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Flinders University.

Flinders University is based in the suburbs of Adelaide. The land where the main campus is located was set aside for the university when demand for places at the University of Adelaide began to exceed capacity. Flinders is an affordable study option, with relatively low tuition fees for international students. Also, Adelaide has a low cost of living. If you've studied at Flinders, feel free to post a review and tell us what it's like.

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  1. Steve
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    "...it is the duty of the university to make the free wise" - Adlai Stevenson BUT NOT at Flinders!

    Flinders University, PhD student in CHASS, and as such the Commonwealth pays the tuition. So, since the University gets $35k a year I ask myself what is my ROI, answer after 1 year 3.5 hours of supervision, hardly any investment at all. No office space, no annual stipend for resources, books and the such like. I have attended other universities as a postgrad in the USA, UK, and Australia and this is by far the biggest rort. Question is whether I continue or not, as frankly, they seem to care less, invest little, and are at best a fourth rate institution – I know what a first rate, second rate, and dare I say I now know what can only be described as a university that simply does not care about its supposed research students – they are simply cash cows to them.

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  2. Lucinda
    | Reply

    Teach Yourself Medicine

    I’m a medical student and it’s Teach Yourself Medicine – very poor teaching, expect a list of learning objectives at best and to have a few resources thrown at you, and apart from that, it’s up to you. A classmate passed everything really well purely by studying the past exams – not going to lectures etc, reading anything else, purely going over the half dozen multi choice past exams available for each week’s test and then the regular exams – he swore that’s all he did! Clinical years are so dependent on the clinicians you’re with… you can learn lots of nothing, lots of time spent hanging around looking bored. Some nice staff, usually not the medically trained ones, some extremely unhelpful staff. Not supportive of students with kids or disabilities.

  3. Peter
    | Reply

    Absolutely disgusting

    I’ve apologised to my wife for encouraging her to enroll in a Nursing postgraduate certificate program @ Flinders. It’s an absolute waste of time and money. A complete joke.

    • J
      | Reply

      Master of Public health-completely a joke.


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  4. fred
    | Reply

    What am i doing?

    I’m a student at flinders studying in my second year of Bachelor of Forensic and Analytical science (biology stream). First year was good! Campus is picturesque, and I love my clubs and the onsite living. However, second year of this degree is pointless, frustrating, draining, and is making me think “what am I actually doing this for?”

    For starters, there are NO forensics topics in this year. NONE. And there should be, having only one last year. I’m sitting here loosing my mind watching an online lecture about turning genes on and off at the molecular level, (for a topic that has just accused the whole cohort of cheating), and I’m wondering what the point is? I understand needing to be proficient in understanding DNA, but this isn’t the only left field thing I’ve done for this course; one of the recommended topics is Virology (fun but again pointless)… what has that got to do with what my course is about?

    Please do not study Forensics here is you think that you’re actually going to be studying forensics.

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  5. nicole
    | Reply

    hlth1004 subject

    if you’ve or you’d come across with the HLTH1004 anatomy physiology. It is by far the worse subject. How could you learn the systems in just 12 weeks and expect to know it all during the exam! A lot of future health professional students. I am all about quality over rushing it! And this subject should be taught in 2 semesters not one!

  6. Hei Hei
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    For those of your that wants to study NURSING AT FLINDERS, QUIT YOUR MIND NOW BEFORE IS TOO LATE!!! This is a meta-review from me and my group of friends who have graduated from Flinders Nursing school as graduate entry students. Why am I writing a review here? Because they rare read their student feedbacks.
    Before I start, I need to emphasize something. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to PICK A GOOD TUTORS. Different tutors will give different grades to the same essay. I know they will tell you they have tutor reconciliation for the assignment. If they have got the time to do that, why wouldn’t they spend the time to read the student feedbacks (I wonder 😉).

    Please read till the end if you have time 😉.
    Orientation: Many of nursing school teachers tell you all those fancy things about nursing. Yes, nursing is an interesting career, but what they will not mention to you is how poor this content of the degree is. Therefore, don’t get too happy about what they said.

