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University of South Australia.

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The University of South Australia has several campuses. As well as Adelaide campuses, Whyalla and Mount Gambier host facilities. UniSA is a multi-purpose, applied kind of university that fills some of the gaps in university education in South Australia (such as in distance education). If you've studied at UniSA, you're invited to rate the university and post a student review.

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  1. student who wish to remain anonymous
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    A lot of room for improvement would be an understatement

    I’m honestly fuming. I usually never do a review unless something is really good. If something is terrible I do not even bother. But I just have to say UniSA has the size of the universe to improve and not just the observable universe. So far, only one tutor and a course coordinator has my respect out of about 10 or more. I know University is serious I am currently very much putting in the work for my studies. Now I hope you take this review seriously.
    Firstly, everything must be from you. I appreciate that I guess this is the university’s way of teaching initiative BUT there is such a thing as too much and most of the current tutors and course coordinators take advantage of this. As an example, if you request something, even if it should only take them a couple of minutes if not literally one minute (if it was a student theres waiting times, uncertainty, but if it was a tutor/course coordinator it would be almost instant) they will send you an email in the nicest way possible to go do it yourself and here are the instructions to do so… after 2-5 business days. The amount of time they spent writing the email and the 2-5 days they could have already done your request. After that, as usual you do something yourself, they gave you instructions so at least now you know what to do, BUT now you have to wait another 2-5 days! the amount of time that could have been saved, more university assignments done, workshifts accepted and family/friends time wasted because you are there waiting for yet another email or doing something they should be doing. you think you did it correctly? NO! somehow they find a way to make their job yours and you do another task just so they finally do what you requested in the first place!

    I get that if they did every student’s request they would quite literally have no life, but ALL my inquiries/requests so far has gone exactly like this.

    Secondly AND thirdly, there seems to be a division amongst lecturers/tutors/course coordinators and it is very apparent. I had a class where my class’s room was also another class’s room. Neither tutors were aware. Already a false flag. What’s worse was tutor A throws shade at tutor B. Tutor B were already there before Tutor A, but Tutor A acted like the superior tutor and insists that this should be Tutor A’s class. The room was split into halves with the sliding gate/door thingy. All is resolved right? No. Tutor B felt the need to not get stepped on by Tutor A, so my conclusion is that Tutor B decided to increase the volume of their class video by 100%, Tutor A requests it be lowered. But I think it did not end there as Tutor A requests again it be lowered in the nicest way possible that even Tutor B’s class cannot hear the damn video. After this particular incident I just do not feel like going to the campus anymore.
    Fourthly, Fifthly, Sixthly… there’s a lot! Thanks for reading this review, I might add on to it at a later date.

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  2. Abbie
    | Reply

    Anyone got reviews about the UniSA Bachelor of Psychological Science online?

  3. Jen
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    Online studying Experience - Batchelor of Commerce (Accounting)

    I am thinking about doing Bachelor of commerce ( Accounting) at UniSA online. I have an Adv Diploma in Accounting so would expect to be given credit for 50% of the degree. Could you guys give me some reviews about online study here? Cheers.

  4. Pepper
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    I am a final year student studying at UniSA and must say my experience with the university has left me disappointed.
    The University has little to no understanding for how serious domestic issues impact students and have no way to compromise on requirements. They do not seek to accommodate circumstances beyond your control and have extremely poor communication. Outside of this, you will need to take a lot of initiative to make sure that the information you are given is accurate and that you receive the information you need to complete your requirements. That being said, the location of this information is difficult to navigate and you will need to constantly ask questions on how to find things that should be communicated throughout your degree. Your creativity and vigour for education will be crushed as there is no education happening here except for what not to do when trying to educate students. The cherry on top would definitely have to be their lack of receptiveness to feedback and their elitistic attitude; as they supposedly can do no wrong. I am genuinely disappointed by this University and would encourage others to pursue another university. Two stars given because of the free food from the University and another for the minority of genuine educators there.

