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Griffith University is a Gold Coast and Brisbane university with campuses set in bushland away from busy city areas. It's a large university, with 45,000+ students, and is a noted research institution. If you've ever studied at Griffith, you're welcome to post a review outlining your experiences.

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  1. Withheld
    | Reply

    Education in Australia is a business, especially for international students, don't expect quality or responsibility

    Hi all,

    I’m almost finished a research masters at Griffith Nathan campus. At times I have been to the Gold Coast campus.

    A lot of what I have written below relates to Australian culture (of not accepting responsibility mainly and not being inclusive of others) and also government budget cuts since around 2012/2013 when universities started organising partnerships with recruitment agencies in other countries (especially China) and paying them commissions for each student they brought in. This caused documentation to be faked (the universities don’t check, as long as it looks good enough), a lot of students not properly understanding English in classes and therefore struggling, academics under unneeded pressure due to disorganisation and pushed to pass failing students to “keep paying clients”, or students failing due to not putting effort and classes being disorganised.

    A number of academics have told me stories of either them being pushed to “bump up marks” to pass people, or very commonly another “academic reviewer” putting marks up for more people to pass, of course there is the other scenario of students having to retake classes due to the university being disorganised and not accepting responsibility. I believe it was in 2016 that 15 science and 17 environmental academics were “retired” and so in January of 2017, the newer academics were only told then that they had to decide among themselves who would teach what classes. A big issue was that some academics deleted all their course notes and lectures when they left, and there were no copies. The newer academics had to make up their own ones for the start of class in maybe 2 weeks.

    Look up “Degrees of deception” by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. It is a very good documentary from 2015, I don’t think things have changed much except for it to become more widespread.
    Education has become a separate sector in Australia’s economy when mining had its downturn in 2012, and so it is a business of recruiting international students.

    Australia has cut down most/all of its engineering industries, so it is less and less likely for teachers/academics to have real practical engineering knowledge.

    In general, Griffith is very disorganised, especially the administration staff. I did my undergraduate degree at QUT (Garden’s Point) so only know about post grad at Griffith. From my experience, Griffith is not the place for research students, it doesn’t matter what Griffith has on their website about being “remarkable” etc and showing people allegedly doing research etc in a chemistry lab, you will be left on your own. It is very telling that there aren’t many Australians doing research, largely internationals. That is not an issue in it’s self, but it means it is a lot less likely for international research students to meet and know Australians and how things work when problems arise (Australian culture isn’t socially outgoing anyway to get to know people, usually only when alcohol is involved).

    In terms of campus culture, the Gold Coast campus may have more “Western” international students, but there is no official culture to bring people together, you just go to classes and leave if you don’t have friends. There is GUPSA (for post grads), but you have to make the effort to be involved, there is the SRC (student representative council) for other students which may let you know of more options, but don’t expect much.

    Griffith has currently no information on their site of the step by step procedure for doing research and how to plan for publishing. I tried to explain this to the administration, but no one cared and kept telling me to go to my supervisor (repeating it just in a different way as though I am stupid and I don’t understand English). Honest academics at Griffith will admit that they don’t deal with the administration unless it is filling out forms because they don’t do anything else and put pressure back on the academics to get things done.

    This is not just a Griffith issue, it is largely Australian, but just more exaggerated here. It is normal behaviour for Australians to not care, or laugh things off, but then later expect that you knew what to do and how to do it without anyone telling you.

    QUT had is own problems, especially cramming all their engineering maths content into 3 subjects, which they restructured later when I reported it to someone who cared, as others were in denial.

    Please thoroughly check online and from your friends what Griffith and Australia is like for international students before thinking about Australia if you want to study abroad. Australia has nice sides to it, but education here is purely a business and they are not used to people pushing for quality, Australians commonly want to try a “quick fix” to keep people happy and not complaining, or at times, they tell you nothing can be done and you have to accept it.

    In general, Austalians don’t like it pointed out when they are wrong, and at times will become seriously offended. So it is common for your complaints to be acknowledged, but not seriously reviewed and rectified if a quick fix won’t solve it. People may shrug their shoulders and tell you they are sorry about it but can’t do anything.

    Seriously keep it in mind as I’ve been here for 15 years, my English is perfect and I speak to a lot of people about these issues to get their personal experiences and feedback.

    • John
      | Reply

      Bad experience

      I did my first semester at Griffith 2019. I am a domestic skilled migrant and this was my second degree. After my first semester I did not feel like continuing after a pretty weird experience that I faced in one of the subjects in Psychology. I was treated as if I cannot communicate and I was failed in all the practicles and they also failed my assignment. I felt for this particular subject, the people in charge was quite nasty and descriminative. I passed the other two subjects and failed this subjects based on basically nothing tangible.