    First semester: This is the time where you will start developing obesity, stress, and deep vein thrombosis. The amount of assignments you have to write makes you feel like you are in a concentration camp without life. One of the highlights in first semester is NURS1008. The course is amazingly subpar. School said they want you to learn about acknowledge and learn about the Indigenous People. The way they do it is to force you to write assignments on the Indigenous People’s past and present. They grade your understanding on it. I thought to respect people… you shouldn’t haven been graded for that. What Flinders is doing is to make you feel: AH HA! YOU WILL NOT RESPECT THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE BECAUSE YOUR ACADEMIC WRITING DOES NOT MEET OUR STANDARD!
    Second semester: This assignment is the only short break you have for people who have entered Flinders Nursing Concentration Camp. Probably the only one semester that you can breathe air a bit instead of breathing dust, dirt, and brownies.
    Third semester: This semester is same as semester one. Be prepare to write assignment on your toilet seat, dinner table, etc. By the way, Flinders has this policy for 3 days extension without medical certificate. You just have to apply on FLO. However, somebo“D” in NURS3002 hates extension, because that person said extension is for unforeseen circumstances. If we could foresee the future, why do we need to apply for it in the beginning 🤔. A friend of my fracture her arm in a car accident and that somebo“D” only gave her three days extension for assignment….. 🙄. Hello? Flinders what happen to your empathy? Does it only apply in hospital? 🤓
    Fourth semester: You probably have enough if you reach this far. This semester is similar to first and third semester. Poorly structure content and assignment deadline, but this is last semester. Hang tight! you may have grown a bit wider from all the stress that Flinders has given you.

    Placement: My only comment is Flinders Nursing School does not want to admit and acknowledge their mistake. Instead, they blame it to COVID for people who have their placement delayed for extended period of time. They’ve got no back up plans. This is funny because through out the nursing degree…you will hear teachers keep on telling you planning is important. To prevent things, go unexpected, you should have a back up plan. It seems like they are just saying it to make them look like they’ve got things sorted, but the truth is….. 👻 👻 👻

    Moral of the story is that DO NOT STUDY AT FLINDERS UNIVERSITY FOR NURSING. Some people like me who did it because they are the only university in SA that offers graduate entry. If you want to graduate faster, then WELCOME TO THE CAMP 🦧 🦧 🦧

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    I always like to start off with some positives, so here goes…

    There’s a lack of ‘friendly’ culture amongst students which I have not experienced at other universities. Facilities are not old, yet even new buildings don’t quite seem to meet reasonable expected needs for students – they look nice but don’t quite make it easy for students. The environment is somewhat pleasant, yet the ever-increasing cost of parking is just plain stupidly exorbitant, with few other reasonable and convenient means of travel available.

    Studying Education at Flinders is a bit ‘hit and miss’, as sometimes you may end up with staff who are fantastic, while at other times you may end up with staff who fail at every possible point as educators. For an actual education faculty, it is very stupefying to find a senior professor lecturing on student engagement while reading word-for-word from lengthy, uninteresting, boring and useless powerpoint slides in a monotone voice for 2 hours with no attempts made to engage students – and that’s just the beginning! Some of the more serious issues with the staff relate to their lack of recent and relevant experience inside a contemporary classroom. For example, you may find yourself with a lecturer / Topic Coordinator who has not been inside a primary or secondary classroom in the last decade, may refer to out-dated terminology or concepts, be unable to use contemporary teaching technology, and may use resources which are over a decade old. In general, the education staff, course and topics do not adequately prepare you for working in education. *BE WARNED: if you’re studying education and are required to study an Indigenous Australian topic, irrespective of how well you perform academically, your grades will be entirely dependent upon how much you loudly and publicly decry and lament the treatment of Indigenous Australians. Remember, Indigenous Australians want to be treated fairly, equally and with respect, yet they also seem to want to demonise non-Indigenous Australians, be entitled to ‘special’ privileges, and require you to feel guilty and remorseful for the ‘past crimes of your ancestors’ if your skin may happen to be ‘white’.

    What is worse than an educator teaching education when they don’t know how to educate? Multiple psychologists teaching behaviour, cognition and learning who can’t speak English, and experience difficulty understanding and writing in English! Similar to education, psychology is hit and miss with educators. There are some fantastic ones, yet they all seem to be young. If you’ve got an older-type of educator then expect a very poor experience. If I were you, I would be very wary about choosing Flinders as a place to complete a Masters, Honours or Doctorate in Pyschology, as the chances are you’ll end up with an old educator who may make you wish you’d chosen to become a farmer.

