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Queensland University of Technology is Australia's 2nd-biggest study destination for Australian school leavers. QUT has 3 campuses, 2 in Brisbane and one 45km north in the Caboolture urban centre. The university focuses on applied subjects relating to technology. If you are a current or former QUT student, you're invited to post a review and let people know about your experiences.

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  1. Hayley
    | Reply

    Dont chose QUT nursing PLEASE

    Consider exploring other universities, such as ACU, Sunshine Coast, or Toowoomba, instead of QUT. In my experience with QUT nursing, I found the teaching to be subpar, resembling more of a self-directed online study for every unit (am I still in covid era???). The written assignments often require in-depth knowledge without adequate instruction on the topic. While I managed to achieve good grades after spending a significant amount of time on online materials and e-books, many assignments demanded standards beyond what was taught in online class (I honestly failed once and also had low-grade marks). Additionally, practical skills are not adequately developed with limited face-to-face interaction. Overall, I regret choosing QUT and feel it was a waste of money compared to other options. studying nursing at QUT was very detrimental period to my mental health….. please check their curriculums, assignment outlines, enrolment flexibilities thoroughly before you enrole any uni, maybe compare qut nursing with other uni’s curriculum- this I should have done before went to QUT……

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  2. Anon
    | Reply

    QUT Nursing is not recommeded.

    QUT Nursing is probably one of the worst education experiences I’ve had. I studied at TAFE for my diploma and had a far better experience where the teachers were engaging in teaching future nurses, teaching from experience, being realistic and provided a lot of feedback on assessments both written and practical. QUT has been a complete opposite where the teachers rush through practical skills, read off slides, reuse material from two years ago, provide little to no feedback or ignore what was actually written in the assignment. One example was when I was criticised for being too “descriptive” in a question that had asked me to “describe” articles and when I had confronted the marker, they said, “Well you’re right but we wanted you to analyse the articles.” That same marker also said, “Now that I’m reviewing your assignment again I’d actually mark you lower if I could.” It was completely humiliating and unprofessional.

    My main disappointment is that I have already been practicing as an EEN for almost 4 years and I have learnt almost nothing new from QUT. There are no new skills or knowledge that I have learnt. While clinical placements offer these, you are lucky to even get a placement where you can learn anything. Placement preferences and prior experiences are ignored. Someone I know who is also an EN who was in their final year was sent to an aged care facility for their last placement which is ridiculous because it’s subacute and nothing new is learned. This is not meant to be an insult to anyone that works at these facilities as they are important, but it is insulting to expect a third year student who is already an EN and is enrolled at university to learn NEW skills and send them to a first year placement.

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  3. Aysha
    | Reply

    QUT Online vs QUT

    I chose to study through QUT Online as I have heard great things about QUT from work and people who have studied in person. I applied to study a Graduate Diploma in IT (Business Analysis) through QUT Online. I did not know QUT Online operates differently to QUT (see this article: https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2023/mar/07/no-actual-teaching-alarm-bells-over-online-courses-outsourced-by-australian-universities).
    I completed one teaching period with them and it was absolutely disgusting. Most of the “Learning Advisors” had no idea about the content, in one unit the learning advisor couldn’t even give us answers to the practice questions. The “Learning Advisor” for that specific unit was also told they couldn’t give us feedback on our exams which contradicts the student policy. After paying them thousands of dollars I decided to withdraw and attend an online university that cares about the students and provides support. I have heard great things about QUT but after my experience with QUT Online I decided to steer clear of this university all together.

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  4. HH
    | Reply

    Too much reliant on online material, might as well say it is an online course.

    Studying LLB, just finished my first year. Overall, my experience was alright (expected to be better). When I first started (July, 2022), I was surprised that they don’t offer face to face lecture and is heavily reliant on online recordings. The recordings were trash most of the time, they often just read the powerpoint to you. It is rare to find a lecturer who really explains the content. The only perks are that the lecture are self paced so that you can take more time to read the slides and rewind. I personally have experienced a re-used material from 2020 although there are no issue with the content. It shows how lazy the professors are. I personally feel like there should be more effort putting into teaching and not based everything online. Especially where many student puts an effort to pursue their degree, some professors are not putting enough effort in to provide a quality education. At this point, I accepted that the degree will be heavily relied on online materials which I’m very disappointed. With the amount of money paid to study, I naturally expect a higher quality of education. I don’t know what it is like pre-covid, but when the unit is 50/50 online and internal, it is the worst of both worlds. Stop being so proud on having an online recording and market it as a ‘collaborative-learning’ or ‘self-led learning practice’ course.

    With tutorials (tut), I was not that satisfied with some of the tutor, since there are many tut to choose from. Before picking tuts, I advise you to do some research on who will be your tutor. One of the worst experience I had was the tutor just sharing a google doc with answer to the student and then read the answer to the class and that is it. However, I have met a lot of great tutors who interacted with students with a positive attitude and are very helpful. In those subjects where there is a good tutor, all of the students that attend the same tut as I did got an exceptionally high mark. In one of my course, the tutorial, most of the time only lasted 15-25 minutes. I heard that some students spend more time traveling to uni than attending that particular workshop. As a result, fewer and fewer students attend the session and eventually there are less than 1/4 of the class showed up after the 4th week.

    With assignments, the grading criteria is very broad and sometimes markers do not leave detailed feedback. As law is an area where most on the students have no prior knowledge, feedback is very crucial in growth and development. Needless to say, QUT need to significantly improve on their grading and feedback. A two sentence comment is not a feedback, people write more in an instagram caption. It does not provide the necessary information on improvement needed.

    In a nutshell, go do your law degree elsewhere.

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  5. frustrated law student
    | Reply

    Don't do it to yourself, go to Griffith

    Words cannot express how disappointed I have been by my QUT experience.

    Since Covid the uni has well and truly gone down the drain. Reusing resources year after year, completely non-responsive support/admin staff. Think waiting 1 month to get an email reply to a basic query with the uni’s HiQ (and having to follow up in order to get it).

