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Macquarie University, Lane Cove Road.

Macquarie is a large Sydney university. The main campus is about 16 km from the Sydney CBD. Macquarie has a strong research profile and attracts large numbers of international students. You are welcome to post a student review if you are attending or have attended Macquarie University.

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  1. Etienne
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    Former external student here. My first year was great – the lecturers seemed switched on and everything worked as it should. The second year (2023), was completely the opposite. Inconsistencies between teaching styles, unit quality and grading of assignments made for a terrible experience.

    MQ gets former students to mark assignments (you can lookup your marker on LinkedIn), which is reflected in the grade. Even if you work in the field for a particular subject and have the best academic writing, your grade is not likely to be reflective of this.

    I also suffered an ‘administrative issue’ where there was an error with my credit count. This required significant effort and contacting MQ to resolve. Student support (when they finally respond) is terribly useless. I ended up transferring my credits and completing the degree at another university. I wish I had seen this page before I started. Every review here seems to be on the money.

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  2. Hunter
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    All Show, No Substance.

    This was the most abysmal excuse for an education I’ve ever experienced. The classes have no structure outside of “read an essay, write an essay”. Do these people really believe there’s that wide a market for paraphrasing talentless academics?
    The career seminars are pretty hopeless as well. They gave us no advice outside of “network”. Even when there was a pandemic going on, the advice was still “network”. Anyone who uses LinkedIn can tell you that nobody in your choice of industry wants to hear from you unless you’ve got some claim to fame, so it’s a fool’s errand to believe that they’d ever notice a university student who’s unable to gain tangible skills.

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  3. Daniel Mokdsi
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    Honest Review on Macquarie University

    I am in my second year studying a Bachelor of Music at Macquarie University. I wanted to give an honest review on this university as there are some important points I want to discuss.

    The teachers here are excellent. Travel to and from this university is convenient. The appearance of the campus is appealing and well-designed. I enjoy attending Macquarie Ultimate Frisbee, which is one of the clubs that are run at Macquarie University. However, there are many aspects of this university that need serious improvement.

    Administration at Macquarie University is extremely unprofessional. Any enquiries get ignored and the only real way to get into contact with any administration staff member is to go see them in person. Their online communication with students needs a lot of improvement. Websites like ilearn and estudent often do not work properly, even after major upgrades to these websites. My experience has been greatly affected because I often have to deal with mundane technical issues instead of enjoying my time at university. Administration is disorganised and chaotic and it needs a major overhaul.

    In terms of the course itself, there is a lot of good content and is taught by some very passionate and enthusiastic teachers, but the course fails to nurture my skills on the piano. Since I am a piano player and have been playing this instrument for a long time, I would be nice if the course helped me maintain and develop my piano skills more. The Bachelor of Music could be improved by attending to the needs of individual students.

    Learning in general at Macquarie University could also be improved. At the moment, we only get one lecture and one tutorial for each subject within our course, which I do not think is enough. I believe more time should be spent in the classroom.

    Most of our time is spent completing assessment tasks because it consumes up a lot of our study time. There needs to be more emphasis on learning and student development instead of just completing assignments all the time.

    In addition to my Bachelor of Music Course, I also get involved in the Macquarie Ultimate Frisbee club. This club overall is great and provides me with an opportunity to play Ultimate Frisbee, but like the administration, online communication needs to be better. There have been times where I have turned up to trainings and found that there was no one there because I was not told that training was cancelled. It is incredibly frustrating when people do not communicate important information. Macquarie Ultimate Frisbee, along with all the other clubs at Macquarie University, needs to make sure that important information gets through to their club members.

    Although there are some good aspects of Macquarie University, most aspects like administration, communication and learning methods, have not been demonstrated to a satisfactory standard.

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    • Anonymous
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      I totally agree with Daniel here. I am in my third year at MQ and the administration systems at Macquarie are non existence. I am looking to drop my one of my double degrees to finish with just a Bachelor of Commerce and I have tried for months to get in contact with someone at the university who can give me course advice and every number I call is general with options such as: help with finance, general wellbeing, student connect, new students. There is no one I can talk to directly over the phone or in a face to face meeting to discuss my situation which has been extremely stressful and uncertain for me as the consequences of the change in my degree will ultimately determine whether I continue law or not.

      I also do not think there is enough support at all and it all depends on luck as to whether you receive a good tutor/lecturer. Most of my law subjects have had very good teachers however I have had some not so good finance teachers.