    STAY AWAY. STAY AWAY. STAY AWAY. Go anywhere else if you’re intending on studying any ‘technology’ type courses/topics at Flinders. The entire faculty is completely and utterly pathetic – they’re only interested in their pay-cheque and there’s not a good one amongst the lot of them – they are lazy, lying cheats with no care for you. The topics either have assessments that are, in no way, related to what is taught, or they simply copy material from off of the internet. I’ve yet to find one that actually does any proper work you’d expect at a tertiary level and at a tertiary quality. You’d actually be better served just browsing the ‘net for short courses and videos – you’ll learn more, will cost less and you’ll not have pulled out as many hairs.

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  8. Elizabeth
    | Reply

    Terrible nursing Uni

    Totally deprecated the Flinders GE course. Worst of all my purchases. I want to cut off my fingers for choosing to come here and paying for my tuition. Learning is not systematic, and some tutors mark assignments with ctrl + C, V. (Same comment throughout the text)
    Tuition is expensive and they are not interested in solving students’ difficulties. Especially for international students, unfortunately we can’t help you. So why do students pay so much money to get the worst course possible?

    It’s been 6 months since I finished the class, but I still haven’t started my placement. I need to extend my visa, but the school is avoiding contact. I have several friends like me. University with the worst curriculum in the world in name and reality.

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  9. M
    | Reply

    Arrogant toxic vibes

    Avoid the medical school. Despite its reputation as a medical school, the application process and students are incredibly toxic. The med students are the most arrogant bunch of people I have ever met. Not what you would expect from the next generation of doctors. The assessments for interviews require a fee to be paid just to attend which no other uni does. Have heard of many qualified applicants get rejected and I presume its due to the predisposition of the assessors for arrogant personality defects.

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  10. Anon
    | Reply

    Avoid like the plague

    Terrible university, especially the science and bioscience department.
    Gave very little guidance as to the relevant training required for doing honours. I made several queries with both my supervisor and the staff overseeing the course and training. The science staff insisted that I did not need the training and they weren’t going to run it for me. I was later told I did in fact need to do it. They also have highly questionable safety. We were given a PowerPoint presentation telling us how someone had died in one of their fridges. I further requested assistance trying to narrow down the scope of my project as I had picked a broad and almost masters level topic where the white female staff member accused me of being lazy and told me that she thinks I know when I asked her about the usual size of them. I suspect that my asian ethnicity may have contributed to her rude and accusatory demeanour as she was very kind and helpful to white guy who spoke to her after. I would also look into their animal ethics as the professors who have questionable projects are usually on the ethics board.

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  11. Cody
    | Reply

    Scam/ business with international students

    Last year, I applied to Flinders Uni for medicine as an international student. There were so many things that I found a bit shady. At first, they said last year international students don’t require ISAT/UCAT because it was PANDEMIC, so I simply applied with my first semester results, and I was interviewed. (ISAT/UCAT test is key to assess a student if he is really capable of some certain things.) Then they gave me a conditional offer letter saying that I have to get 86% in my foundation program (which is equivalent to year 12 studies), and need IELTS, and ‘X’ amount of money to ensure my enrolment, as well as the yearly tuition fees (the yearly tuition fees and enrolment fees are mentioned in the uni website). After that, I received the conditional offer letter thinking that everything will be fine with it. Then I emailed my student agent, that I haven’t sat the IELTS/PTE, but taken another type of English proficiency test, and requested him to email the uni to make sure if this test will work, and if it doesn’t work, then I will have to sit the IELTS. The uni replied that it will work, but they have to make some changes in the conditional offer letter, so they did it.
    So the dodgy part about it is that they changed the required grade (86% to 88%), and the dodgier part is that they LITERALLY changed the yearly tuition fees (double the amount of the original tuition fees) which are not mentioned on the Flinders Uni website. When I asked them why the change in fees, and why not mentioning before, they had the audacity to say “IT WAS A MISTAKE”. Mistake about what? Calculating the money? Or taking more money from international students whenever there is a chance? IT IS A TOTAL SCAM. So I declined the offer letter and requested to refund the money that I paid for the enrolment.
    Don’t go to this uni if you care about your education and mental health. They are very good at destroying the mental state of a person, and also ruining any good chances of any international students who might get into other good unis.