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  5. R
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    Save yourself the time, stress and the money

    The worst mistake of my life.
    Please DO NOT study at this university. I am a final year student studying my Bachelor’s in Software Development . The faculty is either incompetent or rude or both. There is ZERO co-ordination between the lecturers and the tutorial/practical supervisors. 80% of the lectures either do not respond to the emails or take forever to respond. I also studied at TAFE SA which I have to say was heaps better (at least in terms of tutoring). The lectures at Unisa make their notes unnecessarily complicated and just expect you to understand everything. More times than less the programming assignments are way too technical with very very minimal assistance from the educators. They had me thinking maybe I was stupid because I didn’t understand the assignments, it was only until I contacted a few tutors outside of uni (non unisa) to assist me with my courses (thanks to the brilliant idiots at uni) that I realized the assignments and the courses (most of the them) were wayyy too technical than they have to be. And mind you the tutors I contacted were either working in the industry or teaching at other universities, 98% of them either refused to tutor me because they did not understand a single thing from the lecture slides nor the assignment. In addition to this they have made the course website complicated as hell, which is pretty ironic considering they specialize in “Information Technology”.

    Please DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID. Do not join this University unless it is absolutely necessary. There has been some sort of issue for every semester I have studied here.

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  6. Anonymous
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    UniSA - generally poor quality and unprofessional delivery for the $$$ paid

    I have been a UniSA Online student for 3 years now and it has been both disappointing and frustrating with the quality of online tutors and teaching extremely poor. I am basing my opinion after a few years of studying on campus at Magill about 20 years ago, which I can only say positive things about. In the past few years, I have had multiple errors in course content – one class was 11 errors in the first 3 weeks from memory. This is both frustrating and wastes a lot of students time as you naturally think you are in the wrong and try to work out why. I’ve also had an online tutor trying to take a zoom class at their child’s taekwondo class with other children running around in the background. I’ve had tutors who’s response to basic course content questions has been to Google the answer (because they were unsure, not to improve the students research skills). I have had classes where tutors haven’t turned up for the zoom session because of poor internal communication on who was taking the class. I have experienced a number of times where the tutors accent is so heavy that you cannot understand what they are saying. Group assignments require you to receive a mark based on someone else’s work. How is that fair when a lot of students are only studying to get a passing mark?
    I am a D/HD average student, so these comments are not based on getting poor grades. Don’t get me wrong, I have had a few really good tutors who actually care about helping the student understand the concepts and support them in achieving a good result. However, from what I can tell, the tutors who run the class often don’t put the class curriculum together. Those that put the problems and solutions together don’t check the results. The tutors often have multiple classes they are involved in and don’t necessarily have the knowledge, time or care factor that a student requires. One tutor, when it was highlighted that they had marked incorrectly, justified this by highlighting that he was only paid for x amount of time to mark assignments.
    Overall, given the amount each module costs, I am extremely disappointed with the quality and professionalism of UniSA Online. Unfortunately I did not have much of a choice in whom to study with as there were very few options for online study at the time.

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  7. Sam
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    Bachelor of Digital Media at UniSA Online

    I am thinking of studying the Bachelor of Digital Media course at UniSA online. Should I do it?

    Can anyone who has completed or currently doing this course please offer an honest review on it?

    • Amber
      | Reply

      Digital Media

      Hi Sam,
      98% of the educators do nothing to help students. The marking is based on popularity and streamlining. The degree focuses on design, GLAM and social media. The structure for most courses are disorganised, and the content archaic. This degree will not prepare students for employment.

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      • Surfer
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        Bachelor of Digital Media - Waste of Time

        I am a current student in this degree and agree with Sam that it will do nothing or very little to prepare you for employment, nor will you learn anything much more than you can learn by watching Linked-In videos they rely on instead of creating their own content. When content is created by UniSA it is often outdated and boring. The range of content in the degree is quite narrow and you will need to do many electives from other disciplines to complete. Having said that, I have had some great lecturers/tutors, but they are certainly very much in the minority. UniSA seems to be selling degrees rather than providing an education.

