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UNSW Library.

UNSW Library. Photo credit: Tap That

The University of New South Wales is one of Australia's most prestigious universities. There's high demand for places and UNSW sets some of the toughest course entry requirements in the country. It's located in the Sydney suburb of Kensington, not far from the CBD. You are invited to rate UNSW (as a place to study) and post a student review if you've ever attended the university.

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  1. S
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    Hi peeps,

    I am thinking of joining this Uni for my Master of eduction (special ed). Has anyone taken this up?
    I am seeing a lot of bad reviews for other Universities (Sydney, ACU, Griffith) and this has just the one.
    Please help me decide.

  2. V
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    I’m currently studying B. Environmental management, which is a natural science course. I’m majoring in Earth science (basically geology).

    This review is only really going to apply to the department of BEES (esp. my major) and general campus life.

    Even thought UTS has a reputation for being “hands-on”, I find my courses pretty hands on. We keep getting field trips and fieldwork chucked at us. It’s pretty sweet. You’re basically forced to make friends because of it.

    A lot of emphasis is put on learning the basics of computer programs that we’ll probably use when we enter the science industry.

    In natural science, group work is also generally less painful. Everyone wants to be there, so they have to pitch in. (No one is there for the prestige, or the money.) The peeps in my cohort at are quite friendly. But then again my cohort is quite small so if someone’s an ass, everyone would know…

    ARC is cool; the clubs and societies are also cool. I can see how they’d be quite fun, but it’s…not like I go to club meetings and events.

    All the lecturers & professors are very approachable. Most of them seem to know what they’re doing and have pretty good senses of humour. At least science lecturers don’t seem to teach out of a textbook. Volunteering with lecturers is always encouraged.

    The campus is lovely, if you ignore the Basser steps. Seriously, if you don’t like climbing stairs, UNSW may not be the uni for you (maybe check it out before you enrol).

    Food on campus is on average pretty sucky. The Quad foodcourt, the 2 uni bars & Subway have some decent stuff, but nothing is really cheap.

    University transport varies. The bus ride can be annoying. The various buses from Central/Green Square are 15-30 min. Don’t go to UNSW if you hate buses. Personally I read or play my 3ds on the bus.

    Overall, if I had to choose, I’d say I like this uni. The atmosphere is nice. I don’t really feel alone even when I am. Classes are cool. Content is ace. Though I guess it would depend on what you’re studying.

    Well, I guess I’d recommend UNSW to anyone interested in Bio/Geo/Enviro science 🙂

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