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  12. Dalila Alagic
    | Reply

    Bachelor Psychology- Flinders

    I’m planning to get my psychology undergraduate degree. Any advice? Is Flinders good for that matter?
    If not, what universities do you recommend for an undergraduate degree in Psychology?
    Really desperate for ANY advice.
    Please help

    • Psychology Masters Student
      | Reply

      Psych masters student at flinders

      Psychology program is very questionable. Most students do not complain or speak up for fear of repercussions and those that do are swept under the rug. The culture of the college is quite toxic and is fuelled by clinicians thinking they are superior, lack of movement in staffing for leadership roles, and psychology in general wanting to be taken as seriously as med. There are definitely positive experiences and staff however they are often academic staff, not clinicians who are also afraid to speak up and will often tell students to keep their head down and get on with it despite the mental burden.

    • Dd
      | Reply

      Monash Uni or Melbourne Uni or Sydney Uni

  13. Psychology student
    | Reply

    Excellent institution

    Fantastic University. Most of the negative comments here are absolute rubbish and do not reflect reality, or they are general problems with Australian universities and not specific to Flinders. This university places great emphasis on student support and well-being and is fantastic for arts and sciences.

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    • Psychology is horrendous
      | Reply

      Postgraduate psychology DO NOT DO IT HERE

      If you’re choosing post graduate study in psychology (masters in clinical psychology, phd in clinical psychology) do not go to this uni. The clinical staff are unsupportive and say negative things about students. Students have learnt not to go to the clinical faculty for assistance. Some of the clinical placements are absolutely fantastic however some exploit students and the uni will not do anything about it. The do not make any changes when recieveing student feedback either. The clinical staff are old and tired so all you will recieve after becoming a psychologist trained to improve mental health is lump of depression, isolation and hopelessness. I would strongly advice unisa or adelaide uni.

    | Reply

    Flinders University-Very good

    I am currently doing a Master of Arts (International Relations) at Flinders University. For me, Flinders is a perfect place to study and relax coz it has a lake, grass and lots of trees. The lecturers at my course are very qualified and friendly. They are very patient and always ready to receive students. You can have teaching assistance not only for your assignment but also for improving your English skills. I love this University.

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  15. Nicole Quinn
    | Reply

    Hi, I am thinking of moving to Adelaide to study nursing! I want to stay on campus, which university is better for nursing and campus lifestyle; Flinders University or Adelaide University??

    • ru
      | Reply

      Adelaide uni or unisa is ten times better than flinders

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  16. Jean
    | Reply

    Flinders Medicine

    I study medicine at Flinders Uni

    Let me just say this university is terrible. In the 6 years I’ve been here, I can count the positive experiences on one hand.

    Lets start with medical school.
    An utter joke from first year to final year. Teaching is virtually non-existent. When online video such as osmosis are the given resources for the week in place of lectures, you know this place has no shame. They even bought an osmosis license for the students, probably to cover their asses from being sued.

    Now lets move on to clinical teaching.
    An absolute joke department with most of the main tutors having a huge ego. Get on their wrong side and you’re screwed. I personally have no had this experience as I’ve played it smart but many others have suffered failing because of this stupid game. Although I can say the teaching is highly ineffective in this area, both lacking in content as well as the tutors making the learning environment hostile 90% of the time.

    To the area of clinical placements.
    Another absolute joke. It’s like they dont care about students, they’ll happily send you off on 20 week placements in one department. So it is possible you will graduate having done only one medical rotation because the admin staff cant be bothered to split up your 20 weeks into different rotations (who knows, maybe its too much work for them to add more columns on their spreadsheet?). To be fair, the doctors at FMC are mostly accommodating and some are very good clinicians/teachers.

    New “innovations” from the medical school are a joke. Progress testing in place of barrier exams, mahara, TBL, all stupid creations which only make your life harder. Please do some research or talk to a current student to find out more, theres too much for me to write about on here.

    So for those reading this, please reconsider going to Flinders Uni and Flinders med school in particular, its a joke.