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  4. Emma
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    Worst University in the Country

    This is probably one of the worst University’s in the country. We spend $1000’s a year for good quality websites and when I have to enrol for subjects they’re unable to let me enrol. I am absolutely feb up with thus university and if you’re ver thinking of sending your children here, DONT. they care more about ensuring everyone is using the right pronouns instead of ensuring they’re websites for students are able to do the simple things such as enrolling for classes. I work full time I don’t have the time to choose any class, I have to choose specifics ones so that I’m able to earn money that goes towards my rent and eating. Macquarie University if you see this I really hope you fix your technology and customer service because as far as I’m concerned it is absolutely appalling.

  5. John Conolly
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    Mq Library

    Mq Uni Library is noisy and management do not act on complaints of policy which clearly does not address the needs of students who need a quiet place to study. There is not enough silent space and the TV downstairs causes disturbance to those students frequenting the area and trying to study there. The staff are unwilling to turn the volume down or move it to a place where students are not needing the area to study.
    There is inefficient waste of space by ‘silent rooms’ on the basement level being locked up with noone using them.
    The compulsory electronic booking system for library quiet rooms is inconvenient and unnecessary and the booking system is difficult for many who only use it on a casual basis. The electronic systems in Mq are sometimes very time consuming and often unclear to find important information such as grades or assignment submissions. Ilearn generally is out of date in it’s design compared to other universities and needs to be rebuilt so ‘every one’ can use it and access the important functions not just the weekly learning material.
    Generally reception staff at Mq do their best to help but their scope is limited for management issues.

    This is my 2nd review as the first one I sent an hour ago has typing errors which I was not able to resubmit.
    You can edit my first review or delete it and use this review instead.
    Many thanks

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  6. Amanda Pavey
    | Reply

    Online study

    I’m studying one intensive subject currently called ‘Grammar and writing’ and I’m having a blast!
    My tutor is hilarious and makes the class fun. It is all self paced as it is an online subject. This gives me the freedom to work and study when I am able.
    The key to university is to self manage. You have to be self motivated and be organised or you will fail. Do not expect anyone to hold your hand or chase you up for your assignments. Everything is the students responsibility, not the tutors responsibility.
    I think the people giving horrible reviews are probably not used to being responsible or accountable for their lives and actions. That is why they are so bitter.
    I hope this is helpful to those who are searching.

    • DS
      | Reply

      It’s a pity you missed the class on apostrophes. It’s students’ /student’s and tutors’/tutor’s.

      You need to think. Your course is different to ten thousand others at the uni and hence experiences are unique. Just because your experience was good, it doesn’t mean everyone else was as fortunate.

  7. El
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    No student support and awful IT units

    I started at MUIC and the college was great aside one of the units. I felt like i had more support in that little college than i did when i moved into my bachelors. The only big quarrel with them is they kept pushing back the graduation ceremony with little communication and i had to go pick up my diploma 6 months after graduating from MUIC.

    The transition was seemless into 2nd year bachelors however that’s where all the troubles started. I cant speak for every faculty at MQ but my experience in my IT degree was absolutely awful. I want to start off by saying that i have ADHD so i wont learn the same as everyone else.

    Games design had great teachers that really tried their best with the lack of tools they got from uni. The coding side of the 2nd year unit was neglected due to the unit getting little time for their classes, so our programming labs were an hour and it was there for us to rock up with the lab already done and show the teacher. We had to follow off a guide on what to write and it didnt teach us what was going on very well however they didnt have enough time they could allocate to the programming lab. The teachers were all great and would try their best to help and they supported me moving into cyber security.

    I had a tutor during a lab tell someone if they didnt understand some concept already then they shouldnt be at uni, when this was something only introduced that week and not everyone will get things the first time. Even when i reported this to the convener i was essentially told to just deal with it.

    Algorithms and data structures was a whole other level of ridiculous. The convener would rock up to lectures with no slides or anything. She would just write scribbled notes for us to see, explain things in a confusing manner and be very huffy if people were confused. I was told that unit had a high fail rate but i cant verify this claim, but i wouldnt put it past them as one of my very smart uni mates failed the first time.

    2nd year database unit the final assignment was so awful that there was a whole thread on ilearn roasting the assignment and the teacher who wrote it. I cannot remember the name of the unit but it also had masters students in it as well. A number of those students had said that even with their 5+ years of industry experience they could not understand what was going on.

    The final straw for me was the third year networking unit that was in complete disarray from the moment we started. The labs werent set up at all for us and each lab i had after before i dropped the unit had some problem that prevented us from doing the work. We had to explain to the lab teacher why the lab computers werent working and he honestly looked like we were speaking gibberish. He couldnt seem to understand admin privileges, or a VM not being configured properly. Even when a few of us could do the work it wasnt teaching us, it was telling us to type in commands with no explanation on what we were doing.

