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The University of New England is one of Australia's leading distance education providers. It's based in Armidale in regional New South Wales. However, around 3 out of 4 UNE students study online. UNE receives consistently high course satisfaction ratings. If you are a current or former UNE student, you're welcome to post a review and share your experiences.

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  1. Sean
    | Reply

    Great experience

    I studied the Bachelor of Arts because I needed the flexibility of studying online. I transferred from Fine Arts at QUT. I think this was a good decision. The content is interesting, rigorous and detailed. That being said, I do enjoy more of the academic side of things as opposed to practical, so I found the content was in-depth and did push me. I covered Linguistics, Theatre & Performance, and Studies in Settler Colonialism. The Bachelor of Arts is also incredible varied and there was such an exciting variety of things to study. The breadth of things to study is impressive. My lecturers and tutors were very knowledgable and passionate (especially in my Theatre studies, they were high calibre). What also was amazing was the feedback on my assessment: 1 to 2 FULL PAGES of notes, pointing out what I did well and what needed improvement. And the student system (myUNE) was really straightforward and reasonably easy to navigate. I honestly have had a great time with UNE. I think if you enjoy and are capable of independent study, it’s great for you. I’m now looking to do a Masters of Arts, which honestly looks like one of the best online Arts Masters programs in Australia. So all in all, I think the Arts department at UNE is fantastic.

    I’ve seen a lot of comments on this page about the reputation of UNE, and yes I was always told to aim for QUT or UQ, etc. because they were ‘better’ universities. I now really despise the elitism of certain universities and that certain students promote. But I’ve been so glad and impressed by UNE. Take the leap and give it a go!

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  2. Sam
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    A mess

    Masters Social Work.

    I chose this uni so I could continue to work and study part time unfortunately course structure is not actually very flexible at all. Every student I know had their study elongated due to not meeting course rules that were not clearly communicated. For example I was not allowed to complete my final placement alongside a prereq unit, even though a friend of mine had done that exact thing, so had to postpone completion of my degree 6 months.
    It seems to completely depend on which staff member you speak to on what they will allow you to do.

    Many lecturers were obviously not trained on how to use technology. I once had to attend a compulsory 3 day intensive (the second in a week) and the first whole day was the lecturer failing at using zoom functions and all of the students assuring him that he was trying his best. He later gave students conflicting information from the assessment outline, demonstrating he did not even read the assessment outline that the intensive was structured around. (Piss-poor preparation).

    In a different unit i once had the course co-ordinator go on a month-long overseas trip without warning students. Her email reply said she would respond to emails “intermittently” whilst away, however, did not respond the whole time. This trip was organised by the university and I’m not sure why as it was during assessment period.
    Students were also told wrong information about covid protocols, the University loved blaming the AASW for their compulsory FTF hours when I found out later that students at CSU were still doing intensives online due to covid risk, so it could not be an AASW order they were just shifting the blame away from themselves.

    Had multiple experiences of Lecturers straight up saying the wrong information, I was lucky that my undergrad was Neuroscience so was able to tell when they were using neuroscience findings and information incorrectly.

    The quality of teachers was extremely varied, I am left wishing I went to uni with more prestige who could afford to hire quality staff.

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  3. . .
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    Stop review bombing and being childish

    I’m commenting this on all of the Universities I’m looking at going to because this is actually ridiculous now.
    1. Stop pressing “No” on people’s posts if you just disagree with them. It’s childish and not intended for that
    2. Leave an actually honest review. If you are not capable of spelling your words correctly or using actual grammar don’t bother posting. Don’t leave a harsh review for the sole purpose that, “They failed me and I don’t like that!!!.” Again, childish and ridiculous.
    3. The only 2 options are not 1 and 5 stars.

    Me and some of my friends are all looking for Universities to go to but we cannot find an actually honest or seemingly normal review, and the ones that do seem normal you cannot ever be certain as they’re swarmed with a sea of opposing comments. Grow up.

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  4. Lisa
    | Reply

    A very positive experience

    I recently completed a Masters Degree (by coursework) through the School of Health within the Faculty of Medicine and Health. As an external student I felt well supported throughout my three years. The online interface is easy to navigate (I’m moderately technical) and the technical team were highly responsive to any issues. Some units were better than others but if you are a self directed learner, I did not find this to be an issue. I was highly supported in the Masters subjects….could not fault it. My academic capacity grew enormously whereby I feel equipped to do a PhD. I had a very positive experience overall.

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  5. Paul Mitford
    | Reply

    UNE Law school is a dump.

    After graduating from Sydney University, I enrolled at UNE law faculty to study for a Bachelor of Laws. Not a single lecturer is a qualified teacher and therefore they do not know how to teach. All they do is read verbatim from textbooks.Sure, they are law graduates but without any commercial experience. Some of the lecturers do not even speak English correctly.
    The Dean of Law is a complete waste of time without any merit. How do these people get jobs? Sure UNE is a third rate university better suited as a dump.

  6. Paul Mitford
    | Reply

    UNE Armidale third rate university.

    After graduating from Sydney University I started a Bachelor of Laws at UNE. The law lecturers insisted we buy their textbooks as part of the degree. At least two lecturers had no actual legal experience outside of academia and the Chancellor of Law had no experience in Australia. Why are some lecturers hired from overseas with no local legal experience. UNE previously was a women’s teachers college which means most staff members are mostly feminist or worse. I doubt any male graduates of UNE get any benefits from their Law degrees.

  7. ZJN
    | Reply

    Average Experience - Reasonable for Math

    I studies part time at UNE for 3 years (2018-2020, first as a graduate student in Master of Economics (Economics) later transferring to Master of Scientific Studies (Mathematics)) before thankfully transferring to Master of Science (Mathematics/Astrophysics) at the University of Southern Queensland (where I am now in the final year of my degree).

    The studies I completed were fairly reasonable, the math lecturers are quite harsh (the assessments were moderately challenging) and the economics units I took were fairly ordinary. The teaching quality I experienced was fairly average, the math teachers were better than the economics teachers. The courses were definitely passable for a hard working student.

    The proctorU exam system is where everything goes wrong. For graduate students the university should go back to in person invidulated exams or simply have grad students submit research works. The ProctorU system did not work for me at all, I was lucky to transfer to USQ where we complete a mix of research papers and in person exams, this works much better.