    If you are a Law student there is a complete lack of transparency around grading, they anonymously place you within a rubic grading system and then 9/10 don’t provide any written feedback on the assignment (how are you meant to improve your work when you don’t know where you went wrong?)

    Given Law is a field in which as a junior you are constantly having drafts reviewed and told how to improve your writing this does not set students up to be able to hone their legal drafting and writing skills before entering the work place.

    I very much regret that I will be spending decades paying off a debt to this institution, they are only about money and nothing else.

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  6. Donna Cameron
    | Reply

    I've had a great experience and really liked my course and the staff

    I see alot of bad reviews but I have had nothing but positive experiences with QUT. The staff I have interacted with are completely respectful and nice, they are open and approachable. I have really enjoyed my course, which was a Graduate Certificate, and as a mature student I feel really welcome and heard. There are no hard core policies which make it totally impossible to succeed, like some other universities I’ve been involved with. They are flexible and I’ve been successful in my course because of that flexibility.

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  7. Sam Wilson
    | Reply

    Ive been at QUT on and off since 2018. I saw this decent uni, turn into a ghost town of tutors and lecturers. Even when they are there, its not as if they are very helpful. The law subjects are basically unavailable for every semester (labor law, environmental law, not necessarily rogue subjects). We’ve been in a post COVID world for almost 2 years, and it feels like QUT as an institution misses the benefits they received from that time period, as they havent changed any of their actions/decisions since 2020. Not to mention we had our data leaked, and basically no info was given on what/where/why/how.

    Incredibly bad institution, go to Griffith

  8. Vanessa Cross
    | Reply

    Awful first day and lasting impressions

    I am SMAD!! My daughter graduated Year 12 last year and was super excited to attend O Week today at the QUT Kelvin Grove campus. Let’s be honest, it is not the most beautiful uni campus but friendliness, effort and premises can go a long. That being said, she was met with rather impatient and unhelpful student ambassadors, library staff that were dismissive, disengaged staff and lecture rooms that were dirty, tired looking and run down. Needless to say she came home distraught and in tears. When one considers uni courses, surely Kelvin Grove can and should do better especially when competing against other unis. Needless to say, I got home today and we called QTAC immediately as well as another uni. This was sad day for my daughter, she was looking forward to her time at QUT. Today’s experience has left her deflated and defeated, and this makes me mad.

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  9. Pete
    | Reply

    NOT mature age student friendly!

    I have had to postpone my study at this university 2 times. The HiQ student services keep giving me all different information and don’t seem to be on the same page. I have been unenrolled in classes and told there is no guarantee I can get into classes that are mandatory. At this rate I’d be at this uni for 10 years just to graduate, fit work, children and unavoidable commitments just to go to QUT and find myself a way out of poverty. This is not a mature age student friendly ‘real world’ university. Most people these days need online friendly education options for jobs and careers that pay more then $40,000 a year. You shouldn’t have to be 17, living at home with no work and wealthy parents to study degrees that really don’t need the amount of on campus and in person lectures. And your QUT student portal/ blackboard website is inaccessible and not mature aged student friendly. Everything is in numbers and letters and can just be put into plain words. Not everybody is an IT student born in 2003.

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  10. K L Tainsh
    | Reply

    Any Feedback re online studies appreciated

    Evening all,
    I’m considering enrolling in an online Graduate Certificate course, as a potential mature age student (I’ll be retiring very shortly, does anyone have any experience in QUT online programs and in particular Graduate Certificate in Emergency and Disaster Management? I must confess I’m a little worried after perusing this forum in addition to the apparent cyber-attack on the institution.

    • K
      | Reply

      Poor online experience

      Don’t go here. Study online at the University of Newcastle. They are much better. They are more attentive with their time and more engaged with the students. I have studied at both unis.
      QUT online is set and forget as far as the uni is concerned, and the customer service is poor.

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  11. Jw
    | Reply

    Qut is in shambles

    qut is in shambles.
    recently finished a degree there and the experience was awful. teaching staff who, on the rare occasion they bothered replying to emails, were rude and unhelpful. outdated, recycled course content and YouTube videos get used as teaching material. general lack of any care whatsoever. obviously it is just driven by money and there is no care or respect for education. absolutely atrocious institution. the only good part about it is the guild who go to great lengths to action issues for you that the uni are unresponsive to for weeks if not months. it is only when the guild gets involved that the teaching staff bother to do their job. do not recommend.

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    • Em
      | Reply

      You are absolutely correct!

      Hi JW,
      Your review has been so helpful I’m so glad I’m not the only one going through this terrible experience at QUT. I’m currently finishing a degree here studying business and I absolutely hate it. You are exactly right, the teachers are downright lazy and even when I ask for help on an assignment they tell me they don’t “get paid enough” to give me feedback or help at all. Majority of the time they use YouTube videos to teach as well which doesn’t help anyone at all. I’m sorry you had to go through this experience as well, I’m definitely switching university’s ASAP. This school only cares about your money I can PROMISE you this. I’ll admit that every once and a while you will get a kind teacher but even then they are extremely lazy and don’t care about their students succeeding. Please don’t go here and spend your money somewhere else.

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  12. Jai
    | Reply

    Law at QUT is the same as doing an online course.

    I started at QUT during the COVID-19 Pandemic and have been given the opportunity to experience a total of 9 in person lectures. I mean over the course of 2 – 3 semesters of learning, QUT has provided students in my Bachelor of Laws (Hons) with the ability to go to 9 total lectures. That number would’ve been considered (prior to the pandemic) the equivalent of one units total lectures. Do not go here, absolute waste of money and time – if you want to do a law degree like this just sign up for online university – its basically the same thing.