    I had to defer a semester and i was seriously considering dropping out entirely despite having 6 units to go that i could not get through. I ended up moving to UOW and i haven’t looked back. It took me moving to UOW for me to truly understand programming. As someone with ADHD the infodumping that lecturers did at MQ didnt help me understand the course content at all. I would have to get friends outside of uni to help me and even then i barely understood what was going on and i barely passed. I was afraid to seek help from teachers from the poor experiences with tutors and lab teachers. Now at UOW ive gone from hating programming to loving it, and i get distinctions in the process. When i brought up group project issues with a teacher they were incredibly involved and supportive, they helped me pass despite being held back by my group and i even got a credit.

    The course content at MQ for IT is fairly outdated and unnecessarily overcomplicated, and the student support is lacking. They only earn an extra star because the campus is nice and MUIC was great, and the games design side had awesome teachers that were supportive.

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  8. anon
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    AVOID MQU - nice campus but extremely poor quality education

    Macquarie has a nice campus, but don’t be fooled, the quality of education is below average. Admin, teaching and education are absolutely horrendous; enquiries get ignored for months on end, lecturers are unprofessional in meetings and classrooms, and the academic timetabling system is extremely inconvenient compared to more reputable universities like UNSW or USYD, which offer mid-semester breaks. Lecturers also blatantly ignore online forum questions and are exclusive with who they answer, making students feel unappreciated and resentful. Why would we be paying thousands of dollars to support our education for our units and courses at MQ, only to be ignored during our classes by selfish, lazy and greedy lecturers? The environment was also quite toxic in some classes, and a certain passive aggressiveness can be felt amongst both students and teachers alike, as well as administrative staff. Dropped out of my psych course early this year to enrol into UNSW, and although I didn’t get to experience the on-campus part of my education due to COVID-19, I can gladly state that UNSW did a much better job (100x better) and I genuinely felt like I was getting my money’s worth. Teachers were extremely helpful and assisting in certain situations as well as admin, and I did not have any such negative experiences there. Definitely recommend either UNSW or USYD instead of MQ. Avoid MQ if you really want a quality education and one that is worth the value and your time!!

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    • Sharon Wardle
      | Reply

      Refuting Anon’s idiotic claims

      ‘Anon’ is most likely an underperforming undergraduate. Who else would make idiotic generalisations about the entire academic staff ? This is clearly someone who knows very little about Macquarie. They provide no supporting data for their foolish comments.

      Macquarie has always had mid-semester breaks . ‘Anon’ can’t read/ is lying/ has never attended Mac Uni if they’re making this ridiculous claim. If they can’t even get this basic fact right, they’re not really competent to comment on anything else.

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    • Hunter Clarke
      | Reply

      It’s ture. The lecturers are parasites. When I was on-campus the majority of student protests were less about human rights or the environemnt and more about giving them a payrise. Why should students fight their teacher’s battles for them when they haven’t demonstrated a similar courtesy?

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  9. Sun Tzu
    | Reply

    Potentially rewarding but insane inconsistency in Science

    I should preface this because it may seem a bit intense but it was years ago and it is not done out of bitterness but just my honest opinion and warning because uni could be the best move in your life but it’s really not for everyone. For a lot of people it’s great but if you don’t know which career you want then stop and figure that out before you even think of going to uni because if you fall through the cracks like I did it’s a very expensive lesson.

    Nice campus.
    Great for sports and chilling. All the eateries you need and spaces to study and mingle. So many great memories there.

    There are no guarantees that your major won’t be cancelled midway through your degree. Sometimes that doesn’t matter, other times it will cost you money, semesters and more. Happened to me when I was finally starting to enjoy the study side of uni, too bad!

    These staff members tend to have developed communication skills so you should have a good time and in these classes not only do attend classes that make sense so you’ll probably willingly accept anything you’re told. Seriously though they’re inclined to help you understand if you don’t get something but they generally speak well and their courses are quite logical, naturally. Units are quite interactive and engaging which is a plus.

    These departments seem to really try to provide examples and break them down since to make new concepts less intimidating and encourage people to explore more. Communication skiills of staff seem to be top notch. I know many people who graduated through arts and from what I’ve seen I would recommend macq arts.
    Pro-tip for learning Chinese – join a foreign language class that isn’t Chinese class. 95%+ of the students may be native Chinese and prefer chinese over english or the target language so you’ll get plenty of Chinese speaking practice and make plenty of friends.