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  8. Sarah
    | Reply

    A well organised and enjoyable online degree

    I studied at the University of Sydney in my youth, and recently graduated with a Bachelor of Music at UNE. I could not speak more highly of this degree. It was well organised, the lecturers were knowledgable, course content was well organised. The online system was convenient. My children have attended other universities online, and none of them were as well organised as UNE. Expectations of students were made clear, and the course content was interesting. I found the degree extended me into musical territory that I had not anticipated. I did some history, language and mathematics electives, of which my comments would be similar. Overall, an excellent experience, and I would highly recommend UNE for any student wishing to do an online degree.

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  9. Paul Dale
    | Reply

    Extremely Disappointing especially if not a seasoned student.

    I am a mature age student who has many years managing hotels and apartment buildings. Recently have started the new Diploma of building management and cannot believe what I have encountered. Although I can appreciate that the course is new and will need some fine tuning, I have found it to completely unrelated to my profession.

    The examinations are unrealistic and worded so poorly they could be read at least three diametrically opposite ways. Additionally, the request for other people to participate in your examinations in an industry that is predominately a 1 person per building industry is comical.

    Support is difficult at best. I had to email someone who was announcing the Xmas closure to get my student managers email address. With one wonderful exception, I found the university to be really eager to talk to you until the cheque clears, then the support ranges from poorly informed to patronizing and insulting.

    To be fair, I have not studied for many years and did not know exactly what to expect but the complete isolation of the student without any periodical (e.g. fortnightly) zoom sessions to assist with progress or anything was disappointing. For assistance, I was not seeking the full address but a suburb or general direction would be helpful. Maybe to a more season student this would not be so daunting but to a University rookie like myself it makes me wonder why I dropped nearly $6000 for a course that could of been used elsewhere.

    In short think hard before you enter this if you have not studied for a while. It is most likely not the environment you imagine when you think University, even for a online one.

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  10. Robyn
    | Reply

    Great online options - but lacking in quality

    The online options are fantastic – absolutely – but the quality needs to improve to make it worth anyone’s time. I have attend this uni for one trimester in a Masters program – and I hated it. Whilst the lecturers were lovely, the quality just isn’t there – yet it is expected of you in the ridiculous overly complex assessments. Not sure if I would consider another degree here.

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    • jay
      | Reply

      Hello, it would be more informative to also know what area of study. Thanks!

  11. Emily
    | Reply

    Grad Dip Psych (Online)

    Hi Guys,

    Could anyone give me reviews about their experience with studying the Grad Dip Psych via correspondence please?

    Thank you!

    • Tom
      | Reply

      Psychology is great!

      A great course Emily! I’ve just finished it and have decided to stay with UNE to do my honours. I always found unit coordinators to be fantastic at answering questions and getting back to you on the student discussion boards.

      Currently, the industry wide issues with tertiary education funding and Covid is playing havoc with all universities and UNE hasn’t been immune to cuts to academic staffing / hours. Like everywhere, it has also meant some units haven’t had “fresh” content as there were no live lectures to record from. Despite these challenges, academic staff always seemed determined to do their best.

      As with unis everywhere, there will be units and teaching staff that are better than others. I personally loved the online experience (so awesome when you live in another state, work and have children). I found the online platform easy to navigate, the workload fair and staff knowledgeable. Not many other universities in Australia offer a fully online Graduate-entry psychology degree and I appreciated the Commonwealth Supported Placement too (though I’m not sure if they are still offering CSP places for the Grad Dip).

      Psychology is pretty generic across all Australian unis as they must meet the accreditation standards of the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council, so the content at UNE is the same as any other uni that offers an undergraduate psychology degree. The psychology department at UNE is well-regarded. If UNE suits and you want to pursue psychology, then go for it!

      Best wishes,


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    • N Johns
      | Reply

      UNE online student support incredibly disappointing!

      I studied the Grad Diploma in Psych at UNE for four years part time. Being able to study online was great as I still had to work. Once you became familiar with it, the Moodle site was easy to navigate.
      As for the course conveners, all of the staff who taught the stats subjects were incredibly helpful and professional. They helped you get over your fear of stats and were also approachable and friendly. Some of the other course conveners we’re not so friendly or helpful.
      However, I have been incredibly disappointed in their support of online students. Not once was I contacted, in the four years I studied online, to see how my courses were going or if I had any problems. I was previously studying at USQ and their student relationship officers were brilliant! This is not the case at UNE. No one bothered to contact me in my last semester of psychology to see what pathways would be open to me or discuss career options. They didn’t have a clue that it was my last semester. Overall, I would not recommend this university for online courses. Huge disappointment!

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  12. Leo
    | Reply

    UNE is fantastic

    Hi, I wanted to post a review here to balance out all the negativity.
    I love UNE, it has been the perfect place to get my two degrees.
    Honestly, I feel some of the negativity here comes from students who failed, and are now venting.
    You have to be resourceful as a distance/online student. If you are continually needing help or ‘at risk’ in your prac’s it’s possible you are offended by the University’s academic standards and now choosing to express negativity in an online forum.
    Reality is UNE is excellent and offers you all the tools to reach your goals, achieve your degree and land your desired job/career. It has a good name, good quality assurance, good academic integrity, and I highly recommend it if you are a motivated learner and driven to reach your goals.
    All the best,

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    • Sam
      | Reply

      If you had obtained degrees elsewhere you would realise that in reality the academic standards at UNE are absolutely bottom of the barrel, they aee beyond atrocious. I’ve been to 3 different univeristies, UNE genuinely ranks below my primary school experience in terms of difficulty and academic rigour. It’s an ideological echo chamber that does well to emotionally appeal to students who have not had the experience of studying at an institution with integrity and a genuine focus on education.

      People with dedgees from other institutions genuienly can’t help but to burst out laughing when they see unit content from UNE. It is literally regarded as a joke to people educated at other universities.

      I’m glad you got the jobs you wanted after studying but your insistence that negative experiences are due to students who do poorly is an emotional response not grounded in reality. I have a distinction average and the uni is a mind numbing joke in my opinion.

      I strongly urge you to study elsewhere if you ever pursue further education. You will absolutely note a marked improvement in the quality of the content and its delivery. It will

      • Leo
        | Reply

        Thank you for your reply

        Lol I found this funny. Are you saying I cannot comment on UNE because I was educated at UNE? I have multiple degrees from three institutions including Group of 8 as well as UNE so I’m well qualified to comment and compare. UNE stands up with all of them. I’m sorry you’ve had a bad experience. All the best with your studies elsewhere if that’s what you choose to do.

      • Tim
        | Reply

        Not nearly as bad as people are saying

        This has to be a troll yeah?