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  13. Ben
    | Reply

    Diploma mill

    QUT is fast becoming one off Australia’s most highly rated(internationally) diploma mills. With most courses offering major assessments through group assessment you too can coast through your degree with your grade coming from the hard work of others. Teaching staff are often disengaged and unhelpful. All too often the tutors will encourage student participation through soliciting questions only to turn around and refuse to answer questions that require more than a one sentence response. Qut is the university for the real world only in so far as the real world is lazy, disappointing, callous and obsessed getting as much money for as little work as possible.

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  14. Marc
    | Reply

    PhD Experience - Life Changing

    PLEASE don’t be fooled by the fact that QUT has only 900 PhD students out of a student population of over 50,000, one of the lowest PhD student ratio universities in the civilized world. These number are not indicative in any way shape or form of any underlying issues to justify why perspective PhD student have been avoiding this extraordinary university and world class research institution.

    Take it from me, as a third year QUT PhD scholarship student (KG campus), this is what I have to say: If you’re looking to do a PhD, have worked hard to get to where you’re at, have talent and unique set of skills, are passionate about research but have never had suicidal thoughts and but have recently been thinking “hey that sounds like fun, wonder what that would feel like, YOLO let’s totally give that a try!!!”, would like to experiment for the first time in your life the combination mix of mental and emotional breakdown from lack of support, are excited at the prospect of doing all your research from the Merlo or basement public library, want to waste your time, waste your money, be made to feel worthless, wake up every morning made to feel like you’re throwing all your scientific research and skills down the toilet, be humiliated by people meant to help you and whose salaries are paid by your tuition fees, feel completely abandoned and left to die alone in the desert by disengaged supervisors who don’t have a clue about you’re research but want to micro manage everything you do, couldn’t care less about you as a human being, will most likely never read your papers (sorry) beyond the abstract, but love to push you to publish so they and the university can increase their publication output numbers, have always dreamed of being part of an institution that has total disregard for academic integrity, then look no further, because Queensland University of Technology is totally the place for you!!!

    Seriously people, being treated like sewage water is so underrated. If only you knew all that you’ve been missing out on. QUT, The University for The Real World.

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    • El.
      | Reply

      Negative research and collaborate culture

      As a former mature-age MPhil student, I can only confirm every word you said, it was most humiliating experience one can live through, I managed to somehow change supervisors due to v. inappropriate behaviour of the first one (just because another staff member was willing to take me, admin didn’t support it ); but not that only that my complaint has never been examined, nor even properly recorded, but when I was about to make minor corrections I found a new pre-published paper of the previous supervisor as a first author- with my sentences in it.
      I accept some had positive experiences – but my advice would be: never ever go there, even with seemingly good offer; research culture is cruel, competitive and unfair.

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    • Maz
      | Reply

      A lot of favouritism in postgraduate study & toxic supervision

      Agreed! Life changing indeed, and not for the best.

      My experience as a PhD student was traumatic. What should have been a valuable experience in learning and mentorship, was instead an experience of micromanagement and bullying by a toxic and incompetent supervisor.

      Additionally, some students are highly favoured and given mentorship, opportunities, and a leg up for post-grad employment opportunities, whilst the non-favoured are made to feel worthless and invisible. Such favouritism has nothing to do with talent or ability. My experience at QUT also impacted my post-doctoral employment opportunities as well. and don’t even get me started on how they will line up favoured internal candidates for post-doc fellowship positions, but will advertise the job publicly to be seen to be “doing the right thing”.

      Oh, and yes, and similar to what is mentioned above, this supervisor also published a paper under their own name that used word for word the draft a PhD colleague wrote.

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  15. Dylan
    | Reply

    Gardens Point is a great experience

    I haven’t been to Kelvin Grove, but Gardens Point and the nearby botanical gardens are very pretty. The campus is fairly cozy, with plenty of places to study and some museums/technological areas. Student support is great, and most tutors/course coordinators are professional. Notice I said most, as throughout a degree you may have a couple that could be more proficient at what they do, though I’ve noticed this is an issue with basically all universities, unfortunately. As someone who has been to both, the culture is better than UQ, in my opinion. Overall a great uni for tech-related endeavours, can’t comment on other faculties.

    As a side note: Seems every university I know of has many bad reviews on this website, including unis like Melbourne Uni, Monash, UQ, RMIT, etc.

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  16. Carla
    | Reply

    Best uni for education

    The Education department is top notch – couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Got some great placements in awesome schools around Brisbane and was employed straight away. Thank you QUT

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  17. Jack
    | Reply

    Not proud of my University

    It deeply saddens me how I will graduate from the engineering domain of this institution not proud of where I earnt it. I have had to teach myself throughout this entire course, I’ve had to see my fellow students cry over our workload, I’ve seen incompetence compete with negligence for who rears it’s ugly face the most.

    I cannot put into words my loathing for QUT.

    I give it 2 stars purely for location, and purely to the tutors who went above and beyond, individually, than anything the lecturing staff have ever done collectively.

    I’ll save the paragraphs of disdain I have amassed over the years for this university and with this….

    Never again.

    – a tired engineering student who has to wait a year to do my final units because the uni only provides late-stage units in the first semester instead of 1 and 2 which has pushed my degree back 2 years as a result

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    • Sophie
      | Reply

      Currently dealing with the same issue in regards to units not being offered in the second semester. Really annoying and will set back my graduation at least 6 months. Having transferred from Uni of Canberra its really disappointing to see how we are treated so much more like a number at QUT rather than an actual student with needs.

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  18. Burnt out archi student
    | Reply

    If you’re interested in studying architecture then consider somewhere other than QUT. Most of the tutors & lecturers are hardly industry professionals and most of the units are recycled briefs. There are no collaborative study spaces and there is a lack of computer labs with rude tutors telling you to leave. The work expectancy for the final design project (design 8) is disgusting, even for a recycled assignment brief that has so many spelling errors! It’s comical how incompetent some of the lecturers and tutors are. There was no support during COVID and there never has been career support either. I’d say I am 70% self taught in the field and I got a job in the industry myself too!

