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The University of Sydney is Australia's oldest university and remains one of its most prestigious. The main campus spreads across 2 inner-city suburbs and is attended by most of the university's students, many of whom are doing postgraduate courses. If you've studied at Sydney Uni, you're welcome to post a review and share your experiences.

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  1. Jimmy
    | Reply

    What happened?

    USYD is a pillar in Australian International education, so what has happened to it?

    Previously I’ve had wonderful experiences on the main campus as an undergraduate. There are no rose coloured glasses or features of nostalgia when remembering my undergraduate years, it was hard work and I earned my degree.

    However as a postgraduate student the circumstances is radically different and I am more than disappointed with the transparent selling of degrees. Academic standards have plunged with an emphasis towards group work tasks.

    Alumnus should be gravely disappointed by this. The senate needs to change the leadership and governance because this university has lost its core valule, standards and more significantly it’s ethics under the current reign.

    The wondeful learning experences USYD featured is a characteristic of yesteryear. The quality of lecturing is dismal.

    Consultant style academics create an environment that feels more like a blind social experiment than an elite learning experience.

    The university does not place emphasis on the fundamental basics of teaching and learning which quality education is supposed to provide. The institution is burning up the quality academics that it does employ by expecting these individuals to pick up the academic slack for other schools and departments that are raking in the cash selling garbage degrees.

    Real academics are under-supported and overworked, these expectations are unrealistic and unsustainable. Decent students are equally overloaded, everything is concerned with teaching yourself and learning on your own time. Postgraduate class time has become an utter waste of time, purely to mark rolls so that international students can adhere to the legalities of student visa requirements.

    The institution prides itself on diversity and inclusion, yet that has become a total joke! Apparently the university no longer grasps that ideological concepts of both ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ extend beyond queer theory and multiculturalism.

    Essentially the university has no follow through. It does not practice what the marketing slogans preach with any depth of tangible authenticity. As a space the university has become a “do as I say and not as I do” elitist administrative forum in which a student and academic’s input retain exceedingly little value.

    Students do not feel comfortable providing feedback via Quality and Analytics Surveys regarding their student experiences. Enrolled students do not believe these to be anonymous feedback channels when they are required to use their student login to conduct the survey itself. Fundamentally, current students fear being reprimanded and receiving possible backlash. Therefore they would prefer to come to external independent websites such as this to document their genuine accounts.

    The postgraduate experience is pathetically substandard. It is not worth it and a shame when millennials are constantly being informed about the need to up-skill.

    Outside the university, obtaining a postgraduate degree is a helpful step many mature students take for career changes and yet the university career hub only caters for the undergraduate university leaver.

    Overall there is a major disconnect between the information the university projects and the tangible experiences a student actually receives. This is beyond failing to live up to the marketing hype, there are core tertiary educational components currently neglected throughout.

    Yes, this review is scathing. As i asked at the beginning;

    What has happened to the University of Sydney?

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  2. JD
    | Reply

    Not worth the mental health impact

    Warning: Do not study here!
    This so-called “university” has officially gone to the dogs. I’m was a domestic student doing a postgraduate coursework degree, but unfortunately I must refrain from revealing which faculty, as it’d be too easy to figure out who am on account of being one of only three domestic students in my class. I’m not joking.
    Now, I have absolutely nothing against international students, however I find it very concerning when 95% of the student body represent the same country. It is not diversity when there is a Chinese majority within the student body, and unfortunately the majority of these Chinese students do not speak, read or write English. I simply do not understand how it could be acceptable for a university to be setting up these international students up for failure, and very expensive failure at that!
    Classes were an absolute s***show, and honestly reminded me of the Tower of Babel, with students wandering around not understanding the teacher or what they’re supposed to be doing. And this is supposed to be a postgraduate course? It was less organised than preschool!
    On the rare occasion that the students were able to be settled down into chairs (note that the classrooms were incredibly overcrowded and quite possibly in breach of fire safety code), the “teachers” usually taught from YouTube videos or read word for word from slideshows. I know other reviews on here have mentioned the same thing, and it’s the truth. You could get the exact same “education” or better for free from the internet.
    Now, the staff were really something else. I would 100% bet everything I’m worth that the teaching staff are simply resting on the laurels of the university’s heritage and couldn’t be bothered to lift a finger to provide any form of quality education. I have never met a more snobby, elitist, superficial, sarcastic or downright rude group of people in any organisation. It’s really quite remarkable, to tell the truth.
    I remember one occasion where I could see that my teacher was struggling to move a piece of equipment, so I stepped in to lend a hand and she snapped at me with a nasty retort. Another time, after having been offered a job in my field and prompting my early exit from the course (thank god!), a different teacher asked me what the job was. When I told him my position title he mimicked my response sarcastically and laughed. So incredibly insulting and condescending.
    And on that note, do not expect to be treated like an adult. It doesn’t matter how old you are, the university are incapable of viewing you as an equal human being. It really goes to show a deep-seated culture of elitism which surely stems back to Sydney’s shameful colonial past, being that USYD is, I believe, the oldest university in the country. It certainly has a very shady and questionable history (see The Red Zone Report).
    If you were thinking about studying here, please, I beg you, think again! It simply isn’t worth the heartache, the alienation, the insults, the depression, anxiety or sense of hopelessness you will feel every moment you’re there.