        I think I’ll take educational advice from someone who can spell ‘degrees’ and ‘genuinely’ properly.

        I’ve studied at three different universities and I think UNE is just as good/bad as the others. It’s like any institution, there are some well taught subjects and some terrible ones. But tertiary education is more about learning how to learn rather than having someone force-feed you the knowledge.

        I think UNE is more than fine for distance-learning. My qualifications are in business/economics/finance though so I cant speak for the other faculties.

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    • Shaun mealy
      | Reply

      Don't do it

      I would not recommend this university to anyone who has done previous study. It takes a term to get previous study approved and credits applied. I was told that anyone transferring from my degree into further study can only apply in term 2 but this information would be helpful to know before applying with this university. Terrible communication from the university took over a week to get hold of the head of department and get simple answers to simple questions.

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      • Dawn Doherty
        | Reply

        Advanced standings? Avoid UNE

        UNE took three years of daily fighting to get recognition of my advanced standing for completed subjects. A reputable uni manages the same in just 3 weeks. The admin pulled every single obstacle they could to prevent my graduation. From pulling me out of subjects mid-semester, cancelling awarded grades, listing an NI at the top of the testamur out of order out of pure spite, refusing RPL for their own Credit Average English Teacher graduate as being exempt from the final subject to complete a B.Soc. degree. Apparently with 20 years as a business owner and 16 HDs – I am left unable to compose a business letter. I was expelled without my completed degree for complaining to parliament that they should be investigated for fraudulent dealings. $10 k of fraudulently gained earnings to just to get my advanced standings recognised – would be illegal anywhere else.
        Avoid these people – there is no lower benchmark that they will not stoop to. Absolutely disgusting.

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        • MRGT
          | Reply

          Advanced Standing for Law


          I should like to say that I went to UNE in the 1980s. Then Sydney Uni. as part of LPAB LEC. Became a member of NSW Law Society, also a Fellow of CPA’s and a Chartered Secretary.

          Decided to enroll last February for a Masters in Law, and was given Advanced standing for my LPAB in less than 2 days.

        • Nicole Holzheimer
          | Reply

          Choose another uni… if you require RPL or advanced standing

          Going through similar. Sad but grateful to hear I am not the only person this is happening too as a student at UNE. Totally ridiculous and would love to hear the process you went through and any advice. I have wasted 5 yrs and $30k to walk away with nothing, unless of course I do more subjects that I have already completed in my undergraduate

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  13. Lisa
    | Reply

    Worst University

    Worse University you can have.
    I attended the try it on online supervised exam. I was wearing an formal sleeveless dress. The supervisor asked me to put on a shirt with long sleeve and being carried on about it. Cannot be more ridiculous.
    I need to provide some documents during COVID and they wanted me to get the documents certified when we were in lockdown.
    Harsh and no consideration. Extremely cold. Bureaucracy everywhere when you deal with them.
    The lecturers either has string foreign accent, or use flat voice and tone which would make you fall asleep in half an hour.
    No real thing in the lecture, the teacher just read out the textbook.
    Try everything to avoid this junk.

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  14. Suzanne
    | Reply


    I have been a student at UNE since 2016 initially online but on-campus since 2018. I have been very happy with the support, lecture presentation, feedback and quality of the lecturers until Semester 1 2020. During the first three lectures prior to the UNE converting to online study due to coronavirus however I encountered a rude and lazy lecturer. When I asked a question I was told to “look it up”. When I completed my first assignment for this subject I was accused of plagiarism however while deducting my marks “considerably” this lecturer informed me that she had chosen not to report the plagiarism. My attitude was, I do the crime I do the time. So I asked her to report the plagiarism. Her reply was that she had revisited my assignment and had found further evidence of my plagiarism after releasing my mark. Can she do this? Apparently yes. I asked her again to report the plagiarism and she failed to do this. Not to be deterred I applied for a remark and received 2 extra marks. Then she reported the plagiarism and I was interviewed by the Head of School who confirmed the plagiarism and deducted 10 marks. Fair enough. However apparently there is no policy or procedure in place that requires a lecturer to report the plagiarism if requested to do so by the student or chooses not to do so herself. So this means that a lecturer can accuse a student of plagiarism, deduct marks accordingly and choose not to report it. Wow! In spite of this ridiculousness however I managed a credit in this subject and assignment 1 and 3 were not marked by this lecturer. Finally this lecturer also rehashed 2019 lectures for the 2020 trimester. In a subject that incorporates current affairs and Australia’s relationship with other countries, which change on a daily basis, apparently this is acceptable too. Wake up UNE. Lecturers are not above reproach.

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    • Beau
      | Reply

      Was this a Psych unit? I’d like to avoid this sort of thing if I can and I’m planning to take psych units at UNE.

  15. NA
    | Reply

    From Appreciation to Disgust: My Experience in Australia's Leading 'Online University'

    **I am Aussie

    Rant incoming!
    During my time in UNE, I was amazed at its online platform; that it enables me to study fully online and even travel overseas while studying. I learnt two years of LLB here in 2018.
    Fast replies (thru AskUNE)
    Fully online platform (if that is what you’re looking for)

    > Outdated Materials
    Okay, here is the big one. I cannot believe that they would let this university teach outdated materials, especially for a course that is dependent on constant reform changes. Apparently, the law and terminology I learn from their LAW161 is FOUR YEARS OUTDATED! This is the same thing for my other subjects, and the reason why my current uni did not accept my credit points from UNE.
    Waste of time, waste of effort and waste of MONEY.
    > No Tutorials
    I’ve moved to a different uni and was going to study internally but Covid19 happened so…. Anyway, I’ve realised that UNE has been seriously lacking in online teaching environment when compared to the teaching I am getting now. Weekly, lectures, email support, compulsory participation in online class and discussion board, allocated weekly questions, writing workshops, student activities and of course, TUTORIALS!
    UNE never offered this for me and their boring online teaching does not motivate their students or provide support especially for difficult content.
    > No feedback
    So, turns out; I’ve been doing AGLC and legal writing wrong during my time in UNE. Their purpose is to provide education by teaching me the content as well as providing feedback to correct my limitations. Never has any of my teachers from UNE ever provided feedback on my assessments. It is only the score that is available and when questioned (as I’ve emailed them multiple times), they give you vague answers and do not specifically seem to have any concern for their students.
    > Sneaky
    After I’ve transferred to my current uni, I submitted an application of withdrawal from my course. Mind you, this was back in February (before the semester started). I have messaged them THREE TIMES regarding my withdrawal and it is almost the end of the semester now; and I still have not gotten my confirmation of withdrawal. Are they aware of my possible repercussions for failing to enrol within a limited time; because I am still technically enrolled in their institution? YES. Do they care? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

    In my withdrawal application, I’ve gawked at how much I appreciated my time in UNE because at that time, I truly did. I thought it was a wonderful school; even through its initial disappointments, I found it to be good as an online school. Thankfully, I’ve realised how awful it is!
    Value your education? Don’t want to waste your money?
    Then do NOT even think about going to this university!