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  8. LIA
    | Reply

    Hey guys,
    I’m planning to do Bachelor of information technology in Unisa. Is it really worth the money? Please advice.

    • SyStar
      | Reply

      This uni should be your last choice, if any choice.

      NO. I do not recommend this university whatsoever, in any universe. I was stupid enough to think that studying online here would be awesome – im doing bach. of community health – first time this degree was run. I am used to structure, disclosure and support. There is NO structure, NO disclosure, NO support. They say there’s flexibility etc with online, there isn’t. You are given a bunch of youtube videos and readings in place of actual lectures, and when you ask questions, you are told to go back and read the readings. No powerpoints, no evidence of the actual theory that they’ve created themselves. 1/2 the time i skipped weeks because it was things i already knew in terms of repeated information or it was just so damn droll to read. Nothing is made interesting or even engaging. I remember for one of the assessments i had to challenge the actual structure of it because the content wasn’t even being taught. The excuse was the person who wrote the unit isn’t working there anymore, so it was assumed it was all good. Don’t they review these things? Don’t they try do actually perform their own assessments? There are only one or two lecturers who made the content interesting. I wonder if I’ve learnt that much in my degree. I’m finishing this year, and wondering if i need to do more study because i learnt so little. All i learnt is how to ‘get by’ because you get minimal instruction, almost an expectation that you are supposed to understand everything that is written and there’s almost this culture that if you ask questions, you must be dumb. I’ve been to QUT, Endeavour University of Natural Health, even TAFE has better instructions that Unisa….i transferred to unisa because it was fully online, and it was getting hard to commit to work and attend on campus at my previous uni – they’ll make excuses that its their first time run with the degree and they will improve next year, but tell that to my $30k+ university debt. This year i will be saying done and good bye.

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  9. Anonymous
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    Useless for post career

    Bachelor of Communication and Media Management / Film & TV is useless for the real world. Some courses were great, but very few and far between. Most of the skills learned aren’t adequate for post career. The work I found post uni could have also been done without the degree as it hasn’t been relevant for getting a career in this field, also there was no internship opportunity.

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  10. wong hung
    | Reply

    I’m a first-year student who studies Bachelor of aviation (Flight) in UniSA, for those people who might wanna come study this major, please don’t.

    Like the previous comments that have given from above, the structure of the teaching staff and the teacher/ admin staff are terribly disorganized, lack of professionalism and even responsibility. Their responsiveness is hella slow regarding replying emails to students, yet they came to lectures and told us how hard their job has been apart from replying all the emails and stuff and how much time it takes for them, making it that we’re imposing on them. In my concern, their team is hella small and needs to expand bigger to relieve their workload, but ended up finding a few people who have just graduated from this major and come back to teach students and you pretty much see them most of the lecture that you have on your schedule. Their teaching attitude sometimes tuned really bad and you couldn’t find any experience and professionalism on them. Which really made me disappointed.

    The course structure in the first semester was fine, you might have a bit hard time studying but you should be fine if you put a bit more time on it, but the second semester was ridiculous, why? before I flew back to my home country every international student has confirmed that the second semester will be started on 29th July, we all have booked our flight pretty early but we ended up receiving the email that the course will begin on 22nd July. which made me spent an extra 200 AUD just to change my flight and some people might can’t be this lucky. The worst part is that even the UniSA director didn’t even know that it happened in this course and we assumed the course director didn’t have much communication with the uni either. And we also found out that this case violated the uni policy regarding school schedule.

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  11. yyimi
    | Reply

    Don’t trust UNISA International students scholarship!

  12. Patricia
    | Reply

    Easy learning experience so far...

