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Deakin University.

Deakin University is a large Victorian uni with campuses in suburban Melbourne, Geelong and Warrnambool (a coastal city). Deakin is accessible to students, with achievable course entry standards, competitive tuition fees for international students, and courses often available online. If you are a current or former student, feel free to post a review and let people know what you think about studying with Deakin.

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  1. abhinay datta
    | Reply

    Feed back needed

    Friends some input needed on the below matter

    A friend of mine has applied for Masters in Data sciences. He
    has currently applied to three universities
    Deaken university in Melbourne
    Monash university in Mebourne
    University of Sydney
    Could I please get some feedback on
    Which university to choose should the application be successful in all three cases
    Which is a better place to live between Melbourne and Sydney considering part time jobs availability for students ?
    What are the employment prospects post completion of this course

  2. Chamith
    | Reply


    I was thinking of starting my Business Analytics and Information Systems course at Deakin.
    Would y’all recommend Deakin for such a course?

    And will swinburne be any better than Deakin? Please help!!!

  3. TC
    | Reply

    Engineering in the Cloud

    I am mature aged second year student studying engineering cloud based, as a second degree.

    My experiences haven’t been very pleasant to say the least! I’m experiencing really hit and miss (but a lot more miss) experiences with overwhelming amounts wages of frustration and mental anxiety.

    I’m really keen to hear other people’s experiences with Deakin’s Cloud engineering degree as I’m seriously looking at moving despite trying to resolve it with faculty staff.

  4. Ninad
    | Reply

    How is masters in construction management at Deakin University in terms of job oppurtunities and career growth?

  5. Ketut Winaya
    | Reply

    High Appreciation for the Lecturers.

    I did my master’s years ago and I found that the lecturers were fairly friendly, helpful, and caring. I have read a few bad comments about Deakin Uni, it might depend upon the course a student is taking. I had a very good time during my study there. The only issue I had then was the distance between the campus and the place where I lived was so great that I spent too much time on the tram. Thank you Deakin for developing my teaching capability through discussions, roleplays, and modellings.

  6. Daniel
    | Reply

    I went to Deakin and loved it… really good place with heaps to do… Only thing that I hated was the Parking, however, once I found NEEPA, a parking app that allows you to park on properties surrounding the University, it was easy!

  7. James
    | Reply

    Bachelor of exercise and sports science

    Is Bachelor of exercise and sports science a good course at Deakin. Having read all the bad reviews, I’m wondering if I should accept the offer from deakin. Has anyone done this course at Deakin? How did you find it, please give me some suggestions.
    PS: any university suggestions for this course at Melbourne? I heard Deakin was ranked #1 in the world for sport management, is it also good at sport science?
    Your suggestions mean a lot to me please help, Thank you.

  8. Rose
    | Reply

    Need Advice about Teaching Course


    Was think of moving to Deakin to complete the Masters of Teaching (primary and secondary) but after all negative reviews I’m not sure anymore- does anyone have any advice regarding what Deakin’s teaching courses and staff are like?

    • Bob
      | Reply

      Rose, there seems to be something about this site that attracts far more negative reviews than seem to me to be justified. If you check out a handful of universities at random, I think you will be astonished by just how negative almost all of their reviews are.

      I don’t know anything about the teaching program, but my own experience of Deakin was overwhelmingly a positive one.

      I’m not saying the people who leave bad reviews here are untruthful. But I am saying that for whatever reason, people who’ve had negative experiences seem to be especially motivated to post here.

    • Sheila
      | Reply

      Me too!

      I am also thinking of transferring to Deakin for the same course Rose. Hope we are making the right move 😉
      All the best!

    • Jess
      | Reply

      Hi Rose,

      I’m am currently doing my masters at Deakin (although not in teaching), but I love it. It has been one of the best learning experiences I have had. My lecturers are so nice and I really feel like I am learning good skills. My experience has been an extremely positive one

      Good luck with your plans 🙂

  9. Andrew
    | Reply

    They give you a better education at Tafe

    The three years I was at Deakin studying I.T., I found whenever you ask the lecturers or tutors how to do something, they would keep referring to this saying “we’re not here to spoon feed you your education”. It could be a simple question like, what technologies should I use to accomplish this task? Turns out you’re just supposed to refer to theoretical literature, reference everything you are referring too, regardless of its practical merit, and you get really good marks for it. The only problem with that is, I was there to receive an education. Now working as software engineer, not a single thing I learnt at Deakin has helped in preparing me for my new career. But at least now I am qualified for it.

    • Fazi
      | Reply

      Deakin or Swinburne for IT

      Seriously?? I’m joining bachelor’s in Information technology this July. I’m deciding between Swinburne and Deakin.
      Would you suggest Deakin Burwood campus??? Thanks.

    • Lo
      | Reply

      I’m doing CS at Deakin. I have learnt heaps but you’re spot on about the lecturers having no interest in helping anyone. They have very defensive attitudes when asked for help. They provide Lynda and youtube videos to cover important content. Fed up with paying for stuff I could just google.Probably will change unis.