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    • George
      | Reply


      I don’t study arch but I too was sucked in by the “university for the real world” propaganda. It turns out few of my lecturers have ever worked in the real world, and the work we are given has nothing to do with what we actually do in my profession.

    • X QUT STUDENT & Current registered architect
      | Reply

      Don’t Study Architecture at QUT

      I can 100% back this comment up. I too am ashamed to have the name QUT on my architecture degree. Do not study here – go to UQ, or anywhere else.
      – the lecturers barely have any industry experience (Lindy, Swati, ALL of them!) and they have not practiced for years
      – when I studied, they actually favoured certain students, nothing to do with talent
      – the briefs are a joke. Particularly the 4th and 5th year briefs. I decided around 3rd year that to be a successful architect I would have to basically teach myself and ignore the white noise and crappy content
      – they make the course difficult not though quantity, but by overloading students with too much content. So many hours put in – just to satisfy the egos of academics that never practice!
      – and this is coming to you not from a disgruntled person who got bad marks. I got first class honours and a GPA of 6.8 DESPITE this useless course. I also tutored here – so I know that yes it’s recycled content, and the staff are burnt out, bored and BORING!
      – just don’t do this course!

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  19. Zoe
    | Reply

    Excellent for Grad Cert in Education online

    Just completed a Grad Cert in Education (Innovative Learning Design) with QUT Online and had an excellent experience.

    There are no lectures – you have weekly readings and watch some videos/listen to podcasts/do an activity every week as well, but most of the action happens in the online discussion boards. There’s also a Zoom call every week or fortnight with the OLAs to discuss the assignments and work through exemplars.

    There are two assignments per teaching period, and there are no exams and no group work. The assignments are mainly project-based – you’d design something and then justify/evaluate your design choices in an essay, report or video presentation. The readings and assignment are relevant and up-to-date, and there’s a lot of flexibility to focus on topics you’re interested in or that are relevant to your current workplace.

    The OLAs are EXTREMELY helpful and responsive – they get involved on the discussion boards every week and you can ask questions there, send them an email, or ask in person in the weekly Zoom meetings. They always respond within about 24 hours. They also provide helpful and detailed feedback on assignments, and are very accommodating with extensions – they understand we’re all mature-aged students with work and life commitments and would prefer to grant extra time so that you can turn in something you’re proud of instead of slapping something together to meet the deadline.

    My only criticism is that the u it’s we’re clearly designed to be taken in a particular order, but QUT has been enrolling people in the units out of order to accommodate them starting at different points throughout the year. This resulted in a few student being enrolled in the ‘capstone’ project unit in their first or second teaching period, which I imagine was an awful experience for them, and some of them ended up withdrawing from that unit and coming back to it at the end, as intended.

    Other than that, I couldn’t recommend QUT Online highly enough for postgraduate studies in education.

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    • Sally
      | Reply

      Hi Zoe, I’m considering this course and found your review very helpful. Do you think that this course would teach enough practical skills to help someone gain employment as a learning designer?

      • Zoe
        | Reply

        Hey Sally! The assignments are project based, so you’ll gain practical experience in designing learning activities and assessments. However, it does not teach you how to use Articulate/Captivate or LMS software that’s frequently used by learning designers. You can choose to learn about and practice using this in your research projects and capstone unit though.

        Hope this helps!

        • Sally
          | Reply

          Thanks so much! I decided not to apply right away and then forgot to check back here. I’m still considering the course though, so that’s very useful information.

  20. vee
    | Reply

    qut is driven by greed

    qut is clearly just out to get students money. the standards have really dropped there the last few years, and qut continually blames covid. Yet they still charge students full fees for a shoddy service. a lot of tutors have been laid off so finding support is just not possible a lot of the time. what we learn can just be found on youtube for free, yet QUT charge top dollar for it.

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  21. LJ
    | Reply

    agree that QUT nursing is a mess

    I agree with the below review that QUT nursing is a mess. there is no regard for students and the teachers are so wrapped up with writing their journal articles that they are so out of touch with being effective teachers. they just recycle old youtube videos and lectures without ever adding fresh content. they ignore emails and are hostile towards students. studying nursing at qut has been the single most frustrating thing i’ve ever done. i felt so powerless. I felt as though I was paying for a service that treated me poorly, didn’t ever engage with me, and ignored my attempts to change this. There have been multiple occasions where teachers have also mocked and humiliated me which I considered to be extremely unprofessional and damaging ot my confidence. So glad to be done with that mess of a faculty.

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  22. KM
    | Reply

    QUT nursing is a mess - do not recommend

    QUT faculty of nursing is a mess. Do not recommend. Staff are unsupportive – tell you to ‘review notes’ instead of answering any questions. Assignments and assessments are poorly worded. Minimal feedback is given. Lectures are just recycled from previous semesters and don’t have any new information added. Everything is a mission being within this faculty. Waste of money. Not setting students up to be good nurses.

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    • Aisha
      | Reply

      Nursing faculty - unsupportive

      I’d give no stars if I could. I wish I chose Griffith uni, not this mess. The nursing staff are not supportive, they also have attitude and treat you like garbage when you ask a question.

      I haven’t had one teacher that was approachable in my year of being there. I don’t know if management is bad, so they’re all angry? Seriously though, they need to “reflect” on their teaching.

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      • annie
        | Reply

        griffith is just as bad

        I study at Griffith and trust me its just as bad! I’ve had one teacher who was absolutely horrible! from teaching to attitude. However the majority are approachable. Content wise it’s exactly the same! No support, go find your own answers, “self-directed learning” – that word makes me come out with a RASH! I received one of my assignments back with 1% feedback, when I demanded for more feedback and for the marker to actually point out where I have lost marks, they ended up admitting they made a mistake but still couldn’t give me those marks!!!! Its absolutely insane! I also work in nursing for past 6 years and now see why there are very limited quality nurses.

