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CQUniversity (Mackay).

Mackay Campus. Photo credit: CQUniLife

CQUniversity is a regional university based in Rockhampton. It has an extensive network of study centres in Queensland and major Australian cities. They support distance education courses (exams, on-campus sessions, etc). Around half of CQU's students are distance learners. CQU is also popular with international students, who make up more than half the on-campus student body. An appealing point for international students is that CQU sets low tuition fees. If you are a current or former CQU student, you're welcome to post a review.

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  1. Amy Sweet
    | Reply

    Worst Uni Ever

    My time at CQU was absolutely terrible! Their Social Work degree is a joke. They basically give you your readings for the week and so “off you go…go teach yourself”! There’s no recorded lectures, there’s very minimal interaction between lecturers and students, which is a shame because most of them are actually very knowledgeable in their fields. Nursing, sociology and psychology components of the course are usually much better than the SW core subjects, as these units generally have a recorded lecture for that week’s topic, as well as readings and informative videos. I dragged myself through this degree and feel it has been the biggest waste of my time and money. I honestly suggest if you are wanting to study Social Work and are picking CQU based on the fact it’s a distance education uni please please please reconsider and go through somewhere more reputable with better graduation stats.

  2. Anon
    | Reply

    Brisbane campus

    Honestly, there are a lot of problems with this uni but regardless of where you decide to study, there will be problems. I’ve been to other universities (UQ and QUT) and tried to study a range of things. You just need to make sure that you research the university first. They have a lot of distance study that can be a little isolated and make it hard to stay motivated but it does make it flexible for a lot of people.

    Some of the problems with CQU are its available resources and technology, appropriate lecturers and tutors, and some of the assessments.The resources they have are quite limited. Due to their multiple locations and funding, it is a given that they probably don’t have the necessary resources and teaching staff. If anything, they really should cut back on some of their available courses. I remember taking a class at UQ with the same problems though. During our lab pracs, they were quite stingy and the tutors didn’t care at all and the lecturer had a heavy accent so it was super difficult to understand. The tutors at UQ and QUT are pretty much students as well. I’m studying CG91 and the staff here seem nice and have actual experience in the profession. When studying at other universities, I found that most of the staff will not actually care about your result because that is your job!

    After reading through these comments, I agree, if you are studying business, IT, nursing (anything really!), you should definitely aim for a more reputable university as each university will have its own strengths and weaknesses. However, as a student, it is important that we take our education into our own hands because that is what studying means. I found the assessments here to be quite lacking but as long as you are studying the parts that will help you with your future profession, you should be okay. Even after, you graduate, you will be learning. Do your research and if you see the end certification aiding your profession then apply here. If you think it would be better of else where, do it there. Overall, this university is definitely not my first option, just do your research.

  3. Shey
    | Reply

    Seeking help of CQ standards ...

    Hi, Guys.. I feel so horrified to see all comments above CQ. why is that bad. I am to study Graduate diploma in HR management. Can someone plsss tell me how is the Brisbane Campus teaching and etc.

    Highly appreciate your support here.

    • Dianne
      | Reply

      Look elsewhere

      I have experienced this university from the Rockhampton and Brisbane perspectives. The best advice would be to investigate other options in Brisbane, UQ, QUT and Griffith. You would end up with a diploma from a much more highly regarded institution and avoid many of the problems listed here.

      • Stephen
        | Reply

        18 campuses !!!!!!!!!

        I agree with Dianne. Shey and others considering studying in Brisbane should seriously check out options at the reputable institutions. CQU now has campuses in 18 different locations but does not have the necessary resources required to provide good service to the students with so many overheads. I have found UQ and QUT offer good courses and they concentrate on far fewer physical locations.

    • Judy
      | Reply

      Time to rationalise the system and serve the interests of the students

      I think the real problem is that there are just too many universities in Australia and the regional areas could be better served by offerings from the higher quality institutions. As with the CQU example we otherwise end up with attempts to duplicate what is already available in the major centres when there is no need to do this. It all ends up with huge amounts of public money being spent of extra bureaucracies and physical campuses in an era of increasing online delivery.