    • ANON
      | Reply

      Hi- what university did you transfer to? Is it also online and do they offer tutorials?

    • Marie
      | Reply

      I would like to know where you are studying now
      Thank you for the information provided

    • Mike
      | Reply

      It’s interesting to read all these comments. I realise that everyone has a different experience at university.
      I have recently enrolled for LLB (3 Years) graduate entry online at UNE, after decades of being an accountant, I joined UNSW for LLM MBA (Law) and completed it in two years, and decided to change my career and become a lawyer. So I chose UNE online and I have just about to start. My personal opinion is that every university has bad apples and mismanagement. It’s up to you how to manage them and mitigate your risks. Even at UNSW, I had a few incidents myself e.g., lecturers personal grudges, bias, plagiarism, and emotional treatments etc. But this is a part of the journey and training to enter the real professional world. I wanted to continue my PhD and enter the world of academia but after I tasted a bit of toxicity of the academia, it put me off and I changed my mind. Firstly, I did not want to be supervised by a toxic supervisor for 3-4 years and secondly, then struggle to enter the ocean of toxicity of university faculties. You see, AI will change the university learning landscape drastically in a few years and these lecturers will be obsolete. As a result, I chose to become a Corporate and Tax lawyer.
      I want to thank everyone for their positive and negative comments here.

  16. Karen
    | Reply

    Avoid UNE Master of Teaching

    Please listen and don’t consider doing a Master of Teaching at this University. I completed all courses to a high standard (Distinctions) but can’t graduate as they wouldn’t pass me on the final prac. No help from the prac supervisors or the Supervisor from the University. They just want to run you down. The University is happy to take your money but $20 000 later and all I am graduating with is a Grad Dip in Educational Studies. All that money for a bit of paper which means nothing and won’t help me a bit. Avoid this University at all costs unless you want to end up with a heap of debt and nothing to show for it! An awful University and wouldn’t recommend them

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    • Dawn
      | Reply

      Rogue behaviour is normal at UNE

      I am so sorry to hear what they did to you Karen. This is also common in the early childhood sector as well. I met many casualties of this behaviour in both education and early childhood. They get away with this crime because they are effectively outside the normal laws of consumer protection. I don’t know how these people sleep at night – it may be a God send as teachers are unemployable no matter how good they are. You get a few contracts and mainstream employment is locked off as the public thinks we are illiterate and innumerate. We need legal protection from rogue universities like UNE.

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  17. Neil
    | Reply

    Good experience with some kinks

    I’m studying biomedical science at UNE online with short intensive schools on campus. Overall my experience has been good.

    – units are up to date; we’re only using the latest textbooks
    – lecturers are engaging (during the intensives) and usually helpful
    – the online system is easy to use
    – there’s an option to sit exams online

    Not so good:
    – a limited choice of units for the 3rd trimester
    – you have to be in Australia b/c of the intensive schools (so not really “100% online”)
    – no feedback on essays given

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    • Neil
      | Reply


      UPDATE: the latest unit has been disappointing. After spending a month on an essay going above and beyond what was asked, I had literally no feedback on the contents other than that I the formatting of references. I was told that markers had “very limited time to make comments”. This is ironic considering they have no issue taking thousands of dollars from each student, having no live lectures and a single essay assignment per unit. One might as well pay $60 at Coursera for the same level of service.

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    • Stewart
      | Reply

      Avoid studying at this university

      UNE is presented as a leading University with higher rate student satisfaction than other universities in Australia to the media. However that is far from the truth. I studied online at University on a Master of Social Work degree a few years ago. The support from the university was not that good. There were teachers I really needed to talk to on urgent matters in my course, but they were unavailable for weeks. With that I did not receive good guidance when I started doing the Social Work Prat. In addition I was in a situation where doing the prat full time was very difficult for me as I had family commitments. I asked for my prat to be done part time, but it was not granted.

      I was given inadequate guidance too with some matters with this university too.

      In the end I failed the prat.

      Anyway there are better universities out there than UNE. My advice is to avoid going to UNE.

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  18. sara
    | Reply


    I was offered a place in UNE since last year but just today received an email from UAC saying my application was considered and is not successful….??/ what

    • MRGT
      | Reply

      LPAB (Old SAB) an Excellent alternative for joining the Legal Profession - Highly regarded.

      I found that better than any university degree, the Legal Profession Admission Board (LPAB) [the old SAB) which is organised by the Law Society in NSW, is by far the best way of getting law entry qualifications to practice. It was run by the Law Extension Committee (LEC) at Sydney University. The lecturers are in the main practitioners, such as solicitors, barristers, judges and a few academics. There are 20 subjects to do with 6 being electives. The administration of the entire course, runs like clockwork. Once completion of all 20 subject, one can become a member of the law society, with PLT (Practical Legal Training – 6 months course required plus actual work experience, to be admitted as a solicitor or barrister. The cost of each subject is about 20% of the cost of a subject at university. But the learning is most excellent in most respect. One can do week lectures or (for each subject) there is two weekend schools per 6 months. Exams however are tough as are the progression rules. The first couple of subjects have a failure rate of up to 60%, and that is so as not to waste your time. They like you to know your limitations upfront. But after that, pass rates are around the 70% to 70% rate. Progression rules mean that if you fail a subject, you can try a secod time, but after that you are out of the course. If you get through it all, there is a ceremony at Sydney Uni hall, and you are in good company as many high court judges have done the LPAB. It is a fine institution to be a part of.

  19. Ramin
    | Reply

    Hi All, I am thinking to do LLB at UNE can anyone advise whether I should enroll or which is the best UNI to study LLB online??

    • Punjabi Playboy
      | Reply

      Do it Ramin!

      Hey Ramin,

      UNE is the best online university in Australia. If you are going to study online in Australia, doing a Bachelor of Laws, you’re better off picking UNE over another less-experienced online university such as Deakin or Grffith

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      • Liz
        | Reply

        LLB ONLINE

        Hi, Can i ask if there are any compulsory on campus days with the online LLB? I’m after a uni i can do the degree 100% online. Any info is appreciated, thanks.