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    • sarah
      | Reply

      hi, could you please elaborate on here? I am an incoming international student from canada for the medicine program and i am apprehensive as of now. If you would like to communicate on any other platform i can post a link.

      • Jean
        | Reply


        Hi all

        I have decided to make an email to help you all inquire about this university in a safe space.

        Direct your email to this email address run by me and I will aim to answer your questions as truthfully as I can. No filtered answers, no bs like what the medical school brochures or info days may feed you, just the truth from the experience of myself and many others who have gone through this.

        email is cmph.year0medicine@gmail(dot)com

        Excuse the (dot) as the spam filter on this site will not let me post without it.

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        • Jean
          | Reply

          Further information:

          If you are already unfortunate enough to be in the program, watch out for one of the main tutors whose initials are C.S

          He’s one of the reasons this uni is terrible. Can’t explain anything clearly, then goes on ego trips when you don’t understand him. Funnily enough, he isn’t even a qualified doctor. Probably explains why he has a massive chip on his shoulder at all times.

  17. Cait
    | Reply

    Complete and utter mess of a degree

    I had the misfortune of studying 1 year of the bachelor of paramedic science at Flinders, and suffice to say, it was a joke. Padded out with useless topics disguised as ‘Core Health’ topics, disorganised lecturers, no guidance on assignments (with the expectations given being vague and not helpful at all), and most assignments being returned very late. When contacting and asking for assistance from the lecturing staff and tutors they were very good with getting back t you timely. however much of the advice was poor and not helpful. No advice for first years on how to improve their writing and academic skills and no advice on what exactly their looking for. 2 units that were supposed to be delivered in person were turned to online completely with only 6 days worth of in class tutorials over the whole semester.

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  18. John Hartzenberg
    | Reply

    Critical Care Course needs serious review and audit

    I would not advise the critical care course offered by this university.

    I am doing a critical care course and there is absolutely no teaching at this university. The tutorials are almost useless as it is made up as the tutor goes. Its basically looking at an observation chart and making random observations of the observations. Much of the content in the tutorials are off topic – like discussing next of kin or verbosity around a single statement. The level of teaching knowledge is atrocious as the method is random and without goal. Some resources via links, some youtube videos, and basically told to go and look at journals and association websites is the course material. The website is broken down into weeks with information all over the place.

    I would not wast my money and my academic result with this university.

    I think this course needs a thorough review and audit from an intensivist medical officer for its usefulness.

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  19. Sarah
    | Reply

    No negative experience whatsoever, Flinders Uni is great!

    I studied a grad dip of Clinical Rehabilitation here, and then went on to do my Masters. I studied via distance ed and I cannot fault any of the lecturers or had any negative experiences during my time. I had several hard times over the years I was there and I was very well supported with lecturers and course co-ordinators that listened and helped me out, over and above their duties. Additionally, all the links that were provided for required reading worked and were available. The research databases were extensive. My husband studied at another uni during some time of my study and he didn’t have the same experience at all. I always received fair and constructive feedback on my assignments. I cannot recommend Flinders highly enough. I have every intention of returning there to study at some stage again.

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    • aaniya
      | Reply

      HELP ?

      hey i needed help for deciding my university for animal behaviour. Going through reviews here, none so far are able catch my attention, also many that i was intending to go have also failed in many aspects described here.
      Can you least tell me where to search for university so that i can do my research.
      and is this site original?
      Are there any other sites like this where I can find more about what is happening in the real world.

      • admin
        | Reply

        This site is unique and gives insight into the struggles of some students. But many students also quietly get on with their studies, earn their degree and go on to forge successful careers.

        • aaniya
          | Reply

          HELP ?

          i agree this site is unique. so aren’t there any others like this one? plus the reviews do seem like distress. and i don’t want to become one o them in the near future.
          So before investing time and cash i would like to have full confirmation on what i am required to pay for.
          plus the education that I am getting now and the university i am going now seems much better. unlike what i had expected.

  20. Jessica
    | Reply

    Hello! I’m from Singapore and got accepted into Flinders Bsc Med Science/ MD and would like an honest advice if I should pursue this at Flinders? I have not heard much about students who are studying medicine online and those which I read were quite outdated. Thank you very much!