  4. Sarah
    | Reply

    Medical Sonography

    Hi, I was just wondering if there were any students that have completed the bachelor of medical sonography and graduate diploma through CQU? Or any students completing it now and could give me some feedback. Would it be better to do a health science degree and then the graduate diploma of sonography at QUT instead? Thanks

  5. Hygafloven
    | Reply

    This uni is so unprofessional. One day I went to science class and the teacher’s ballsack was hanging out of his shorts

    • Neville
      | Reply

      Rude lecturer

      I hope you mention this on the course assessment at the end of the term. So rude!!

    • Yeesh
      | Reply

      Jeez, I don’t envy you at all. That sounds like one helluva hairy situation 😕

    • Jessica
      | Reply

      Exposing weakness

      They had to close down their chemistry and physics programs a few years ago. I think this exposes some problems with their biology course as well.

    • Tammy
      | Reply

      Horror Show

      I think I now understand why many of the students in Rockhampton call it the Rocky Horror Show.

  6. Friederike
    | Reply

    semester abroad at CQU

    Hi guys,
    I have just enrolled at CQU for a semester abroad and I am quite worried after reading all the comments on this and other websites. I will take classes on marketing mainly, does anyone have any experience with classes in this field?
    Thanks a lot in advance.

  7. Cam
    | Reply

    Looking to enroll

    I’m hearing a lot of bad reviews here…. have been considering enrolling as a distance Nursing student in the next intake and was really looking forward to it. I’m an Aussie but living away from the country at the moment hence looking to exercise the distance option.

    If its so bad…. how are they not being sued and if not CQU for the degree would anyone be able to provide a viable alternative to distance study of a Nusing degree.

    Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.


    • admin
      | Reply

      You can't study nursing 100% online

      • Cam
        | Reply

        Am not looking to complete 100% of my study online and have the freedom to take time off and head across whenever classes or prac need to be completed.

        I’m looking for the best possible university to study an undergrad distance Nursing degree in. Have been reading a lot of hatefull reviews about other uni’s and their distance courses as well….. starting to nearly look like voting…. picking the least harmfull option.

        Any help, direction or advice in regard to where would be the best option is going to be greatly appreciated.

  8. Heitor D'Avila
    | Reply

    Psychology third year student

    Bahahaha, having looked at different reviews for universities one thing you will realise is that all unis are terrible. Please take all these reviews with a grain of salt. I am studying psychology at cqu and I am loving it. My course is 99% online. Only exception are exams which the uni books a hotel room in my town where the different local students are able to do their exams since we dont have a campus here. I really enjoy how flexible my study experience has been where I am able to work part time and study part time without any problems. It really is up to you to be proactive and make sure you learn all the content, but I have found all the learning material so far very engaging. I have had to work hard since much of the content was challenging but I was able to keep my GPA above 6.5. I highly recommend this uni if you are proactive and need flexibility in your studies.
    The reason this uni is being rated poorly is because many of its courses can be completed online, so it receives a lot of applicants. But unfortunately the dumb minority fails and comes here to have a whine. Hahhaha, cry blood peasants.

    • Cam
      | Reply

      Hi. Re the whining in this thread is there any chance you’ve ran into any distance nursing students?

      Hard to get a guage on the quality of course…. lol especially with the patern forming here.

      Any observations would be appreciated

      • Heitor
        | Reply

        Hi Cam, to be honest I haven’t ran across nursing students since my study method was completely online. So I can only comment about the quality of the psychology program, which was absolutely brilliant so far. If you chose CQU I hope you are enjoying your program as much as I am enjoying mine,

  9. Amair Khan
    | Reply

    Help plz

    Should i go for masters in electrical at cqu ?

  10. Imaan
    | Reply

    Be mindful of how you comment

    Ive recently enrolled into the bachelor of nursing and i find these reviews worrisome. So i skimmed through reviews of other unis and found comparable results. I realised that, statistically, people are more inclined to spout out negative feedback as opposed to positive feedback. Please be careful the feedback you provide. Yes, your experiences were real and clearly there are serious issues the university need to wake up to, but that doesnt negate the fact that such spout-out comments can actually cause more harm than good to those potential students that have very little options, much less to “shop around”. I didnt have the opportunity to do op-rank subjects at high school and havent been able to gain a single qualification since year 12, and barely able to afford car payments and being a single mother thus only TWO gov-funded universities (via online) were suitable enough for my requirements. One lecturer whom iv had the good fortune to meet prior to applying took the time to help me through the process and continues to encourage me during the “jitters” stage. Be more mindful of how you comment.

