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The University of Technology Sydney is a metropolitan university formed by the merging of several inner-city education institutions. UTS also has a campus in the northern Sydney district of Kuringgai. It emphasises practice-orientated learning and applies this approach to fields such as business and engineering. If you've studied at UTS, you're invited to rate the student experience and post a review.

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  1. Mark
    | Reply

    My review

    Just try and avoid data structures and algorithms, security fundamentals and networking subjects because they are extremely difficult with large amount of content. I am very lucky I passed these.

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  2. Ram
    | Reply

    Reserach Internship

    I was planning on coming for a 6months reserach internship in CS, but looking at the reviews, I am doubting it. Any suggestions?

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    • N
      | Reply

      Keep in mind I haven’t had any personal experience in CS here, but I have heard that their engineering and IT department is incredibly lackluster. A lot of people have complained about very outdated learning and there have been recent changes that have greatly devalued the education as a whole. Depending on what your other options are, I would consider looking around so you can make the most informed decision. Unless the other options are terrible, from what people tell me I would not rate this one as the best contender.

  3. R
    | Reply

    Not worth it, nothing but frustration

    The complete lack of everything a good university should have is how I would describe UTS.

    Somehow the university has a good reputation, which is what made me excited to join, however, the horrendous infrastructure is astounding. There are almost no support services that are easily accessible to start with and furthermore, the lectures and tutorials are completely garbage content wise. The content is non-existent most of the time and lectures consist of them purely reading straight off slides for an hour. The feedback from assessments are almost always excruciatingly late and at best you are lucky if you receive a full sentence worth of comments. Furthermore, some of the staff are incredibly rude and condescending and this is not helped by the huge population of incomprehensible internationals in the same classes.

    I am praying I can switch to literally any other uni next semester.

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    • R
      | Reply

      I wish I could award less than one star

      I wanted to continue and expand on what I already mentioned earlier.

      To begin with lectures and tutors, if you are lucky enough to have a professor who speaks fluently and in a comprehensible accent (as it is incredibly difficult to understand content or ask questions when your tutor is unable to properly provide adequate education), many of the actual subjects themselves are redundant. For clarification I am a health student and many if not all of my first year subjects have been useless content wise as they are mostly just communications subjects i.e. learning how to communicate with people and what ineffective communication is. This would be okay if all the content across my eight, incredibly expensive, subject had any differentiation, but instead all the subjects have nearly the same content covered and all of it is impractical. S/O to the tutorial which i travelled 3 hours for to watch a 7 minute video on how to wash my hands.

      Moving on to the university itself, there is a very disjointed feeling to them. To start, much of the timetabling is incredibly difficult to navigate so if you don’t get the only good time slot, you are stuck with horrible timetables which consist of either one class, five days a week or staying incredibly late until 6:30-8pm (and this somehow isn’t a safety issue?). The university must assume that you both live on campus and don’t have a job and make no effort to alleviate your concerns. If you are fortunate to make it home alive from these incredibly late classes, you can reflect on how poor the facilities are. Compared to every other university in Sydney, it by far has the worst campus. It is extremely spread out with outdated resources and buildings that are often hard to navigate. Not to mention as it is in the CBD there is no sense of community, rather you’re going to a job that you pay over $10,000 a year for.

      From my friends recounts and reading other reviews I can see I am not the only one who takes great issue with how this university is run. I would avoid it if possible and in a few years I’ll be glad they won’t be allowed to advertise as “the number 1 young uni.” You would think the decent ATAR entry points would be a sign that it is a highly regarded university with leading education opportunities, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. If I had to boil it down, UTS is purely after your money and is more than happy to screw you in the process.

