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Torrens University Australia, Adelaide.

Torrens University Australia, a private institution in the Laureate International Universities network, offers postgraduate and undergraduate degrees. Known for its online study options and study centres in Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, the university provides a flexible learning environment.

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  1. Sophia
    | Reply

    Hopeless DONT DO IT

    The Management Team in Counselling is pathetic hahahaha. The Director is the most unprofessional person I have encountered

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  2. Kk
    | Reply

    Worst university

    Worst university ever seen ….
    Avoid it

  3. Shilpa
    | Reply

    Disappointing comments!

    I am so sad to read these comments.
    I am lecturing at this university for the past 8 years. I know how lenient I have been while marking students’ coursework. If I had strictly followed the marking criteria, 70% of students would have failed. But, I always help students by just putting the marking criteria aside and awarding them high marks. In my 8 years career, I don’t have a single student getting a fail grade from me (if they submitted all assignments by the given deadline and they did not have any AI conviction).
    The problem is that students consider themselves customers. They always think that once they have paid the fee, they should get the degree. Come on, you are not buying the degree, you need to earn it!

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    • Julie
      | Reply

      if you’re bragging about passing sub standard student you are proving the University substandard. I you really that stupid?

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  4. Kieran Forsyth
    | Reply


    Nothing more than a bunch of leeches, poor educators despite their graduation rates, if you pay you pass. You don’t even need to know English that well, even though visas are granted based on academic ability, this school will help you around this hurdle, just ask their recruiters in India and Southeast Asia. Lecturers make sexual advances on students (this happened at least 3 times when I was there, covered up) they have a lot of skeletons in their closets.
    Ruining the reputations of Australian universities and lowering the standards of Australian education standards

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  5. Why
    | Reply

    Run run run as fast as you can to another University.

    I have spoken to the higher education department, A Current Affair, channel 9, 7, and 10 news teams; TUA is to be investigated regarding money gouging from international students, gross charging, and the extremely poor graduation rate. It is a different name, but the same people are repeatedly running the place, Careers Australia, all over again; they left students wondering, and so will TUA. If you are at this university, start looking elsewhere as soon as possible.

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  6. Finished with TUA
    | Reply

    Exercise independent judgment, as numerous reviews delineate analogous narratives.

    In perusing extant reviews, I have judiciously refrained from contributing until the culmination of my academic pursuits. This deliberate reserve stems from prior encounters, as discernible in the reviews, wherein a student’s expression of dissent has historically correlated with a harmful impact on their academic trajectory, potentially resulting in a discouragement tantamount to academic withdrawal.
    In 2015, I enrolled at Careers Australia, subsequently rebranded as Think Education and Torrens University, to pursue an Assistant in Nursing (AIN) qualification in aged care. Subsequently, I was persuaded to undertake the Diploma of Nursing program at Careers Australia in Brisbane. However, the course was abruptly discontinued without prior notice, coinciding with the revelation that the Department of Higher Education and Hex Fee Administration had suspended Higher Education Loan Program (HECS-HELP) fee payments due to an unsatisfactory graduation rate of 14% within the Nursing Department.
    Following a hiatus, the educational oversight of the Diploma program transitioned to Torrens University under the auspices of Think Education. Remarkably, Think Education commenced instruction in the Diploma of Nursing before finalising the accreditation process. Torrens University assumed control of the program, extending its offerings to include a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Despite the ostensibly positive implications of these institutional changes, a discernible incongruity arises from the retention of the same personnel and educators implicated in the circumstances leading to the closure of Careers Australia, specifically, the suboptimal graduation rates. Given the historical challenges associated with academic outcomes, the rationale behind such continuity in staff warrants critical examination.
    Motivated by the prospect of pursuing a bachelor’s degree under the auspices of a scholarship, my assumption that such an award would alleviate financial obligations proved erroneous. My investigation revealed a disconcerting practice wherein confident educators purportedly exploited international students, who were required to remit upfront fees, thereby augmenting their revenue. This was substantiated by the simultaneous failure of two distinct students from disparate countries on charges of plagiarism for an alleged infraction involving a mere eight words within a 1500-word assignment.
    The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic posed a formidable challenge to all stakeholders, necessitating a transition from traditional face-to-face educational modalities to online platforms. However, this shift did not entail a corresponding reduction in tuition fees, despite the absence of utilization of university amenities (TUA time and equipment). Moreover, rather than witnessing a fee reduction, there was an unexpected increment.
    A considerable number of units within the curriculum are elective, distinguishing this course from counterparts in numerous other universities. This characteristic raises concerns about a potential financial exploitation, as students are compelled to undertake subjects unrelated to nursing, and fees are adjusted accordingly.
    Notably, my academic experience was marred by a 2.5% failure on a personal reflective assignment, a punitive measure enforced after completing the placement. This unwarranted setback necessitated the repetition of both the subject and the placement, an occurrence replicated within the same subject under the tutelage of the same educator. Astonishingly, financial implications ensued despite the purported scholarship.
    Communication deficits within the academic institution further exacerbated my academic tribulations. Correspondence from Aphra awaited confirmation of my course completion, while Torrens University Australia (TUA) apprised me of an anticipated 8-week delay in this process. My attempts to seek clarification through three correspondences with the TUA department yielded only automated responses, citing an overwhelming workload and proffering a prospective response timeframe of 7 to 15 days. My initial inquiry, dated October 20, 2023, has yet to elicit a substantive reply as of December 19, 2023.
    Remarkably, the TUA administration took over 11 weeks to convey my course completion to Aphra electronically. This protracted timeline underscores systemic inefficiencies within the administrative apparatus.
    In conclusion, prospective nursing students are advised to exercise discernment in selecting educational institutions, irrespective of the academic tier sought. A thorough exploration of available options is imperative to mitigate the financial and administrative pitfalls encountered in pursuing nursing education.

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  7. Melanie Archer
    | Reply

    Do not go to Torrens University

    Like someone else in this stream – if I could give minus stars I would. Worst administration at a University ever. I had to ask several times for confirmation of information and it took over a month for them to get back to me. They are quick to contact when they thing they are going to sign you up but the minute you do – you are treated like a second rate citizen. They do not reply to emails and you have to prompt them endlessly. They removed a debt for me 30 October and have yet to remove it from the ATO – and upon inquiry as to why this has not been achieved – no reply. Disgusting.

  8. Hatergonnagater
    | Reply

    I am currently a Nursing student and honestly TORRENS IS A SCAM. They are a money making scam company. Torrens have decided to target me and make me repeat a subject from trimester 1 in my trimester 3. They couldn’t find any other excuse so they are trying to repeat students in order to make money so they can suck life.

    Student services are cowards who are useless and can’t do anything well. They all pump each other up.

    Don’t ruin your life and don’t choose Torrens because it will make you want to end your life

    • NoNonsenseNurse
      | Reply

      Would give negative star rating if possible!

      Also a nursing student – withholding my degree because one staff member did not finalize my grade. I asked this to be fixed in August. Was told it was. Followed the avenues and procedures as I was informed to do by senior staff/coordinators, to be told it’s my fault for not following up – WHEN I DID. Graduate program most likely being ripped away from me, career over. Waste of time and money.

      OH – and they can NEVER allocate placements in a timely manner (took an extra 12 months for me to complete the degree because of placements “not being available”, yet other students were out on placement.) Unless you contacted them to ask for placement it was simply forgotten about.

      The staff turnover for educators is high. Contact one person and don’t hear anything back, then I escalated to be told that staff member isn’t there anymore. No clear processes for identifying and mitigating their miscommunication.

      Marks left hanging for months because educators left the uni.

      WASTE OF TIME. NOT WORTH THE MONEY. If I could go back in time and change to a different uni I would have. Biggest regret of my life.

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      • Not happy
        | Reply

        Agree, I was there with you

        I believe we were on the same course at the same time; I, too, have had the same problems: late communication from any staff they have left, if any communication at all, poor education facilities, antiquated course material, and if you question an educator, you will fail that subject.

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    • Glenn Psaltis
      | Reply


      Can totally relate to your comment!


      My wife had been studying Bachelor of Nursing and was falsely accused of using AI without providing a single shred of their findings/accusation.

      Obviously this has had an extreme impact on her mental health and have had no choice to turn to an alternative institution.

      I cannot stress enough to those thinking about enrolling to please please please, consider an alternative institution!

      The GlassDoor reviews online from their own staff members demonstrates there are real problems with this University!

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  9. Sarah
    | Reply

    Go elsewhere!!