    • Rach
      | Reply

      Can I ask what you think how they are running bachelor of nursing as I am looking to enroll for next year. Looking at online study.

  11. Anand
    | Reply

    shall i do master in management for engineers course in CQU?. whether it is a good place to start my management studies or not? ..

  12. Joe the Arts Guy
    | Reply

    CQU Good, Bad and Hopefully Not Ugly

    I have studied a few Australian Universities over the years and must say that CQU is good and bad. The good and bad is a reflection on the lecturers themselves as individuals; so some great lecturers who provide learning through progressive activities and other lecturers who have masses of lecture notes and too wide a scope of topics for a term unit. Law units making cartoons and endless multiple choice questions pretty invalid assessment if analyzed by educators. Unfortunately the crappy lecturers cannot be avoided and I doubt CQU reads the student evaluations on units.
    And yes education is a business in Australia and unfortunately not enough Universities have been sued for lack of service etc..
    Also the complaints mechanisms at CQU are flawed; students are wary of being targeted; bias will enter the assessment. Foreign students take your money elsewhere where you get better value and get better service.

  13. Anon Y Mous
    | Reply

    This University is a joke

    Currently studying the Bachelor of Medical Sonography at CQU and all I can say is that the course is a joke. The theoretical component is fine but the practical subjects are designed for you to fail. As many as 3/4 of any given cohort will fail the practical assessments and it seems to be a result of the university’s incompetence in securing placement sites for their students.

    The uni sets you up for failure because their own system is flawed and rather than acknowledging and improving their flaws, they fail students to cover their own shortfalls. The staff have a way of making students feel that if they speak up they will be victimised or black listed in some way. Save your time and money, study elsewhere.

    • Humsolo
      | Reply

      Hi Anon,

      Can you be more specific regarding these comments you made? Can you elaborate and provide specific examples? I am planning to enrol and want to make sure I am making the right decision.

      “As many as 3/4 of any given cohort will fail the practical assessments and it seems to be a result of the university’s incompetence in securing placement sites for their students. ”

      ” The uni sets you up for failure because their own system is flawed and rather than acknowledging and improving their flaws, they fail students to cover their own shortfalls. “

  14. Alex
    | Reply

    I study via distance education and I have not had any problems with CQU (Paramedic Science). I completed my first degree at JCU which was a joke, and so to actually have had course co-ordinators that seem to care about individuals, and lecturers (not all but most) that are passionate about the subjects they teach and the feedback they give, has been refreshing.
    I would 100% recommend CQU to anyone.

    • Imaan
      | Reply

      Thanks :))

      Your comment is very sensible 🙂 i am saying this with gratitude. Thank you. I was initially worried when i read complaint after complaint, but i mamaged to pull my head in about it. 🙂 take care

  15. Momo
    | Reply

    PhD in Management

    Hello, i am a Bangladeshi student planning to do my PhD in Business Management in CQU. Should I apply for the program?

    • Patricia
      | Reply

      Research universities

      Momo – I have studied and worked in several universities in this area in Australia, including CQU. I strongly suggest you apply for one of the well-regarded universities with good research profiles. CQU is not one of these and its research is not highly regarded.

      • Dan
        | Reply

        Not a good choice

        I agree with Patricia. CQU is not a good choice for a research degree in this subject area. Much better to invest your time and money towards a PhD at a better university with well established research credentials.

  16. Ken
    | Reply

    CQU IT

    Hey guys, anyone has good info or feedback regarding bachelor of information technology? How is it compare to other universities? Thanks

    • William
      | Reply

      Studying IT

      Ken – I completed an IT degree at CQU. The standard is poor compared to what is offered at other universities in Australia. I have also completed IT subjects through Coursera, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. These are course given by leading universities in the USA. My advice is stay away from CQU in any technical discipline, especially IT. If you really want to learn at a top ranking university then American universities are by far the best in the IT area, and we can do this though Coursera and it is very well run and cost effective.

  17. Rosco
    | Reply

    Going there soon

    Which campus are better for study ….brisbane or sudney

    • Leo
      | Reply

      Some advice

      Be kind to yourself and stay away from CQU. Just read the comments on this site. There are some very good universities in Brisbane and Sydney, but CQU is definitely not in that group. Completion rates are very low – only about 40% and the qualification you would get is of doubtful benefit as the reputation is poor amonst employers and other universities

  18. Tiffany
    | Reply

    Poor academic standards

    I agree that there is a poor attitude towards the students at CQU . This in part explains the very low rate of completion of degrees. I have experience of CQU as both a student and as a junior staff member. The staff at lower levels get bullied a lot. Overall problem is that there is not much reason for these regional universities to exist at all in Australia. Better to just have fewer good universities and these could provide a regional presence where required. This would reduce costs and improve standards.