        • Punjabi Playboy
          | Reply

          Bachelor of Laws (LLB) at UNE

          Hi Liz,

          I’m not 100% sure, as I’m just a fellow student myself and not doing a LLB. Take a look here and use the Quick Search on the left hand pane to search the specific units in the course. When you search each unit, look under the heading of ‘Intensive School(s)’ and it will tell you whether or not there are some compulsory On Campus Days.

          Chances are, there may be one or two intensive schools that you will have to attend, although, doing a brief search myself, I can’t find any mandatory intensive schools for the various units in the LLB. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions

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      • Zoe Elleyn
        | Reply

        I have studied an online degree at Deakin and two at UNE. Deakin is hands down the better university. They are so good at online uni and have much better portals, systems, teaching. Everything you can think of is better at UNE. I have been to about 5 unis now, UNE is by far the worst. It is a toxic place.

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    • Amy
      | Reply

      I am studying Bach of laws and psych at une online and I love it! I can get so much more done from home and law has the tutorials as well as the lectures so they make it easy to learn. Would highly recommend UNE

  20. Brett Hillier
    | Reply

    No support at UNE

    UNE put me in a position where I was forced to fail my unit last semester, since I could not access the university’s outdated Turing system used by the Computer Science Department. The lecturer was only ever rude and unhelpful and not interested in sorting out my problem. As a result I could only fail the subject because completing the final 10% assignment was a prerequisite for passing the unit. It was not right that I should have had to pay this uni money and not even be given a chance to even pass the course. The student “support” team was anything but supportive. In all my previous subjects at this uni I had only ever received HDs but the difference was that I never really had to deal with the lecturers. For me, going to UNE was a nightmare and I would highly recommend NOT choosing this uni, especially if you are studying by distance ed. I have been to other unis and never experienced anything like this.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

    • Jason Bourne
      | Reply

      Unit Code?

      Brett, may I ask what unit you studied that you had such a bad experience with?

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  21. Lax
    | Reply

    one of the good ones in NSW

    I think UNE is great for online learning. I was surprised to see some negative comments above. However , I had a good experience. I did some post graduate studies in mental health and would recommend them for it. I found the staff are very resourceful and helped me when I needed some support.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  22. Dee
    | Reply

    Brilliant experience

    I’ve read other comments however I never experienced a negative experience with the two degrees I studied at UNE. I was satisfied with study and found staff most supportive. Overall, a positive education.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

    • Acchar
      | Reply

      wanna know about city armidale.

      hi dee!
      I’m gonna persue master of science in agriculture from UNE. would you please tell me something about the lifestyle your armidale because i don’t have any type of knowledge about armidale.

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

      • Sam
        | Reply

        Consider online study

        Not a friendly town. I lived there for 4 years whilst studying. Huge ice epidemic, a lot of crime and due its small size these issues really stand out. Plus, so much of the town is monopolized by what can only be described as cattle mafias. Consider online study, but dont count on a lot of online support.

  23. Steve
    | Reply

    Very unimpressive

    I’ve being doing a masters through UNE for the last year. It’s my 2’nd masters, with my other studies being at USYD and UNSW.
    I was drawn in by UNE’s advertising about being great for distance students and the fact it was one of only two universities in the state that run the course I want to study.
    Well, what a disappointment it’s been. The online course system is no better than anywhere else and seems quite outdated. I’ve seen better online training systems implemented by corporates for their general staff training…
    But that’s nothing compared to how disappointing the teaching staff are. I haven’t met one yet that seems to care about anything more than lightening their own workload. Emails go unanswered, online courses go weeks without any correspondence, supervisors make inappropriate comments and the overall level of engagement seems very low… it seems UNE is the place academics go to drop out. I plan to switch to another uni next semester.

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  24. Shannon
    | Reply

    UNE review

    I have been studying online through CSU and UNE, currently on campus at UNE. Currently I have three degrees. I find UNE comparable to most. They have good online resources and some lecturers are engaging and some not, probably a fair cross section of society.

    For me UNE is a good university, I prefer the developments in the online learning space, to me it is better than UNSW, SCU and UNE.

    Overall very pleased with the Uni.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

    • Shannon
      | Reply

      Last line autocorrected, I meant CSU, I.e UNE online is my preference.

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

      • Lisa
        | Reply


        Hi Shannon,
        I’m currently deciding between CSU and UNE, online study. Can you elaborate on the online learning space developments you prefer? Is there anything else you can comment on about these two? Pros/Cons?

        Thanks in advance!


  25. Debbie
    | Reply


    WARNING..Before you accept an offer to study at UNE make sure you’ve read the by-laws and policies first. When you click on accepting the ‘Terms and Conditions’ upon enrolment, you are waiving any potential liability against UNE and the burden and responsibility is reversed onto the student.
    Consider the statute of limitation to complete a course is 10 years (this includes the INITIAL DATE from your ORIGINAL academic transcripts from prior learning)-this could result in ‘stale learning’ despite being awarded ‘advanced standing’ for prior learning by UNE, leaving you with a debt and no degree in the end. Its misleading and deceptive conduct.
    The university has a duty of care and is obligated to forewarn students within a reasonable timeframe.
    Many students are unaware just how badly they are being exploited and adversely affected until its too late!.Dont be victim.
    Also, UNE cannot guarantee what subjects will be available for the following year until late October.

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  26. The Ugly Truth
    | Reply

    LPAB-The Ugly Truth


    The Ugly Truth about the LPAB Diploma in Law Course:

    1. Accreditation units have been shunned by Law Schools

    2. Examiners have photocopied past exam papers

    3. Some lecturers finish classes 1 hour early

    4. There exists no uniformity in the style of teaching

    5. No mid-semester exams

    6. No tutorials

    7. No Student Representative Council

    8. The same Members on the Examination Committee are also on the Curriculum Sub-Committee, Performance Review Sub-Committee and Quality Sub-Committee.

    9. Fees are non-refundable.

    10. Under Rule 67 of the LPAB Handbook a student could be made to resit some or all of their previously passed subjects.

    11. The Diploma in Law Course is not ideal for domestic undergrad students. The Academics have got it right in shunning LPAB units. It has become a 3rd rate education for a 3rd rate qualification.

    12. The LPAB falsely give the impression that they are part of the University of Sydney-when actually they are not!. LPAB students are NOT students of the University of Sydney.