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  4. Abraham
    | Reply

    Not flexible/Poor student life and support

    I received an offer for a Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Laws and have had to move to another institution because of how inflexible the times/classes are. It is a very big campus which requires a lot of walking (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but you will be a little late when you have back to back classes). The classes are separated sometimes meaning for really long days. The quality of teaching is fine, but it is on par with any other uni that is not considered a g08. However, the student support is horrible – I had emailed multiple tutors for help as I am a long distant student (one hour commute) and they don’t care to reply. It can be difficult in terms of communication or if you want extra assistance in content covered in class. It isn’t convenient to pop in to the campus when I need help with a question. In addition, for someone who is working part-time or needs a couple of days off for other commitments, this may be difficult depending on how early you enrol for timetables. It is more so catered for students who want to remain unemployed throughout their degree and want to stay at uni for the whole week. I am at WSU, and so far it is much more convenient, the student lifestyle is vibrant and they have multiple internship/pro-bono opportunities as it is a smaller law school. The lecturers/tutors have personal relationships with students to ensure they are learning and handling the content.

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  5. Larson
    | Reply

    MBA, No. Gaduate diploma in business adinistration, definetly YES.

    I studied in UTS and did the Graduate Diploma in Business Administration. I found that it is better to do the diploma because you learn the essential units that employers want, whereas the MBA includes irrelevant material that you will not use and employers don’t care about. A diploma in business admin is one year FT and far cheaper than an MBA. Also, I did a BA in Notre Dame which was more expensive than doing the same or a Bachelor of Laws course from UNE and the applied psychology and education faculty at Notre Dame was a joke. My advise is don’t waste your money in and MBA or on a bachelor degree from a private university but do something that employers are looking for like an engineering degree (mechanical/software/mechatronics) or do a straight Master of Finance.

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  6. Sally Kennedy
    | Reply


    The advanced Economics Lectures are not delivering the content well! They don’t explain the calculus concepts, or provide any worked examples or online notes or recordings. UTS should look into these fixable issues straight away. Until they do I’m wasting my money and I’ll warn others not to bother.

  7. Nick
    | Reply

    I did MEM, it was a good course. I enjoyed it and I am of the opinion that I received my money worth. Few of the lecturers were outstanding, the rest was good. One was bulling students… but there’s always one! Overall, a good UNI.

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    • Chris
      | Reply


      Hello Nick,
      I am planning of doing and MEM-MBA dual degree at UTS. And I am an international student, with Masters in Technology, and 4 years experience in electronics engineering domain. Do you think the course is worth, and that it would be easy to find a job after the course?

      Thanks in Advance,

  8. Anon
    | Reply

    B Computing Science.

    Hi, I’m planning on doing a Bachelor of Computing Science at UTS next year. What is the course like? How is the quality of teaching? What are the resources like? How easy/hard is employment after/during the degree? How is the course content? What is the timetable like?
    I basically want to k ow everything about the course lol; The good, the bad and the ugly 😉

    • Dave
      | Reply

      UTS is embarrassing and frustrating.

      I’m in my 5th year, part-time, Bachelor of Science in IT and I am consistently disappointed with the quality of the classes. The content is ok but it is taught really poorly with minimal effort put in by the staff.

      The IT infrastructure at UTS is also laughable. They still teach CSS 2 and HTML 4 in the web design because they haven’t upgraded their marking systems. I am doing an Advanced Data Science course this semester and you are expected to bring your own laptop to class because they haven’t installed the correct software.

      There is also often a language barrier if you are a domestic student. Most of the lecturers and tutors are not native English speakers and have strong accents. The lectures can be very poor quality. In my first lecture for Data Visualization, the lecturer spent 30 minutes teaching us Chinese characters because they were “the first infographics”.

      Unless you get the class that the lecturer teaches, your tutor will be unprepared. I did a C course where the tutor was a Java programmer and barely knew what he was talking about.

      There are a few good things. UTS has a lot of after-hours classes and good industry connections so you can easily get a job in the industry while you are still studying. It is also conveniently located and has some nice rooms.

      • J
        | Reply

        Don't do it

        I cannot agree more to this. Their infrastructure is really outdated. They’re definitely not up-to-date with the current. Not only that, did a subject for C#, not only was the tutor incompetent, the assignment isn’t entirely programming related at all. You’d be spending more time trying to figure out mathematical ways to solve the equations than learning how to program. You really don’t learn much if you intend to pursue a new language. You’re better off picking up online courses than learning it via UTS.