  21. Drew
    | Reply


    Sadly I have to agree with many of the comments here. Some lecturers are great, some subjects are great, but OMG there are some terrible lecturers are some topics just seem to be made up as they go.. They just seem like some dodgy scam at times.
    My daughter will be starting Uni in a couple years, and there’s no way I’d want her to study at Flinders.

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  22. Joe
    | Reply


    My partner is studying nursing here as an international student. If you have a choice I strongly advise that you don’t go here. High fees $28k a year vs. $8k for a local) for very little.
    There are no lectures and instead students are meant just read their notes and textbooks. They do have tutorials though.
    Assignment marking is very slow and don’t come back for weeks after their due date. How are students meant to improve their second and third assignments if they don’t get feedback on the first?
    Despite being an international student, she has been sent on a placement 3.5 hours away for two months. Goodbye casual job and rental home for the average student. I can’t imagine how it would be for a student who came here alone.
    They don’t offer any post-uni support in terms of getting registered in Australia – surely this is a no brainer for them? Locals just need a degree to get registered, yet somehow being a foreigner with the same degree doesn’t? Being registered doesn’t guarantee being able to work here.
    Students are just numbers at Flinders so go somewhere else.

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    • Joe
      | Reply

      More Rubbish

      To further add to you this, they sent my partner to a remote location (over three hours away from adelaide) that they don’t have any housing for.
      Their idea of “help” was sending her a list of hotels that cost around $100/night – so that’s $5,600 for 56 due accommodation. They do give upto $100/week assistance, so that’s only $4,800.
      A query to the University was that these were the only options.
      The hotel nearest the hospital advised that they can’t have someone there for that long. Thanks Flinders, obviously you’ve done no research and just a list from TripAdvisor.
      Do not go here because they don’t care about you – you’re just a number that pays four times the local student rate.

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  23. Philip
    | Reply

    Flinders Isn't half bad. It's all bad/

    Finders University is not a good university to do general Arts or Science. Overall it is a terrible uni and I would strongly recommend going there. I will focus on my program and then why the uni in general sucks.

    Currently I am enrolled in a BA/BSc. Double degree.
    Both degrees are not well organised and the double degree is very poorly planned, like an afterthought.

    In Science I am doing biology, In biology you will face overcrowded classes and many students openly cheat. My experience in biology is you are stuck between those wanting to be or already are in medicine and who don’t see the value in biology topics and just want high grades and bogans who think animals are cute and doing a biology based degree will get them a job as a ranger or looking after baby animals.
    The quality is poor and the lab work is less and less. Group work is a nightmare. The biology department doesn’t care and covers up cheating.

    In Arts I do English and while the staff are sometimes good (Such as Nick prescott) the classes are so overcrowded and it is unpleasant. You enver get feedback on how to improve.

    Overall the uni has a lack of facilities even though they made 100Million dollar hub. The facilities are old and dirty especially toilets. The library has very few books. And the computers are dirty and not uptodate.
    The academic staff are not great but the admin and managemnt is another thing/

    Flinders is so bad many students suicided. That is why the bridge is 24/7 security guard and they patrol a lot.

    It’s a terrible bleak place that doesn’t care and wont give you help get hjob unless doing medicine or some professional degree job.

    Save you time and value your life. Don’t go to Flinders University.

    Dont suffer like me. Bless you r life

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  24. Felix
    | Reply

    All the thing i got from Flinders is disappointing and depression.

    Nursing students avoid this uni. Hardly learn anything from class, and placement arrangement is a job. They only care about money, they don’t care about student career. They take too many students, but there’re only a few hospitals in SA, so they just sent students to anywhere they like, don’t care about it’s 50km far from where we live while the transport is not that convenient in Adelaide. Due to the limited place in hospitals, they just keep sending students to nursing homes, no matter you have done one, two, three or four aged care placement already. I love to work with elderly people, they are lovely people, but I also want to experience different healthcare setting, especially most of Graduate Nurse Programs require two medical or surgical placement, then you can apply for the position.
    Studying at a uni should be a happy and rewarding experience, but the only thing I got from this uni is disappointing and depression.

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    | Reply

    Hi, nice to meet you here. I am considering to study nursing in Australia and also in Flinders uni. I am a japanese and a registered nurse in Japan. Is Flinders good to study nursing? I am also worried about my English too. Do they support enought for international students ? I would appreciate if you could reply:)) Thank you so much.