    Without a doubt the worst you could get. As others have said, once you are enrolled you may as well forget about speaking to anyone. At present trying to withdraw which was supposed to be by a certain date, however, could not speak to anyone and still waiting for a call. Have called them numerous times but all I get is that my message has been forwarded on and someone will get back to me.

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    • Lund rajpal
      | Reply

      Worst university. They purposely fail students in assignments to earn more money, treating students as cash cows.

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      • Daniel
        | Reply

        I dont think so. I would bet you are just a poor student that cannot put in any effort and expects to get everything for free.

        • Gavi
          | Reply

          I would bet you are a Torrens employee. This is a fact, at least 3 students from each subject fail, specially those that are given in an online method.

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        • Agree
          | Reply


          I enrolled at TUA, culminating in completing a nursing degree. I contend that the university, in its pursuit of financial gains, engages in practices that result in the academic detriment of its students. Empirical observations substantiate the veracity of the allegations, asserting a deliberate and systemic failure on the part of the institution, with a discernible pattern of targeting international students. Moreover, a fundamental shift towards similarly exploitative practices directed at local students becomes apparent once the international student demographic is exhausted.
          A salient illustration of this purported academic malfeasance is exemplified in a personal reflective assessment in which I received an unfavourable grade. After completing said assessment, I sought an impartial evaluation from a head lecturer affiliated with another academic institution. Upon meticulously examining my written submission and the prescribed assessment rubric, the external evaluator proffered a prospective grade of 95%. However, the university in question, TUA, inexplicably assigned a markedly reduced grade of 47.5%, precisely half of the external assessment grade. Significantly, this deviation was rendered devoid of any elucidative commentary or rationale expounding upon the basis for the substantial diminution.
          This contradiction in grading not only prompts concern regarding the impartiality and equitability of the evaluation processes employed by TUA but also underscores a systemic predilection wherein academic integrity appears to be compromised in deference to undisclosed institutional exigencies. Such practices threaten the credibility of the university’s educational milieu and necessitate a comprehensive inquiry into the grading methodologies and procedures at TUA to safeguard transparency, fairness, and fidelity to established academic standards.

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    • Sarah
      | Reply

      Zero rating if I could

      An update from my previous post nearly a month ago. I am still waiting for someone to get back to me from the 17th of July so I can withdraw. Absolutely appalling service. So many phone calls and emails to student services and still no response!!

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  10. HB
    | Reply

    Disgraceful Integrity

    I at first it was just a bunch of disgruntled students however quite literally any website you look at including google reviews there is an extremely high number of bad reviews.
    I am doing an online course and have to repeat a unit due to unprecedented lack of integrity

    I can definitely start by saying I had some very good lecturers who didn’t just “refer to this and that” and send copy pasted emails whenever you asked for help.

    ( this is context can skip if you want)
    I had an issue with an assessment where I was unable to complete it due to many reasons and the assessment itself is poorly designed, and now since this assessment was directly linked to another one I was certain to fail both, the lecturer gave me solutions however I was in contact with him before and after the due date through messaging system in which he gave me solutions but I couldn’t do them, this was all communicated thoroughly and with evidence. Its a long story but I failed the unit because of this I had to speak with lecturer and program director who took more then month.

    the lecturer gave me poor reasoning re-using the solutions he initially gave me even though he didnt offer an extension or say anything after i had communicated with him. He also didn’t confirm that I would have been able to pass the last assessment as I tried using information from assessment 2 (there are 4) and only a few questions related to assessment 2

    i lodged a student complaint with evidence of all the messages and how the lecturers reasoning is invalid clearly proving him wrong it , took 2 months and in their “we promise section” they claim that they will advise me of its progress after 10 days it never happened and guess what the response was?

    Denied and the reasoning was almost an exact copy paste of what the lecturer said to me almost as if my form wasn’t even read and to top it off they claimed I hadn’t communicated with lecturer before the due date which is completely false as the evidence i provided shows the communication between me and the lecturer on the system which includes the dates.

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  11. Nat
    | Reply

    Graduate Certificate of Special Education

    I completed 4 units which was for the Graduate Certificate of Special Education and had 3 different lecturers (one of them was the same lecturer for 2 units) and I actually really liked the course. I found it informative and I liked all of the lecturers that I had. They were all very encouraging and very approachable and I did not feel like their were judgemental when I didn’t understand something or required clarification. I was quite happy with this course and the support that I received from them 🙂

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  12. Elizabeth
    | Reply

    I Do NOT recommend

    Torrens university ONLINE were extremely disappointing for me.

    The follow up PRIOR to enrolling is great, helpful, and they promise you the same follow up after you enrol, which will never happen.
    I will start by saying I have graduated, with really high marks, but I’ve also left to go and study with a more professional university for my next degree.

    If you have an issue that requires student support (admin) you will need to follow up constantly to make them do anything…the excuse is always ‘the person that needs to take care of this is on holidays’ this has happened with EVERY inquiry I have ever made.

    The worst part though is the teaching quality. Now there are some great teachers, but there a few that really bring the university down; unprofessional, unorganised and there’s no real structure for how they deal with students, some teachers I thought were learning the material as they read it from the slides…one teacher was so bad that we counted the times she would misunderstand her own content…

    I honestly feel like I got my degree from a cereal box and if I ever went back to recruiting and someone handed me a degree they got from Torrens, I would second guess their knowledge/education on the job.

    I will add that the welfare services are a hit and miss too, some staff have their stuff together and some of them aren’t worth their pay rate.

    I do not recommend Torrens online!

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  13. Kat
    | Reply

    Best Admission Team ever!

    Torrens care, they do. From my very first phone enquiry, Open House and even late application, they were there to listen to me and do something about my situation. Other universities literally ignored me and did not even listen to what I have to say. But Torrens University Australia really asked about what I need, what my goals and dreams were, and they reached out to me, communicating even on a Saturday or Sunday (unbelievable, right?!) just to address my concerns and requests.

    Special shout out to Mr Marcos de Araujo of the International Business Development Team, he raised the bar of satisfactory client service. He went through all the troubles just to help me out and really pushed to obtaining my requests. He was very kind and sincere to accommodate my requests and is very happy to extend extra effort and time just to achieve what we need to do. He is like an angel helping students! Thanks heaps to you Mr Marcos!!!

    Shout out also to Mr Adam of Admissions Teams, because of his friendly attitude, I attended the Open House, and I was convinced that TUA will be the best university for me.

    I know some students did experience some unpleasant things with this uni, but I am excited to start my new journey with this amazing university. My experience has been so lovely, and I truly believe that there has been some divine intervention leading me towards this institution. I know that my years with them will be happy and productive, and I look forward for more years of partnership with you. As their motto would say, “Love what you do”, I truly believe that the whole team embodies that. Kudos to the whole team and see you around!

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  14. Patul
    | Reply

    Low Graduation Rate

    Lectures and program directors work unlawfully with unprofessional behaviour, unwilling to cover basic weekly materials and provide support. This Institution only cares about making money from students. Has a low graduation rate for International and domestic students. I don’t recommend Torrens University Australia at all.

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  15. T
    | Reply

    The worst management team I have ever met

    I am currently a student of Torrens and if there is zero rating, I will surely give it. Their student service is very bad and irresponsible and inefficient. They will neglect you once they got your money. No one reply you even you write a hundred of email. They are very expert in ignorance. It is totally inconsistent with what they say before enrolling. There is a coach for you but they will also not help you indeed and everyone say this issue is not applicable to them and not assist you to direct the right person. They always overcharge and never explain this though the inquiry has been sent to the finance team.
    Everything is cheating !!! No support for an international student at all.

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  16. Gary K
    | Reply

    *The best young uni in Australia*

    I studied 2 degrees at Torrens University and absolutely loved it even during Covid online study! I first enrolled in a Grad Diploma in Global Project Management and then moved up to the MA in Global Project Management. This uni really cares about its students…surely there are one or two odd lecturers as you find everywhere, but the majority of the lecturers were amazing! I particularly loved Dr Mo Kader’s classes and he is the best professor in Oceania in my opinion who makes classes so engaging and fun to learn 🙂 You do find students who study and care about building a career, and those who are just there to buy time in the country, as you find everywhere but if you are one of those who cares about your learning, this uni is very supportive!