    Some professors are great, they show up prepared, get you inspired to be the next Steve jobs and give a damn about the next generation.
    Some care but they don’t speak english or they can’t construct a sentence or a course and Engineering was a big yikes of an experience where most people were cheating simply because the textbook/notes were not fully comprehensible so you had to either cheat/learn from the top few students or manage to be the few people who actually got their questions answered when they raised their hands. I was one of the top students in some engineering units so From personal experience the amount of people coming to beg to cheat and ask you questions because their passing depended on it was insane.
    If you fail units/gpa falls really low, supposedly the student registar gives you a warning and calls you in for “support”. From personal experience not everyone recieves academic warnings or support, some like myself are told to simply “get good” or drop out because there isn’t much support for final year subjects. Sure, some students or even most may recieve academic warnings, guidance etc since first semester but I did not so I cannot endorse the university registrar or course conveynors (I think that’s what it’s called) on this at all. I had to drop out of university because even though I passed over 5 semesters worth of units, I am completely unable to even pass my last 3 units after 3 attempts at each. Since leaving uni I have had my experience in educating others and have come to the conclusion that if the conveynor of a course can’t break down what the expectations of the course are such that at least ONE SINGLE actional step for improvement can be identified for any student then they shouldn’t be running course. I literally had to find and interview my conveynor for a better understanding of the course, what was I missing and what I could do to improve and was met with “make sure you show up to lectures”. You how it feels when you are doing something already and someone then proceeds to tell you do that very same thing or quit? Toxic.
    I do believe some of the science staff are ok and most of them are passionate but that’s just not going to cut it for I think the support for students is a bit lacking where the course expectations haven’t been defined well enough and the communications skills of the staff are questionable and in some cases everyone was unable to understand what the lecturer was saying. Across different units there were many cases where lecturers put up slides with some obscure images with some vague explanation that didn’t really help us understand what was going on.

    If you drink and are willing to go first then socialising is on easy-mode. If you don’t drink then I have to warn you the pressure to drink is everywhere and so many events and social circles are built around drinking or for the purpose drinking so you’re gonna have to look more carefully and expect little mercy.

    Extra curricular
    Genuinely rewarding experiences. International Buddy, mentoring and the ability to run as an executive or even create your own society were amazing experiences where you go for or be selected into leadership roles and really make a difference. If you aren’t big on alcoholic events which dominate unilife, extra-curricular has your back.
    Some of these involvements can turn into jobs and some people who just stay at uni working there for years after graduating but it wouldn’t look good for me to work there while not studying and having not graduated, even if I did the job better than they did/was more popular back then but oh well.

    I think Macq if fine if you are absolutely set on entering a certain field and most of my problems probably stem from not knowing enough about uni or careers before going and that’s not really the uni’s fault.
    In hindsight if you want to party then just go for a gap year although uni partying has it’s pros.
    I would recommend Macq Arts/Psyc but would not recommend Macq Science Faculty because the staff and courses are just too scuffed for undergrad although geology might be better.

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  10. cassie franco
    | Reply

    Hoi Fan Tsui is so bad in everything.
    So annoying and disrespectful

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  11. Bugs.B
    | Reply

    Good teachers, Good campus, Good university, nice and good.

    This is truly a very good university; I loved my time here. This university has high-quality teachers. So many amazing facilities like the restaurants, swimming pools, statues, restaurants, gyms, bakeries, etc. Macquarie University is just good. I loved my time at Macquarie university, I loved it so much, wow, that is a nice university. Very good. Exceptional university. Nice. I’m studying the bachelor of gender studies at Macquarie University. Very progressive and inclusive campus. The place has lots of nice people and facilities, the statues are great, so many nice and friendly folk around. Unfortunately, there was a lock down, so we were not able to enjoy the facilities. Shh be very, very quiet haha, I’m hunting wabbits hahahahahahahaha. I like how the university forces communism on their customers by forcing all students to pay for the facilities and the student services and amenities, even if they never used any of it. Eh whats up doc. You got a tight little man pssy on ya don’t ya, (inhales through nostrils) it stinks, nice and good. I hope that one day, 100% of university students will be women, now that would be equality. Oh, you’re hurting me. This little rabbit’s hopping down the old bunny trail. Please let me go mister bunny. Looking like a double wide surprise. Anyway, I loved every second of my time at Macquarie University, but I digress. All girls are smarter than all boys. Bugs, that’s enough. Look at you son, look at what you’ve become. I’m what you made me to be father. I’m so happy your mother isn’t here to see this. So yeah, um, great campus and stuff or whatever. I want to change but the temptations, they overcome this little bunny. Be the bigger bunny bugs, let this poor man go. He keeps krill-ing us father, he keeps talking and talking, so many lives lost. Be the bigger bunny. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry for what I’ve done. I did it Martha, I finally got through to him, you can finally rest in peace. Amazing university, I loved every moment there, so many nice people and stuff and yeah. Really good and nice and yeah lots of stuff like that and all.