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        • John Hayes
          | Reply

          Toxic assumptions

          Hi Annie, I didn’t know of the toxic culture that exists among some so called professional staff. My son an OP 7 and HS senior awarded student studying Justice was slammed by Michael Flood and other members of the faculty. He found the found predudice favouring female students was overwhelming. Overbearinging critical marking of assessments for hetro males is rife. He showed his papers to another professor who said the paper was worthy of a distinction, although a19/40 mark was assigned To it. It has ruined his confidence in further education sad to say. He is a great son who loves life and family has worked casual at a major retail chain, helps train and works with teenage boys and girls in a team. He has never asked or received a handout from Centrelink. Shame on QUT, justice and law faculty for their arrogant prejudice and assumptions.

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    • Aafi
      | Reply

      Is there any uni you recommend for the nursing course? That you heard is much better..? I was planning on applying to qut nd a few other universities for bachelors of nursing (RMIT , WSU, Griffith etc.) But mostly saw bad reviews about the course nd teachers.

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  23. Marie
    | Reply

    I am an international student, and QUT´s master degree of diagnostic genomics is of big interest. These reviews of QUT really threw me off though. Is there anyone who would recommend this course? or has any experiences they would like to share? I will most likely be self-financed and not depend on a scholarship, I read that some professors used other international students scholarships as blackmail material…

    • D'vona
      | Reply

      Diagnostic Genomics

      Hi Marie,
      Are you currently enrolled into this program? I did Biomed from QUT and it was pretty awesome and now looking at doing Master’s of Diagnostic Genomics. Could you please reply with your experiences, please and thank you!

      • Jade
        | Reply

        Biomedical science

        Hi D’vona!
        I’ve been offered a course in biomed at qut and was wondering if you could share more on your experience? I had heard qut had a good community too, do you think this is true? I have also been offered a spot at the university of Melbourne for biomed but the reviews have put me off a bit. So I have a big decision ahead and would love your input! Thank you!

  24. Dev
    | Reply

    Looking for reviews on the Masters of Business course

    I’m looking to do a Masters of Business (Management) in QUT and would like to know how good the course is and if would help me with real life skills as I have no proper prior management experience and also I’m an international student. It would be of great help if someone could help me and give out some feedback on this

  25. David
    | Reply

    Exploited research students, especially international

    I recently completed a research master’s under the School of Chemistry, Physics and Mechanical Engineering. My supervisor clearly broke ethical boundaries by:
    – Delaying my degree by 6 months so I could continue working for free
    – Blackmailing international students into extra uncredited work by threatening to cancel their bridging scholarship
    – Providing no intellectual advice towards my thesis (but still claiming an authorship on my papers).
    The research dean hurried things along once he found out, but a number of university staff (Research Students Centre, school admin, Head of School) just passed the buck or ignored my emails. I imagine things going alot worse if I was relying on QUT for financial/visa support.

    Based on my experience here, I’d recommend a different university for research (particuarly if you’re international!). If not, take some time to choose your supervisor – I’m sure there are some good-natured academics at QUT.

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  26. Mere
    | Reply

    Okay experience but bad stories of non-Aussie supervisors

    I graduated with a distinction in Bachelor of science (chemistry). The course was not close to my expectations. First year content was a joke and cannot even reach the depth of content delivered in most Chinese high schools. The lab/research environment was okay with certain support from technicians and demonstrators. Most theories were not explained well and in depth during lectures/tutorials. Exams were relatively easy.
    Currently I am thinking getting a master by research degree maybe not at QUT. I have heard some really bad stories of how (non-Aussie) supervisors “manipulate” international students due to their power of distributing scholarships. Poor international research students undertake much stress and cannot express their dilemma and concerns for their vulnerable positions.

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  27. Srijit
    | Reply

    Master's in IT

    Hi guys,
    I’m planning to do master’s in information technology or master’s in data analytics over there at QUT. Is it really worth the money or should I go for some other university? Please advice.

    • John
      | Reply

      Its useless degree.. You will hav degree in your hand but no job..

      • Akanksha Sinha
        | Reply

        Hey I am an international student looking forward to do Masters of project management. Is it worth it to do from QUT?

        • Musashi
          | Reply

          I would opt to take the Project Management Professional Certification (PMP) instead, that is, if you have the requisite experience. QUT says that their Master of Project Management is based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge which is exactly the same material used for the PMP certification. PMP has solid industry recognition , would cost you much less and can be earned in less than a year.

    • Kris
      | Reply

      Hi! Did you end up doing a Masters on Data Analytics in QUT? Any feedback? Interested in the same course as well for next intake.

  28. Ajinkya
    | Reply

    Need help

    Hey everyone,
    I am in a dilemma in choosing a University for my PG studies.
    I would be really grateful if any past/present student of QUT can tell me briefly about the QUT Business School as I am looking forward to pursue masters of Business (Integrated Marketing Communication)
    Anticipating your replies.
    Thank you.

  29. Amalee
    | Reply

    Bachelor of Creative Industries Theatre Production

    Started a Bachelor of Creative Industries Technical Theatre Production course with high hopes as I’d done previous work in this field and enjoyed it and hoped to exceed to professional level. Well I was wrong! If you’re not part of an elite group of students who form these groups themselves forget about getting any information about lecture changes, updates on show rehearsals, meetings etc. You’re left in the dark and you miss out. Lecturers hard to locate or contact as they’re usually off campus doing a second job, terrible communication breakdowns, the favourite students are given prac assessments in the lovely modern theatres. If you’re not a favourite you’re dumped into a crappy old theatre space that doesn’t even represent a professional space not to mention a fire hazard. Every show and rehearsal in that space in I block , the security guard had to be notified that students were deactivating the fire alarms and smoke detectors themselves for the whole building. Yes that’s right, a 3 storey building with limited exits with no fire or hazard control. And students were in charge, not security or lecturers. Disgusting. I watched one student with a disability ostracized and isolated from students and staff as they didn’t believe she was worthy to be part of the course structure deemed too hard for her. Well why accept her then as she had the same OP score as all us selected and passed every unit. She left after the first year and so did I in disgust. Notably at graduation ironically the favourite students graduated with honours and were the only ones given employment. Kiss ass central . Don’t do performing arts there.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

    • Angela
      | Reply

      Don’t sign up for a dream......please

      Hi, my son wasted his time on this course too. They sold a dream and did not deliver. The degree is worth nothing with no jobs in this industry. Should sue them for taking the money for this course. Please get it out there, it’s pointless enrolling. For any parent wanting to support their family please don’t let them take this course. Only person to get a job had family reading the news, disgusting .