    I agree that student admin is slow and this was due to remote working and changes in management but the admin staff on campus were always welcoming, kind and went above and beyond! The uni tried to make it fun for us even during online study during Covid-19 and they really listen to student feedback and take it onboard! They offered a lot of support for students during Covid (counselling, wellness week etc)….I even did the WIP (Work in Placement) during my final semester and got to work in a really nice organization with really experienced managers who I am still in touch with until now!
    Yes, Torrens is a young university and does not have a sandstone campus like many Go8 uni’s in Australia but they are a LOT better than many other public funded universities currently! They have smaller class sizes which is better as you get 1-1 attention and interaction in tutorials/group assignments/classes on ground.
    Also bear in mind the fee is a lot more reasonable than the public funded universities for the same quality of education accredited by TEQSA….I truly cherished my time at Torrens Uni and hope to contribute to its success with whatever I learnt at uni!

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  17. Chloe
    | Reply

    Currently studying here and I love it.

    I started with a diploma in Health science part-time during the pandemic 2020. I completed the diploma in 2021 and enrolled in the bachelor’s degree in Health Science. I’m a hybrid student selecting on-campus and online subjects. I’m really impressed with how Torrens provided the course during the pandemic and even more excited about being on campus again. I’ve established connections with lecturers and staff both online and on-campus which has given me so much support including employment opportunities, mentorships, and referees for my resume. I did 5 years’ worth of research before choosing this university and I’m NOT disappointed. I do see room for improvement but only because I see the university growing so fast that, it’s hard to keep up with the demand. I’ve provided feedback to lecturers about extra study sessions as a bonus for harder subjects and I’ve personally seen those actions implicated straight away, for the interest of the students. It’s a great university. I don’t feel like a number, I feel like my opinion matters and I see so many opportunities for my future with all the connections I’m constantly making.

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  18. Bo
    | Reply

    There's good and bad, make you decision based on your own situation

    I’m currently doing MBIS (Master of Business Information Systems at TUA).
    Generally I kinda like the course in terms of subject content and assignment creativity (like interesting case study, making videos, posters, diagrams, etc. for submission instead of writing a whole big essay). Being said that, some subjects which are inclined to theory, concepts or principles do require writings and sometimes the assignment brief is pretty confusing and poorly constructed, which made me have to ask for clarification from lecturer a lot.
    They are all pretty helpful, friendly and some are very enthusiastic in teaching which I really appreciate. However, from my personal experience, some of my classes are taught by the same lecturer, which is not an issue, but i feel like they are not really expertise in that field, some questions we asked they could not provide a proper answer due to being inexperienced.
    Nice, friendly, helpful staffs but I have to say it’s super slow. TUA really needs to work on this.
    Though the campus is small, there are a lot of areas for self-study. I like the booking service room as well so i can have my private area when it comes to group work.
    Definitely much cheaper than other public universities. Understandable, you got what you paid for.
    – TUA have ACS accreditation, so good for IT, IS students.
    – A lot of social events run by the Student Representative Council (free food, free drinks, socializing). Good chance to make friends
    – Useful Career Pathway program, internship connecting for students
    – Mostly students are international students, so introvert or newbies may not be overwhelmed

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  19. S
    | Reply

    Go elsewhere

    There were problems from the start. In the first trimester of online studying, the students weren’t able to submit their assessments. It was after the end of the first trimester that suddenly we were able to submit. That is past the due dates. Then as soon as I was able to try and sign up for the next units (trimester 2), I was informed by the website that I would be automatically enrolled. When it said I wasn’t enrolled, I emailed them. This was before the cut off date. Two weeks after the cut off date for enrolment, they replied and said I was too late to enrol and had to request the trimester off. When I explained what happened, they couldn’t have cared less.

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  20. Ann
    | Reply

    If I could give zero I would.

    I have been a student at a number of universities. Torrens University has to be the worse organisation I have ever had to deal with. I have worked in the education industry for 20 years and never come across a organisation so poorly managed. I feel I have trauma from having to deal with the continual student admin issues.

    1. Fees. If you do a subject it s differently priced depending on if you d it as a grad cert of a masters. A masters costs more. They told me that if I do the grad cert, I cannot raise to the masters or I would need to pay a fee to back pay the fee difference.

    2. student admin and finance. It is a portal of doom. Every subject I spend weeks getting scholarships added, getting holds removed from my emrolment and dealing with the vortex of nothing. I recently submitted a leave of absence for 4 weeks. Student services applied a 12 month one. This led to 6 weeks of continuous dealing to have it removed. 9 weeks later I still have a hold on my account and cannot get a transcript for my employer to reimburse my fees. However, they were kind enough to give me LMS access and send me a new invoice with the wrong fees – AGAIN!!!

    3. I submitted a formal complaint. In their response they tried to use LMS logs to tell me I was incorrect. Once again they were incorrect and had been looking at the wrong yr of enrolment.

    4. Their career coaches are a joke. I made a zoom appointment with my career coach. she was useless. She did not know my degree and could not help me.

    5. Lecturers. Most of the lecturers are ghosts. They set the micro credential subjects up with as much work and as many assignments a semester subject. MOs are lazy with feedback or have token quizzes. It can take weeks to get answers and there is no engagement in the learning. Spend more and go to either Berkley or RMIT and do short courses there.

    6. When they changed student management systems, my name changed. I then had to prove my name was again as per the original ID docs I submitted, plus a name change form.


  21. David
    | Reply

    Good University

    I have just graduated with a Diploma of Counselling and as it was my first time at uni, I found my course to be well structured. The lecturers notes and criticisms on my assignments really helped me improve tremendously. Now I’ve moved onto a Bachelors degree and again the lecturers have proven to be most helpful in their comments on my work leading me to know what I have to do to improve.

    • Lisa
      | Reply

      Hi David,

      I am looking at a few different college/ universities to do what you are doing – diploma then degree. How is it going? Did you look at other places? Why did Torrens win in the end? How is the practical work skills component? Any advice or insight is most welcome.
      Thank you,

  22. Peter Smith
    | Reply

    Test your options, there are good and bad at every university.

    There has been a review about Torrens University placed on this page without my authorisation; this should clarify Torrens University.
    I first joined careers Australia in 2014 to complete a certificate 3 in aged care; I completed this certificate and started work immediately. I was offered a position two days into the placement Careers Australia found for me.
    I started a diploma of Nursing div 2 with Careers Australia in 2016. Unfortunately, Careers Australia closed without notice. Torrens came to the rescue of all students and staff who wanted to stay with Torrens and gave some staff a $1000 bonus to help them while the establishment was closed. Due to p[personal reasons, I was unable to complete the diploma, and I had one placement to complete.
    A few years later, Torrens University started with University degree’s including Nursing; I signed up almost immediately.
    That’s the history lesson.
    Like most people, we have had clashes and personality differences with lecturers; these are some things that we as students need to adapt. As we venture out into the workforce, work colleagues and patients will do the same.
    I had some time off to rethink and re-evaluate, I only have three subjects and one placement to complete, and my degree is finished.
    I would recommend to anyone looking to complete a degree in nursing, look around, test your options, and read reviews; every university has good and bad reviews; my advice is to find out the graduation rate of each university regarding the subject to wish to complete.

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  23. Rachel
    | Reply

    Dip Nutrition Grad now Bach Nutrition Student

    Wow! I am shocked at all the negative reviews on this thread so had to leave a review to give people another view. I’ve just finished my 1st year with Torrens University and I cannot fault them! Sure you come across some lecturers that you may clash with but then you get others that you love! The lecturers I had this year were so passionate about the subjects they taught and they really put the effort in to help you succeed but like everything in life you can’t expect them to spoon feed you. If you want to succeed attend the PASS sessions and do the extra work offered.
    As for the admin team, never had an issue there either. I have had support from my careers advisor who picks up her phone or answers emails straight away. The IT team are only a phone call away too.
    Torrens has provided me a great pathway from my Diploma through to my Masters and its so easy to upgrade to the next degree when you complete your first. The textbooks, modules etc are all current too.
    Oh and I sat down and compared the Bachelor of Nutrition to 2 other uni courses before accepting my offer and the Torrens course covers more than the other 2 unis combined with better career outcomes at the end!

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  24. Simon Hallgath-Jolly
    | Reply

    An excellent career-relevant course with great student support

    I am in my third year of the Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Counselling) and have found it to be very good. The quality of the teaching is excellent, and I have attained a good mix of knowledge and practical skills. They are well connected to the industry and are very focused on making sure we are prepared to enter it. Torrens say they are a student-centred organisation, and they really are. There are many support services, and the assistance I’ve received as a student with ADHD has been excellent. I’ve also studied at UNSW, and Torrens compares favourably. There are also many opportunities to become involved with governance as a student representative. Regarding all the negative comments here, in my experience reviews are far more likely to be written by people who have an axe to grind because they want get back at whoever they feel has wronged them. Complainers tend to be a small but vocal minority, and you’re only getting one side of the story. Yes, they’re not perfect, but name me an organisation that is. From my experience as a student representative on the Academic Board, I can tell you that they are aware of their challenges and are working hard to address them. Come and talk to students in our student-run Facebook group for a more balanced view. Search for Torrens Student Support Group. There are enough students in there that you’ll be able to find some who are doing the course that you’re interested in for some feedback.