    • Anonymous
      | Reply


      Hi Tiffany, I have not studied with CQU but with JCU and CSU that are also regional and I agree. There are too many universities and students effectively fall for marketing that is not regulated and false to a large degree. TEQSA do not regulate that part and they are powerless, the Minister is trying to performance manage the unis but the left and Xenophon’s team are not seeing the forest for the trees that is how they created a ‘demand driven system’ without any real competition and consumer rights for students as ACCC is still reluctant to look at public universities at all. It’s a system designed to screw over the most powerless in this equation – the students, who end up with the debt that affects their ability to get a mortgage etc…. while the right are screaming it’s a ‘taxpayers’ debt’ – it’s an unbelievable joke, there is no other sector than public higher education that can get away with something like that. Students need to realise that academia is not their friend but a business making money on them and start advocating for their consumer rights as they would with any other service if they were spending over $20,000 on.

    • Michael
      | Reply

      Wake up

      Your comments are very narrow and totally judgement based. I study at CQU and find it better than my other university I attend on campus.

      Reasons for many not completing a degree is online universities have majority older students that look to change careers and 1 or 2 semesters in they change their mind or realise cost v timeline it is not worth it.
      Staff at all levels get bullied if you get told bullying is being told what to do. Their are chiefs and Indians. Indians do what they are told and that is that. If the Indian doesn’t like it they can move to the next camp!!

      Again Tiffany I don’t think you grasp what a business is and that no regional university means Australia becomes very centralised and hard to select a degree that city folk can. Every university is a seperate entity and by closing down one business does not mean better universities else where. I feel you fail to grasp many principles in life that are required to make some of the judgements you are making.
      Maybe you think it is ok to limit the options for citizens outside major cities, but I would dare say they disagree with you, as do I. Most likely the majority of Australia does!

      Your comment detract from what you are trying to say. Next time look at how you

      I am doing a Law Degree at CQU. I am also doing a business degree at an on campus major university. I have done law units at both and hands down CQU is better. I am being taught Criminal Law by a lawyer who is in court every day dealing with these issues, not an academic that never practised but has theoretical knowledge never tested.

      You sound more like a person with sour grapes venting. The internet was not designed for acts like this, however it ended up this way.

      In essence to marketing of a degree, I found that one of the biggest universities in Australia did the same thing. So it is across the board and subjective to interpretation.

      I rate CQU highly.

      • Imaan
        | Reply

        THANK YOU, michael :)

        THANK YOU. Your comment gave me hope. I am not in the best position to “shop around”, much less study on-campus. Thank you so much, michael 🙂

  19. menuja
    | Reply

    i am hoping to do a PhD in microbiology or ecotoxicology at queensland uni. can anyone give opinions regarding the course and facilities.

    • Cindy
      | Reply

      PhD research programs

      If you want to do a PhD in these areas you should apply to the University of Queensland or QUT. CQU is poorly equipped for laborator- based research and the technical; support staff is poor. Also be sure to check out the publication record of any prospective supervisors. Often the senior staff at regional universities have poor publication records or just slap their names as authors on other people’s research. Do yourself a big favour and apply to one of the proper universities before investing years of your time in a PhD.

  20. Victor
    | Reply

    I did not have a pleasant time there as a research student. The laboratories are poorly equipped and technical staff not helpful. I understand why such a high proportion of students never complete their degrees or diplomas. I would advise prospective students to be very careful and look elsewhere. Good universities in Australia have completion rates between 80% and 90%.

  21. Hannah
    | Reply

    I agree with the comments about the disregard for student complaints or suggestions. This university has the worst record in Australia for course completions – only about 40%. Something is seriously wrong.

  22. Neville
    | Reply

    Stay away! There are much better distance education courses available in most subjects.

  23. Aaron
    | Reply

    Completed Exercise degree and the course was very well run and organised. I have studied at other universities and CQU is the best

  24. Osama
    | Reply

    Is CQU really that bad as the students describe it to be? I plan on joining the Master of Engineering Management in mid of 2018. Should I really consider CQU as an option? Can someone please guide me regarding this because it’s a life-changing decision. Thank you! 🙂

    • JustanAusGuy
      | Reply

      Run away from CQU! Worst uni.