    From reading these reviews I’m quite shocked and my heart goes out to all of you who have been mistreated its very sad and disappointing on the lecturers part. I experienced the same thing with a lecturer at ACU in strathfield. When my course started they said that she came back from a LONG break and it was quite a few years. She told me off for POLITELY REFUSING to sit in the front row when she picked on me for the second time when there were more than 20 students in our class ugh childish nonsense that is coming from a grown adult. Because of that I ended up withdrawing from the course – (Bachelor of Arts). Mind you, the arts degree is a waste of time, 3 years and an extra 2+ to become an accredited psychologist which is ridiculous. Might as well do the actual course and not waste time on units which will not benefit you and you end up having to pay for. I just recently enrolled in an online course with UNISA and have been constantly given so much support and feedback. Also, the way the online course is set out it’s so easy to access all of my coursework and there is an abundance of learning resources available. I’ve been enjoying actually LEARNING which is why I wanted to go back to uni in the first place. If any of you decide to do a course at UNISA that’s not prac heavy, I would recommend doing it online if it’s available as they only have a number of them and pick a specific course that would get you into the career you want. All the best!

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  13. Jaymi
    | Reply

    Superior university!

    I did two undergraduate degrees at UniSA and I have since decided to do my Masters at another university – I have say that UniSA is by far superior. The practical/real life experience gained from my UniSA degrees has been invaluable. From my experience, practical experience is what gets you the work in the field! I got a job in my field of study very easily and I put it down to the practical component of my education. My employer said that the practical program and UniSA is what draws them to graduates. The support at UniSA is incredible and I will always be a UniSA girl!

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  14. Chi
    | Reply

    A peaceful place to study

    I’m studying IMBA program (general) at UniSA and in my final year now. Compared to my Bachelor experience in Japan, this is a quite different environment but everything is so far so good. There are some very good lectures/lecturers and some boring ones (I reckon this happens in every uni) but even so I still learned a lot. The lecturers are very knowledgeable so I would say as long as you attend classes you would get great takeaways. There are 4 electives in IMBA so you can choose to either undertake specialized electives or internship/placement to enhance your employablity. I chose to undertake Industry Project (industry placement) in my second year and that was a wonderful experience: I utilized the frameworks and knowledge from other concurrent courses for the project and kinda got an “intensive” period of Marketing study during the placement. It was hard but you can’t imagine how much you can learn from it. For me, the placement adds great weight to my CV. Thus, I would really recommend the IMBA program to students who want to gain practical experience and become business consultants/managers.

    About Adelaide? If you want to live a peaceful life with not too much stress and a lot of opportunities to enjoy delicious foods, this is a perfect place for you. I just love to live here because of cheap costs of living and lots of Asian groceries.

    UniSA Sport: Haven’t tried yet but I’m impressed with the Pridham Hall facilities. Would definitely try the free morning time for exercise and the pool 🙂

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  15. Keeratpal Singh
    | Reply

    So far been soo good

    I am currently studying bachelors of commerce with majors in accounting. The infrastructure and campus facilities are excellent. You have 24*7 access to library which has become more of like a second home to me. Staff is highly cooperative, as in coming from a totally different education system of India I was not soo confident but the academic staff helped me in making this transition smooth, they are approachable easily.

    Campus life is pretty happening as a lot of events and fairs are run on the campus besides this for socializing the student lounge is good place to hang out with friends. Career shops is the place where you can go to get your resume fixed and get some tips for your job preparation.

    When it comes to networking again university puts some extra efforts to help out student with networking networking events are more of a ritual for the university besides this they run business career mentor program and executive partner programs, under these programs students are paired with people who are actually working in the industry. These opportunities were a great opportunity for me to network well got a lot of valuable insights of the industry from my mentors.

  16. Shubham Gupta
    | Reply

    My review on UniSA

    I study IT at UniSA, based in Mawson Lakes.
    The IT faculty and teaching methodologies are very good with heavy focus on practical assignments.

    For example, most of the programming assignments are quite fun as they are about building games and user interfaces. I feel that these assignments are a better way to learn a computer technology, as we are putting the theory learnt into practice.

    Mawson Lakes campus is peaceful and provides a great study environment: it has the sports, gym and student lounge on campus that can be accessed on weekends. I spend a lot of my time on campus due to the great facilities that are here.

