With degree lists and career pathways, Lerna Courses shines the way in higher education.

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Lerna Courses is a fantastic resource for anyone considering studying at university online. The platform has a special focus on postgraduate courses from Australian universities. However, any student can benefit from the course listings, study tips, program information, and career insights available at lerna.courses.

Website: lerna.courses

University Partnerships

Through partnerships with over a dozen Australian universities, Lerna Courses offers a broad range of information and student services. Students can find detailed descriptions of study options, program comparisons, and insights into how specific courses might align with particular career paths.

Edith Cowan University in Perth may be a relatively unknown higher education provider on the eastern side of Australia but offers an excellent range of postgraduate courses online. Benefit from well-presented programs by a university that consistently receives outstanding student ratings.

James Cook University, highlighted on Lerna Courses, delivers online postgraduate programs in areas like Business, Nursing and Data Science. JCU Online is renowned for its graduate success and standout student support. With a strong emphasis on real-world application and impactful learning, JCU shapes industry-ready professionals.

RMIT University is featured at Lerna Courses. Through RMIT Online, this Melbourne institution offers top-tier postgraduate courses in areas like AI, Business, and Design. Students benefit from flexible schedules, real-world skills, and strong industry ties, setting them up for career success.

Southern Cross University is an innovator in the online learning spacing, delivering flexible postgraduate courses on a modern learning platform at affordable prices. Six intakes per year are available. SCU Online uses a block study model, where students complete subjects individually in sequence.

UNSW, also prominantly featured at Lerna Courses, provides 100% online programs in areas like Analytics, Applied Finance, and Cyber Security. UNSW Online offers a balanced blend of academic excellence and practical skills, preparing students to hit the ground running with confidence in their knowledge and professional tools.

UTS offers online postgraduate courses through UTS Online. As Australia's top-ranked young university, UTS focuses on innovative subjects like Business Analytics to Urban Planning. With a blend of cutting-edge technology and a supportive community, students are prepared for future industry demands.


Andrew Lancaster

The platform is led by Dr Andrew Lancaster. Holding a PhD in Economics from the Australian National University (ANU) and with experience in the Commonwealth public service, Dr Lancaster provides a balance of academic knowledge and real-world understanding.

Guided by Dr Lancaster's vision, Lerna Courses aims to support students in educational decisions. Dr Lancaster told us, "As an online learner, you're not restricted by geography. Use that power to find the best course for you from anywhere in the country (or potentially the world). Lerna Courses is here to help you achieve optimal learning and career outcomes."

Origins and Rebrand

Originating in Canberra in 2013 as "Online Study Australia", Lerna Courses adopted its current name in 2021. From the outset, its commitment has been towards assisting postgraduate students across Australia and internationally. The enterprise is owned by Unicurve Pty Ltd, an Australian listed private company.


Lerna Courses has offered and delivered numerous scholarships since it's inception, most often granted in the form of $2k cash prizes for open essay competitions.

The most famous and enduring of these scholarships is the Study Abroad Award, which is granted annually. According to Dr Lancaster, "We've kept this one going because it has consistently attracted so much interest and we receive such inspiring entries each year. I'd like to think it helps students in clarify their thinking in a personally valuable way. We ask them to briefly write about something meaningful in their lives."