The top nutrition and health universities in Australia for 2016 are

  1. University of Queensland
  2. University of Wollongong
  3. University of South Australia

Uni Reviews ranked Australian universities by a formula using:

  • faculty size (student numbers)
  • graduate satisfaction with nutrition and health courses (% satisfied)
  • indicative graduate salaries (based on pay, study and unemployment rates).

A number of nutrition courses are available by mixed mode study.

Nutrition and Health definition

Nutrition and Health includes: Nutrition and Dietetics, Human Movement, Complementary Therapies, Optometry, Radiography, and some Rehabilitation Therapies.

The mix of courses contributing to the rankings and statistics varies by university.

University of Queensland

UQ’s Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences tops the subject rankings for Nutrition and Health in 2016.

Graduates rate nutrition and health courses highly (91% satisfaction). The Faculty also gets solid scores for size and graduate salaries.

University of Wollongong

The University of Wollongong’s Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health is ranked 2nd in Australia.

The Faculty has the highest graduate satisfaction rate for nutrition and health courses (97%).

University of South Australia

UniSA‚Äôs School of Health Sciences is in the top 3 for Australia.

The School achieves good scores for both course satisfaction and graduate salaries.

Updated: 20 October 2015