    I am currently in the second year and have been able to get a summer internship through the Careerhub, one of the many great students services that UniSA has to offer.

    Overall, I enjoy the IT program here and would recommend it to a future student.

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  17. Sri
    | Reply

    Wonderful experience studying at UniSA

    I am soon graduating from Master of IT Enterprise Management at University of South Australia (UniSA). My experience for the last two years has been really good and I would strongly suggest anyone with aspirations in IT enterprise management to study this program at UniSA.

    The program structure is revised every year to be current with the industry and the courses offered are very engaging and interesting. All the lecturers I have seen are very knowledgeable and experienced. They go out of their way to help students with their issues. Two of my lecturers in my first year guided me to find a job in the relevant field and provided me with opportunities to work on their projects. I still consult with them if I need any guidance and they give me their time despite their busy schedule.

    The assignments and exams I have had were intriguing and interesting which helped me learn a lot of new things, not just about. The tutorials and workshop session were very practical and made studying enjoyable.

    I would highly recommend anyone with aspirations of becoming an IT business analyst or solution architect to opt for Master of IT Enterprise Management at UniSA.

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  18. danny
    | Reply

    UniSA is S**T!

    i am currently doing the Masters of teaching at UniSA. this place is bad, very bad …. i have worked at uni’s and studied at 3 different ones during my academic career. UniSA is by far the worst of them all. zero organisation skills. no placements for prac, which is a legal requirement, lecturers teaching the wrong information, i know as i have a masters in the subject! talking down to students and i quote ‘ it is a complicated system, you wouldnt understand it i am sure’ …which my reply was … ‘so how do you understand it if it above my level of undertstanding?’ … i have only ever met one teacher who knew what they were tlaking aobut and had interest in the students and he is considering leaving due to the lack of professionalism and standards he has to suffer working there. DO NOT WASTE A SINGLE CENT ON THIS HELL HOLE, YOU WILL REGRET IT – I CAN PROMISE YOU.

    • Mel
      | Reply

      Sadly agree with Danny

      Wow hearing Danny’s comments makes me feel better. I have studied my undergrad in Management at UniSA and loved it. Now I’m doing my Masters of Teaching and I’m sooooo disappointed. I thought it was just me.

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  19. George
    | Reply

    wow! Mind blowing in man respects. I feel that I may have had an opportunity at Uni in my late life, but after reading all these comments it seems nothing more than a circus for a Big Bill at the end of it.

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    • Hayley
      | Reply

      Lol if you read the reviews in most unis it may make you feel better. I’m in the same boat

  20. Amanda
    | Reply

    I’m study IT at UniSA Mawson Lakes campus about 3 years. study IT in UniSA is my biggest disappointment.

    DO NOT study IT in UniSA!
    Briefly :
    1. very poor teaching quality. 2. No campus life. 3.poor teaching equipment
    3. very disorganized 4. You will wast 4 years life at here !
    5. refusal to cooperate with creativity!

    Ok, let me to explain here.
    1. UniSA school of IT have the most poor teaching quality compare with other schools. There are few VERY GOOD lectures & many VERY BAD lectures(80%). BAD Lectures lecture materials are out of date mostly maned at 2013 and there no new updates since, they fourscore on student self learning, which means they assessing student learning less but you paid same amount money to them lol, let me ask if academic stuffs so focus on student self learning so much, we learn every thing by our self, why should we pay you to teaching us?
    Some lecture is inexperienced in teaching. Some lecture explain course contents so bad, you’d better look on YouTube and teach yourself. Practical tutor just sit there, if ask them they will tell you something else because they don’t know OR simply they don’t have time to replay you because practical class(1.5h) host ~25 student.

    2. No campus life.
    Mawson lake campus don’t have any campus life. Do you self a favor, just go UniSA MLK time and then go to Flinders & UofA you know which is better.
    Academic staff is very disorganized from my past experience.
    4.You will wast 4 years life at here !
    Believe or not. I studied to two particular UofA & Flinders uni computer science course, i learned more CS knowledge. then my friend at UniSA who study same course. Good academics make learning fun and challenging! i made some my best friend outside UniSA & Flinders. If you study IT at UniSA, you will spend more time and learn less!