    It’s time to shut the course down for domestic students.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

    • Cecilia
      | Reply

      I’m having a hard time understanding what you mean.
      Is this for the LLB or for a separate course?
      Did you study law at UNE and what was your experience?

      • Jesus
        | Reply

        This dude is cooked.

        There is this cooked individual that copy and pastes this all over the internet. I have no idea why. It’s on several forums and noticeboards. Basically anywhere it can be posted.

        This person clearly failed legal institutions and is lashing out.

        Either couldn’t hack the LPAB or salty that they spent $120k on a JD at USYD and still can’t get a job.

        Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

        • Byron
          | Reply

          Academically superior

          1. The JD is academically superior to the Diploma.

          2. The JD is a Post Grad Degree..not an undergrad degree.

          3. Stick to the facts, not speculation.

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  27. Janet
    | Reply

    For social work, UNE was incredible. I can not commend them enough on their professionalism, support and course content. They are engaging with content, lecturers are passionate and are able to reply to student enquirers. So impressed, 5/5 stars.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

    • Lisa
      | Reply

      Hi Janet,

      Have you had any experience with CSU for Social Work at all?
      Was yours online or on campus with UNE?


    • Claire
      | Reply

      Masters of Social Work

      Hi Janet!

      I would love to hear more about your experience. Were you online or on campus? Bachelor or Masters? What was the work experience life, and have you found employment?

  28. c
    | Reply


    I’ve wasted four years of my life in this ‘university’.
    They draw students in with the allure of being one of the few universities in Australia with a wide range of completely online units. Just as expensive (if not more) than other on-campus universities who provide more support than I’ve ever received.
    Summing up some of the key issues with the university that I’ve seen confirmed by other students:
    1. Lack of genuine resources. Don’t expect any additional information on units outside of powerpoints. Literally the lecturers read straight from slides. And usually, this information is taken directly (sometimes word for word??!) from textbooks. I haven’t bothered watching a lecture in nearly 2 years because honestly, why waste the data?
    2. Course progression. On more than 3 occasions I’ve found my degree (which was initially only supposed to be a 3 year degree) extended due to incompetence by course advisers and last minute changes to unit selection. Of the 12 units I genuinely wanted to study before I applied, I think I was only able to undertake 3. Don’t even think you can study in Tri 3, nothing is available.
    3. Overseas exchange. This was a unique problem to me as I decided to undertake a semester in the UK as part of my degree. The advisor was EXTREMELY disorganised and apparently understaffed. My application sat on his desk until the day before the cut off, him having “misplaced it”. Multiple emails had to be sent in sucession to get vital information regarding visas and credit. The NIGHT BEFORE I flew to London, I was on the phone trying to check that my loan assistance had gone through to the correct bank account (it hadn’t).
    All in all, there’s a reason this university hires the staff it does- no academic worth their salt would ever voluntarily chose to be employed by such a mismanaged, frankly fund-driven kindergarten such as UNE.
    Grateful to be graduating in April and putting this $25,000 turd of a school behind me.

  29. calvin
    | Reply


    I am a bachelor of Software Engineering and I have got accepted to both UNE and QUT for studying Masters of Information Technology. I am a director of a small business in Brisbane and a father of an 8 months boy which my wife and I would much prefer not to send him to day-care. So, some days of the week I look after him and some other my wife. My idea of choosing UNE was to do this off-campus however my ideal end-result of this education was to be a professor at Uni and possibly a lecturer.
    Here are my questions and I would appreciate if you could share your thoughts with me before I make anymore steps:

    1- Considering the fact that we can always find some time to work and study and I am happy to go through that, would it be a better choice to go for QUT? Isn’t it a higher ranking uni compared to UNE?

    2- What if I choose to go overseas to work/teach after graduating? Would UNE degree be recognised or not?

    3- I live in Brisbane and QUT is close to me. The fee is almost double of UNE but would you take this road or the online way considering the fact that majority of you guys were not happy with the way of presentation at UNE?

    Thanks for your time and I would appreciate your thoughts…

    • Yogita
      | Reply

      Asking feedback

      Hi, I’m enrolled for Bachelor of special and inclusive Education and I am wondering if any one did that as online, by living in Sydney? How was the experience? Especially, in terms of the practical placement. Where did they choose to place you for internship? Thanks

      • Deb
        | Reply

        QUT should be your last choice

        QUT have way too many students in all units. They focus on making money from Chinese students, not a focus on teaching students. The marking is never correct and never in favour of the students which puts immense pressure on students at exam time. QUT should be your last choice in many students experience. It used to be a good education but not now.

        Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  30. anon
    | Reply

    Social Work Degree - beware

    Studied Social Work externally. Most of the lecturers were good but some were very unorganised. They kept changing the course, changing the goalposts. It was so unorganised. Inconsistency in marking so you never knew where you stood. During on campus week intensives, they were death by powerpoint so couldn’t see the point in being on campus. But they had to tick all the boxes. When I was almost finished my final social work practicum I had a run in with my supervisor on my prac, I was bullied. The university warned me not to lodge a complaint and told to just suck it up otherwise that would be the end of my career. The university shuvved it all under the carpet because they made it clear they wanted to get more students into the same organisation for pracs. A few students had bad pracs and the university didn’t want to know. In addition I had the grades for an honours year but the university stuffed up. I took my complaint all the way to the top and the Chancellor couldn’t give a rats. So overall, waste of a degree for me. If you are from another state trying to get a prac outside of NSW best of luck.

    • disappointed
      | Reply

      Studying social work

      I currently doing an Social Work degree at UNE as well. I feel for you. I did not mind the intensives as being an external student suited me, however what is frustrating is when I wish to contact the teachers it can take a long time to get an reply, and the teachers have overloaded workloads. In some units there is a lack of communication between the teachers and students. However there were a few units the level of communication between the teachers and students was very good. I actually feel I am being neglected by the this semester by the stuff due to very low level of communication esp if I need answers of UNE and considering doing the rest of my degree elsewhere next year.

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

      • sheila
        | Reply

        Thank you for your post. I am thinking of studying the Master of Social Work at UNE but now that I have read the above comments (yours and the other person) on UNE Social Work course, I am looking elsewhere. I have been offered Federation Uni and the University of Southern Cross but am still considering.

