Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University (SCU), Lismore.

Lismore Campus. Photo credit: JonnyR

Southern Cross University is a regional university with campuses along the north coast of New South Wales, stretching into southern Queensland. It's based in Lismore. SCU has a good range of courses to cater for the varying needs of students, many of whom are distance learners. If you've studied with SCU, either online or at a campus, you can post a review to let others know about your experiences.

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  1. Serena La Puzza
    | Reply

    Terrible, avoid like AIDS

    I attended Southern Cross University for a semester in the Master of Social Work. It was a disaster. The level was below Bachelor level. Lectures do not show up, sometimes they show up late, a mess. They also were not able to find me a placement and messed me around for months. All Southern Cross wants, is your more. The WORST university experience ever.

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  2. Aydin Hajiyev
    | Reply

    Bad experience and lack of everything

    This is my third university in Australia and I proudly can say that SCU is the worst. I don’t know how they clarified to be a university. This is my first year at SCU and I have a terrible experience with all of them. Student support is the worst. They still don’t reply to my emails. I call them and if they pick the phone up they are very rude. Their system doesn’t work properly and mostly the teachers are not useful. I can’t find anyone to share my feedback. I totally don’t recommend it to students

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  3. Teck
    | Reply

    Promises to keep. I'll have to deliver.

    not impressed so far, online course itself seems good.
    But staff and system seem unorganized and let down with support ?
    Tell me one thing thats not exactly true, when it’s actually another, kind feel of misled.
    Thinking I may be on my own with this one. They wont be much help. we’ll see.
    the staff are there trying I’ll give them that.

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  4. Education Student
    | Reply

    Disappointing and unimpressed with this university

    Having been with this University for 5 years I am so unhappy and unimpressed with the education staff and their lack of support and empathy for struggling students. Having had a GPA of 7 and being at risk of failing a class for the first time the response from the lecture was down right rude and extremely discouraging. The professional experience team was also awful at offering help and support. The academic team ‘reached out’ a month after having to self withdraw which was very disappointing. This uni prides itself on being smaller and being able to have closer relationships with the teaching staff which is an absolute lie.With only a year left to finish my degree I will be completing at another more reputable university. The only good thing about doing an education degree here is you are qualified to teach both QLD and NSW

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    • Jo
      | Reply

      Can I ask what degree you are undertaking?

  5. Happy student
    | Reply

    Great uni for environmental science

    Great university for environmental science, lots of practical work and knowledgeable and helpful academic staff.

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