  30. Bernie
    | Reply


    I would recommend heading anywhere but here if you’re intending to study any of the clinical sciences/allied health disciplines. There are some few excellent PhD’d lecturers/tutors though way too many lesser qualified “trade experienced” people appear to have made their way into positions at QUT; the result being that Clinical Science’s level of academic rigor is like TAFE. As far as Admin is concerned, those who are front office in Admin appear to do okay though struggle due to lack of competent management leadership; those who sit between Admin and Academics – helluva payday right – like so called Course Coordinators, appear to lack the intestinal fortitude to fulfill either part of their role with any modicum of integrity. The overall effect from international students’ perspective seems to range from cynical, “gee I’m glad ma and pa are paying for this because I sure as heck wouldn’t”; to dejected, “how long before I can get out of this nonsense?”

    So, some hints;
    for Academics there; don’t be a Course Coordinator unless you’re prepared to be open and honest with your staff, student customers, and all other stakeholders;

    for international students; think carefully, there’s a reason you chose uni over TAFE;

    for domestic students; sure, HECS can be deferred though by the time you graduate expect to have been sneered at a lot by people you come across during clinical placement – QUT Clinical Science students and graduates tend to be held in the lowest regard relative to those from other universities; on the bright side, if you can’t get that health sector job you won’t have to pay off that HECS debt;

    for anyone heading into a uni Admin role, do yourself a favor, steer well clear of QUT Clinical Science offers.

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  31. Sally
    | Reply

    Very disorganised academic management system. I received a few credits from my previous Master’s degree for doing another Master’s degree at QUT. They’ve changed a course structure several times within 2 years. then told me that one of my credited subject has been withdrawn and I have to study the same unit again. What a waste of time and money! Definitely not recommended!

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  32. Sandy
    | Reply

    Its pretty good! :>

    Maybe I’m lucky but i had such a great time in QUT i really feel bad for those that said otherwise. Studying Biz Marketing (Bachelors) and im an international student. QUT does host many events, from public speaking to using different softwares. Just try not to be lazy and sign up for them :)! i went to a few a greatly enjoyed them. Ive had a few lecturers ( SRI <3) that were downright amazing and obviously a few that were basically boring AF, but isnt that the case for most universities? I have received support as an international student and people are realtively kind and nice to me.

    – Relaxed environment
    – Great location (GP campus)
    – People have been friendly
    – You can do well BUT STUDY
    -Tutors and lecturers are pretty good IF U APPROACH THEM

    – Some international AND australian students are so LAZY so u have to be a hard carry
    – Campus is a little small but considering its right smack in the city i guess u just gotta give and take

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  33. Steve
    | Reply

    Only if you really need that degree

    Teaching Guidelines not updated since 2010 – it shows. Terrible content delivery for external (online) students. Lectures that should last for 2-3 hours are cut short or aren’t provided at all. Mostly ageing and out-of-touch (date?) staff. Lack of proper focus on modern technologies, media and techniques.
    Please don’t teach that constructivism is preferable to behaviourism if you then apply a purely behaviourist methodology.
    If I didn’t require this degree for my profession, I wouldn’t waste my time or money.
    (There are a few really great teachers there, but QUT hamstrings them).

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  34. Henry
    | Reply

    Bachelor of Public Health

    Any students who has done or doing Public Health at QUT, how was your experience and is it a good course?

    • Anon
      | Reply

      QUT public health

      Don’t do it. I had a pretty rubbish experience. The work integrated learning is particularly poor; very few options for placement, placement supervisors don’t know what to do with you. After finishing the degree, I still don’t know what I’m qualified to do and since finishing in 2017, I am yet to find a job.

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  35. D W
    | Reply

    NOT a University for the real world...

    QUT is NOT a university for the real world! At least not the real world I am part of. This establishment is a degree factory of the lowest order, churning out masses of poorly prepared, debt-laden students with the sole intention of returning maximum profit for minimal effort. Staffed by a predominance of unmotivated and dispassionate sessional lecturers it is little wonder they cash in twice when ,any students lacking cutting-edge skills return to complete post-graduate courses that feel like first year undergraduate courses at better establishments.
    I returned to study with some serious trepidation in 2017 having completed my first degree in 1992 and was instantly disappointed by the massively limited opportunities presented by mid-year entry. The poor quality of the induction process, with minimal opportunities to meet other members of my cohort, was quickly followed by an appalling series of first semester lectures delivered by a clearly disinterested part-timer delivering a predecessor’s notes without any checking or updating. Attendance was, on average, around 30% due to the poor quality teaching, amplified by repetitious content between two individual units. Determined to stay focussed and passionate to succeed I managed to achieve a GPA of 7.0 and was looking forward to better things in semester 2, only to be told my course was being cancelled with immediate effect and that I would have only that semester to complete my studies. Knowing this would be impossible due to existing work commitments and a block-out period I needed to enforce to enable completion a major external project, I asked why I had been encouraged to join a course in terminal decline but received no satisfactory answer and was told I would have to complete non-standard units from other courses to finish the course.
    If semester 1 was bad, semester 2 has been so much worse! This semester has been delivered online and has been truly appalling. Old notes recycled for years without updates, outdated information delivered in a lazy and haphazard manner and little or no opportunity to engage properly with teacher or fellow students. Despite a GPS of 6.0 for the first half of the semester, I feel I have learned ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and the sad truth is that I have now lost all motivation and will not be completing the course. Due to my age, background and residency status, I have had to fund this study myself and have parted with over $7500 in cash that could have been better spent in a multitude of ways to more benefit.
    If you value your future look elsewhere – this is not somewhere you want to waste time or money.