      The first practicle role play was craftly schedule right after your academic census date. So you could not even drop out without academic penalty. I lost my money for the subject and also lost credit points simply because my role plays did not meet their criteria.

      I believe some staff and lectures at Griffith university is bias and would not recommend anyone those of nationalities where, English is a second language.

    • unknown
      | Reply

      I appreciate your thoughtful and honest response. I have been studying at two different unis in Australia for 8 years and agree to your opinion in general – about Australian culture, particularly in academia

  2. Marty
    | Reply

    Academically good - poorly organised at times

    I am a current M Primary Teaching student, online, full-time.

    I have found the teaching staff to be great and the courses to be really rigorous – the assessment tasks are very demanding but they ensure you know your stuff, which is the whole purpose. There are face-to-face lectures online so you’re not stuck just listening to stale, inaudible recordings of the on-campus students’ lectures; the online sessions are fully interactive and are run like classes. My previous master’s (at a different university) did not do this and the experience was so much less engaging.

    I’ve also been really impressed with my peers. We formed a closed FB group where we discuss the readings, assessments, general stress levels etc. and I’ve seen some pretty high standards all round.

    On the flip side, the overall organisation of this degree has been terrible, especially in this last term. Term begins in four days and I am still not entirely sure when all my classes are. I haven’t found the staff to be uncaring (quite the opposite), I’ve just found the whole thing to be unclear and disorganised to the point of infuriation.

    The trimester system, I should also point out, is a double-edged sword. Many of us chose this particular course and university because the trimester system allows you to complete the degree in less time; however, there are only two weeks between submitting the final of a long string of huge assessments, and having to launch into the next term and prepare for the next batch. In between, you need to be checking the student site for updates, ordering textbooks and lining up readings because it’s all go from week 1 of each term. The course is a hard slog with little respite and it’s important to know that going in. We had an assessment due the day before Christmas. We had assessments due throughout January – and a lot of us have our own kids home on school holidays at that time. We generally start receiving emails from the next term’s subject coordinators in the second week of our two-week end-of-term breaks, telling us what we need to do and read in preparation. We also often don’t get our final grades back until the start of the following term (not laziness, it just usually takes about 3 weeks for marks to be finalised after any assessment). If you are doing this course online, start a Facebook group because the support you get there from peers will be invaluable and you will need it.

    On the whole, the subjects themselves have been great, my placements have gone well and I couldn’t have asked for a better cohort – but this course has been the hardest thing I have ever put myself through and the organisation of this final trimester has been unbelievably poor and frankly unprofessional.

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    • Joey
      | Reply

      Am an international student still thinking of which UNI to join in Queensland and according to the reviews being posted 90 percent are negative reviews which i think is really ironic because it is in all universities and you cant tell me that all universities are bad….If you look at other websites the students giving reviews are really positive about there uni and also stating the cons so either majority of the people posting the reviews have had really bad experiences in uni ….If posting reviews i think its better to post both negative and positive reviews to avoid discouraging future students.Especially undergraduate students and international students .

      • admin
        | Reply

        Reviews on other websites are generally fake or selectively chosen. The ones here are real. Unfortunately, students with the energy to write a review tend be those who feel hard done by.

        • Marty
          | Reply


          I didn’t say I was hard done by. I gave plenty of positives as well as the negatives. I stand by my comments regarding the course being disorganised, because it is. I have done a double degree and a previous master’s degree at two separate unis and this one has been noticeably less well organised. But I also stand by my comments about most of the staff being very caring and helpful, and the course content being generally quite rigorous.

          The trimester system is indeed a time squeeze. That is neither positive nor negative, but important to know, which is why I included it. We had a former program convenor, who also taught one of our first units in the degree, encourage us not to do it full-time. It is simply useful information.

          If you choose to take only the negatives away from that, it is your own choice.

  3. Jee Wang
    | Reply

    Offer in Bachelor of Fine Art

    I have an offer in QCA Bachelor of Fine Art. Any recommendations should I join or look else where?

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  4. Richard
    | Reply

    A degree mill

    I did a masters at Griffith and remember fondly one of the lecturers turning up for a class unprepared and telling us to “Google up” some search results to pass the time. For post-graduate studies, this is totally unacceptable. I really lost faith in the place after this.

    In my experience, many of the staff strutted around thinking they are the bomb and condescend to the students. Not cool. I’ve also met plenty of Griffith graduates who had literally no idea. Take that for whatever its worth!

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  5. James
    | Reply

    I’m currently a fourth year mechanical engineering student from the US at the Gold Coast campus and I can say (at least for me) that Griffith has been very good to me (I don’t know if these experiences vary depending on what degree your studying). The course content up until now have been very relevant to real world applications and the lecturers here were very knowledgeable about what they were teaching, although there were some bad lecturers here and there. In terms of support the staff were great, always emailing me back within 24hrs or sometimes just an hour or two. However if i’m talking about Griffith itself, like mentioned in some of the other comments this college is very dull in terms of aesthetics and culture. The only culture here that I found was the unibar events and parties but not too much going on. Overall i give it a 4 star as for me the teaching aspect is the most important thing for me.