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  3. Jenny
    | Reply

    Avoid at All Cost

    WOW. The worst education I have received in my whole life. I just finished my Semester 1, and I am discontinuing my education at the University of Sydney and Australia. International students, unless you have really bad grades, or family business to take control after graduation (since this university is known for taking anyone and everyone), do not come to University of Sydney for education. Let me analyze the school one by one
    Social scene:
    I am currently doing a postgraduate degree, let me tell you, the program is 99% Chinese and 1% Asian from some other Asian countries. Nothing against Chinese students, but there is absolutely no diversity in postgraduate programs. It is also extremely hard to meet new people and make friends at Usyd. Have to pay a fee to join the clubs, and the clubs ain’t even worth it.
    1) as you guys can read from the previous ratings, everyone has a lot to say about the education here. And let me tell you every single one of the statements is true. I was so shocked after my first class at Usyd. Actually all four classes I was taking this semester, all professors read off PPT word for word. Like, literally, word for word, even for finance and math classes. Plus, my friends told me the PPT here has not updated for 5 years, and all bought by publishers. You get so much money from international students, yet cannot buy the most updated version of PPT. AND, as university professors, you cannot even make your own slides and explain the concept but reading like a recording machine? I did not pay to have someone read some outdated PPT to me. If it is all about PPT reading, I would rather sit at home and read it on my own.
    2) extremely inadequate teaching, yet exam problems you have never seen in your whole life. The professors do not teach anything or everything, and the tutorials and tutors are absolutely useless. My friend even told me once she went to the tutor for problems with marking, the tutor even threatened her saying she would lower her grade if my friend keeps bringing it up. How shocking is that? Even the tutors cannot explain the most simple concepts right. Exam questions are hard, alright, but at least teach right.
    3) your peers. Because universities in Australia are known for taking anyone and everyone, you will meet a lot of international students who do not speak, write, do work in English at all. They heavily rely upon google translator. Language can be fixed through translators but not the ideas. The standard of writing is also extremely weird here.
    4) Marks. University of Sydney professors would mark you down for no reason. We had a lot of group writing projects, and people told us the professors only read the introduction and conclusion, NOTHING ELSE. So we spend like 2 weeks writing a 12-page paper and this is how responsible they are? They would also purposely not give you any points because they want more people to fail. In the University of Sydney, there is an inside joke that once more people fail, the school is able to build new buildings. So kids, when you fail a class, especially a writing one, it is not because you are dumb, it is because they need money. The markers are also biased towards international students, they would do their best to give you the minimum score in every single subject simply because of that. The average of exams and papers are around 50
    5) Student help services
    The career help center is absolutely useless, they don’t have anyone there to actually help.
    Actually, there is no one on campus to help you. There are not even offices. Every time you have an issue with anything, nobody is there to help. The staff members are also rude and cold
    6) International students being the cash cow
    International students pay 50000 AUD a year, and the education worths 5 AUD, at least they bought PPT from the publishers. The University of Sydney has no international recognition. It’s not a degree you can take home and brag about.
    7) Library
    The library is extremely small and old, and there are very few seats
    8) Teachers
    A lot of teachers do not speak English, and there are many mistakes during a lecture, and in solutions they provide you