  12. Bobby Smith
    | Reply

    Amazing teachers, I loved my time at Macquarie

    Such amazing teachers that teach so well, it is truly amazing, I must say, phenomenal teachers indeed, the other guy was not lying when he said the teachers were nice, let me tell you, that is indeed true, in my honest opinion, I mean really, these are some nice teachers, let me say, they are really nice teachers. I loved every single moment at my time spent at Macquarie university. In lockdown, I shed tears of joy every time I think back to those glorious years I spent there. The beautiful buildings, the amazing swimming pools, restaurants, or-geez, even the statues, I could go on forever. Such beautiful statues and buildings and people don’t forget about the people like Jimmy and Saddam, all good people. The teachers are amazing, and the students are nice, I guess. I loved every moment of my time at Macquarie University. The restaurants have very heavily glazed donuts, and they aren’t looking for long-term, so it is easy to try the cuisine from all around the world in just one campus, lots of diversity, but I digress. Lots of culture, great teachers, lovely students, nice campus, great teachers, and nice kids. I loved every moment of my time in Macquarie University, lovely statues, and houses and stuff like that or whatever I need to say to avoid the censors. Every night, I dream wonterful dreams about returning to zat beautiful campus one day, and every morning, I wake up with some free PVC glue, but I digress. The dean has a big black guard dog. I called him fat and so he unleashed it and it oonst ya through my lederhosen and bit off my German meat product after I mocked it with des yodelling, but I digress. I never received special consideration for GEND1000 either and I had to repeat it and the monkey never come back to the village again, but I digress. Macquarie is just amazing, what more can I say, no really, what more can I say. Wonderful, glazed donuts and fresh buns from the bakery on campus, nice and good. Great teachers, amazing, wow, but again, I digress. It itches but I can handle it, I recommend all the great students come to this campus. Do you like Pokémon? What more can I say, amazing teachers, lovely teachers, and staff, really it is good? I promise. You can trust me. I love my Macquarie university, so many wonderful people, what a swell old time I had but I need to skedaddle or I’m going to me late, bye.

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  13. Lisa Goodall
    | Reply

    worthless university - ideally no stars

    Terrible – do not study Education at this university. Useless, irrelevant and boring. Bureaucratic and below average lecturers. Dreadfully outdated IT systems – why not run a project an get some IT students to create an efficient, effective means of enrolling/ choosing classes. everything about this university is below-average & disappointing except for the location which is pretty convenient & the only reason anyway ends up here. Try Syd Uni or UNSW – much better reputations

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  14. Dr Smith
    | Reply

    Amazing University, great teachers

    Great university, full of cultural diversity and kind teachers. There are some excellent facilities to enjoy and lots of friendly people. They have a nice big swimming pool and lots of food places on campus. The place is peppered with beautiful statues and it has a nice river running in it with a friendly homeless guy who lives under the bridge. Just make sure you bring him a treat if you are going to wake him up to say hi. I loved my time working there but I did make some interesting discoveries which I would like to share. An interesting thing about Macquarie is the secret areas that you can find around the place. There are several secret passage doors hidden under the grass in certain areas of the campus which you can use for studying or sleeping overnight. The thin tunnels also lead to a few furnished rooms which you can hang out in with your friends but make sure you take a flashlight with extra batteries as there is not any power. I went spelunking deeper into the place and I found another tunnel in one of the rooms that was about as wide as a basketball. I went in and there was a long skeleton (about 4 meters long) in that room and it looked kind of like a human, but it was not. It had a hunch that curled around itself and the skull was quite long with a point at the top, but I digress. Macquarie is just an excellent campus in every way, it has so many wonderful facilities and people. It is amazing but if there is one thing that bothers me, it is the bald guy in the bright yellow jump suit who is always following me around on campus and dancing around all over the place in a sporadic manner. He is not too much of a nuisance, but I just think it is just a bit unnecessary, that is all. If he could just dance a bit slower and with some rhythm, I really would not mind him, but I digress. Macquarie is a great campus full of cultural adversity and kind teachers. There are some excellent facilities to enjoy and lots of friendly people.

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  15. Simone
    | Reply

    A hands off approach to teaching.

    Macquarie University has greatly expanded over the past ten years. The campus is very eye friendly, fresh and new. Unfortunately the kindness and compassionate nature of Macquarie and its teaching staff has faded over this time.

