What Students Want From University

New university students in Australia.

University students in Australia want much more out of their study experience than just learning. University life promises adventure and fun for undergraduate students. All students hope their university degree will lead to a great career.

According to UniCurve.com's Dr Andrew Lancaster, new students are thinking more short term than long term.

Undergraduate students are fully aware of the significance of education to their careers and future life. But they are immediately faced with a rush of new experiences and challenges. Issues such as where you live, staying in touch with friends and family, and establishing a new social life are priorities.

How Students Choose Universities

Students really value the opinions of current and former students when choosing a university. This is sensible given how much material of a marketing nature that they receive. Independent views also reflect the lived experience.

International students show particular interest in the career prospects from obtaining a certain degree according to research by the University of Queensland. Foreign students have less knowledge of job prospects and may be less confident about the value of degrees from universities abroad.

Top priorities for international students are:

  1. Recognition of the degree they are interested in
  2. Employment prospects for graduates
  3. Opportunities to gain practical experience as part of the course
  4. University campus life.

For Australian university students, greatest interest is in:

  1. University reputation
  2. International recognition
  3. Campus location
  4. On-campus accommodation
  5. Transport options
  6. Parties and other social events
  7. Opportunities for a full university experience.

Why Students Choose a Course

It is often difficult or even unwise for students to try to map out a career path when they enroll at university. There are too many unknowns for first-time students. Postgraduate students, however, usually have a much clearer idea of what they want out of a course.

Because of the uncertainty, interest in a topic is an important and often decisive factor in program choice. Around three in four students claim this as a major reason why they enrolled. The top 4 reasons for choosing a particular study program are:

  1. An interest in the subject area
  2. To improve future job prospects
  3. To acquire specific job training
  4. To develop one’s talent and exercise creativity.