    Extra expenses
    The University of Sydney also try to take money whenever they can
    There are a lot of extra expenses to pay besides your tuition, such as ‘activities fee’ and other fees

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  4. Li
    | Reply

    View this page because I need to finish my report for my online course, as an international student, I feel exactly the same. I feel so disappointed at this stage. First, paying a lot of tuition fee not equal to Youtube channel study. My teachers love to play Youtube videos in the module, I don’t understand is that really hard to give an explanation as a uni teacher? Second, tuition fee again, extremely high, and also raise up every single year, if you did not pass the class in this semester, in next year, wow, the price gets higher again. I heard from my friend different countries international students need to pay different tuition fee, I do not know is that true or not. It is true, it will be ridiculous.

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    • Erika T.
      | Reply

      hate to tell you this but it is true that international students pay much more than the domestic students. You should be able to find such information on the uni’s website easily.

  5. Jono
    | Reply

    Poor University, Poor Law School

    Very interesting, all these comments. Coming from another JD and university I can understand them. I have some experience so I can compare. I expected far, far better from the U Syd Law school and was very disappointed. Day one of JD – desultory experience. The acting dean made a poor speech in which he decried “rights’ as a goal of in legal studies. This at a time when rights of individuals and communities are being attacked by bullying, dishonest political regimes all around the world. The JD course is oversubscribed – clearly the school and administration only wants the fees money from students, especially from overseas – with too many students how can the experience be one of quality? The lectures are like sitting in a football stadium. Students are treated as if they were at high school. My advice: Choose another law school, one that values university life as a community, one that looks at legal studies as a study that involves critique of itself. U Syd also has a reputation for bullying – look at the political world in Australia, one prime example still holding on to his constituency by the skin of his teeth. The last Dean of the Law School left quickly after some trouble – look in to that. My advice: go elsewhere.

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  6. Sarah
    | Reply

    The Reality...

    A disgrace to say the least. You are considered lucky to find a lecturer or tutor that actually cares if you do well. Not only that, but the courses are extremely inadequate, leaving you to teach most content to yourself.
    I’ve been involved in the Disability Services and I can tell you they only want to ‘look’ like they help. They couldn’t give a s*** about you or how you are going. Certainly not an environment I would expect.
    The administration in every faculty is appalling (many friends with similar experiences to me). No time frames are given and you are lucky to receive any help within two weeks. And usually this is minimal and requires your own follow-up.
    Let’s not even talk about the fees. Somehow they have a good reputation for high achieving students and now think they are so above everyone that they can charge what they like. I’m not sure why USYD would look better on a resume when, to achieve results you’ve got to slog it out by yourself.
    They are very snobbish (staff) and it’s a highly over-rated Uni.
    I would pay to leave the University, if only it weren’t for the support I have received from the people i’ve met through sport. Personally, I really feel I need them and unfortunately I have to be enrolled to join the sport. It’s interesting how the only positive comes independently from the Uni itself.
    I wish more people would read these reviews as the majority is easily negative.
    If you’re looking for the so called ‘prestige’, then go ahead and enrol. Be prepared for a lot of teaching yourself the content and running through hoops to get any help or assistance. I would highly recommend a smaller university. It’s not worth being strung around, paying inflated fees just to write USYD on your resume. Three years (or more) is a long time in a place with no community or care.
    It’s January 23rd and I’m yet to receive my exam results with enrolment closing in 5 days. Got to love the anxiety that comes with that. (Shout out to the Psychology faculty).