    • FELIX
      | Reply

      Hi Ruri,
      Avoid this uni, I don’t think Flinders is a good place to study nursing. Hardly learn anything from the class. And sturt campus is separate from the main campus, facilities here is fairly old and not many uni activities hold here. Flinders is full of international students, so it can be quite boring in the class because everyone’s English is not good. And due to the large amount of students, they don’t have enough placement venues for nursing students, so you might be sent to a nursing home through all your study.
      Adelaide is a dead city, most of the young people living here are moving out to Sydney and Melbourne. Because there are not much job opportunities here. Try Deakin University, I have few friends studying there and they all have a good feedback, placements arrangement is far more better than here. And Mel is a fantastic city to study and live. Hope this will help.

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  26. Dave
    | Reply

    No Disability Support

    Dont study psychology here with a valid and legally defined disability. I spent more time trying to get lecture recordings than studying. My whole degree was turned upside down.

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    • Lily
      | Reply

      Hi, I’m planning on studying Bachelor of Laws here and would like an honest comment on whether or not it’s worth it to study it here?

  27. Vandhana Goundar
    | Reply

    Best university

    One of the best Universities
    I have done bachelors and now masters in nursing and find them very helpful.
    Being of island origin I had no training in computers and English being my third language I found the support given at this university was outstanding.
    I plan to study further and yes I will choose to do it at Flinders University.

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  28. Sean
    | Reply

    As a teacher with 10 years experience who decided to do a PhD, I would strongly urge any students considering this university not to bother. Teaching practices and the knowledge of the lecturers are 30 plus years out of date. The standard of teaching is incredibly poor, teachers put their own egos before their students interests and are consequently given terrible guidance. It’s not surprising Flinders is one of Australia’s worst performing Universities. Scorecard 1 out of 10. Transfered to another university.

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  29. Claire
    | Reply

    DONT GO - especially for international students

    I am international student who is about to complete a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics in this uni. I must say that the uni academic staff and the course rule is horrendous. The voices of international students in this course are barely acknowledged, and even when we receive email replies on certain issues, the usual reply would be: we can’t help you with this situation. If you can’t help me, what is the point of us international students paying tens of thousands of dollars every year? I understand that it may be out of the staff’s capability to help especially in certain situations, but it is atrocious if you further sabotage us by going behind our backs.
    So please do not go to this uni, especially if you are an international student, or be prepared to deal with all matters yourself.

  30. Bethany
    | Reply

    Education department that cares little for students

    Don’t study Education at Flinders. While most of the teaching is pretty good, the people organising placements will NOT support you! They are more interested in maintaining their relationships with schools (thus making their lives easier) than helping students. The general attitude is that they are doing you a favour by educating you. The concept of serving students seems to have passed them by. Ironic, coming from people supposedly interested in education! This attitude comes from the top of the team (as in most institutional cultures). Try UniSA instead!

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  31. Gary
    | Reply

    Flinders is a joke - don't go.

    This is the worst university in Australia
    It has the lowest employment successes rate for graduate positions in the whole country. Lecturers and support staff generally do not have a clue and if you have a problem you will get a response on an average of about 10 business days. We pay alot of money to this uni, yet customer service doesn’t seem to be on the agenda, ever.

    I will be completing my degree at another university thank goodness. Others who have to stick it out are not as lucky as me.

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    • Esther Njuguna
      | Reply

      Miss-leading information

      Misleading information on the university website for international students’ application.
      In October 2018, My niece applied for a Bachelor of Nursing (graduate entry) commencing in January 2019. Flinders assessed her application and GTE. They issued her with a CoE but visa application was refused. Why? Copied from Flinders website – Entry requirements: Applicants must hold an approved bachelor degree or equivalent qualification in any discipline other than nursing.
      This information remains miss-leading and MUST be revised. My niece holds another undergraduate degree other than nursing and her visa application was rejected because she did not have a degree related to nursing. I believe that Flinders should not have issued her with a CoE considering they have a good record of the immigration department expectations.

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      • Cody
        | Reply

        yes, it is true, that the flinders uni website has misleading info, even they sometimes take extra money from international students which is unexplained.

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