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  36. Jess
    | Reply

    Film Program - don't do it

    I attended the Film and Screen Production course and graduated in 2011. Still laugh with some friends at how terrible this university, the teachers and the program was. The teachers (apart from 1) had very little relevant, current, professional industry experience and didn’t know what they were doing. Compared to other universities, we literally learnt nothing. I was bullied by one teacher in particular and so were other girls that I spoke with. Unfortunately, I waited too late to discuss this with the Ombudsman, who was shocked at the stories I told him. Was really disappointing, I wish I had transferred somewhere else through the course, but didn’t want to quit. They actually hire students who just graduated to lecture on subjects which should be taught by an industry professional. Pretty funny. Definitely not a University for the real world. Hilarious.

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  37. Hamilton B.
    | Reply

    Any international student who has done or who is doing a Bachelor of Design (Architectural Studies) at QUT .
    How was your experience ?

    • Ship on the Shore
      | Reply

      Time Lost Here

      Hi Hamilton,
      I attempted this course in 2013. I moved here from Melbourne to study this thinking it would be a cutting edge place to study in a warm climate.
      Only a few weeks in I found myself to be in a disastrous situation. First of all many of the tutors and staff for this course are female. If you have a problem with something the women will look out for each other and your genuine complaint or grievance will not be heard.
      I was forced to do group work straight away in most of the classes. In one group the members refused to meet at agreed times and the Australian girls in the group had secret meetings of their own and excluded myself who is from inter-state and male, and also excluded a guy from Taiwan from their own secret meetings. Crazy! those girls were rude.
      Also one of those girls did not come to class until week 7. Special treatment was expected by her.
      I tried to raise a complaint about the group problems but nobody would help me. I tried to take the problem to the woman who was in charge of the architecture faculty for first year students and she said that there was nothing in her power to alter the situation.
      If you are male you must be careful when studying something like Design, it attracts many female students and you have to answer to all there whims and moody attitudes. And if you are a gay man like me, those women/girls really hate that because they can not manipulate you with their womanly charms.
      I came to Q.U.T to study design and not go around chasing women.

      • Lol
        | Reply

        I hope everyone else reading Ship on the Shore’s comment is cackling as hard as I am.

  38. Jourdan
    | Reply

    A profitable echo chamber

    I am about to enter my final exam at QUT tomorrow. Studying Law. It is first and foremost a joke of a university. Assignments and exams are consistently recycled with little more effort put in than changing the names of the parties. We pay the highest threshold to receive a couple of lectures that see very little update from previous years and are given a checklist marking structure that does not allow for any kind of original thought.

    For a university with “Technology” in the name the technology is pathetic. Lectures are constantly unwatchable due to low quality equipment making being an external student almost impossible. There are constant outages.

    Understandably universities are quite left winged. However for a number of subjects the university constantly paints anyone to the right of the Greens as foolish and words assignments and exams in a way that does not allow for any sort of belief outside of the universities agenda. They claim to be a university for the real world, yet almost everything learned at QUT has been of little to no use in practice and the university essentially leaves students very few actual legal skills. This is most likely due to the fact that the majority of staff are career academics with little to no practical experience. I have consistently lost marks in well written assignments as they have not liked my “reasoning”. I am constantly given exactly 50% marks, not one mark up or down but spot on 50%. This is due to the fact that many of these papers are written well, however caring about the economy is not a university policy.

    The best thing about the university is that when you call them out it, they instantly boost your mark.

    The university however does have plenty of business experience. This can be seen by the negligent enrollment rates that create an oversupply of students in an industry that is struggling. This is most likely due to the fact that the university gets paid regardless of employment rates. They then tell you employment is heavily reliant on grades, which is simply false. I just wish I could get a refund. If I could do it all again I would have gotten a trade or gone to business school.

    Every decent review needs some pros so here they are:
    -You can pass most subjects when you understand the checklist structure with previous years notes without any study.
    -The food court is awesome
    -The location is great if you are one of the lucky few to obtain a job in a firm whilst studying
    -The 24 hour labs are cool
    -They work really hard to get people from poorer families in debt as well

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  39. Tom
    | Reply

    QUT Gardens Point is situated in a beautiful location with the Brisbane botanical gardens directly adjacent, and likewise the Brisbane river, and with views of the Kangaroo Point cliffs. The Kelvin Grove campus is likewise beautifully situated with amazing views of the city. The facilities are all modern and nice, with 21st century hand dryers etc, some of the lecture rooms are a bit old but nothing that would detract from the learning experience.
    I studied at both Gardens Point, and Kelvin Grove as a part of my Science degree with minors in Creative writing.
    I feel the professors are highly intelligent, but are not the best educators, although it’s a mixed bad there are some excellent ones and some who only teach because the university makes them.
    I think campus life is amazing actually, only if you take the initiative to sign up to clubs, and to participate. The best way to do so would be to come to orientation week where all the major clubs have a stall, and sign up to their facebook pages.
    QUT is in the city so the city life is amazing. I cannot speak for accomodation, but transport is the best available.

  40. Jinda
    | Reply

    I suspect the highly-regarded, well-read lecturers must be sick of teaching very basic marketing theories (that are more suited to high school or undergraduate students). Not sure why the expectations/complexity level for students is unexpectedly low?

    Me: Small amount of work experience (none in marketing) enrolled in graduate certificate in business (marketing)

    Pros: friendly, warm lecturers and tutors; GREAT non-curricular support (e.g. career/internships/psychological services/networking/clubs).
    Emphasis on general (not in-depth) theory; easy classes
    Campus location and facilities usually pretty good

    Cons: old knowledge = old case studies, curriculum NOT up-to-date with current needs of students of marketing

    Question EVERYTHING that is told to you in class (if it’s info that can become out-of-date, e.g. any tech-related or consumer taste or industry practice-related, reconfirm everything because some things are outright wrong (after fact-checking with credible sources) and it would have been super embarrassing for me if I had not fact-checked it first…

    I learned more about marketing from a 1-hour guest lecture than in 10 weeks of instruction 🙁 and I’m not well-read at all… most of the time, as I drove home from class, I felt my time and money (spent on parking) would have been better spent purchasing and reading a recently-published marketing book/study.