  7. Ratish
    | Reply

    Too bad to be true

    Usyd charges about 80k for a two year masters by coursework degree, and the amount of money I spent as an international student here is unimaginable. As an Indian, the currency rate already does not favor me but then Usyd, for all its prestige, tries to rob every international student. For the amount of money I have paid, the administration is not only poor but extremely incompetent. I failed a course for which I had to repeat the entire credit and pay 5k for doing another unit, but because of this I finished my course two months later than expected. Since my course ended later than expected, once I finished my course, my student visa was about to expire in a month. Not only did the admin made me run in circles for weeks to get the completion letter (which is still not ready), but they failed to provide me with a time frame of when they are going to do it. After spending so much money, I expected the work done by the uni to be swift, efficient and at least competent, to provide me with the completion letter and the academic transcript ASAP. Their student services are weak, and told me it’ll take me a couple of weeks to get all the necessary docs. These docs are necessary for me to apply for my Temporary Residence Visa, but if they do not provide me with the docs in time, I will have no other option but to extend my student visa. This extension is going to cost me another 1200$, and once I do receive my docs, I’ll have to spend another 1600$ on the TR visa. Quite possibly the worst experience I could have had with a uni in terms of efficiency and competency, mind you, I come from India. All they want is your money, try paying fees late, and you’ll realize what the uni cares about.

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  8. Sarah
    | Reply


    DO NOT COME! Save your $$ if you are an international student!! It is not worth the 50K! I am from the US and have a 4 year honor degree in finance. I came here for my MBA… what a waste of time and money! Teachers barely speak English, standard of writing is poor, teachers are so subjective and bias towards the country you come from, you will be stuck doing ALL the group work, no help from career services to land a job..etc. Zero help comes to you! I even wrote an email asking the dean of the business school to meet with me to help me with some issues I was having and he had his SECRETARY email me back saying “The dean does not associate with students..”!!!!!!! The dean!!! Its nice knowing that the tuition I pay goes to that man’s salary and he can’t even meet with a student to discuss the issues I was facing about the course and program!

    If you decide to come anyway, one teacher to stay away from: [name removed]! Worst teacher EVER! Cannot stress this enough. Seriously, just stay in your home country to study. USYD is not worth a single penny.

    I know you are reading this thinking, well maybe it was just a bad experience for her…. but please please please think twice about coming here. Out of my class of 33 students, almost ALL of them regret this school! We were all international students wondering how we could possibly be paying $50,000 for this…

    Stay home..

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    • Kol
      | Reply

      Sarah can you reach out to me. Starting MBA next month at USYD

      Kol dot Lockwood at gmail dot com

    • Mitchell
      | Reply

      hi i went to sydney uni too. i was a white westerner borne in Australia. i saw exactly the same thing you did. its is average to say the least. please don;t judge Australia in these guys. we are actually human and don’t believe our own left wing bulshit.

  9. Mik Zhao
    | Reply

    Over priced for a poor education. I was quite shocked.

    Good parts:
    – Great location.
    – Lots of beautiful buildings.
    – Free filtered water.
    – People at the Student Service Centre are helpful.

    Bad parts:
    – Extremely over priced for an extremely poor quality education. I am quite surprised.
    – You Pay over $5000 per unit but need to rely on Youtube, Udemy and Coursera to understand the topic.
    – Some lecturers have a really poor English.
    – The lecture slides and the tutorial solutions have a lot of mistakes.
    – Teach very little but bombard and overwhelm you with a lot of homework.
    – They do not provide sample exam papers at all until very end
    – Sometimes you have 2 final exams on the same day

    – Stay the hell out of this university. Over hyped.
    – If you wanna learn something, invest $15 on Udemy or something.
    – If you want a degree, find a cheapest and easiest to pass university.
    – I would rather study in a crappy, easy to pass, cheap University than crappy, hard to pass and expensive University.

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  10. Lena
    | Reply

    Arts degree - disappointing

    Maybe it was just me, or maybe my cohort, but I found that University of Sydney is all prestige and no community. It is incredibly difficult to make friends unless you commit yourself to a society or SRC, which not everyone has the luxury of doing due to time constraints or work commitments.

    I found most of the Arts tutorials to be tense, highly competitive, judgemental, and generally uninspiring environments. It’s ironic that university is supposed to encourage critical thinking yet students are judged so harshly for expressing a unique opinion. I barely felt motivated to contribute to discussions because of this unwelcoming environment. Aside from some nice people, I found most students to be cliquey and condescending.

    I attended a smaller university before Sydney and the learning environments were wildly different – very collaborative, enjoyable, helpful, personal, and inspiring.