    Good points
    – Lecturers were generally of a good standard.
    – Assessment is fair.
    – Facilities are nice.

    Bad points –
    – Help desk services were online and make you feel just like a number. The wait time for these services was excessive (days to weeks).
    – Tutors were casuals and had little knowledge of subject matter.
    – Large number of students.
    – Teaching staff have an impersonal approach, preferring email or forum discussion to in-person student consultation.
    (No-one really cares).

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  16. Heather
    | Reply

    Beautiful campus devoid of culture or real education

    I am a Macquarie University alumna who studied there from 2016 to 2020. Teaching experience really depends on the faculty, with the Arts faculty being full of excellent, passionate staff (I did Arts and Commerce, and Arts was much, much better).

    My problem is with the complete corporatisation of the university. I did a lot of unpaid labour for the university under the guise of volunteer opportunities. Additionally student groups (I was involved in the exec) get as little as $500 per year to run events, which are extremely hard to organise due to the bureaucracy of the system. To run a student event we would have to submit a lengthy form with a risk assessment and it took so much time. On top of this numerous technical difficulties meant that we weren’t even allowed to run events on campus, because the system was so hard to navigate.

    If you want a university with good leadership, and good student culture, do NOT choose Macquarie University. Macquarie is increasingly a neoliberal degree supermarket where students are ushered in only to be pushed out again once your degree is over. A few months after I finished my degree my student card was locked off and I was no longer able to access the library, which was once open to the public. It really bothered me that even though I had spent more than $40,000 on a degree there I could no longer use facilities anymore.

    I will say that the campus is very new and beautiful, so that is a plus side. Given how far it is from the city it can be quite isolating to go there. Sometimes I wish I had gone somewhere else with more culture.

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    • Tom
      | Reply

      No student support, doesnt care.

      Im the same. Went there from 2010 to 2013. Interned after graduating in a variety of places hoping to gain experience with what little real world skills i had obtained. Called the uni as they offered support for alumni seeking jobs in their field and was told “we dont offer that service to alumni after 2 years of graduating”. This uni is just a salesman peddling a bad product, i wish i had gone elsewhere.

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  17. Alisa
    | Reply


    Dont go to Macquarie Uni, I’ve been studying here for 2 years, half of the teachers can’t even speak English properly. Very low-quality online education. They can’t even make a PowerPoint for lectures and just record what they wrote on the paper with the voice. The Chinese teacher for class STAT1250 didn’t prepare a presentation for her lectures and kept scrolling through the PDF. So unprofessional. Terrible for international students who pay ~30k aud per year for this education! Sucks

  18. Ali
    | Reply

    Don't go to Macquarie university

    The location, buildings and parks are beautiful. However, the administration, teaching, marking and education (except some) are terrible. I started studying there in 2011 and completed in 2019. If the time goes back I will never go to Mq university. It’s a long story with many scandals from this university! I will publish all about my experience in the future soon.
    Do not go to this university!

    • Tony
      | Reply

      I am just about to enrol in Science

      Gee Im so sorry to hear about your experience….just wondering if others shared similar experiences?

  19. tam
    | Reply

    Loved every second

    Studying psychology at Macquarie has been an amazing experience. The teaching staff are knowledgeable, warm, invested in your learning and flexible when they can be. Learning feels like a collaboration more than anything else. I can compare my experience against studying at another “prestigious” university in Sydney which was absolutely miserable. I would choose Macquarie again and again for the positive learning environment and the opportunities that have been made available.

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  20. Butch Blinko
    | Reply

    Accepting the truth

    I think this page should be advertised to undergrads. Now that I am reading it, every negative comment is completely justified and true and I am fighting to get into a better uni. This uni should be completely boycotted or things will never change. There are more desperate international students than anyone can imagine and MQ uni knows this.

  21. Jackson
    | Reply

    Warning from the Lightbringer

    Don’t go to MQ uni if you can avoid it.
    MQ uni loves to advertise their well being and support services but they will always put profits before the well being of their students. You would be more likely to talk to a passive aggressive staff member if you call well being than you are likely to receive special consideration for having COVID-19. I suggest boycotting MQ but this is almost impossible as their main customers are international students who desperately want an education. If you are left with no other options and the certification is not important to you, I would suggest reading textbooks and getting private tutors as this will be much cheaper and you won’t need to deal with the University BS, you will just be able to study and expand your mind.

    However, MQ uni is probably ideal for affluent-born individuals who are seeking to study easy subjects like gender studies or psychology, those individuals who go to uni to party and engage in other debaucheries.

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  22. aaniya
    | Reply

    HELP ?