  31. Ben
    | Reply

    I completed my undergraduate Science degree at UNE, and have begun a masters of teaching.
    I’ve been very impressed by the organisation of the online courses. Of course it varies widely between units. Sometimes you never hear from the lecturer and are just doing a bunch of readings, other times the lecturer is very involved, for example in a maths subject all lectures were recorded with live handwritten working, for another subject I got mailed a electronics board for the duration of the course for ‘labs’ , which was great. I’ve skyped in with a physics lecturer for more assistance than I’d usually get when I was at uni on campus (UNSW). I think for the most part its a matter of you only get out what you put in, if you want assistance I would think most lecturers are willing to go the extra mile to help.

    I’ve done both science and arts courses. I’ve found the arts courses to be quite indepth and critical. Some of the maths courses I found to be pretty simplistic, when compared to the higher level courses available at UNSW… but UNSW has an unusally good maths program I would wager. All in all I’d recommend UNE’s online program, its well organised and offers good flexibility. I studied while living in America, had my work with feedback mailed to me, had a science kit mailed to me for labs, and sat some exams in san francisco

  32. Caz
    | Reply

    Education and Nursing at UNE

    I studied Education Early Childhood and Primary at UNE for 3 years. The course units were good but the assignment outlines etc were very hard to understand. The lecturers were unable to help as much as you needed. They would make you feel guilty for asking questions over email and face-to-face. The help was limited and did not serve any purpose to the actual needs of the students. Pracs were difficult in Primary as the amount you apparently obtained from your first prac, they asked to you do things for your next pracs which you had not even learnt yet which made things far more difficult. The people who come in to check up on you from the uni during prac, do not offer any positive re-enforcement and just put you down. When I told them that what they ask us to do for our second, third etc pracs are impossible they shot me down instantly, giving excuses for why it was made that way. In Early Childhood, they give you at least 12 pracs in your first 3 years, which is crazy for the amount of work, assignments and study you have to do for the other units you are studying. There is no help in class to show students how to “teach” during the EC pracs which makes it harder to know HOW.
    I then switched to Bachelor of Nursing, which was even worse. The lecturers gave you no help, no assistance, continued to shut you down if you had questions about the assignments in which they were very hard to understand.

    I do not recommend studying education or nursing at UNE. It was the worst experience of my University life.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  33. RAFAEL
    | Reply

    I have been offered the most competitive International Postgraduate Research Award (IPRA) to do my PhD.It provides a stipend of $26,682 AUD per annum, course tuition fees and single Standard Overseas Health Insurance. I was very excited at first, but now reading reviews and rankings on the internet, I am a bit frustrated. As PhD is s life-time achievement, I was wondering if I should wait for a better ranking university to offer similar scholarship package? Please give your valuable feedback.

    • admin
      | Reply

      Gaining a PhD is an individual research effort, though having a good supervisor can help. Dissertations are assessed by a panel of 3 academics, 2 of whom must be from a different university. So where you get it from doesn’t matter a whole lot.

  34. Albert
    | Reply

    I started the Bachelor in Science, Applied Physics. Maths exam was much more difficult than what we had gone through throughout the course. Many failed the exam, I know because it was discussed in the forum. I also did a computer programming unit (Python and UNIX systems), and if it wasn’t because of the enormous amount of time trying to figure out a solution to the weekly assignments, it would’ve been a disaster. The material provided is delivered in slides.

    Never again.

  35. Jack
    | Reply

    I enrolled at UNE to do the Grad Dip in Psychology.

    I was terribly disappointed in the course, and upset that I wasted money on it. The lectures were all just recordings from another semester, and their appeared to be only 1 person available to actually answer questions on a message board from literally hundreds of students. My questions never got answered and I felt sorry for that lecturer who was given an impossible job. The content is based on the text book, and this is supposed to be the definitive source for the subject. It is almost like if you study psychology there your ‘teacher’ or ‘lecturer’ is really just a book. You have to be self-taught. Sometimes the lecture material didn’t agree with the text book, but I was never able to get clarification on such things. It was confusing and it just seemed like a massive money making exercise. I really disliked it and withdrew. I would never study at UNE again.

  36. Symone Perricone
    | Reply

    A few years ago I completed a Bachelor of Social Science (Social Welfare) at another university (by distance learning). Currently I am studying a Grad Dip in Counselling with UNE (by distance learning). When comparing both universities, I find the subject delivery from UNE is clearer to read and the way it is delivered is in a more organised form. The lecturers are quick to respond and polite and helpful when responding. I haven’t attended residential school yet so I am unable to give an opinion to on campus experience. Overall, My personal experience so far with UNE is a really positive one. I highly recommend UNE.

    • Sarah
      | Reply

      My third degree. My third University. Whilst the lecturers are enthusiastic at times, the online version does not work. They do not answer questions when asked, the information access is difficult to navigate. People do not return your emails or phone calls.
      If you want more than a pass mark you will struggle to get the help you are paying for to get the help you need.
      I agree with the comment below about T3 being very limiting in topics.

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  37. Juliane
    | Reply

    I am currently studying with UNE to obtain an undergraduate law degree. I undertook all units by distance education (from Europe actually).
    I am very happy with my study experience at UNE and whenever I had a question or a problem lecturers and staff would make sure this was solved. Certainly, lecturers are different and some I find more accessible than others but that is the same at every university.
    Comparing this study experience to the ones from Europe I have to say that the staff is much more concerned about its students and helping them out as best (and as much) as they can. I was sometimes amazed at seeing the lecturer go the extra mile to explain something to students in different ways.
    Therefore, I would recommend UNE for distance education.

    • Liz
      | Reply

      Wow so no compulsory on campus days?! That’s awesome! I’m doing a law degree with Macquarie Uni and I’m struggling with their on campus days i mean there is a reason why i chose external right?! And you’re doing this from europe!

  38. Eliza
    | Reply

    Although I love the idea of my actual degree and a few of the lecturers I have had, there is a real failing in UNE. The staff running the university do not listen to their students in my opinion.UNE removed student enterprises from student hands and control the spending of SSAF. All of this was predetermined without any real care to negotiate with students.

    Furthermore, the library system, the new one that replaced the old disastrous SUMMONS system is also a complete catastrophe. As external students no longer have free return postage we rely on the library online resources. Some schools in the uni suffer with cheap subscriptions, especially history, which means that we do not have access to the latest journals. The new library system takes 10 times longer to find a source than ever before. Some of the staff are impatient to those students simply trying to navigate their way through this cumbersome system.

    UNE declared off campus students would not have to pay SSAf but failed to say it would mean we would be affected by receiving literally nothing from them; no return postage on books, limited help with the library, no calendars, etc. Add that to the fact we also get next to no lectures, at least in my school, no tutorials and only limited unit notes, along with very little interaction with lecturers as a general rule.

