Australian Catholic University

Australian Catholic University, Stathfield campus in Sydney.

The Australian Catholic University is a multi-campus university, with facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. ACU is open to students from all religious (or non-religious) backgrounds. It specialises in non-technology fields such as education and health. If you have ever attended ACU, you're welcome to submit ratings and a review. This is a place for student reviews of the Australian Catholic University.

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Student Reviews

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  1. Chlo
    | Reply

    ACU is the worst uni I have ever been to (and I’ve been to a few). There is no support from the lecturers and marking has been so inconsistent it’s actually a joke. They will crush your dreams and don’t care either. Don’t even consider going here (I do speech pathology and I wish I lived close enough to go to La Trobe). I would rate 0 stars if I could.

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    Has anyone studied Bachelor of Social Work at ACU?
    It would be great to know your thoughts – I am currently trying to find the best university to study Bachelor of Social Work

  3. James
    | Reply


    I did physio in Brisbane and everything was fantastic. Small class sizes, good wet labs and clinics, excellent integrated clinical subjects , doctoral lecturers and multiple experienced tutors in every practice session. Final year ACU students got some of the best clinical placements and as a cohort we were disproportionately offered more hospital grad jobs than UQ, Griffith, CQU or JCU students. I did my first degree at UQ and had a much more underwhelming experience there, mostly due to the enormous class sizes.

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  4. Taho Tanoa
    | Reply

    Don't even think about it!

    Enrol in this university as an absolute last resort if you can’t get into ANY other university in Australia. Unprofessional bottom-of-the-barrel lecturers who treat you like high school students. Left my course after 6 months – went to Sydney University (breath of fresh air). Unfortunately, they kept my government funding from my enrolment, but it was worth it. Couldn’t wait to get out of there.

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  5. CV
    | Reply

    Hey guys, planing to take occupational therapy here, melbourne campus. Any feedback on the melbourne campus?

  6. Jill
    | Reply


    Hey guys, I’m planning to do Speech Pathology in ACU how is it? I’m choosing between La Trobe or ACU? opinions?

    • jasmine
      | Reply

      Hi just wondering if you ended up going to ACU to do the speech pathology course?

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  7. Connor
    | Reply

    Hey guys, looking into doing a nursing degree at the Canberra campus, was wondering if anyone had any prior experience or information they wanted to share? Thanks.

  8. Graham
    | Reply

    Be very cautious if you are considering any online religious study at ACU. If you need to complete online study of RE to be qualified for teaching in a Catholic school I recommend you look elsewhere.

    The subjects delivered online are essentially “read this, respond to this and write an essay.” Very little teaching is done, instead you are given large amounts of content to read, most of which is difficult to understand and very abstract. The online lectures have little lecturing, instead students work in groups and basically guess the answers to questions while being confused together.

    If you have to complete RE certification for teaching, find another university that actually teaches you the content instead of just dishing out mountains of readings.

  9. Sam
    | Reply

    Outdated lecturers?

  10. Anna
    | Reply

    My experience at ACU North Sydney doing a nursing degree has been great. I’ve had really good hospitals for my clinicals and all the lecturers/tutors I’ve had I found to be of a high standard and helpful. The uni doesn’t have an extensive campus and so no gym or pool like some of the others so if that’s important to you you’ll be disappointed. I like the smaller classes though and you seem to get more individual attention if you need it.

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