      Osama, CQU REALLY is that bad. I started in a started in a small class to begin with as CQU’s reputation isn’t great, by the 3rd year there was 1 person going into the Masters, everyone else had left. I wouldn’t go back to CQU if they paid me (and I did get some scholarships) it is THAT bad.

      Engineering, 100% go to RMIT, they have a fantastic Engineering department and course, perhaps even the best in Australia.

      The main issue CQU has is they just do not listen to students. They ask for your feedback then constantly ignore it. When issues arise and you try to resolve them, they get covered up and the teach or the university is NEVER at fault even with mountains of evidence. Appeals go no where, the university is always found in favour. Just do yourself a favour and run as far away from this hell hole as you can.

      A report at the beginning of this year CQU got the 2nd worst uni in Australia for students finishing their course (42.5%).

  25. Nepoleon Dynamite
    | Reply

    Don't waist your time & money at CQU

    I’m currently enrolled in the sonography degree, CG91. I have found the experience disappointing, to put it mildly.
    I would not recommend this degree to anyone. From this years students 54 failed out 115 students. This is not an indication of the quality of the students, the ATAR cut off sits in the 90’s, so defiantly some smart cookies!
    The issue lies with the Uni, they are unable to secure enough placements for us, in fact they told us they currently only have 2 places secured in NSW. In previous years, some students only received 2 days notice & were sent out of state. It’s not easy paying for last minute flights and accommodation on a students wage, god forbid you have any responsibilities at home!
    There often errors in course work, exams, & online quizzes. When the tutors are informed, they say they don’t have time to fix it.
    The support from tutors is reasonably good, however they are at the the mercy of the course coordinators and cannot save you from the sole destroying group emails we receive.
    I highly recommend you keep on looking for another uni & degree!

    • grammar guru
      | Reply

      If they all come out with your level of English, you might be right.
      My experience of being a student at cqu has been very different.

      • Sally
        | Reply

        I agree with grammar guru. This is my second degree with CQUniversity after a 15 year gap and am finding this degree, in the allied health industry, to be professionally organised and instructed. Everyone has different experiences, as with anything that is important and difficult in life, and you must have both sides to make a informed and correct decision. I know that there are many students who have not had the same experience as myself and for them I am saddened.

  26. Mrs lady
    | Reply

    I regret accepting CQU

    Don’t bother. Waste of time and money.
    Distance ed is pathetic. They babble on about being there for the student. Offer tutors learning support. They’re after Money.

  27. Jamie Landa
    | Reply

    This university sucks! Lecturers don’t get back to you. I have an issue with. You will learn nothing and this uni wont help you reach your potential at all no fee 4 service with this mob.

  28. CQU student
    | Reply

    I enrolled to study my Bachelor of Nursing with CQU via distance as the course program looked the best of all options. I would NOT recommend anyone study with CQU via distance education, as it has been nothing but a nightmare for me, throughout the entire degree. I have to agree with other reviews regarding unsatisfactory lecturers as so far I have had 20 lecturers and I can honestly say that only 2 of these have conducted themselves in a professional manner. I have experienced lecturers writing that they will not answer any more questions from students on unit forums and literally refusing to do so, instead of acknowledging that is the majority of your students are seeking clarification then clearly the instructions provided are NOT adequate. At the last residential school I attended I was absolutely astounded when a lecturer told the entire class “Out of all of you there is 20% I would never want to work with!” What does that say about CQU and the nursing program they are running? The audacity of this comment still makes me fume, as this would have had an adverse effect on many of the students, however many had already come to the conclusion that this lecturer was ‘that nurse’, when the lecturer delivered a speech about ‘that nurse’ earlier on in the residential school – ‘that nurse’ being that awful nurse that needs their ego stroked the entire time, playing mind games and belittling anyone below their rank…
    I am now in the process of completing my final units and for one of them I still have not received the due dates for several assessments, this is despite the unit finishing October 6th 2017 and having sent 3 or more requests asking for due dates. Other lecturers give an assessment and then change the criteria a week before the assessment is due, or post information on the forum sites regarding assessments that they do not pass onto to the markers, so students are marked down even though they have followed the criteria set by the lecturer…
    I also have to honestly agree with the comments about complaints, as I too experienced my grades suffering after I lodged a complaint going from a GPA of 6.5 down to 5.25% in the space of a semester!!!! My complaint was lodged with the head of the nursing program, who although advising me that the issue would be looked into, never received a response.
    I will be lodging a formal complaint with the ombudsman post my degree, however have learnt the hard way not to complain whilst still undertaking the degree.
    The online systems are unreliable, many times links do not work or you are redirected to the wrong page and CQU could not even provide correct up to date relevant information to students due to graduate and the processes they would need to undertake. Clinical placement materials provided by CQU are absolutely embarrassing to take out with you to health care settings, being so unprofessional that skills are listed on a photocopied piece of paper that does not even meet compliance of an RTO 0- eg. no student names or numbers on them just a photocopy anyone could pick up anywhere and this is after the students were made to purchase a textbook that in 2nd year we were told we will not be using anymore and then in 3rd year all of sudden we need it again, however as we were told we were not using it students did not have it signed and the university refused to sign it, therefore making the students appear incompetent.
    I am not sure what I am more relieved about… finishing my degree OR never having to deal with CQU again!