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  25. Jessica K
    | Reply

    BEWARE Do not attend this 'institution' for Diploma of Nursing in Adelaide

    Every aspect of this so called education institution is incompetent and unprofessional. I gave 1 star because there were a handful of good lecturers with current industry knowledge however others would attend class late without apology and assessments were about parroting their reading materials only. Some assessment results were received way after trimester had ended with the expectation that students resubmit during the break period (which was problematic if we were actually away on ‘holiday’). Student Services and Student Finance are a joke, they do not respond to emails and the phone number listed on the website is incorrect & if you do happen to get hold of someone by phone, be prepared to be hung up on or misinformed. When they do reply to emails, you will have to follow up to make sure that what was stated has in fact been actioned. (Keep copies of EVERY email and record dates & times and the names of staff you speak to).

    When I finally realised what type of place I was dealing with, I had already paid my Trimester 2 fees. It was an absolute NIGHTMARE trying to get my refund despite lodging my withdrawal forms as per THEIR policy (prior to census date etc). It took 3 months (of a supposed 20 day process) of almost daily phone calls & emails and threats of a formal complaint to the ACCC before anyone would respond to me and ‘act’.

    Based on other reviews highlighting similar experiences, it is pretty clear that this place is all about money. Their policies and educational practices appear highly disorganised on purpose and cause great confusion and undue stress for students which leads me to think they operate in this manner to make students give up and not rightfully pursue their refunds worth thousands of dollars!!

    If you are an international student, indigenous, have mental health issues or special learning needs, I would even more so recommend avoiding this place because you will be highly triggered for the lack of cultural competence and their tendencies to gaslight (e.g., paperwork mysteriously disappearing and blaming students) and try to hold students to standards and policies that they do not uphold themselves. They seriously need to be investigated.

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    • Peter Smith
      | Reply

      Re think Think Education and Torrens University.

      When I started my Diploma of nursing with Careers Australia, they went broke due to government funding being withdrawn due to a %14 graduation rate; Torrens then took over as Think education, they kept the same educators that supplied the %14 graduates, an educated person would think it is the educators lack industry knowledge that caused the low graduation rate. The modules they were supplying were outdated. I found out when I left Think and when to another facility to complete my Diploma only to discover not one credit; I had to redo the entire course as the modules were years outdated.
      I was talked into doing a Batchelor of Nursing with Torrens when they became an accredited University in Australia, that was a mistake, same staff, same problems, no support, if support was asked for after multiple emails, as there is zero phone support, I was directed to a you tube video, when I send an email about the video being based on the USA model, I was directed to another video on you tube, this time the British model. Diploma of Nursing and Batchelor of Nursing in Brisbane is not to be recommended, a lack of student support, lack of educated lecturers, not all the lecturers are lacking in the product knowledge, but they are few. I recently left Torrens Batchelor of Nursing to attend another university, the subject modules Torrens is supplying are out of date, out of the 26 units I completed at Torrens, only 12 were eligible for a credit, I double-checked this with another university and they verified that fact. This Universitry is also one of the most expensive Universities, and most of the modules are done on line. I was charged for a module of education that had placement only. Any one thinking about this University, I urge you to re think and check with other Uniersities before you decide. I am giving a 1 star as there is no option for zero star or – Star

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

      • BoomersStoleTheRealEstate
        | Reply

        Admin Zero (no good administration)

        Very lacking administration experience. Nobody takes ownership. Student services does not email you documents when you have called to ask for them. Was almost impossible to withdraw timely for the census date as my course advisor went on annual leave and course deferment or withdrawal must pass through that person as a request on a specific form in writing. Took many calls before and after to get resolved. This institution could function better if the people who worked there were more interested in their jobs.

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    • Health Science Student
      | Reply


      Agree 1000%. The admin technical support is barely helpful and that’s putting it nicely. Waste of money and time. They like to say they’re all about student advocacy and support (and there are a few gems in the lower realms of the institution), but they consistently fail to put students first as a college.
      My concerns and formal complaint have never been followed up by a senior staff member despite threatening legal action. I’ve now chosen to escalate the matter regardless.

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      • Angela Nicole NEPACENA
        | Reply


        Please help!!! I had an offer for Diplome of Nurisng in TUA/Think Education Melbourne. But after reading all the reviews online even on different platform, I am seriously contemplating my offer.

    | Reply

    Horrible Experience. Please don't do it and seriously save your money.

    Absolutely, absolutely horrible experience. It’s literally a cash pit. Honestly, it’s disgusting to know that Australian education allows these morons to even remain at a university. Totally wasted my money and resources. I did undergrad in business information technology, it really is a joke. Luckily, I already had been working in the industry as I am a self-taught digital strategist and programmer. They didn’t teach much about the industry. All lectures simply have youtube links and slides. I can guarantee that the instructors have no industry experience in the subject they are tutoring. Honestly, I feel ashamed to say that I went to this college. I’d rather say I didn’t go to any college.

  27. Alice
    | Reply

    Would not recommend

    I currently study a bachelor of interior design residential and a bachelor of business at Torrens university in Brisbane. To say it is horrible is an understatement. I have had nothing but trouble since enrolling and am planning on transferring to another uni next year. The content in their courses are not accurate and up to date. For some of my interior design classes we are learning a program that isn’t used in the industry. Another class we were doing origami and folding materials. There are no specific dates on tasks sheets and you have to pay for programs that the university isn’t paying for. I have been here for two trimesters and have had to spend close to $700 to download the required recourses. There is limited student help and if you call the uni help centre, you are on the phone for hours. This university really needs to be reviewed.

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  28. Kyle Sachse
    | Reply

    Poor quality course, no communication

    Started a Masters in Education (Special Education), first subject, we were constantly informed about correct grammar and spelling use, and were given materials that I wouldn’t produce for a primary school classroom (in a post graduate qualification). Second subject, tutor worked full time in another job and it was obvious time was limited. Again materials produced followed no obvious Torrens Style Guide and seemed to be produced by high school students. Would wait well over six weeks for results of assignments and when I tried to follow up was told it must be a fault on my end (it wasn’t). Third subject, was accused of plagiarism at a rate of 98% duplication, refuted claim and received no communication back. Almost 30 years of academic study and I never been accused of plagiarism. Communication is dismal, no specific content, just lots of links to articles and YouTube videos. Would not recommend.

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  29. Rachael Grey-Richards
    | Reply

    I’m thinking of going into the Diploma of nursing, can someone please provide your experience whilst studying for the Diploma of nursing at Brisbane QLD.

  30. Tiana
    | Reply

    Diploma of nursing help !!!

    I’m really worried after reading all of these comments I’m going to commence a diploma of nursing in May can anyone please tell me how they found it and what the liked/ disliked please I’m freaking out !!

    • Ashlee Hunter
      | Reply

      Please do not do it. It will be the biggest waste of time and money. I did 6 months and it was a massive **** show. I am now at University of Tasmania in Sydney and I can’t begin to explain how much better it is.

      • Rexa
        | Reply

        Tell me there's a way out

        Oh my goodness. Ashlee did you transfer to UOT or did you have to restart the whole diploma? I already got the offer so please tell me there is hope that I can transfer into another school !!

    • Shaniece
      | Reply

      Don’t do it

      I was doing the May intake as well but I’ve since pulled out, I’ve spoken to way to many people who have finished BUT still haven’t done placement. It’s absolutely horrible.

    • Kaila
      | Reply

      Diploma nursing Think edu melb CBD

      Okay so i have been accepted into Diploma Nursing at Torrens and I have now come accross this feed. I am meant to be starting in september and have organised leave with my job to begin. Havent completed the VET loan as of yet. I can’t find any other Uni’s that start a diploma at the same time. And now I am freaking out that this is a bad decision to go to this uni. Specially since it is not government funded like the others. I was happy to pay but looking at reviews I am scared to commit but also ready to start my diploma. Has anyone has a good experience with diploma nursing at the Torrens melbourne CBD campus through THINK edu? If tou have please let me know.