    The course content is really interesting, but not done justice by the suffocating learning environments.

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  11. Brendan and Julie Kelliher
    | Reply

    Poor Graduation Ceremony

    We made a 4 hour trip to Sydney to watch our daughter receive her certificate for Master of Pharmacy at her graduation ceremony today 9/3/18. What a disappointment.
    We sat and waited as each masters graduate’s name was read out in alphabetical order and our daughter’s name was not called out.
    We sat and waited as every graduates name was called out in the Bachelor of Pharmacy. Still no mention of our daughter.
    At last we saw our daughter stand to be awarded her certificate. They did not even acknowledge that she had been awarded a Master of Pharmacy just called out her name.
    When we spoke to her after the awards and asked her why she wasn’t called out in the correct order, she said that she had been told there had been a “computer glitch”.
    What a lame excuse, University of Sydney.
    Our daughter achieved great marks when studying for her Master of Pharmacy, and you couldn’t even acknowledge her hard work by awarding her, her certificate correctly.
    Thank goodness, no more of our children are enrolled at your university.
    The graduation ceremony was such a let down for us and our daughter and as Sydney University is supposed to be the best University in Australia, you should lift your game. If you can’t get a graduation ceremony to run smoothly, we don’t have much faith in the way you run your University.
    Glad we won’t be back.

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    • Tanya
      | Reply

      Terrible Graduation

      I agree with this review. My son graduated with a Masters degree and we travelled interstate for the ceremony. Usyd has clearly chosen quantity over quality in all respects. Graduates, parents and guests were treated like cattle – rude personnel, refreshments all grudgingly given and embarrassing quality. Usyd needs to think through their long term goals instead of being so obviously complacent and focussed on short-term profit. This is reflected also in both of my sons’ experiences with the teaching and learning experience.

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  12. Mohammed Mustafa
    | Reply

    Great Experience

    I have studied a single semester at University of Sydney. I must say it has been a great experience. I have learnt alot in my first semester of study and expect to learn more and more in the upcomming semesters. I dont know about the arts or commerce faculty but the faculty of science and Engineering&IT has been the best. Alot of practical experience in IT was provided to me. Moreover there are clubs and societies that you can join so you dont get bored at uni! Do consider joining Usyd 🙂

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  13. Jaded
    | Reply


    Thieving tyrants, that is I can say about this disgrace of an institution. High fees for low quality education and admin that would make a 3rd world dictatorship appear fair and well organised.

    The admin of the faculty of veterinary medicine really do not care about you as a person and they will use your enrolment/ability to graduate against you at every opportunity they can

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  14. Michelle
    | Reply

    Grad Cert of Pain - a very expensive way to get access to a course written in 2012 and not updated since.

    I’ve studied the online Graduate Certificate of Pain Management and have been completely shocked by the low quality of the course materials and ITS support. The online learning system is antiquated and all communications occur via discussion forum only. The course materials are massively out of date, and are all time stamped 2012, when I studied in 2017! You spend your whole time looking up the latest articles to try to plug the enormous, out of date gaps in the (often incompletely referenced, and often with no learning outcomes) learning modules.
    There are no written for purpose video lectures to accompany each weeks 20-45 page module and 2-5 articles, so the each week is just reading 100-200 pages of dense scientific prose and trying to extract some understanding and knowledge from it. The only videos are some recorded for another conference which have been crowbarred into the Grad Cert content.
    The assessments are ridiculous, and are based around contributing to a discussion forum (which eats up huge amounts of time as you desperately try to research the weeks largely unrelated new case information) and a huge case study at the end that is most of your mark in which you cannot receive any assistance, and your “feedback” consists of three x one line comments on the 3000 word paper you took a week off work to write.
    The contributing authors may well be leaders in the field of pain management, but many of them need to consider doing basic Grad Certs in Tertiary learning to understand how to construct units and courses, that have actual learning outcomes that align with fit for purpose assessment tasks in a learning system that utilises live video interactive classrooms so you can actually discuss and get assistance with learning the complex content. The person who leads the facilitation and marking is a bloody PhD student, not even qualified to teach!
    The most useful thing about this course was the access to the Uni of Sydney library. Bloody expensive subscription though at $15,000AUD. They had 40 students enrolled in most units when I did it, so thats Approx $150,000 for the uni each time a unit runs. You think they could actually spend some it updating the course and paying some people who understand education.

