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SCU Online - Master of Business Administration

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The Master of Business Administration from SCU Online will expand your career potential. Develop cross-functional management skills, including capabilities in new areas. The MBA provides opportunities to explore leadership theories and your own leadership style. Also gain specialist knowledge on vital business disciplines. Available majors include Health Services Management, Information and Knowledge Management, Managing and Leading People, and Accounting.

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Can I Do an MBA Without a Degree?

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Yes, you can undertake an MBA in Australia without a bachelor's degree. Many Australian universities, recognising the value of professional experience, offer alternative pathways into their MBA programs. The Graduate Certificate in Business often serves as this pathway. Completing this certificate, which covers the foundational subjects of an MBA, allows continuation into the full MBA program.

Instead of an undergraduate degree, you'll typically need to demonstrate substantial professional experience. Most institutions look for around four or five years. For some, a high GMAT score can also provide entry.

Take Southern Cross University (SCU) as an example. Their MBA requirements are either a three-year bachelor's degree or, in its absence, a minimum of five years of managerial experience deemed equivalent. Your professional achievements can indeed pave the way to an advanced business education.

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