    Is there any good university in australia?
    I was searching through colleges for my post grad and then i stumbled here. every university with a good global ranking is here with very poor reviews some even stating not to come here.
    I want to pursue a animal behaviour and australia seemed to be a good option BUT NOW i don’t know ?

    • admin
      | Reply

      University is what you make of it. It’s preparation for the real world. This site tends to attract weak people who can’t handle independent study and negative feedback.

      • aaniya
        | Reply

        HELP ?

        so are there any sites with true reviews? where i can find what is actually going on there?

        • admin
          | Reply

          This is the only place where you can find truth about Australian universities. Just understand that people tend to come here to vent. And they exaggerate the issues, though people would listen more if they were more balanced and measured in explaining their experiences.

          • Desi

            If only what you say is true, I'll be happy...

            Less than an hour ago, I needed to contact the IT and Student Services desk, by phone. I had recently enrolled for just one subject to get a first hand experience (rather than go by reviews). My first impression of them was nothing short of ATROCIOUS. One help person spoke ungrammatically and in a heavy accent; the other spoke to me with far too much background noise. Not a good start, and I feel the bad quality will persist throughout my course.

            You are most clearly on an agenda that is quite outside delivering a sound education.

            Universities are just not delivering the high quality education that they once did DUE TO SYSTEMIC FLAWS.

            See the review by ‘Prof Palmer’ below. Here’s an excerpt:
            “Sadly like too many Australian universities the standard of teaching has dramatically dropped because of budget restraints. Once upon a time the lecturers were full time and [thoroughly] knew their subjects, now lecturers blow in and out of the place with very little dedication. Students are taught one thing and marked completely differently by another who is either incompetent,…[etc] ”

            Bottom line; in summary: avoid at all costs — or it will cost you dearly, not just in money, but in years of your life that you will never get back.

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  23. Prof Palmer
    | Reply

    Education by budget.

    Sadly like too many Australian universities the standard of teaching has dramatically dropped because of budget restraints. Once upon a time the lecturers were full time and throughly knew their subjects, now lecturers blow in and out of the place with very little dedication. Students are taught one thing and marked completely differently by another who is either incompetent, has a different view to how something should be done or both. In short lecturers and markers are hardly ever on the same page making results a lottery. In saying that once only a small percentage of students went onto universities because of strict entry standards where good high school results were essential to gain entry. The system accepts just about anyone these days because universities are out to get their piece of the pie. Universities are all about recruiting and giving out degrees to anyone they can put into debt with hex fees. Employers now consider many degrees not worth worth the paper they are written on. Where once employers were waiting at the front gate ready to offer job opportunities to the brightest people who went through a well respected university system. Now the system is make believe giving little grounding for what lays ahead for students.

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  24. George Washington
    | Reply

    The done fudged up a-a-ron

    Their site is freaking ridiculous, you can’t navigate for shite on there and my units weren’t even accessible. They seriously need to fix it up and make it more simpler(this is coming from someone who designs websites for a living)

  25. Millar
    | Reply

    its a joke

    Really bad university I would really recommend Newcastle Uni instead. May look like a good idea but probably worst decision in my life, wish I listened to my friend

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  26. johannes
    | Reply

    Education Dept is delusional. Model students look malnourished

    an education tutor’s idea of taking you through a 50% assessment task is to make a selfie video reading the words on the task outline and then saying good luck.
    innovative teaching strategies right here guys.

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  27. Karina
    | Reply

    Macquarie, Psychology

    I’m studying psychology here (4th year) and I’ve had an overall great experience. The teaching quality for psychology is great. (Some tutors can be pretty average in earlier years though). Most assignments have been fair and the content you learn is challenging but reasonable.

    Almost all lectures are recorded online, so you can study online a lot. Attendance is often not compulsory in my degree.

    IT Help and Student help is pretty good, helpful responses. But sometimes IT help is slow.

    Students and teachers have been really friendly and down-to-earth.

    Currently student facilities are average, there is a small overpriced food court, and no little campus shop. The library is always packed out.

    I was disappointed when they tore lots of buildings down but in a few years time the campus should look great.

    Closure of the train station will be quite disruptive to students, long travel time to campus.

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  28. Melissa
    | Reply

    4 years and loving it!

    I chose MQ because of it’s flexibility with study arrangements, it’s variety of subject choices and the appearance of the campus itself.
    I’m now in my final year of study and am deliberating taking up a second degree once I’ve finished this one.
    The only reason I’m considering another uni is the travel time, otherwise I absolutely love it!
    I’ve had my share of teachers and tutors who aren’t the easiest to deal with, but for the most part I’ve been genuinely surprised by the quality of the staff and how nice and approachable everyone is and how much they want to help.