    • D
      | Reply

      Would not recommend cloud study for IT.

      I’m studying IT also, as a cloud student. I’m finding that basically I have to try to figure everything out for myself.. the content only covers a tiny bit, I’m brand new to programming, and then when I ask the tutor for help, literally the response I received today was “That’s the incorrect way to reference Bitmap” (without telling me the right way)… that was the entire point I asked for help…
      I’m thinking programming is hard enough to learn, but not getting actual help when I’ve already spent literally ten hours trying to solve it myself isn’t the greatest. Especially since I’m paying a lot of money for it…

  10. Nat
    | Reply

    Great university

    I am currently studying a Masters in Politics and Policy as a cloud student. I have found Deakin to be excellent (having studied externally at another uni, and on campus at another uni). Lecturers are sufficiently available – I don’t need to be spoon fed – and the focus on assignments has meant I have been able to learn and research interesting topics. Best degree I have done so far! Lecturers are great and the waterfront campus in Geelong is just beautiful

  11. Bob
    | Reply

    Astonished by all the negative reviews

    I came to this site because I am planning another degree at a different university. I was taken aback by just how negative its reviews were – so much so that I was suddenly wondering if I should reconsider my plans. But then, for perspective, I decided to check what people had to say about Deakin: a uni I do have experience of.

    I completed a master’s in a business discipline at Deakin a few years ago. I started out at Monash before a chronic illness made on-campus study impossible. I transferred to Deakin due to their greater orientation towards online learning. They allowed me full credit for my Monash units.

    I can say that on an intellectual level, the units I did at Deakin were definitely up to the same standard as the ones I did at Monash. Practical, too. Killer workload, but what do you expect for master’s level business subjects?

    I can also say that with very rare exceptions (none of which had any real effect on me anyway), I found the lecturers to be extremely helpful and service-oriented. Due to my illness I was definitely “high maintenance” (I don’t think I handed even one assignment in on time), but I can honestly say that the university bent over backwards to accommodate me. Even going so far as to send out invigilators to administer my exams in my own home.

    I have no idea what the on-campus experience is like, but for off-campus learning, and based solely on my own experience, I would recommend Deakin to anyone.

  12. Rain
    | Reply

    Extortion is the first word that comes to mind regarding the Arts Department. Insane prices for education with little substance. When you get an offer, be very careful, Deakin may change their ,mind based on discrepancies such as if their staff like you, or lo and behold, if you threaten to surpass them. Oh and do not get me started on the behavior talk about of the administrative art department, talk about unprovoked passive aggressiveness.

    M advice, keep a copy of every email from staff in the future if you are a student.

    I feel for the decent lecturers i had at Deakin, they are few and in between.

  13. Uthkarsh
    | Reply

    Waste of time and money.

    IT faculty provides absolute trash quality education. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS should avoid enrolling into any of their courses. The only way the faculty is going to change is by not giving them any sources of funding until they realize what students go through.

    After suffering from a decrease in enrollment numbers of students from CHINA, they are now actively seeking potential students from INDIA.
    DO NOT fall for their marketing tactics, most of which were severely deceptive and over represented.

    Lecturers mostly consisted of academics with high qualifications but zero industry experiences, whose duty are to only read out lecture slides for two hours every week. Most assignments and assessments were mostly about avoiding potential cases of plagiarisms instead of assisting in the learning of course contents.

    Team of incompetent administrators behind the scenes does not help either, even before HE funding cuts, they went out of their way to ensure students are treated like cash cows. Any matters related to finances are not up for discussion to ensure every single penny is squeezed out of students.

    Deakin is also known for the unethical use of student interns within the IT industry. It is expected that every student throw themselves forward for a 100 hours or more UNPAID internship fulfilling the duties of a PAID EMPLOYEE instead of gaining meaningful experiences in the industry.

    Lastly, I’ve seen my fair share of fellow classmates dropping out switching to other uni having the time of their lives pursuing meaningful education instead of staying within this toxic environment. Do yourselves a favor and attend some other uni where you will carry your education throughout your life with pride instead of feeling shameful from the meaningless education from Deakin.

  14. Pushkar
    | Reply

    Deakin’s Construction Management or Moansh’s Infrastructure systems?
    What should I choose ?

  15. Mick
    | Reply

    Don't bother.

    Course content is lazy, apparently made up on the fly with spelling and grammar mistakes. Often third party material of which the teachers seem to be viewing for the first time in class.

    Teachers aren’t up with the bleeding edge – not good but understandable to a degree. More fundamentally there’s a sense that the place is toxic behind the scenes. Encountered one staff member who is without doubt a malignant narcissist. An atmosphere of university cuts perhaps allows the personality disorders to thrive and desperate to stick it out.

    Deakin is a good example of why higher education is in a market bubble: high fees, thin on the knowledge transfer. International students paying a premium are right to be upset.

