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Macquarie University, Lane Cove Road.

Macquarie is a large Sydney university. The main campus is about 16 km from the Sydney CBD. Macquarie has a strong research profile and attracts large numbers of international students. You are welcome to post a student review if you are attending or have attended Macquarie University.

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  1. Prof Palmer
    | Reply

    Education by budget.

    Sadly like too many Australian universities the standard of teaching has dramatically dropped because of budget restraints. Once upon a time the lecturers were full time and throughly knew their subjects, now lecturers blow in and out of the place with very little dedication. Students are taught one thing and marked completely differently by another who is either incompetent, has a different view to how something should be done or both. In short lecturers and markers are hardly ever on the same page making results a lottery. In saying that once only a small percentage of students went onto universities because of strict entry standards where good high school results were essential to gain entry. The system accepts just about anyone these days because universities are out to get their piece of the pie. Universities are all about recruiting and giving out degrees to anyone they can put into debt with hex fees. Employers now consider many degrees not worth worth the paper they are written on. Where once employers were waiting at the front gate ready to offer job opportunities to the brightest people who went through a well respected university system. Now the system is make believe giving little grounding for what lays ahead for students.

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  2. George Washington
    | Reply

    The done fudged up a-a-ron

    Their site is freaking ridiculous, you can’t navigate for shite on there and my units weren’t even accessible. They seriously need to fix it up and make it more simpler(this is coming from someone who designs websites for a living)

  3. Millar
    | Reply

    its a joke

    Really bad university I would really recommend Newcastle Uni instead. May look like a good idea but probably worst decision in my life, wish I listened to my friend

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  4. johannes
    | Reply

    Education Dept is delusional. Model students look malnourished

    an education tutor’s idea of taking you through a 50% assessment task is to make a selfie video reading the words on the task outline and then saying good luck.
    innovative teaching strategies right here guys.

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  5. Karina
    | Reply

    Macquarie, Psychology

    I’m studying psychology here (4th year) and I’ve had an overall great experience. The teaching quality for psychology is great. (Some tutors can be pretty average in earlier years though). Most assignments have been fair and the content you learn is challenging but reasonable.

    Almost all lectures are recorded online, so you can study online a lot. Attendance is often not compulsory in my degree.

    IT Help and Student help is pretty good, helpful responses. But sometimes IT help is slow.

    Students and teachers have been really friendly and down-to-earth.

    Currently student facilities are average, there is a small overpriced food court, and no little campus shop. The library is always packed out.

    I was disappointed when they tore lots of buildings down but in a few years time the campus should look great.

    Closure of the train station will be quite disruptive to students, long travel time to campus.

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  6. Melissa
    | Reply

    4 years and loving it!

    I chose MQ because of it’s flexibility with study arrangements, it’s variety of subject choices and the appearance of the campus itself.
    I’m now in my final year of study and am deliberating taking up a second degree once I’ve finished this one.
    The only reason I’m considering another uni is the travel time, otherwise I absolutely love it!
    I’ve had my share of teachers and tutors who aren’t the easiest to deal with, but for the most part I’ve been genuinely surprised by the quality of the staff and how nice and approachable everyone is and how much they want to help.

  7. Danny
    | Reply

    While it is a prestigious university with a beautiful campus, do not bother coming here. It is clear that the university wants the students to fail in order to make more money. This is extremely clear from the university’s decision in putting a hard topic in week 7 that other universities would have taught in week 1, such as UNSW. Not only that, they make a stupid decision in putting the study time before the final exam in the mid-semester exam in order to be “different” from other universities. Well, that is an attempt in order to make students fail. Bottom line, fight for UWS or UNSW.

    • Alex
      | Reply

      Disorganised units lacking proper syllabuses, poor teaching, brutal special consideration and assessment policies

      Totally agree. Ever since first year, I have wondered why there is no break between the end of the teaching period in the semester and the exam period. There are advantages of the two-week midsemester break, but academics seem to take advantage of them by setting large assignments around this time. This should be a time for consolidating the material taught in the first half of the semester and perhaps taking a little bit of a break, not struggling to finish assignments on time. There have been some excellent lecturers with a passion for teaching that have inspired me to learn and think creatively, but overall the teaching standards have declined over the last 4.5 years I’ve been here. Exams with content not covered during lectures, disorganised units with no proper syllabus and the amount and difficulty of material increasing towards the end of the semester, labs that are impossible to finish in 3 hrs, the list goes on. I’ve developed an anxiety disorder due to all of this, and every test or exam is now agony for me. Every semester I’ve had to apply for a disruption to studies for at least one exam due to panic attacks and inability to concentrate. To top it all off, the train station is closing soon. Great.
      Not good.

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    • Sunny
      | Reply

      Poor in every aspect apart from campus structure

      Damnn, can’t agree more, seriously, agree with each n every line. Harsh truth. I am also getting the anxiety symptoms because of intense pressure. Not good at all, if u want to study and work, not feasible at all.

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      • Nathan
        | Reply

        Grow a pair

        Grow a pair buddy

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        • flex
          | Reply

          seems you have a collection of balls , can you share some… 🙂

  8. John
    | Reply

    A uni with ranking by filtering students not by educating

    Extremely disappointing. Find it funny how they pass out lecturer evaluations at the end of lectures prior to exams and ask about quality of teaching for exams. Tends to fail students easily and exams are not aligned to lectures. When students do not do well, the first email sent to students are requesting students to drop out. This is an extreme contrast to University of Queensland my prior uni. UQ work with students on weaknesses by offering tutoring and consultations. MQ failed miserably on this aspect, providing bare minimal education and keep failing students to maintain ranking. No intention of educating students.

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  9. Eden
    | Reply

    I chose to study at Macq for it had a somewhat prestigious law and business school. It takes me four hours by train in total to get there and back home. The lecturers for my law degree are very good, however, my commerce tutors/lecturers speak broken english and it is very hard to get help when needed. Communication and care for students seem to lack because my teachers tell me to see them in person instead of replying to my emails which is difficult when im two hours away from campus.

  10. Mitchell
    | Reply

    I am studying a Bachelor of Media.

    Macquarie University is a great University. I don’t know why the other comments are negative – those people must be trolls.

    Beautiful green campus, it has it’s own train station so transport is great, close to Macquarie Shopping centre, the library is really cool, and the facilities are amazing – especially the media facilities.

  11. Chris
    | Reply

    Depending on the unit studied, academic staff can be extremely unorganised and the course will be unstructured. Staff really don’t care about their students.

  12. Ian
    | Reply

    Horrible buildings that don’t isolate noise from one lecture room to another. Expect to hear drilling and other work going on during your lectures – nobody at MQ gives a damn. The same will happen during your exams and if you complain you will get “bahh” as a response from your course director. Those in their ivory towers love making rules and more rules yet they fail to see students as customer who are paying for a service. The sooner they realise this, the better they will do.

  13. David
    | Reply

    @external student Yes, that is sadly true. Unfortunately for myself the communication troubles and lack lustre administration support have continued, which has prompted me to consider changing institutions.

  14. Dave
    | Reply

    As an external student I received surprisingly poor communication given MQ’s reputation. I was also met with extreme inflexibility which saw me, as a student with a part time work / part time study load, disappointed and disadvantaged. I would reconsider joining this institution as an external student with a part-time job.

    • external student
      | Reply

      @Dave I could not agree more. The support for external students is virtually no existent. I have studied a other unis externally and Macquarie is by far the worst. If I had my time again I would give Macquarie a miss.

  15. cody
    | Reply

    hell yeah great campus

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