University of the Sunshine Coast

University of the Sunshine Coast.

The University of the Sunshine Coast is a small university located in a central part of the Sunshine Coast district. It was established in 1996. If you've studied at USC, feel free to share your experiences by rating and reviewing the university as a place to study.

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  1. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Fantastic staff. Greedy management.

    I study Creative Industries at USC and absolutely love it. The faculty are incredible and supportive and the courses are great. The only negative is that the management seem to only care about money. The arts/creative industries hardly get any funding. They don’t even have a performing arts theatre, and yet there’s two multimillion-dollar sports stadiums. Students are learning in demountable classrooms, meanwhile they are building the brand new Moreton Bay campus. Sessional staff are exploited and disposed of, and face-to-face contact is constantly being reduced to save money. I love USC and am heartbroken to see this happening.

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  2. Julian
    | Reply

    Can’t agree with the other comments. I had a great year at USC as an international student. The support by lecturers and tutors was very helpful and the courses were organized. Can’t complain about anything.

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  3. Lyn
    | Reply

    I agree with all the above comments. Great staff at the front office, lots of information but that’s where it stopped. Student Support Services didn’t seem to understand student needs and there answer to everything was study part time.
    A whole semester in a small group and the lecturer still had no idea who I was. Would be nice if the lecturers could stay on task. Perhaps it was just the campus I was on. A very lonely experience.

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  4. Zoe
    | Reply

    Go somewhere else

    Hi guys,

    Sadly I would say go somewhere else!! I am in the new nursing degree and can only speak for this area obviously. But I have had way too many let downs and supportless, confusing, unorganised and totally all over the place courses! They make the already massive workload twice as big via things like unaccessible resources (readings, books etc) and then expect you to figure out on your own what you shoudl be reading and learning without much guidance at all!

    Don’t expect much help from the student support services either, they make it sound like you have good support, then bail when you really need them!

    Not must of a learning experience, more of a stressful time wasting experience! I am getting through what I can this year and moving back to NZ to go to a MUCH better nursing degree there next year!

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  5. Anik
    | Reply

    no support from lecturers instead of guiding they start putting blame on you, had a really bad experience in Sydney campus (ATMC) feels like i wasted my time and money.

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  6. Nikky
    | Reply

    Hi guys
    I don’t recommend this uni for international students, specific for the science major.
    During last semester I was completely alone. All students were native and they ignored me. it such a pain if you have team work.

  7. krissi
    | Reply

    USC has great facilities and teachers are generally nice, my advice is, don’t expect to come out of any QLD TAFE and think you are uni ready.
    Tafe does not equip students for uni academically.
    I found this uni very supportive but I found the Blackboard online learning program just useless and extremely frustrating to the point I couldn’t even submit work n then failed because of the program failure rather then my own merits. again very frustrating.

  8. john
    | Reply

    Into my second semester now, the courses are unorganised and too many lecturers are unprofessional. Would suggest another university..

  9. Adam
    | Reply

    Overall, my experience whilst attending this University was very disappointing and would recommend anyone I know to choose somewhere else. The only positive was it’s location on the Sunshine Coast.

    • hashir
      | Reply

      hi bro.i want to study electrical engineering in usc,why dont you recommend it.plz guide in detail.i shall very thankful to you.

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