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  15. Ann
    | Reply

    Excellent Master of Educational Management and Leadership

    I am an alumni of Macquarie Uni as I completed my BA Dip Ed there many years ago. I recently completed my Master of Educational Management and Leadership at the Uni of Sydney. I loved it. The teaching, choice of courses, lecturers, assessment and opportunity to research in an area of interest, were all excellent. All lecturers demonstrated great expertise and experience in their fields, I could chooses course which interested me and suited my experience. I enjoyed it so much that I am now enrolled in a PhD at this uni.
    The USyd physical environment, relationships I have developed with staff and students, facilities and environment are wonderful. I have also had the opportunity to meet and study with students who are not teachers, nor in education, but did the MEd in Management and Leadership to develop their own leadership in a variety of different jobs, as it was originally a human resources degree.
    I highly recommend this degree.

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  16. shawn
    | Reply

    Don’t come here. Someone once told me that the only thing excellent here is the grass. I couldn’t agree more. The student experience is both disappointing and expensive.

  17. Afif
    | Reply

    I hate Sydney and the University of Sydney more than Hitler hated jews. Everywhere I’ve been I’ve had friends, had a social life, and I’ve studied at 3 other institutions. This is by far the worst city and the worst institution I’ve been at.

    If you come to the university of sydney, you are going to have no social life. You will have hardly have any friends and will be in your room writing 8,000 words for 1 of the 4 assignments that you have been assigned.

    If anyone is thinking of coming here, don’t. DO NOT. Go to Melbourne instead. My friends in Melbourne are having a blast whilst I rot in the “beautiful” Central Park.

    • Debbie Galiatsatos
      | Reply

      I went to Sydney University and studied law. I have to agree with you. Sydney University has really gone down hill. Your better off going to ANU or Melbourne University. Sydney can be boring too because the people are mostly stuck up.

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    • Ratish
      | Reply

      Absolutely. Very difficult to make friends

  18. Peter
    | Reply

    This is a review is from a potential employer, there does not appear to be another public venue to provide feedback regarding the graduates produced by the University.
    In regards to the Bachelor of Science (Exercise & Sport Science) course offered. Over the past 8 years I have encountered several graduates/enrollees of this course. Generally, the graduates have exited or are several semesters into the course, and are then finding out that they are not getting the skills and education that were marketed and sold to them.

    Advertisements, like the YT upload from the University itself, give the impression that the education is vocational in nature and that the course they are paying for prepares them for employment.

    To the contrary, students from the undergraduate degree program later find out that the course is only setting them up for the graduate program and further study. The University should be more honest in advising enrollees that their future quality as an employee or business owner will come down to their own initiative to learn; as the course work is not vocational.

    All of the graduates I have encountered have gone on to comment on how poorly they have been taught to instruct and prescribe exercise. That includes locomotion instruction and analysis, strength adaptation skills, energy system measurement and training stimulus awareness, therapeutic interventions….. it is difficult to find a praise-worthy area covered by the course work.

    Credential is emphasized over experience (as one would expect with the business model of the University), and enrollees should be made aware of this phenomena when choosing how to use their dollars.

    Whilst for a period my business made available free work placement for under-graduates, it quickly became apparent that the University was being paid whilst the students were gaining an education from elsewhere.

    All potential enrollees should clearly think out what their end-goal is; gain a credential or gain an education. The only guarantee the money they spend on their credential at this University will be worth anything (and competitor Universities UOW and UWS are the same, and I suspect all others as well) is the extent of the additional work they do themselves.

    • Debbie Galiatsatos
      | Reply

      I agree. I’ve had many professors admit to me that what they mostly teach the students is nonsense and it doesnt prepare them for the real world. If it were up to me I would make it compulsory for every university student in their final year to do volunteer work in their chosen field of study or else they dont graduate. Simply having a degree doesnt guarantee you anything except HECS debt. Employers want you to have experience BEFORE you graduate. Employers dont care about grades.