        My advice would be, if you plan to enrol into IT courses, don’t do it at UTS. It’s not worth the time and money.

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  9. J
    | Reply

    UTS teaching for data science

    Studying in masters in data science and it’s heavy self learning than teaching. I understand it’s a new field but students are struggling to understand the concepts. Also the workshops are like lectures rushing through.
    I got a subject that only has 4 face to face workshops full day for 14 weeks and that’s it. They said go over and beyond what you learnt to get better marks and pass. How can I do that when student starts just learnt it on the workshop session. It’s like saying build a city of Rome within 24 hours. It’s a joke when you pay money you EXPECT support better than online. That what’s makes uni better

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  10. Akil
    | Reply


    Poor teaching quality. I don’t know how some students were admitted into Law because they are clueless and lazy. Location is easy to get to if you in its proximity. There is a lack of student support and it can be demotivating that there is also a lack of ‘campus life’. I will be transferring to WSU after this semester.

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  11. Anon
    | Reply


    Don’t know why people are giving this Uni a bad review. Bet some of them are UNSW and USYD snobs.

    Sure you will have crappy lecturers and tutors from time to time. Just like every other Uni including the Go8. They are employed because they know their stuff. And trimesters means some subjects do not have mid exams anymore.

    Just think of the benefits:

    -Close to the city so you will have more time doing better things i.e. non-study related stuff
    -Modern facilities
    -Rankings improving
    -Flexible study options with work-study-life balance
    -Clubs and societies that these negative commenters seem to be forgetting to exploit
    -UTS is focused on industry relevance. But it is making an effort to up its global rankings and this is reflected in their past trends. So in 10-20 years time just be grateful you have the chance to attend the institution.

    I do a combined degree in Engineering and Business. And I love UTS.

  12. QUSHAL
    | Reply

    The only good thing about UTS is it’s location. And another may be the fraudulent and sick business mentality that one can learn from the higher authority to shine in life. As an engineering graduate, I have to say that UTS doesn’t know or want to know what is going on in the classes as they appoint any random guy from the street as class lecturers or course coordinators and their retard class assistants/tutors. Except some of the few genius guys (that every other uni has), I have to say it had been a disgusting experience with most of the course teachers. And the most horrible thing is, they do not have enough stuff for course assessment and push international students towards VISA BREACH with a subsequent delay in result publishing. SO AS A VICTIM, I WON’T RECOMMEND uts TO ANYONE EXCEPT THERE IS NO PROBLEM WITH SPENDING YOUR USELESS MONEY.

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  13. Natalie
    | Reply

    I am doing engineering at uts and it is the worst. The trimesters make it horrible, I would never recommend anybody go here for engineering. It feels like I am paying them so I can be miserable. One of my teach has just stopped give lecture and it is now all self learning (expect for a 2 hr tute where we can ask questions). if they rent going to teach me then they don’t deserve to get paid. uni was always hard but this is the next level, I don’t even enjoy waking up any more because all I do is study and I still don’t understand

    • michael
      | Reply

      oh poor you all you do is study, did you think it was going to be a holiday in hawaii , or did you expect to just get the degree handed to you, perhaps your self entitled attitude needs to change

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      • Joe
        | Reply

        Maybe these people are complaining about their lack of education they provide to us students, if we pay so much money, they should provide high quality education and make things more interesting. Its far worse than school.

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  14. Neo Leon
    | Reply

    I want a refund for my Bachelor of Business degree. It is useless.

  15. aarthi
    | Reply

    I did a Bachelor of Commerce at UTS and it was a good experience overall.

  16. Aaron
    | Reply

    I did a Bachelor of Commerce at UTS and it was a good experience overall. The location is very convenient. It’s right in the city, so easy to catch public transport and everything is right there. The teaching quality really depended on the particular lecturer – varied.

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