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    • Jay
      | Reply

      Hello James, I’m planning to do mechanical engineering at Griffith. I’m from Canada will get into 3rd year. Please help me with some information. How’s the overall experience and job market after graduation? I want to get as much information I can get before making any move.
      Thanks and i’d really appreciate your help

  6. Hayley
    | Reply

    Just another number

    I have tried Griffith several times both Brisbane and Gold Coast campuses and have really disliked my experiences and ended up transferring to other universities. I am currently studying at Southern Cross and found the administration and staff to be much more helpful and considerate to my needs.
    Griffith made me feel as if I was just a number and I had to fight repetitively to get my results updated as they failed me but I actually got a 6 which is a distinction. No apology for their screw ups or anything.
    It was by far the least caring uni I’ve been to and it seems they were happy to take my money but not ensure I got anything back in return.

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  7. Nalan Secgin
    | Reply

    Griffith is amazing

    I have studied at the University of Melbourne, La Trobe and now Griffith.

    I am doing my masters at Griffith and my experience so far is great. They are organised, the course content is relevant and practical, and the teaching staff are all from within the industry with a passion for their jobs. Most importantly, resources for the courses are easily accessible and I know exactly what is expected of me. It is student centric; they are very helpful and focused on making the study experience a good one for the students. Even the head of department is contactable for me, and takes a direct interest in how I am travelling (not just me, all students within the degree)

    My experience at Griffith has taught me that university rankings do not matter when it comes down to student experience, because my experience at University of Melbourne was appalling. I never knew what was expected of me, the staff were rude and arrogant and treated the students like grade preps, not students within a masters degree, which is why I left and I am now at Griffith

    La trobe is also a great uni, the grounds are amazing if nothing else! But Griffith is for me the better of the 3

    I would rank Griffith 1, La Trobe 2, and Uni Melb 3

  8. Horace
    | Reply

    Selling degrees

    I think they are still selling degrees to poorly qualified people who have poor English. Close the place down!

  9. pamela
    | Reply

    Griffith not returning phones calls for enquiries

    I have been trying to contact the university, first by phone now by email. Been a few days with nothing. Not a good sign. Other universities replied almost instantly

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  10. Chloe
    | Reply

    I have attended this uni twice now (deferred to have a child) and both of my experiences were brilliant. Every staff member I have interacted with has been incredible and helpful, I have never waited more than 48 hours for a response to a question, and find ample instruction when it comes to assessment. You won’t be spoon fed, but as an adult learner you shouldn’t expect to be. To address the second year of nursing being self directed, it’s half the trimester to accommodate prac. The work load is actually bareable if you keep on top of it, and the YouTube videos are like mini lectures.

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  11. L
    | Reply

    I am a first-year studying BPsychSci. I personally dislike this campus. The lecturers and courses are good but there’s no sense of community. The buildings themselves feel very bland and lifeless. I can’t comment on the people because I’m extremely shy when meeting new people.
    The university as a whole feels bleak and almost depressing – just “blah”.

    • LJ
      | Reply

      I kinda agree however they are currently undertaking a large revamp of the entire gold coast campus. The master plan looks really good and I am quite eager to see how it turns out

  12. Ave
    | Reply

    @Matt/ Hello, I’ve been reading reviews on university’s related to Nursing. This uni was considered by I saw your review and would like some input on other universites best suited for studying Nursing. Preferably in Sydney and Brisbane please! -Thank You.

  13. Jason Mattheou
    | Reply

    Came to this university from Canada, I had the impression that it was good Uni due. Paid $28,500 to arrive in Brisbane and and find out my teachers are terrible, most people that go to this uni are bottom of the barrel, didn’t get into what they wanted kind of student. Everyone’s ugly, wtf!? 75% of my course is online? I love Brisbane, and Australia but honestly hate Griffith. Only good part is Uni-bar and you don’t even need to be a student!

    • Adam
      | Reply


      Hi Jason,

      I’m from Vancouver and am considering studying nursing at Griffith. I really thought it was one of the best places to study nursing in Queensland but I’m a bit confused now after reading some of the reviews.

      Is there any other uni you’d recommend for nursing?

      Thank in advance for any info!!!!



      • Debbie
        | Reply

        I would recommend James Cook University in Cairns Queensland for nursing.

  14. Rose
    | Reply

    Studying Fine Arts at griffith, as a first year student it is apparent that staff are teaching for the first time, and therefore come off as untrained and unprofessional.

    The southbank campus is in the city so the location is great, however, the campus itself is very small.

    Teachers are hard to contact as they do not check their emails, even when assessment is due.