      60% of law graduates cannot find a job. REMEMBER THAT!. Most students are sitting in their safe spoiled little world living with their soccer mum and burying their heads in books thinking that a job is just waiting for them..they are so stupid, gullible and naive.

      As a successul Self Representative Litigant that has appeared in various jurisdiction before I even graduated..I can assure you that all of those crappy law students with no experience ( ahhh, no! moot trials are NOT considered to be experience nor are debating teams going to impress me)..we want you in the courtroom! in the legal centers! working as paralegals!..spare me the childish nonsense. Can you handle the pressure or clients? your boss? the work load?..Dont expect me to treat you law students with courtesy. because I have been known to create anxiety and even fear in my opponents. You better know your stuff.

  19. J
    | Reply

    A big disappointment! I am a postgraduate student and I am shocked at the quality of the content. I am feeling bombarded with homework rather than inspired and motivated to dig deeper into the content. I have completed a diploma at TAFE before and learned more in 2 weeks there than in 7 weeks at USYD.

    By saying this I have extensive work experience and feel that many times I actually know more than the lecturers. Also, the lecturers’ level of English is shocking – we are required to do an IELTS test do get accepted to uni but some of the lecturers can barely speak a sentence (don’t get me started with spelling).

  20. Adil
    | Reply

    I was doing master of professional accounting and I have got to say those 2 years were the worst time of my life, the teaching quality varied a lot. From great lecturers to absolutely clueless ones. There is a lot of politics among the different department regarding the student marks. Plus the marking criteria is absolutely pathetic.
    Plus there is no diversity among students, I’d rather go to Shanghai than study at Sydney.
    Overall I have been extremely disappointed with the standard of education at this university.

  21. Maya
    | Reply

    While the course itself has been delivered to a high standard, I’m quite disappointed in other aspects of uni at USYD. I find campus social life to be seriously lacking, the only good events are the pub crawls organised independently by societies.

    I’m also quite disappointed in USYD’s tendency to cram as many people as physically possible into tutorials. Psychology units are a perfect example of this. As a direct result of this, I’ve found it difficult to receive help from tutors.

    Another criticism I have of USYD, is the lack of internship opportunities offered. If you want to do well and eventually (dare I say) get a job once you graduate, you have to actively seek internships independently, there certainly isn’t much guidance or assistance from USYD when trying to find them. ANU, by comparison, integrates internships into most of their courses.

    My final criticism is that USYD can be seriously depressing. The confluence of all of these factors will make you feel as though you’re simply a number. I’m realistic about this being likely to be the experience of many uni students across a range of institutions, but I hear this the most from other USYD students.

    On the flip side of this, USYD has some truly amazing lecturers. Some of them are incredible people. This alone can be redeeming at times.

  22. SC
    | Reply

    I am a Master’s student at Uni of Sydney. I find it to be a good place to learn with a helpful, engaging staff, so far. The big minus is the anti-semitism on campus due to its Socialist Alliance who enjoy bullying and harassing those with a different opinion. I commute two hours each way for a two hour class every week. I don’t need someone with juvenile politics having a tantrum in my ear because I support a certain cause.

    • Debbie Galiatsatos
      | Reply

      I agree with you

      I agree with you! the Socialist Alliance are an embarrassment to the university of Sydney. As a law student I found them to be rude, tedious, obnoxious, naive with juvenile delinquent behavior none of which has anything to do with education and future career prospects. All the Socialist Alliance are is a bunch of extreme left-wing anarchists.

  23. Ricky
    | Reply

    Sydney Uni is the best uni in Australia! The location is amazing in the heart of Sydney. Proximity to the City is ideal for those who like to walk around the city. Public transport around the City is convenient with buses and trains running every few minutes.

    I am currently in my first year doing a Bachelor of Design Computing and it has been a great experience. In my first Semester, we had the chance to produce a video to be shown to the public at Central Park’s 15m long digital wall which was an amazing opportunity and experience. Fisher Library (One of 11 on the campus) is one of the biggest (with 9 floors!), cleanest and most quiet libraries I have ever visited with many incredible learning resources.

    It is definitely worth the 1.5 hour commute!

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