      • John
        | Reply

        Do not attend this university for any subject regarding Diploma of Nursing; the Torrens structure is a joke. The lecturers all have better things to do than help a student. If you ask for help, you are directed to a youtube video; as for the Batchelor degree, which is primarily online, pay the extra and attend a government-funded Taffe or University; Torrens University is ranked 40th out of 40 universities in Australia.
        I was in the last trimester of the Batchelor degree; Torrens cannot provide placements to finish the degree.

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  31. Mikey
    | Reply

    planning to study Bachelor of information systems in Torrens university Australia Sydney

    Hi there,
    please could someone help me with my choice? because i am really confused. But still i did not get a reply form the Torrens university for my application. What should i do

    • Reece
      | Reply

      They’re a joke.

      Do not attend. Look up their ABN and check out how many ridiculous business ventures they’ve had in the past few years. So many typos over their website too.

      No professionalism.

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    • Jen
      | Reply

      Don’t do it

      Don’t enrol at Torrens! I’m incredibly motivated and very used to self directed learning. I run my own business and I have three degrees and a diploma. I’ve just started ar Torrens and it’s an administrative nightmare. All they want to do is sign you up and get your fees. After that, you’ll have a hard time even finding out when your classes are on. You’ll spend hours on the phone to admin who’ll give you misinformation. It’s total chaos and like dealing with a government department staffed by people who don’t give a damn. I’m really sad because this was to be my new career but I am not jeopardising my calm and I have no doubt it would be two years of chaos!

  32. Mik
    | Reply

    Seeking info on quality of Bachelor of Health Science Western Herbal Medicine or Naturopathy

    Has anyone done a Bachelor of Health Science Western Herbal Medicine or Naturopathy pathway in Melbourne and can comment on the quality of teaching and coursework?
    This will be my second degree and I don’t want to waste my money or time!!

    • mirage
      | Reply

      did you find anything out? I am in the same boat and would love to know what the general response to torrens’ bachelor of herb med is..

      • Kirsten
        | Reply

        I’m thinking of doing natropathy too as a second degree, did either of you end up enrolling? Or had anyone here done the natro degree? Seems like Endeavour has bad reviews too

    • Beth
      | Reply

      Keen to know if any of you ended up choosing this course! I’m going to go ahead in spite of reviews as the course content is through Southern School anyhow.

      • Alex
        | Reply

        Please let us know how your experience goes. I also want to sign up for the naturopathy degree but have been put off by the bad reviews of Torrens. Endeavour doesn’t seem much better though…

        • jessie
          | Reply

          did you end up going to either school? I am interested in what you think?

      • Al Speers
        | Reply

        Follow up

        Hey Beth!

        Did you end up enrolling? How did you go? It seems like one of the only places to study it in Aus! I hope it’s going ok!

  33. Sybil Irvin
    | Reply

    Graduating without necessary industry knowledge or qualifications

    I am 1 trimester away from finishing my Bachelor of Health Science (Skin Aesthetics) with Torrens University. To say I am disappointed with this Degree is an understatement. One of the main issues I have is that students do not graduate with a laser license, which I find insane considering the cost of this course and the fact that to get a decent dermal clinician job pretty much requires you to be a laser technician. So I am pretty much graduating as a beauty therapist. Or at least that is all I am really employable as without this vital qualification. I also found that a number of subjects were pretty much a useless expensive waste of time and in no way related to the skin, skin health, or aesthetics in any way. I did enjoy the delivery of the very few subjects related to practical aspects of delivering aesthetics treatments and science-based subjects however there were so few of these that I feel I have only the bare minimum knowledge when realistically I should be extremely educated and knowledgable on all things skin. I found such a huge discrepancy between the quality of lecturers with only a few that were amazing, the rest I felt provided minimal support and online subjects were often a nightmare in terms of communication. I was even bullied by one lecturer and rang my senior learning facilitator crying because I felt so attacked. This whole degree really needs to be re-evaluated as to the learning content that is provided. I have not even heard mention of ‘skin’ in what seems like over a year. Teachers have been telling me since over a year ago that I am now employable as a dermal therapist however, I have applied for countless jobs and not been successful. I do not have a beauty background and the skills given to me by Torrens in the last 3 years seem to not make me employable. Even harder is the fact that they say you graduate with the title of Dermal Clinician yet this is a completely unrecognised and unregulated title and as such, there is no award wage for this so you will more than likely to get paid the same as a beauty therapist, so why even bother working for a degree, putting yourself in huge debt to get paid the same or less than someone without a degree? I did have some good experiences and loved the practical aspects of this degree but sadly I think Torrens really needs to step up their game and tell the truth about what this degree can offer its students.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

    • Ivana
      | Reply

      Waste of money

      I studied interior design…and it was the same scenario. Lucky I just did one subject. But not related to interior design. We did origami and all this other irrelevant bs stuff

  34. Melodie
    | Reply

    Good Uni and Great Experience

    I studied with Torrens when they where first called Think Education in Queensland. My expeirence was amazing, from the moment I first learnt about Torrens I was hooked, the staff made sure that my transition from High School to university life was as smooth as possible and I thank them for that with all my heart.

    I was able to form deep connections and bonds with students and lecturers and my experience was nothing short of amazing. The time spent studying my degree was one I cannot express in words and I highly recommend others to look to this university when thinking about studying.

    The fact that this university requires you to complete Industry Placement hours is amazing. It allows you to work within a real work environment and get that hands on expereince that other courses and university do not offer, it also allows you to have a competitive edge when completing your degree.

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  35. Trisha
    | Reply

    Anyone doing bachelors of Nursing with Torrens?
    Please suggest something, quality of lecture, placements & passing rate.

  36. Jeremy Spindler
    | Reply

    I would not recommend

    I would rate zero if it was an option. I strongly advise people not to apply at Torrens University. I completed an MBA through Torrens and had countless issues with misinformation from administrative staff and teaching staff. The service they provide is not up to the standard of other universities I have studied at, and definitely not worth the money I spent on it.

    So called student services is seemingly there to support themselves and not students at all, the success coaches I had consistently provided me with incorrect information. I felt I spent more time chasing up administrative issues than studying. Including having my graduation significantly delayed due to more administrative errors.

    The teaching staff varied across subjects. Some were good and provided the required support, but some never provided clear guidance and when I would seek further clarification did not get a response. This is made worse by the extensive errors throughout all academic documents.

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  37. Kenny
    | Reply

    Worst Student service ever!

    If you are thinking of applying a course in Torrens Uni, please think carefully before you do. I’m an international student doing bachelor in business and this is my 4th week in for my first year. When I first enrolled to the school, my agent applied for a credit transfer but it was taking too long and I have to change my subject before the census date so I went up to this what they so-called “student service” and asked if my credit transfer request was processing. They had zero idea what I was asking about so I just waited for a bit more weeks after letting my agent know. A week later, I received a credit an email from school attached with credit transfer application form. I was confused at that point because I know that my agent has already filled it out and applied for credit transfer. Told them that I already did and I attached them a confirmation letter that proves that I have already applied transfer but had to resend them the documents again anyway. Only then they submitted my credit transfer application and I had no idea what happened to the one my agent submitted.
    Here is the worst part.
    I wasn’t able to apply for my visa because I was waiting for my credit transfer to get granted and get a new COE issued. This was my biggest mistake. I didnt know credit transfer could take that long for them to process and my visa expiry date was closing in. So i had no choice but to use the current COE that I hold to apply for the visa, only to realise that they made a mistake in my DOB in COE. I contacted the school right away because I only have like a week and 2 days left before my visa expires. As usual, couldn’t call the student service so I sent them an email instead. I stated everything thats wrong and that I need a amended COE ASAP. They told me that they have contacted the government to helped me change my date of birth. Took for a while for them to reply but I kept on sending them emails questioning them how the COE was going. I don’t even know if the lady who was handling the issue could understand the process or just simply didnt understand english because,even though she told me that the government has corrected my DOB, she kept on saying she was waiting for the return email from them to check my COE afterwards. I had to contact the government to know what was going on but of course, they just told me to fix it with the school. But! In case this issue wasn’t solved, the government advised me to send them the email proof that the school has requested a correction in my DOB. Asked the school for one only to find out that she sent me a I-dont-know-for-whom DOB correction request to the government because the COE number stated there was different from mine and that email was sent to the government before I even asked them to change my DOB. I didn’t get any email after I pointed out the mistake that she made. I had to go meet the student service cause that was getting nowhere for me and I only have 2 days left to lodge my visa. The lady who was stationed at the student service was SO RUDE. I tried explaining her what happened with the email I received from them but she kept on shutting me off saying that they had no idea and that I had to wait. Whenever I tried to say something, she will cut me off by saying the same thing and over again. She told me that they aren’t the one taking care of the COE so they would not know and that I had no choice but to wait. That sounded a bit too irresponsible to me cause I told her that my visa is expiring on sunday and it’s already thursday. She didnt even care or tried to direct me to someone who actually “knows”.She also said along the lines like “there might also be other urgent students like you so you have no choice but to wait”. With that attitude these guys are working with, it’s no wonder there are many other students who are having issues that need to be fixed immediately. Luckily for me, my agent kind of stepped in to inform the school. Still took a day for them to reissue me a COE but I still got it just before the week end which is a relief.
    I just wish that I recorded how the conversation with me and the rude lady went so whoever is thinking to apply for this school, know this school is one of the worst options.