    5. refusal to cooperate with creativity!
    One particular course at UniSA lecture refuse to let student be more creative and suppress critical thinking! isn’t that the most important thing you should get from any

    So, for people who wanna study computer science, please don’t go to UniSA! go to Flinders Uni and Adelaide Uni. Because at Flinders uni & Adelaide Uni you will learn more, make more friends, and not wast you 4 years life

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  21. Mark
    | Reply

    Disgraceful Attitudes to Mature Age Students

    Started at Mawson Lakes early 2015 studying at School of Environment. Aggressive attitudes to my presence and career achievements directed from many persons, including students and teachers – made my mind up fairly quickly to leave and continue elsewhere. The worst experience studying anywhere in Australia since 1987. I am amazed at the levels of disrespect that are shown on campus these days between adults.

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    • Simone
      | Reply

      Digital Media

      Don’t waste your time and money at uniSA. The digital media degree is pathetic and will not equip anyone for employment.
      The woman who created it is self absorbed. It seems more likely that she is interested in furthering her own career. Do not ever say anything that she and her colleagues don’t want to hear or your grades will plummet.
      Most of the degree is made up of extremely basic social media, GLAM, and design.
      To learn useful information and techniques, I have needed to undertake private courses. The uniSA course materials are so outdated, poorly structured and disorganised. Most of the lecturers don’t understand basic questions, so it’s easier to use Google. They take forever to respond, and they change the assessment criteria on many occasions. I don’t know what they get paid for, and I’m basically paying for a piece of paper for kissing their arses.

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      • Nicole
        | Reply

        Digital Media

        Unfortunately, Simone, you are being too kind. 99% of the educators are lazy and skim through written submissions; don’t know how to teach; don’t know enough about the subject they are supposed to be teaching; don’t know the assessment criteria; and provide templates that they haven’t checked. The inadequacy of these people would be funny if we weren’t paying $1000s and spending years for VERY little.
        Their marking is confusing. Whatever the grade, they never tell you where you lost marks. Even when they do explain, it has been a penalty of 20% because the marker skimmed over information and completely missed it in the essay. Regardless of the bottles of wine they probably gussled, it means that the moderators aren’t doing their job either.
        If you want a good tertiary education, go to NSW or AIT in Melbourne.

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      • Johnno
        | Reply

        Digital Media Online

        I’m afraid I agree with what’s been said. I’m about to give up studying Bachelor of Digital Media at UniSA online. I’ve worked in the industry for years and idly thought I should get some formal qualifications. Some lecturers are great, but on the whole there’s lack of interest, reliance on outdated materials, and lack of understanding about their students and (in some cases) t avery real lack of understanding about realities, breadth and complexity of the industry. I agree about the laziness of skimming through assessment submissions and that it would be less dreadful if we weren’t paying a lot of money for years of work just to get a piece of paper rather than an education.

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        • Sam
          | Reply

          Wow. I’m glad I read your review. I was thinking about enrolling in the Bachelor of Digital Media at UniSA online. Do you think everyone else currently in the course would have similar views to you?

  22. Sherri
    | Reply

    If I had to use one word to describe this UniSA it would be “disappointing” – all around. I studied for 3.5 years at Adelaide Uni which was amazing and some of the best years I’ve ever had, and after experiencing the quality of Adelaide Uni the flaws in the UniSA experience immediately became obvious. I studied at the Mawson Lakes UniSA campus and I can’t even put into words how trapped you feel when you’re there. Because it is so isolated and has nothing to do there between seminars there is absolutely NO sense of university life. The city campuses are probably better in that aspect. While I did have maybe three really good lecturers and some okay ones, the rest were really quite useless, leftist and biased. The admin staff are also generally quite useless and I felt like I spent a lot of effort and time chasing them up and doing half their job for them. Often if you need to call the UniSA to ask a question, they either tell you to just look on the website (which isn’t always helpful) or they will redirect you several times until you can finally get to talk to someone who has some idea of what they’re talking about. I recommend that you save yourself the trouble and disappointment and enrol yourself into a better university like Adelaide or Flinders.
    It’s comforting to see that I am not the only person who has had a terrible UniSA experience.
    UniSA really is just a super-TAFE……and TAFE is more organised.

