say that, aside from the scenery, you will need to seek out what makes La Trobe great. The more you are involved on campus, the better the university experience becomes.

  17. The toe cutter
    | Reply

    Fantastic rural feel with high levels of prac within the community

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