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  38. Kathleen Chepchumba
    | Reply


    Don’t even go to this university. They do not even deserve the one star ⭐️ Torrens do not care about the well-being of their students, you will not receive assistance when you need it, all avenues are blocked to access help from the administration. Lecturers do not teach well, treat you like kids and they have limited resources. Was doing MPA, had a terrible experience and I bet many students would agree. Their international student policy isn’t the first thing you should read and be warned. If you’re an international student choose another uni. here, it’s not worth your money or your mental health. Don’t choose people who will make you want to jump off a roof.

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    • Kaashifah Perin
      | Reply

      No correspondence from Torrens University numerous calls emails text messages

      Thank you for your review
      I have been trying to contact the university for their enrollment into the accelerated nursing bachelor course.
      You receive the same automated messages. I held on for an hour and was told to leave a number and they will get back which has never happened and its going onto 2 weeks with numerous phones calls and text messages,emails. Young students are misled in this way. Not what i expected from a univerisity.

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    • Giselle
      | Reply

      Worst experience

      Everything this reviewer has said is true..i have experienced it myself

  39. Leah Rudman
    | Reply


    The amount of mistakes and inconsistencies in something that you are paying huge money for at a masters degree level is very disappointing. I would not reccomend this university to anyone.

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    • Red
      | Reply

      Grading system is not really fair, if you passed all the assessment and you get fail in the final exam, then the grade will you get in mark is failed even though the total of your final grade is passed. It’s very disappointing and it’s not really fair.

  40. Marcelo Parisi
    | Reply

    Great University experience

    Great University at reasonable price. I half way through my Dual Master of Business Adm + Master of Global Project Management. As an engineer this course is adding great content to my knowledge and the university has supported me to get into the job market through their professional network (this is priceless). I researched about other universities but found their fees an absurd. Torrens has scholarships that made it possible for me to study.

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  41. Paulina
    | Reply

    DON'T EVEN...

    So many issues with this university, cero student support, toilets must be cleaned once a week if ever, facilities are pretty and it seems like a great place to study. However, forget about ever getting any support or response to any emails or even calls, no one in the staff cares about the students. The only emails you will ever get a response from are the ones involving money. I had technical issues with my username and that didn’t allow me to do online quizzes which cause me to fail the class, it’s been 3 months and my case is still in review. Last year I had an emergency and had to go back home, tried to defer one trimestre, end up deferring the whole years as a result of their lack of response and organized processes. I would NEVER RECOMMEND this university.

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  42. dee
    | Reply

    Lacking proper support

    Torrens university communication is like snail mail. If you need help or support forget it. lectures changing and some fumbling through collaboration not answering questions properly. Hard to complete assessments when you haven’t got proper support to learn. Lectures often dismissing concerns or questions. Some lectures are friendly and responsive but mostly they take way to long to get back to you. They say they are not available weekends but its hard to get a response during the week. Student support is also the same story. It took the student support 1.5 weeks to respond to me. That’s hopeless if you only have a few weeks to complete an assessment. Course content is enjoyable.

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  43. Oli
    | Reply

    Waste of time

    Shocking university (well the Adelaide one is not sure about the others). Dont go here. Worst lecturers who are recycled from other unis after being sacked probably. NO communication, no help, and no teaching skills whatsever. Lecturers also come late to class nearly every time, cut it short, and also have huge breaks in the middle, meaning students dont get what they paid for. Waste of time and money. Very disappointed with this place. Cya later Torrens Uni. Absolute Joke.

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  44. Bernice Michel
    | Reply

    Current student warning!

    Proceed with caution! I am currently seeking outside advice from the ombudsman because I have had NO support for my learning disabilities since enrolling and am halfway through a degree that has been such a joke. I am literally teaching myself – all coursework is out of date and SO archaic in design. Most lecturers are rude or non-responsive and some are VERY hard to understand, with extremely thick accents. Once of my lecturers, this trimester asked me not to email her with “so many questions” (there were two…about assessment dates) because she was “extremely busy studying her degree also… Literally. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY on a degree from this uni. You have been warned.

  45. Carlos
    | Reply

    Unprofessional lecturer

    The University is great but, the lecturers (not all), only a couple of bad apples that really need their integrity checked because this particular one for my Social Media Content Management subject, she was TERRIBLE, she was hardly online, I am online student for a reason, I work full time in Government so online works well for me, I’ve been doing this for quite some time and many of my subjects completed were pass, credit, distinctions and this time it was a fail. This lecturer has no understanding and empathy towards online students who work Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and she schedules collaborations on a week day at 3pm, OMG! who does that and think there will be no impact on students who work during these hours??? She is constantly checking with another lecturer on assignments, is she a trainee lecturer?? Her collaboration videos are straight off the power point that we already use on blackboard and no sound, seriously.what kind of collaboration is that, so unprofessional.

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  46. Sabrina
    | Reply

    This university is my worst choice ever for my master degree. I even dont want to give one star.

    I highly recommended not taking any course from this university. The subject materials are poorly designed and inefficiency delivered to students. Also, when students complain the quality of the subject or inquire the explanation from the university, no one cares. Some of teachers are great but the rest of them are the worst. Unfairly marking on student papers. I have never got any fail subjects or low grade at UTS or even RMIT, but thanks to Torrens. I have no idea how they mark student’s paper but I believe that they just want to finish marking as soon as possible without carefully reading them. I am not regret after all to review bad about this university even I am still a student here.
    Future students need to be aware of this university and don’t be fool of its advertising.

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    • Giselle
      | Reply

      Bad grading system

      I have been to two other universities in australia with really good grades. Here they grade you so low…i did one subject and left. Its a bad teaching system and they treat you like a kid. There are so many universities out there

  47. Shwetali
    | Reply

    Terrible Management team

    The University management is messed up. They took 3 months to reply to my application process. The University, Admission department and their representative all are disconnected from each other much to the disadvantage of the students.

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  48. rebecca Martin
    | Reply

    Everything bad you imagine from a 'private university' only interested in $

    Rubbish- do not waste your time and money. A very bad experience on all levels in the past year.
    It was great when I first started with them on their inaugural year in 2015. They offered me a scholarship as I guess they wanted to get people on board, the lecturers were interesting and helpful.
    I had to defer my studies for pregnancy related condition, but started again 2018 and they have gone downhill dramatically with both the quality of the teaching, online learning experience and now they have enough people, couldn’t be bothered getting you back on board or trying to at least be helpful.
    Caroline from student enrolments needs to be replaced with someone maybe a bit more interested who can maybe replace ‘No we don’t don’t do that’ and then nothing else… with something like ‘let me get you someone who can help you’. TORRENS SUCKS!!!

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    • Luke Templeton
      | Reply

      Dont judge a book by its cover

      As a non student looking for information I was greeted by Caroline on the phone. In all honesty I can say that although her course wasn’t the right fit for me, she did everything to make sure and guided my into the right options. That wasn’t my doing, that was hers. She asked questions, gave me advice and generally made me feel like this was possible. I feel at times that this whole applying is way over the top but Caroline was understanding and supportive. I think your assessment of her was maybe a tad unfair. I honestly thought she was kind and generous in her understanding. Everyone has a bad day, and you cant judge a book by its cover. As for the University, im still looking at applying and finding a fit that’s right for me. Your reviews are frightening and worth taking on board but your judgment of Caroline was unfair.

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  49. AAP
    | Reply

    Ineffective Coursework for Design

    I have been studying Branded Fashion Design at TUA and would like others to know the significant issues in this course which make the course ineffective. The skills developed in this course are extremely limited and limiting.