    • Anonymous
      | Reply

      Staff knowledge not the best

      I had to laugh Sherri – I had the same experience with Admin staff at Mawson lakes. My ID stopped working and it took conversations with Campus Central general staff, then Campus Central senior staff, then security, then back to Campus Central (and round and round) to rectify the situation. This went on for a couple of weeks. I was advised to come and collect my ID as the problem had been rectified but when I arrived it had not been. A very frustrating experience due to unprofessional service.
      Another time I had tried to contact IT after hours but they couldn’t rectify the situation because UniSA’s IT is outsourced to another country (for after hours work) and they were unable to remote in.

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  23. Rick
    | Reply

    I can’t believe that this place existed as a university. There are so many wrongs with this institution. Courses and teachers: Firstly, their program is all over the place. When I tried to transfer to different university in Melbourne for my third year, the academics in my new uni kinda surprised at how little I had learnt in my 2 years at UniSA. Secondly, where do these academic lecturers coming from? They are not expert in their fields. If you asked them too many hard questions, you might get disappointing mark for the semester . Probably, they think you’re trying to be a smart*ss. But I was simply curious for technical knowledge. I guess they don’t really have it in them.
    Accomodation/transport: At least there are decent bus routes toward all of their campuses.
    City life: Adelaide? Bleh…
    Campus life: Other than putting really loud music once every few weeks, there is nothing else…. nothing that might enrich your academic or social aspects of your life.
    One word: AVOID!

  24. MIS
    | Reply

    I have studied here for 4 years.

    City East Campus is mostly comprised of old structures which wouldn’t surprise me if they contained asbestos within them. Only the outside and most apparent areas have been renovated to improve the image of the uni presented.

    Lecturers and other teaching staff are, as other comments say, racist and will grade students heavily weighted on their personal opinions of them whether you are an international student or not. They’re not afraid to fail you and waste multiple years of your life because they didn’t really like you during a few weeks of on-site work placement.

    Adelaide Uni > Flinders > UniSA.
    Not sure about TAFE.

  25. lin
    | Reply

    For all the international students,
    this university is not worth of studying. i was failed by the rude and harsh marking. lecturers do not have any considerations to international students. my life is hell because of this uni. i regret to enrolled this uni. the lecturers remain in unity to defend themselves.
    i would have better with other university . SAY NO TO UNISA SA .

  26. Hdr
    | Reply

    This University proved to be a nightmare for me. Incompetent lecturers. The most racist University of the world. I regret why I enrolled in this University. I am now thinking to ask my fees back and never look back at this bloody racist University.

  27. Milo
    | Reply

    I couldn’t agree with you more. As a student with a disability (It was diagnosed after I entered my course), their first and foremost priority was to get rid of me (in a way that would not get THEM in trouble with the equal opportunity organizations). I never forget the derogatory remarks of the senior staff. I hated my experience in there.

  28. Beth
    | Reply

    University of South Australia is probably the worst university I’ve been to. They do not care about the students at all (especially external/international students) and basically do the bare minimum. The whole entire time I have been working through my degree I have encountered problem after problem with the staff making constant mistakes. If I wasn’t so close to finishing my degree I would of left this incompetent University. Money hungry liars.

  29. Mindar
    | Reply

    I’m studying at UniSA University of South Australia. Agreed with Fiona’s comment, the Student Experience in UniSA is horrible, my friends and i feel depressed when we are at UniSA. Some staff treats students like slave and forgot that they are paid to support/help them. UniSA Sport is a joke. I personally think that i wasted my time here and looking at move to other states.

    The transport and the city are the only thing positive.

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