  29. Michael
    | Reply

    I moved to CQU from another university and hope that it would be better. But I am so disappointed. Most of teachers in Accounting course are terrible. Their English is too bad for students to understand what they are teaching. My recent teacher now in Auditing subject prepared nothing for lecture and tutor. I need to show her what the new book is and where the assignments are located. Some teachers cannot answer student about lecture. They just read through powerpoints.
    However, teachers in mathematics and IT courses are much better. Unlucky, that is not my major.

  30. Barb
    | Reply

    Psychology – Quality of teaching very poor by some lecturers. Flex lectures are recycled and may be 3 years old (9 semesters). Lectures do not align with tutorials. Online exam information from recycled lectures is not accurate which means you may attempt to sit for an online test at a nonscheduled time (as I did). Exam study suggestions are not accurate (recycled lectures), suggested topics not on exam. No exam, assignment moderation between lecturers. Querying an assessment results in considerable down grading of your mark. You will be unable to access your completed script, exam questions and expected student responses. Absolutely lacking in transparency. Critical offers sent to nonexistent emails, no apologies and no attempt to rectify error. A questionable uni culture. I have studied at other unis for other quals, this is not a university I would recommend. Invest your future and money in a university that cares, provides recent lectures/tutorials, is transparent and will attempt to resolve and rectify their errors. I’m Brisbane based.

  31. Sunny Girl
    | Reply

    I really have enjoyed studying by distance with this uni and found the learning materials great and lecturers really helpful. I have worked hard to achieve a good GPA and am looking forward to studying honours next year for my psych degree. I have accessed both the Noosa and Brisbane campuses and found them to be great work spaces to study and do exams. I have also been involved with other so-called ‘more prestigious’ universities and have found that CQU is equal to these in the ability to receive a great education.

  32. Channesse
    | Reply


    I have tried the Bachelor of Science (Chiropractic).

    There are a few (maybe 2, from other departments) teachers that are awesome, unfortunately that’s not enough.
    But not only is it a struggle with many teachers, distressing, disappointing and unfair, but if you try to go higher and get some support you hit deaf ears.
    It is always the students fault, even if several campuses fail the subject… this system is a disaster and studying there not worth my time and I would highly recommend to go to almost any other university.

  33. Dallas
    | Reply

    I’ve studied at 2 other universities off campus, and completed my Master of Letters at CQ University. The experience was on par with those other universities, and in some cases even better. Lecturers were easy to contact and responded efficiently. Really, it’s what you put into it that counts, not what you expect to get out of it.

  34. Ach
    | Reply

    How’s CQU Brisbane Campus guys? need to hear your comments and feedback about the campus.

    Appreciate it!

  35. Carrie
    | Reply

    My experience with CQU was excellent. My lecturers were highly qualified, experienced and provided detailed and meaningful feedback to my assignments. My lecturers were also highly responsive to my queries, with most questions answered within a number of hours – sometimes within minutes. My program advisor was always on hand to help with any concerns regarding course enrolments, etc. The online interface for learning was easy to navigate and the content for my courses was always current. I can’t speak more highly of this university and I plan to apply here to complete my post graduate qualifications.