    The issue is that assessment tasks, content delivery and course materials are not updated regularly. Assessment tasks don’t effectively address unit learning outcomes as they are extremely dated. Tutors and course administrators freely acknowledge that units are outdated and ineffective, but still students are forced to produce work that the tick boxes in the existing course structure. Elements in units that simply don’t work are run trimester after trimester. As a result, assignments are loaded with work for work’s sake. Unit outcomes are not met because significant portions of time is spent on work that ultimately does not produce effective, industry-ready skills. You sacrifice time on parts of the assessment that are important, that do meet learning outcomes, just to have something to hand in.

    We are literally taking 5+ years without a single significant alteration to course content.

    Because of this, units in this course are incredibly dense. The amount time time needed to complete all tasks in each assessment is excessive. Again, this is because assessment was written but not altered to remove some of this content or to address learning outcomes more efficiently. Each trimester, you need to study assessment criteria and weighted marks on each assignment to identify what tasks in an assignment to cut out. Each trimester, you need hand in incomplete work in order to meet deadlines making sure you minimise the resulting loss of marks. This, again, is because assessment tasks were never changed after they were conceived. Assignments are filled with work and a disproportionate amount of individual tasks that do not build skills.

    I would not recommend this design course for this reason and one other.

    The course emphasises technical documentation for outsourced sampling rather than hands-on garment construction as this is how industry operates. However, moving into industry, I have had SIGNIFICANT problems due to a lack of hands-on garment construction knowledge. At the simplest level, you are not taught to sew more above two basic, token subjects. In entering industry I’ve been expected to alter outsourced samples using complex sewing techniques. To assist in product development, I have had to research and seek outside help to gain the knowledge I did not get in this course. I was an extremely high achieving student in this course and I left without the skills to pattern, cut or sew a basic t-shirt.

    If you are considering this course, please look more closely at it than I did. Older courses from more reputable institutions with a history of delivering fashion courses are far more effective at building the skills you need to succeed.

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  50. Shey
    | Reply

    Masters of Hospitality Management.. can someone pls help.

    Hi, Thank you all for this pros and Cons about Torrens University. I am going to study Masters in Hospitality Management. Can someone please tell if you have studied here how is the experience of their hospitality sector. It will be very helpful for me as i am an International Student who values the money as they charge very high fees from us.

  51. Kasia Truong
    | Reply

    Ask for master of business information system at Torrens University

    Hi there,
    My husband intend to apply for Master of Business Information System at Torrens Sydney campus. I read all the reviews above and saw both of negative and positive comments. If you guys experienced the master course at Torrens, Please give me some advices.
    Thank you a lot.

  52. Satish prasad poudel
    | Reply

    Master of design ( advanced )

    Absolte “ No “ to international students . A university who enroll international students should be able enough to provide service so that no one have to face visa issues . The university should be supportive enough because it is also a pathway for so many international students to gain post study work visa . And i wish nobody has to go through what i went through at this university .

    I already hold a master of Design degree from this university and was doing my master of design advanced . I had to extend my visa to do so . But the university took forever to enroll me . I needed additional letter specifying i was enrolled and paid my fees but i never got it before my visa expired so i had to apply for my extended visa with only COE.

    I was only enrolled into my subject after 4 week of course commencement . And blackboard access only on week 6 . This meant i had to finish 12 week project in 7 week as i got tangled with the enrollment thing . I went to classes despite not getting enrolled but was hard to concentrate and study well . I couldnot even take extensions because my visa thing wasnot sorted . Despite all the struggle and panstacking studying load i delivered a high level of final output taking help from whereever possible so that i will pass the subject .

    But at last i was marked failed reasoning that i had gap in my 12 week progress and didnot have enough evidence to support the high quality work submitted .

    I was left stunned when i got the result . Disappointed , frustrated , angry .Choosing torrens university was my biggest mistake because now without passing that subject my all pathways are closed to get post study work visa and gain few years experience here in australia .

    Currently i have done a formal complaint about my result and hoping for a positive result out of it .

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

    • Aman
      | Reply

      Hello satish, I applied for this uni for the same course but your Comment made me change my mind, Thank you but please clear the doubts if the uni is still in the same way or is it changed?

  53. John Haddow
    | Reply

    Very Good

    I’m undertaking the MBA (Technology Management) at TUA and have completed 11/12 subjects. Like anything an life (and tertiary education is no different) you get out of it what you put in. This is not going to be presented to you on a plate. This will take considable personal time and effort – which to me was the entire point – and yes there will be bumps in the road but you work through them.

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything. All support staff were fantastic and subject facilitators extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

    So all in all a very satisfactory experience.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  54. Cecilia
    | Reply


    I am enrolled at Torrens University. I am completely annoyed and frustrated with this school as very irresponsible and inefficient. I gave them an original copy of my transcript of records a month ago and they have told me several times that they have posted it and after 2 weeks found out they never posted it. Its been 2 weeks again and it usually takes 3 days to send it thru post. They have continuously been lying to me. How can you trust this university when they cannot even be honest about simple things. The transcript of records is very important as that is my only origin al copy and that is from overseas. VERY IRRESPONSIBLE SO PLEASE AVOID THIS UNIVERSITY

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  55. Louise
    | Reply

    very happy so far

    I personally really like this uni and have had a great experience so far. Torrens is very different to traditional universities. If you’re looking for an ‘old school’ tertiary experience, Torrens is not for you and it would probably leave you feeling disappointed. It’s a new university so I was unsure about it’s reputation- so far, so good!

    The course in Aesthetics places emphasis on industry connectedness and provides a really fantastic learning platform. Lecturers are really knowledgeable and helpful, and the culture is really great at the Brisbane campus and there are always lots of great events to attend

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  56. Rachel Doig
    | Reply

    Diploma of nutrition..

    I’m studying a diploma a nutrition with Torrens and they have been really good my lecturer for human nutrition one really wants us to pass having posted extra collaborative sessions on how to pass and what to do in report writing ect so some are very helpful.. great content very interesting and have no regrets about signing up for this course..

    • Kaitlyn
      | Reply

      Hey Rachel, I am interested in doing this diploma and was wondering if I could ask you some questions about it! 🙂

    • Catherine Wills
      | Reply

      Loving Nutrition

      I am in my first timester and loving it. I find all three of my lectures wonderful. Information is great. They go out of their way to teach academic skills and make sure we have the information needed. Cant wait to do more. Nutrition is such a great subject.

  57. Hari Mishra
    | Reply

    Good experience so far

    I am studying Bachelor of Business (Accounting and Finance) since September 2015 and its been a good learning experience so far. I am studying at the Rocks Campus and I am happy with the lecturers and the course materials. Yes, the library is preety smaller as compared to other unis, smaller Cafeteria, no ECAs like sports or music but you get what you pay for. I have friends at other UNIs and I have compared my course materials with them. Overall, I am satisfied weighing quality and cost of the course.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  58. Patricia
    | Reply

    If you have money don't waste it here

    The price is why everyone goes to this uni, I just want to let you know that on the Master Degree in Professional Accounting (Advanced), my classmates and myself raised our voice with lots and lots of complains to the director and guess what, she accused us of being the ones who are lazy, instead of taking our complains about how bad were the lecturers. Just to let you guys thinking when I asked the lecturer of Financial Accounting theory and practice: “would you please tell me when are we covering the topic Impairment of Assets, that this module is saying we’re covering?” she answered “don’t worry if you know depreciation you will be fine”, as a professional in accounting I just wanted to cry, how could a professional on accounting like that be teaching. Agree with all the comments, so far I can’t even remember how many times I’ve had to submit complains or fight for my grades, because now the lecturers and coordinators have a mission, make us fail so we get unfair grades, they’re making the assessments hard to do and they don’t follow the rubrics to mark your assessment, it’s just horrible, If I just had more money to change of uni I would have done it long ago. But we all know what being an international student in this country means, getting exploit at work, trying to make a minimum standards living.

    • Addie Girixx
      | Reply

      Hey!I was thinking of applying in this uni for MPA aswell.What would you recommend me?

      • Karuna
        | Reply

        I’m also planning to apply for MPA but now I’m confused what to do🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

        • Scott
          | Reply

          Real University

          Torrens University is not a real university. It is a scheme to fool international students and take their money. Avoid at all cost. Go to an established Australian university.

  59. Jeff
    | Reply

    Online MBA course review

    I am reading both positive and poor comments about this university with interest, I then read a number of other major university reviews to see if there were many positive or negative reviews. To my surprise, most were negative reviews for most institutions. My review is based on my personal experience and isn’t influenced by other reviews but I do want to address a number of issues.