    • Delcroze
      | Reply

      Doing the course now off campus and I couldn’t agree more!! I really regret coming here!!!!!!!! I’ve been in the Education sector for 20 years and wanted to boost my qualification but this course is GARBAGE!!!!!

  16. Me
    | Reply

    Got given a “conditional offer” into a course here, little did I know that it wasn’t even an offer at all! Condition was that I had to provide an official transcript from a previous course (as the one I provided wasn’t official), and I did.
    I was then told I couldn’t be accepted into the course as I didn’t have the prerequisites, so why even give me the offer in the first place? If the first transcript wasn’t official, don’t send me an “offer”, send me an email asking for the official one.
    To offer someone a place in a course and then revoke it is just misleading and unfair.

  17. Jerry
    | Reply

    Ah where to start…

    In the 4.5 years I was there I had two good lecturers. The rest either didn’t care, had no idea how to teach, or barely spoke English.

    Course content for engineering was abysmal. Most of it was recycled from other places and sometimes they didn’t even bother taking watermarks off from the places they stole it from…

    Engineering is a practical class, so we did practicals on admittedly very good lab systems. Except we did the same laboratory slightly modified year after year.. It got to the point where people could recycle their lab reports between classes…

    When it comes to exams often we would be told to study one thing, only for the exam to have a completely different content. Utter trash, no care for the educational prowess and no care for students. We are just there to fund their research projects and that’s about all you will get from them besides from a few select people that give a damn.

    Feedback and results were absolutely pathetic. The university states a feedback window of 1 week from submission.. sometimes we just never got feedback, or got it AFTER the exam, simply rubbish. It really shows how much they don’t care about students.

    The university doesn’t care at all about students getting work, and will even try its best to make it harder for you to work and make it even harder to get internships and things, it really astounds me how adverse they are to students exceeding.

    The only single redeeming quality I can think of is the campus’ are okay, they have made significant investments in it.

    Please for the love of God, don’t choose this University.

  18. Sarah
    | Reply

    Garbage. Huge disparity between lecturers, with some appearing totally unsuited to the profession, if not unsuited for dealing with humans in any capacity.
    There is no standardisation; subjects vary in workload by orders of magnitude, with some subjects being literally primary school level and others taking 90% of your time, Some lecturers appear to literally be psychopathic. NOT the uni you want to go to. Try one with some kind of internal oversight instead.

  19. Sal
    | Reply

    I’m in my second trimester of a Master of Communication online – Cloud Deakin – and thus far it’s pretty useless.

    I decided to do a Masters in Communication because I wanted to add new skills to what I learned in my undergrad (visual communication). I wanted to learn what I need to work in a broader communications role – writing, public relations, marketing, etc. I had one class last trimester that was excellent – Public Relations Writing and Tactics – I actually learned important skills for my future career. Apart from that everything has been very theoretical and academic. Communications theory is important, but when all your assignments are academic essays it seems pretty useless unless you want to become an academic. And the quality of teaching on Cloud Deakin is not great – most of my teachers don’t bother recording lectures, they simply provide notes and PowerPoint presentations WITHOUT audio for online students to read. I presume that on-campus students would actually get a lecture of some kind so I’m not sure why they don’t provide the same level of education for online students. And when I’ve emailed some of my teachers to ask for clarification, especially regarding possibilities and options for a thesis, they’ve passed the buck back and forth to each other, none providing me with the information I need.

    In my first trimester I went to the Melbourne Burwood campus a few times and was impressed with the facilities – the library is well stocked and the grounds are clean and modern. And it’s easy to get to by tram, or train/bus, but it’s a long way away from the city.

  20. Dave
    | Reply

    Absolute waste of time and money. Very little practical learning, all theoretical based learning, using resources recommended by corporate marketing.

  21. Ash
    | Reply

    I am doing IT at Deakin as well. I am 100% agree with you. The faculty of Science and Built environment is absolutely hopeless. I also had an issue with a lecturer but the faculty did not act professionally in such an important issue and they simply ignored me. Definitely avoid this university specially in IT area

  22. Wayne Bulmer
    | Reply

    I can’t tell whether it’s their laziness or inexperience but the information technology teaching staff is completely out of touch with the wide range of technologies available in todays IT industry. They also seem to be unaware of the wide range of applications in which computer technologies can be used.

  23. Sebastian
    | Reply

    Don’t waste your time. The learning they provide is garbage.

  24. Nova
    | Reply

    Deakin is a little way out of the city, which is fine because it makes things cheaper. I would have liked to been able to drive to uni but the parking was too much of a hassle and too expensive.

    I enjoyed my computing course overall. Finished in 2013. The lecturers and tutors varied in quality. But they mostly did a good job.

    Exams were more stressful than they should have been. They weren’t especially hard. But there was a lot of weight on a 2-hour exam at the end of term. And we didn’t get feedback on the exams except for a grade.

    Met some pretty cool people there. Would recommend Deakin.

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