  36. Bobby
    | Reply

    Stay away! Better to invest your money on some Coursera subjects if you want good distance education. Or else relocate and go somewhere in Australia where there are much better standards.

  37. Anotheraussieguy
    | Reply

    I couldn’t agree more! The lecturers are the WORST. When more than half the class fails across MULTIPLE subjects in my degree and they continue to blame students it is an absolute joke.

    You appeal and they side with the teachers even though you have proof.

    I’d URGE anyone to reconsider going here. Don’t give this terrible university anymore money!

    I’d give it LESS than zero stars if I could. This is the worst university in Australia.

  38. GG
    | Reply

    I studied psychological science through this particular university and thoroughly enjoyed it. Besides one incident with a certain lecturer, I was extremely happy with how the content was delivered and how knowledgeable the lecturers were. Would highly recommend!

  39. Jenna
    | Reply

    Lecturers are lazy and dont care
    Courses are unorganised. Clinical procedures made up and changed half way through semesters
    Technical staff are lazy- just sit in the lab checking their phones and talking about their babies poo.
    Library hours very limited
    Only one computer lab – not worth going to
    Exam adjudicators always have mobile phones ringing during exam (If ours are on silent so should theirS!)

  40. Dave Swain
    | Reply

    I had such a laugh while at CQU. They had a terrible technician there who actually thought you could smell helium gas. One day she ordered the labs closed down as she could smell the helium escaping!!! Don.t expect too much if you want to study science there,

  41. Steve V
    | Reply

    This university is so bad!!!
    Believe what you read, the lecturers are the worst and couldn’t care less about you getting a good grade. You send them an email and wait a week for a reply and then it is a sentence or less which just says, go back through the textbook and figure it out yourself.
    The course materials for online MBA students is literally a textbook and then free YouTube videos. You watch a 60 second clip on YouTube and then they say things like see how well Danny Divito delivered that speech in this movie? There is a lot of things you can take from this clip and that is how you should communicate with your team – be motivational like him!
    FOR AN MBA IT IS ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC! I showed friends who are going to UQ and they literally laughed at how bad what they teach is.
    They don’t even put the lectures or tutes online – how the hell can you learn if you never see or hear a teacher and have never seen or attended a class?! I studied part time for just over a year before making the switch. My new uni is cheaper and is FAR better!
    Do yourself a favour and stay away from this place – I agree with other posts, this place should be shut down! Its business school is an embarrassment!

  42. Ozbloke35
    | Reply

    If I could rate lower I would.

    The amount of times I’ve put in the hard work, just to get bad results at the end at exam time, simply because the teachers have no idea how to prep you properly for the exam is beyond a joke. They expect answers they have not given you or taught you and simply ignore your emails for a week or longer each time.

    It is a sad state of affairs when the majority of the class are getting poor results so you know it is the teacher / course coordinator, yet this is ignored.

    Avoid this university at all costs.

  43. Ali Khan
    | Reply

    Pathetic university with no real technology to support your studies and bad quality teaching. Stay away if you want anything at all from your education. They are expensive as well, I paid $2,610 per course for 16 courses of the program and by far short in terms of value for money. There technology goes down randomly including printers and elevators that can cause you to get late to exams and then pay for the entire course again with as the say “NO EXCEPTIONS”.

  44. Sara Wood
    | Reply

    Arguably the most abysmal excuse of a university. Having temporarily transferred from QUT due to relocation where my GPA sat at 6.7 and already holding an honours degree at another university, I have never seen anything as disgraceful as CQU. For the sake of a review, there are some lecturers and tutors at this university that are completely illiterate and simply do not know their pathophysiology (I’m talking Nursing here). Their assignment feedback is riddled with incorrect spelling corrections, and their pathophysiology is often copied verbatim from wikipedia. Originally considered transferring to this university due to relocation purposes, but will definitely not be doing this now. I strongly DO NOT recommend this university. QUT all the way – quality tuition guaranteed.

  45. Linda Steven
    | Reply

    I completed a Bachelor Multimedia Studies by distance at CQU in 2008 and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
    I found the tutors supportive and the courses very interesting and some quite challenging.
    I feel as a distance student you do need to have more self motivation than on campus students. Some subjects in this degree such as 3-D animation require you to learn very complex software, so having some previous exposure and a passion for this kind of thing helps. I suspect some low student satisfaction ratings may be due to such challenges. I found the ability to work when I felt like it overcame any other issues.

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