    I undertook an online Master of Business Administration after completing a Bachelor of Training and Development at the University of New England. I was pretty happy with this university but didn’t want to just take the next step without due diligence. I researched a number of business schools to see what they were willing to offer and some were arrogant in their attitude and some were willing to negotiate. As a new university, Torrens were willing to discuss credits and they had the scholarship options. I only wanted online as I am employed full time and not willing to forsake employment for education at my age.

    Whilst a risk existed with a new university, I believed the benefits of credits and scholarship discounts outweighed the negatives. This is yet to be proven as Torrens University has no track record and future employers may shun graduates if they feel their training isn’t up to the required standard. My online experiences over the journey were mostly positive, as an online student I didn’t attend lectures and didn’t have the issues regarding lectures that I have read about in other reviews.

    I supplemented the readings and course work with a library of reference books I purchased and borrowed from the library to support my learning so I had multiple sources of content. The units covered the core material of university textbooks, the online discussions were a form of learning and collaboration so I’m reasonably happy the course content was to MBA standard. A number of the case studies were sourced from Harvard University so one expects this to be pretty much the standard for case studies.

    I found the facilitators with the exception of only one to be knowledgeable, helpful and reliable. Such facilitators enhance the learning experience although it appears the facilitators don’t have the ability to update the content on Blackboard. I did have a number of issues with content from former trimesters not being updated, the dates sometimes didn’t match up either and I got behind a couple of times and raced ahead too.

    We started with Vitalshelf Bookshop and whilst I would prefer hard copy reference books, I understand people younger than myself were happy with eBooks. In some units we had trouble accessing online eBooks after Vitalshelf Books were no longer used and I searched for online pdf versions of the required text and printed to hard copy. This issue really needs to be addressed and although it didn’t affect me, I could understand other people being disadvantaged.

    In reflection, I was happy with the course that was delivered online and I felt the course content met the required standards. As stated, the reputation of the university isn’t established so I don’t know if the qualification is accepted in mainstream business at time of writing. I did take a risk undertaking study at an unknown institution but with the credits and scholarship savings I received a reasonable online course at pretty good value for money as compared to the cost other institutions were offering.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  60. Leila
    | Reply

    Very disappointed

    Absolutely terrible. Lectures are short (15 min – 1 hour), teachers read lectures without explanation. Many links to youTube and other sources with the repetitive information, instead of quality lectures. Wasting of time. Information in the course is not related to my carrera path – they just filling content to make up subjects. Very very disappointed.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

    • Ozbloke36
      | Reply



      Sorry but you were not very specific as lectures being 15 min – 1 hour are not short. 15 min videos for example are ideal as beyond this people start to lose focus, however do you mean if you go into the university they are so short in total for the week or what do you mean?

      My course on nutrition had the same links, however I find the youtube people able to explain things much better than most lecturers. (However I am not disagreeing with you on this as the universities lecturers should be able to do the same, just looking for clarification) .

      Our lecturer for example had so many spelling mistakes and such a heavy accent we couldn’t understand him in his videos so we read the text instead. His feedback had many many spelling mistakes and then had the hide to attempt to mark us down for some that were not even there.

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  61. Withheld
    | Reply

    Investigations should be done for legitimacy of university.

    Terrible uni no one seems to know who the lecturers are how to contact people doesn’t seem a legit university.

  62. Amanda Ward
    | Reply

    More reviews requested

    These reviews are either absolutely wonderful or absolutely terrible. Can anyone give me a possible explanation for the discrepancy? Is there the possibility that the good reviews are planted by the business owners? Or are the bad reviews just the typical whingers? I would be very grateful to find out what staff and students make of these polar opposite assessments.

    • Carlos Ortiz
      | Reply

      Hi Amanda,
      I had same concerns just like you. I’m currently studying there (I’m an international student, doing an MBA) but, apparently comments depend on the course. I found that most of the comments linked to the MBA course are good and, apparently, were made for people who did study there and have interesting professional profiles. You can have a look at their LinkedIn profiles. (Chris Nicholls, Sigrid Frede)

      At this moment and as a personal opinion, I just finished my first trimester, everything went well, lecturers have Doc degrees, most of the material is interesting, so far I think it has a reasonable quality based on what you pay.

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  63. Neleh
    | Reply

    I enrolled in the Diploma of Beauty and Spa practice course this year being delivered via correspondance – at first I thought this was great. Beauty treatments are taught through youtube video clips and you are meant to be ‘industry ready’ with 3 days practical training/assessment. The online sessions went from being very thorough in weeks 1 & 2 (about an hour) to sometimes only 15 minutes of rushed presentation. The course itself incorporates many of the aesthetics subjects in an attempt to get one to sign on to complete their bachelor of health science aesthetics degree afterward. If you want to be industry ready for a career as a beauty Therapist or Aesthetician – then I would not recommend this course at all. Highly disappointing.

    • Kim
      | Reply

      I find it interesting you say that. I completed the diploma in 2016 and am currently enrolled in the bachelor (which has been great so far). Everyone in my graduating diploma class found work within 12 months of graduating, and many had jobs while we were still studying.

  64. Sergio
    | Reply

    I guess theMBA course is good and in my view same to other major unies such as RMIT, Deakin, Swinburne. I found the experience quite rewarding and the knowledge i have received easily applicable in my business life. Many good lecturers with great research background and doctoral qualifications
    Overall, good!

  65. Jeremiah
    | Reply

    A frustratingly poor university. I completed my undergrad at USyd and began my MBA with Torrens. They aren’t a university. They are basically a TAFE. Ostensibly, the courses are watered down and each and every moment seems to be targeting the final assessment. From the very first moment all one hears about is the assignment coming up, all of the readings are explicitly about the assignments and we are encouraged not to look at anything else as ‘The course material is sufficient for the assessment’; in other words, just summarise what you have been given. Torrens really does seems to be just a TAFE targeting international students. Far too much of my time was spent listening to words being translated from English into a multiplicity of other languages. I would avoid. There are far easier ways to get a piece of paper if you don’t want the knowledge that comes with it.

    • Question
      | Reply

      What is the easier method of getting the piece of paper? I genuinely want to know (not that I’d take the route), but I’m interested now due to the fact you have stated as such.

  66. Sigrid Frede
    | Reply

    The MBA at Torrens has a focus on complex decision making in global markets which is directly relevant for me with my role at the South Australian Tourism Commission. All staff and facilitators are extremely helpful and go out of their way to provide the students with the individual support they require. With Torrens being recognised globally through the Laureate group this not only provides me with access to world class global resources and research but will also help me to progress my career back in Europe, if so desired. I particularly enjoy the flexibility provided from a hybrid model. This unique combination and ability to interact with students online and face to face enabled me to build valuable new networks and has made my learning experience very rewarding so far. I was also very honoured to have been chosen for the World Business Forum ambassadorship program and represent Torrens University at a world leading conference. This was a unique opportunity to learn and network not only with TUA staff and students but also hear first hand from the most brilliant minds in strategy, marketing, innovation and leadership. And now on Thursday 24th July 2014 I will be able to attend Bill Clinton’s official launch of Torrens University in Adelaide and hear him speak about global education. In my mind, no doubt the university lives up to its values and commitments of providing hands on world class education.

  67. Darren
    | Reply

    I’m one of the inaugural students enrolled in the HDR program and so far the experience has been great. There were a few delays in the startup phase of the University but it is well and truly rolling along now. This is one to watch- I think it’s going to make it’s mark very quickly.

  68. Chris Nicholls
    | Reply

    I commenced with Torrens University Australia (TUA) in Jan 2014 having transferred from RMIT in Melbourne where I originally commenced my MBA Course. The decision was an excellent one and I have no regrets to date.

    For an MBA student, I have found that TUA offers a more disciplined and focused approach to business learnings and not simply academic learnings as is the case with so many other universities.

    A prime example is TUA’s exclusive access to the World Business Forum 2014 recently held in Sydney where selected students were given an opportunity to act as Ambassadors to the various key-note speakers.

    I was privileged to be assigned to Harvard Business School’s, Professor Michael Porter, as his Speaker’s Assistant coordinating his Australian itinerary, key note address, media requirements and meetings with Australian industry leaders.

    It is not often university students are given such access to such global industry representatives and learn first-hand how they operate. This experience alone has been the highlight of my studies and one I will never forget.

    TUA’s subject material is well designed and the delivery of the lectures has been positively received by students as well.

    I can strongly recommend TUA as an option for those considering external and on-campus tertiary studies.

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