    That said, it was not a complete waste of money because I made use of its other facilities (such as research database and subscriptions) and clubs, and some tutors are amazing – make connections, try not to let the things you cannot control bother you.

  41. Ewrigh
    | Reply

    Unbelievably disappointed with QUT. It’s clearly become nothing more than a degree factory. The evaluation surveys that they send to students close after only a few weeks of lectures, so you’ve barely even started before they ask you to evaluate the course. My guess is that this leads to poor completion rates and skewed results in favour of the university. Every other university that I have attended has done this later in the semester. There is little information provided to students about the various options for placements and there are far too many sites for students to navigate through to get to information that they need. Professors and tutors in my program appear more concerned with tripping people up with vague assignments than turning out genuinely capable health professionals. Classes are overloaded and under-resourced, to the point where students are told to stay home rather than attend lectures because there isn’t sufficient space in the classrooms. Tutors who have gone above and beyond to improve student knowledge by providing them with additional exercises to complete during tutorials have been disciplined and threatened with dismissal rather than rewarded for trying to educate people further. I would not recommend this university and given the opportunity to do this degree (which is actually my third university degree) over again, I would do it elsewhere.

  42. International painful student
    | Reply

    NO Support for international students,
    Teachers should have the sense to how to deal with international students , just racist and all they need is Uni fees and they fail students just so that they can pay uni fees again and again for each unit,

    • Ronak
      | Reply

      Need to know more

      Tell us more about the university and how they treat international students..

    • Jorge
      | Reply

      QUT student review

      That is true !!!

  43. Nell
    | Reply

    I am particularly dissatisfied with QUT. I am studying social sciences, and find the set-up lazy. Lectures and lecturers are flippant and vague, the study material is inadequate, and you get the feeling that nobody is going to be prepared for the real world unless they’ve already lived in it!

    If I knew the teaching staff didn’t give a stuff and the material was textbook focused, I would never have applied. I understand that study material should be comprehensive and explicit. It appears lazy and vague by QUT’s standards.

    In saying all of this, I am sure they have some incredibly bright grads – just not as a result of their efforts.

  44. parvej
    | Reply

    I’ll can apply without IELTS this university………please answer me

    • BATMAN
      | Reply

      Reading your question (assumption), I’d strongly suggest that you do your IELTS or better still an english improvement course.

      • Dev Krishna
        | Reply

        Batman is not pulling any punches

  45. Terrena Hooper
    | Reply

    I studied a Bachelor of Business, including Honours, at the Garden’s Point campus. The degree reflected the real workplace and has been useful in my career (now 6 years on). The different units integrated well and the teaching staff were knowledgeable and helpful. The Gardens Point campus is very pleasant, right on the botanical gardens. All facilities are good and in close proximity.

  46. Jessica
    | Reply

    Both campuses are conveniently located in regards to transport and shopping facilities. The campuses themselves are clean, navigable and equipped with appropriate technology for all students. In my experience the lectures and tutorials have been informative and very reflective of what occurs in reality and the QUT staff offer several opportunities for assistance in course work.
    Personally, however, I don’t find that QUT holds any recreational interest.

  47. Kate
    | Reply

    I study a double degree with classes at both the Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove campuses and I find that they both have very good facilities, and a really nice campus life, but that’s only if you get involved with what’s offered (and plenty is). GP and KG have weekly markets and there are often events going on which is a great way to get involved and there are also heaps of restaurants and cafes on each campus, that are really close to the buildings (KG’s Urban Village is right next to all of the Media and Journalism classrooms, which is a huge bonus). Both campuses are really close to the city, and there is a free shuttle but between the two campuses for students, which is super convenient. I find the teaching staff to be really supportive, especially in my law degree where a lot of effort is put in by the lecturers and tutors to make sure that you can get your questions answered and know how and where to ask. My only issue would be that Brisbane transport itself is unreliable and costly, but that has nothing to do with the university. Overall it’s a really great place to study and I’m enjoying my time there.

  48. madeleine
    | Reply

    So far I have spent most of my time at the Kelvin Grove campus. I’m studying a Bachelor of Nursing and so far I have really enjoyed the subjects. I found most of them to be relevant and cover all of the important aspects I needed to learn. The lectures are also recorded and placed online, which is convenient if you can’t make it to them. More importantly the lectures and tutors are amazing. They are very friendly and approachable and help you wherever they can. I have found the assessment to be challenging at times, but not impossible if you put in a reasonable amount of work. The assignments are interesting and really relate to what you have learnt. The exams aren’t weighted too much and they make it as easy as possible to pass. Overall I’m impressed with the educational aspect of QUT. However, my only complaints is that they add more food/drink facilities on the actual campus, because some days you just don’t want to walk up and down that hill to all the restaurant and facilities. Also due to their only being one library its almost impossible to get a computer or space during peak hour times. I do love the area down the hill as it has a medical centre, Woolworths, pharmacy and a wide range of restaurants to choose from. I would recommend QUT to anyone who learns through hands on practical methods and enjoys a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

  49. Nicholas Lancaster
    | Reply

    Great locations and accessibility by public transport across all campuses. Teachers are generally enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable in their fields from my experience at the business school. However the campuses lacks all the recreational facilities offers by other universities.

  50. Laura
    | Reply

    The Kelvin Grove and Gardens Point campuses both have great locations close to the city and really convenient public transport. It’s nice and modern and the way QUT approaches its courses is really reflective of whats happening in the industry now compared to other Queensland universities which teaching styles seem a bit out dated.

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