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University of Queensland, graduation day.

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The University of Queensland is Brisbane's most prestigious university. It's based at the suburb of St Lucia, set against the banks of the Brisbane River not far from the city centre. UQ is often ranked as one of Australia's best research universities. Course quality is generally good according to graduate surveys. If you are a UQ graduate or student, you're invited to rate UQ and post a review.

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  1. Sally
    | Reply


    I studied a Bachelor of Communication at UQ part time over a LONG time (2006 – 2013). The sandstone cloistered main sections of St Lucia campus are indeed beautiful, inspiring and Hogwarts-y. Clubs & Societies are abundant, the uni bar was a cheap and casual place to hang out, the Duhig library (the main HASS library) was great, and many of the subjects and lecturers/tutors were excellent (and many were not).

    Now that I live in Victoria, I feel like my degree holds some sandstone university prestige, in the way that Unimelb and ANU degrees do, without real merit. A beautiful place to study (but painful location for most of Brisbanites), but just a bit of a meh dinosaur university in some regards.

    • Sally
      | Reply

      Also I find the comments about grading kind of unfounded (at least at a university-wide level), as I received many 7s throughout my degree (and have zero network/neoptism affiliations).

  2. Sarah
    | Reply

    Caroline's an idiot

    Caroline, I work at UQ and have processed grades in many Schools. Has it occurred to you that your work may actually not be worth a 7?? There are many students who get just under 85% and there are many who get over 85% If you are unhappy with a grade, there are processes in place to review your work and apply for a remark. If you address and satisfy the remark criteria your work will be remarked by a second marker. If your grade comes back under a 7 there may be a reason fur this ! I administer this process and can tell you, many students are successful in having a piece of assessment remarked and a final grade changed. You are talking rubbish and sounding just like a student who didn’t get the grade they wanted and can’t be bothered following the re-mark procedure. All grade distributiobs are reviewed by the HoS, the process is rigourous, and yes, the turn around time is quick because it has to be, course enrolments can exceed 1000, we have a grand total of 2 weeks to get the papers marked and grades uploaded.. You have no idea.

    • Ahmed Muhammad Lee
      | Reply

      A dose of truth.

      It is common at UQ for staff to respond aggressively to criticism, it is a part of the culture. It is also common for a different grade structure for overseas students in comparison to local students. This is in reality a multi-million dollars business that has a vested interest in attracting overseas students. For example any comments criticizing China for it’s aggressive military expansion in the south China Sea are quickly slapped down in fear of offending Chinese students. Any conservative comments are slapped down, any comments debunking the established left wing doctrine of staff are slapped down. For a institution that purports to champion diversity any divergent comments are quickly attacked. Want to attend UQ, make sure you are a good little communist first. It is very possible that grades for high achieving local students are artificially kept low to give room on the normal curve for overseas High Fee paying students.

  3. Ruby
    | Reply

    UQ Gatton is better than St. Lucia

  4. Tom Phillips
    | Reply

    UQ has a very big campus, with very nice gardens.
    However when it comes to the buildings a lot of them have fixtures and amenities that seem like they’re from the 1970s. In other words a lot of there rooms are old fashioned, but not the good kind of old fashioned.
    The university created it’s own company for printing called coop, which exists to sell overpriced course booklets with a plastic binder- something like 17$- that you could most likely print off yourself at a normal printer for 5$.
    Then there’s the bookshop where you can find other books and textbooks that are bruited by the lecturers, mainly because they co-wrote them and want you to buy their book.
    You must be very careful when it comes to borrowing books, because if the book you borrowed gets recalled and you don’t check your emails the library will reduce the time you can borrow it, and if it is past 7 days after the altered due date then you will incur an obligatory 20$ ‘processing fee’. In other words UQ is trying to bleed you of everything you are worth by any means necessary, while supplying some very talented, and at other times mediocre teaching staff; well from my experience anyway.

  5. Craig
    | Reply

    Yes Caroline you are right. I worked in the Engineering School a few years ago. After marking all the exams i was summoned by the Dean who was demanding to know why Jenkins only had a 6 grade instead of 7. This fellow had not remarked the exams, and he thought I must be very ignorant not to know that Jenkins always gets a 7. He changed the marks accordingly and I did not work there again. Corrupt.

    • Ahmed Muhammad Lee
      | Reply


      So someone disagrees with you and that makes them clearly corrupt? You certainly sound like UQ staff.

      • Jade
        | Reply

        Your comments are extremely cynical, biased and aggressive, which makes them extremely unreliable. Thank you and I will ignore them all.

        PS: It’s pretty funny to see you label everyone you dislike a UQ staff and leave one-star in literally every comment. That’s some spirit. Also, a good little communist? As a Chinese, I’m glad I am only a socialist and still get admitted.

  6. peter
    | Reply

    Yes, UQ has certainly had a few scandals in recent years. Two of the senior staff at the medical school got 2 year jail sentences for falsifying research results.

  7. Jimmy
    | Reply

    Caroline – don’t you realize that the upgraded grades are reserved for the special few. The Vice Chancellor’s daughter got a special upgraded grade a few years ago so she could get into medical school. Sweep it all under the carpet!!!

  8. Ella
    | Reply

    I attended UQ for two years and recently deferred my studies but I’ve decided to return this year. From my experience during those two years I loved campus life and the clubs within the university, the university has amazing facilities and I loved going on exchange to New York. My teachers have always been well informed though many don’t seem particularly passionate about what they teach.

  9. Caroline
    | Reply

    Very bad experience at this university, and I have been studying for 6 year, have two Master’s and one Bachelor’s degree, studying both in Australia and in Sweden. I have never seen a less organized grading system anywhere and as a student you feel less empowered. Students have no control or say in their grading and it is done last minute, so when the final grade comes out the student has to go through hell and back to try and change a grade. Which seems impossible.

    I have talked to so many students that end up with 83-84/100 for their final grade, including myself, leaving us standing with one or two points under the highest mark for the course (with no reasonable explanation, as the rest of the assignments get the highest mark). It is too much of a coincidence to believe that we always happen to get just below the line and the fact that this happens so often seems to suggest that it happens on purpose. The teachers must be getting paid and taught to never give high grades or 10/10, which is shocking because it is such a high ranked University and it seems very petty. At least talking to the teachers usually means you have some influence and can meet on common ground, but not here. I would never recommend this university.

    • Ahmed Muhammad Lee
      | Reply

      Stastically impossible.

      Absolutely correct, my recent grading in one course, 4 pieces of assessment. 83.5%, 83%, 83%, 85%, giving me a total grade of 84% overall. The feedback on the work did not give any real reasons for this type of grading. I will be appealing and asking for a remark on every piece of work.

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