    If you’re looking to do fine arts at Griffith, note that all classes are essentially self-directed, if you miss a day it doesn’t matter, which is slightly concerning.

  15. Matt
    | Reply

    This university is junk!
    I commenced at Griffith in second year entry of a Nursing degree and was surprised how bad it was. To start with the course had no lectures! Like none at all! In its place an online “self directed learning” system whereby you are instructed to read chapters in the textbook and watch linked YouTube clips, making for a very poor learning experience. It’s obvious from this approach that Griffith is trying save money by not paying for lecturers and funnelling everyone onto a computer. Worse still, getting hold of an actual person is a nightmare. If you’re lucky, a course convener ‘might’ get back to your email 3 days later, if you’re even luckier the response ‘might’ even be relevant to your question.
    In addition the facilities are so dirty, dated and run down with only the outside of the buildings renovated to look new for potential students doing a campus tour. I’m so disappointed by this university, if I’d known what I know now, I would’ve never enrolled. I’ve since transferred to another university and am incredibly glad I did.

    • pamela
      | Reply

      what uni have you transferred to?

      matt i am contemplating nursing as my second undergrad and was considering griffith. Which uni have to transferred to?

  16. San
    | Reply

    Terribly disorganized administration and the many tutors are rude or biased. Don’t waste your time here.

  17. Mark
    | Reply

    I do not typically write reviews- but people have to be warned about this school.

    The dis-organisation of this university is unbelievable.

    Upper management are absent, lower administrators are incompetent to deal with minor processes due to an incredible lack in organisational structure.

    If you are a researcher or masters student in particular- I would avoid this university entirely.

    Staff are untrained, disorganised and only are capable of operating within their (very narrow) field. This is a recurring issue, with the latest taking over 2 months to have a small enrollment article dealt with.

    AVOID THIS SCHOOL. Even if you have a scholarship, i would advise you to take your talents elsewhere.

  18. Mike
    | Reply

    I was studying a Degree in IT qualification and finished with 6.6/7 GPA (so consider this review to be fare & non-biased assessment of griffith).
    Most of the Nathan campus is dirty with floor & ceiling water stains, mouldy buildings and cleaners only take trash out while not cleaning rooms or toilets.
    Seems that the teaching emphasis or priorities is on the lecture’s time that is spent on academic research. Thereby minimising the interactions with students willing to ask questions and do well. Some lecturers were entirely unapproachable and unhelpful. I was not demanding (dominating the teacher’s time) or did not expect for them to do the work for me. I got the excuse that they cannot favour a single student (REALLY!).
    Most Griffith lectures do NOT publish the student grades on the student web portal during or after the course, only through the portal do you get feedback which is the final official grade. If you want to see the exam results you have to get management to force the teacher. So the student’s only feedback is the assignment grades handed back during the course, Griffith teaching processes don’t realise learning is open cycle of getting feedback to improve learning.
    Some of the courses were only available at the Gold Coast campus which is 90km away and Griffith has no problem with this setup. The student front help desk staff are not trained and thereby not knowledgeable of Griffith processes.
    I heard of someone being PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED BY STAFF and they denied it ever happened because there was no evidence and nothing was done (staff still working for Griffith). I think if Griffith fires the staff then they would legally be admitting liability (compensation payout).
    Overall, I was very disappointed and would not recommend Griffith University. The university is a business that provides an education service and I did not receive a good service for the fees I paid.

  19. samuel
    | Reply

    Currently third year design futures at QCA Southbank, Brisbane campus – I studied at the Gold Coast campus for 18months before moving North. Both campuses have pro’s and con’s. The GC campus is improving, and the support I got from staff there was great. Had parking on GC, expensive and such – but public transport for the most part was very effective, especially with tram system.
    Studying at SBank is very different, super close to the city, in a cultural precinct, just a short walk to West End which is famous for relaxed vibe (though slowly becoming gentrified). Campus is small, but great for creatives for the most part as basically all the courses focus on creativity in some form. Great teachers as far as I am concerned. Design Futures is an incredible course, very rich in theory and philosophy, a lot of design thinking occurs and subjects internal to the course also deal with more practical, hands on scenarios – great work shop access.
    I have spent some time at Nathan campus – average campus from the looks of it, although I am sure it could be more than it seems. People seem friendly but nothing else near the uni, so it is rather isolated.

    Gold Coast: 6/10
    South Bank: 8/10
    Nathan: 4/10

  20. Terrena Hooper
    | Reply

    I was studying a Diploma education-based qualification and exited early at Grad Cert level because I found some of the teaching terrible. Some lecturers were entirely unapproachable and unhelpful. I attended Mt Gravatt, which I found quite isolated and the tutorial rooms very old. I was very disappointed. I had my own transport – I don’t know what public transport is like to that area.

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