  29. Danny
    | Reply

    While it is a prestigious university with a beautiful campus, do not bother coming here. It is clear that the university wants the students to fail in order to make more money. This is extremely clear from the university’s decision in putting a hard topic in week 7 that other universities would have taught in week 1, such as UNSW. Not only that, they make a stupid decision in putting the study time before the final exam in the mid-semester exam in order to be “different” from other universities. Well, that is an attempt in order to make students fail. Bottom line, fight for UWS or UNSW.

    • Alex
      | Reply

      Disorganised units lacking proper syllabuses, poor teaching, brutal special consideration and assessment policies

      Totally agree. Ever since first year, I have wondered why there is no break between the end of the teaching period in the semester and the exam period. There are advantages of the two-week midsemester break, but academics seem to take advantage of them by setting large assignments around this time. This should be a time for consolidating the material taught in the first half of the semester and perhaps taking a little bit of a break, not struggling to finish assignments on time. There have been some excellent lecturers with a passion for teaching that have inspired me to learn and think creatively, but overall the teaching standards have declined over the last 4.5 years I’ve been here. Exams with content not covered during lectures, disorganised units with no proper syllabus and the amount and difficulty of material increasing towards the end of the semester, labs that are impossible to finish in 3 hrs, the list goes on. I’ve developed an anxiety disorder due to all of this, and every test or exam is now agony for me. Every semester I’ve had to apply for a disruption to studies for at least one exam due to panic attacks and inability to concentrate. To top it all off, the train station is closing soon. Great.
      Not good.

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    • Sunny
      | Reply

      Poor in every aspect apart from campus structure

      Damnn, can’t agree more, seriously, agree with each n every line. Harsh truth. I am also getting the anxiety symptoms because of intense pressure. Not good at all, if u want to study and work, not feasible at all.

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      • Nathan
        | Reply

        Grow a pair

        Grow a pair buddy

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        • flex
          | Reply

          seems you have a collection of balls , can you share some… 🙂

  30. John
    | Reply

    A uni with ranking by filtering students not by educating

    Extremely disappointing. Find it funny how they pass out lecturer evaluations at the end of lectures prior to exams and ask about quality of teaching for exams. Tends to fail students easily and exams are not aligned to lectures. When students do not do well, the first email sent to students are requesting students to drop out. This is an extreme contrast to University of Queensland my prior uni. UQ work with students on weaknesses by offering tutoring and consultations. MQ failed miserably on this aspect, providing bare minimal education and keep failing students to maintain ranking. No intention of educating students.

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  31. Eden
    | Reply

    I chose to study at Macq for it had a somewhat prestigious law and business school. It takes me four hours by train in total to get there and back home. The lecturers for my law degree are very good, however, my commerce tutors/lecturers speak broken english and it is very hard to get help when needed. Communication and care for students seem to lack because my teachers tell me to see them in person instead of replying to my emails which is difficult when im two hours away from campus.

  32. Mitchell
    | Reply

    I am studying a Bachelor of Media.

    Macquarie University is a great University. I don’t know why the other comments are negative – those people must be trolls.

    Beautiful green campus, it has it’s own train station so transport is great, close to Macquarie Shopping centre, the library is really cool, and the facilities are amazing – especially the media facilities.

  33. Chris
    | Reply

    Depending on the unit studied, academic staff can be extremely unorganised and the course will be unstructured. Staff really don’t care about their students.

  34. Ian
    | Reply

    Horrible buildings that don’t isolate noise from one lecture room to another. Expect to hear drilling and other work going on during your lectures – nobody at MQ gives a damn. The same will happen during your exams and if you complain you will get “bahh” as a response from your course director. Those in their ivory towers love making rules and more rules yet they fail to see students as customer who are paying for a service. The sooner they realise this, the better they will do.

  35. David
    | Reply

    @external student Yes, that is sadly true. Unfortunately for myself the communication troubles and lack lustre administration support have continued, which has prompted me to consider changing institutions.

  36. Dave
    | Reply

    As an external student I received surprisingly poor communication given MQ’s reputation. I was also met with extreme inflexibility which saw me, as a student with a part time work / part time study load, disappointed and disadvantaged. I would reconsider joining this institution as an external student with a part-time job.

    • external student
      | Reply

      @Dave I could not agree more. The support for external students is virtually no existent. I have studied a other unis externally and Macquarie is by far the worst. If I had my time again I would give Macquarie a miss.

  37. cody
    | Reply

    hell yeah great campus

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