    The history department rarely if ever lectures for any of its units. Many units are only offered on a two year basis which drags out your degree. Units offered over T3 are a joke, with almost no good choices.

    For a university that prides itself on the delivery of distance education, as an external student, I feel completely let down. Such a shame as the uni held such promise. I would recommend going elsewhere as UNE is too stuck in its ways to change and will not listen to its students.

  39. Lara
    | Reply

    Commencing 2nd year of Ma Arts. I work pretty much full time running a small business so can only manage to study 2 or 3 units per annum. UNE is my first experience of distance ed / online study. I loved it. Yes…it was disappointing to realise that the lectures in my second unit were all pre recorded. First unit lectures were live and undertaken by the most amazing young lecturer (who has I understand left for Monash in 2017 – :-(. ). Nonetheless the live tute sessions one evening a week at 800 pm were great in both the 101 and 102 units. I couldn’t imagine that any Uni is going to please everyone. Misfortune, misunderstandings, unfortunate events, less stellar and vibrant lecturers and less stellar and vibrant fellow students will always challenge. Luck of the draw and what’s going on in our own lives. Blah Blah etc etc. Luv my lecturer for T1 2017 and looking forward to another great year of study.

  40. sarah
    | Reply

    I am currently thinking about attending une in armidale next year to do a bachelor in either agriculture or animal science.
    I am from Wollongong, but was wandering due to previous reviews if this was really a good choice to make.
    Is there a high emphasis on social? and having fun as well as study?

  41. Nadine
    | Reply

    I am studying off-campus currently and I really enjoy the work. Maybe considering some of the other reviews I am lucky in my faculty that the courses are all well organised, thorough, with lots of relevant material and helpful teaching staff.

    I found navigating the moodle site initially difficult but now, as with anything, I’m familiar and it’s easy to know where to find any information I need.

    I’ve really enjoyed studying here and have found all the units extremely relevant to the placements I’ve undertaken. I have also lived locally before and studied as an on-campus student, this experience was different but equally enjoyable.

  42. James
    | Reply

    What an incredibly substandard tertiary education institution! Terrible academics (if you can’t make it as a researcher then you apparently teach at UNE), boring and unengaging subjects and lecturers from overseas that are near on imposssible to understand. Thoroughly disappointing- if you have an option for Christ’s sake study elsewhere!

  43. Tim
    | Reply

    I started a Masters program at UNE which I have to say was very disappointing. The first unit in Roman History was excellent with great feedback and support,. The second unit also in Roman History was very average and seemed to rely on the student doing their own research to make up for course content which was severely lacking.
    The teacher also did not seem to appreciate that external students may not have access to the resources or the time to do the reasearch required to fill in such gaps. While I love research, it should be done to enhance learning not to make up for a lack of content in the unit or poor planning on the part of the teacher.

  44. Oz
    | Reply

    Don’t even bother with this Uni unless you’re an Australian. Because they will discriminate you! They accepted me and offered a place, only to be told that I wan’t welcome there because I’m a Permanent Resident not a Citizen. Staff was so rude!

    Since then I have been offered a place at USQ. Staff are nice and helpful at USQ. Online platform they use at USQ is light years ahead of UNE’s ancient and buggy platform. So if you want a better place to study just forget about UNE. There’s better universities out there!!!

  45. vikein mouradian
    | Reply

    is the LAW COURSE BLAWS AT the university of new england the most mediocre course in Australia? I think so what do you think? In particular the final unit titled legal research and writing acts as obstacle course so as some students are prevented to obtain the B laws degree rather than a learning experience. It is a trick unit designed to filter and weed out students whom UNE does not feel should graduate from the LLB.It is the final act in the gate keeping process for the B laws degree. What do others think? Please let me know. I almost finished the entire course but because I failed LAW 480 UNE refused to graduatre me? I dont hink this is FAIR Remember LAW talks a lot about fairnes. do you think it is fair?

    • Josh
      | Reply

      Really, Is this true?

  46. Chloe
    | Reply

    I am a Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Teaching student at UNE.

    This is a great university, with a well established online system.

    However, I feel there is some false advertising in promoting “shorter degrees” by using Trimester 3 to get units done. Most of the course units are not offered in Trimester 3, so you may only be able to finish 6 months earlier, if that.

    Not only that, but the quality of the Trimester 3 units are poor- prerecorded lectures from a previous trimester, and lecturers constantly citing “the holiday season” for why they haven’t replied to emails/marked assignments/turned up to an online tutorial.

    While individual unit coordinators are often fantastic, the university as a whole is pretty keen on taking your money and then ignoring all you queries or complaints. It can be very frustrating.

    That said, the online presentation of course materials is very well set out. The lecturers are often great, and the Intensive Schools are incredible.

    If you are not fussed over the “shorter degrees” aspect, I would definitely recommend this uni.

  47. Maria
    | Reply

    I am an external student at UNE. I can only comment from that perspective but considering that the majority of the students at UNE are in fact external student, this perspective is important.

    UNE recently promoted that external students would no longer have to pay SSAF, they announced this as though they were giving external students a gift. What they failed to say was in return for not paying SSAF, you will lose your free return postage and free on campus parking during intensive schools while on campus. We are waiting to discover what else we are going to lose. We already do not get tutorials. The audio quality we get in some schools of the university is terrible that is IF the lecture is even recorded. This means that some lectures given to us are years old because recent recordings failed. The library system online is a dinosaur that is both difficult to navigate and almost impossible to find valuable material in. The student counselling service rarely answers their phones.

    The UNESA seem out of touch or lack empathy towards the bulk of their student body and appear to over represent on campus students at the expense of off campus.

    Whilst there are some outstanding lecturers, they seem let down by a failing system. Although I love the actually course I am doing, and some of my lecturers are outstanding, I feel seriously let down by UNE who I don’t believe cares about my success as a student. I don’t feel that they deliver the best quality lectures as far as audio and accessibility in concerned either. They need to improve or risk losing a large income stream. The do not appear to be listening to our concerns at all.

  48. Edward
    | Reply

    I studied online with UNE, so my review is really about distance education only. I visited the Armidale campus a few times and it seemed like a nice enough place though.

    UNE is ranked as the best online university by and I’m not surprised. They have a good online interface and seem to be on top of the technology side of things. The courses I did generally had a clear structure, making it easy to work to a study plan.

    Exams were quite fair, not too easy or too difficult. I did a Masters degree by coursework and the standard was comparable to the bachelor degree I did at UNSW.

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