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Deakin University.

Deakin University is a large Victorian uni with campuses in suburban Melbourne, Geelong and Warrnambool (a coastal city). Deakin is accessible to students, with achievable course entry standards, competitive tuition fees for international students, and courses often available online.

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  1. K
    | Reply

    Awful experience as a medical student

    Truly an awful university. This institution is anti-human and just cares about you as a source of revenue above all else. Avoid at all costs. Undoubtedly the worst medical school in Victoria, probably worst in Aus

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  2. Martin
    | Reply

    Data analytics online

    This is my best advice for you.

    Do not enroll any course at Deakin. This university is absolutely a mess. You will be definitely disappointed later.
    I am working in education sector and hold postgraduate qualifications. I started Data analytics course last year. They have Asian lectures doing most of the course units. They through you massive amount of content and absolutely no teaching and any help. The so called lectures are communicating very poor. Once the university take your money , you are your own. They try their best to fail any number of students. They even hate local students. Also, the international students have no options rather re enroll after failing exams multiple times. Milking cows. Money machine.

    They setup you online exam that is impossible to pass, even for highly qualified person. They easily confused you with vague instructions. They give you exam questions which is no where seen in course content. If question that then they will tell you you should know everything even outside the scope of the course. They make it impossible to submit your assignment in real time. Else, they will fail your online exam by creating technical difficulties.They make them hurdles. They leave no room for you to complaint about their dodgy practice. The main dodgy man(Unit Chair) will reject all you attempt to explain your concern.

    If you are going to learn and be successful in any field find a course any university other than Deakin University. Do net get stress and disappoint once you have made decision. Your time is valuable. This happens to many of my colleges. Deakin is Australia number one dodgy university. So, do not waste your time and money by enrolling courses at Deakin. I am sure your success rate is lower than 5%. This very true for post graduate course in data analytics.

    I believe this university should change their name from “Deakin University” to “Dodgy University”. Later suits them better.

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  3. Jasmine
    | Reply

    Worst support

    Deakin University force their students from regional towns to travel hours to attend their exams. Then when you explain your financial hardship that prevents you from driving hours for several exams, they do not provide any empathy or support. Absolutely disgusted that they did not care if their students from regional towns fail their exams as “it’s the student’s responsibility to get to their exam location” even if they have allocated a location that is hours away from where they actually live.

    • Linda
      | Reply

      Deakin is below the average line these days:.

      I completely concur with this statement! I was spoken to so disgustingly by a staff member who said- well what do you want me to do about it when I explained I don’t have a car and can’t stay away from my dependent …. absolute trash employees who don’t GAF and clearly don’t understand that we pay their wages and some professionalism and courtesy is free… Deakin is not what it used to be. I’m strongly considering going to another university.
      Plus on top of that- get to exams both days sbd literally have people sat so close to me on either side- we didn’t even have room to put our paper…

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      • Suz
        | Reply

        Deakin views students as revenue streams not people

        100% Agree. No consideration for real life pressures and concerns of students. Could lecturers afford to live while they do 8 weeks full time unpaid work *AHEM* practical education? Placement is an absolute joke and a scam if you ask me. Students are exploited as unpaid workers.

        Deakin treats students like revenue streams. More interested in their marketing and recruitment than actually supporting students to become qualified clinicians. Working in the Health and Disability sector, I wonder if shortages for Nurse, OTs, Physios. Speechies, Social workers, etc is due to people not being able to progress due to Deakin’s rigid 12 week trimester timeframes or just go sick and tired of the Academic bubble and found fulfil meant in the real world. Avoid if you can

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  4. Fudail
    | Reply

    waste of money

    Studying MSc Cyber Security and the level of disappointment is beyond description. The majority of the staff is highly incompetent and, as a few have already highlighted, terrible accents. The unit/course chair takes that disappointment to another level—doesn’t know his stuff but acts/demands as if he’s the head of a world-class research centre. A few of the lecturers were good, but the majority is a major letdown. Don’t waste your money and time on this university.

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  5. Dave
    | Reply

    Good uni but unit chair won't care about slackers in group projects

    Overall good uni, but god forbid you have to do a group project. Slackers will get a free ride. You will have to stay up late to compensate for the work they were supposed to do but ‘forgot’. Unit chair will not do anything despite the slacking student admitting to the unit chair that they did not contribute.

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  6. Deflated and Lost
    | Reply

    Lack of effective support for learning disorders

    We heard great things about Deakin before commencing. However if living with a learning disorder, this may not be the best place to study. There is a disability support centre, but the way they operate suggests they don’t understand the best way to support a person living with ASD/ADHD. People seeking support need to self navigate there way through a highly beauracratic process. Support is gained by having to make an appointment for a week’s time only to find that the appointment was made with someone who was not in a position to assist with the question/issue. The support seeker then has to start the whole process again, meaning that an issue can remain unresolved for an extended period of time. Spent two years trying to navigate the system and keep on top of studies only to leave feeling deflated, confidence gone, dream career gone and having to reconsider future options.

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  7. L
    | Reply

    Bach of Creative Writing. Pretty good time

    [Waurn Ponds]

    Went to the in-person campus for the first year and then due to the rona had to go Cloud for the rest of my degree with a few weeks here and there going back to in-person. Aside from a few individual teachers, I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed my time. I didn’t vibe with a few teachers but I think that was just the difference in teaching/learning styles. There have been some standout teachers who went above and beyond to be really friendly and seemed like they were actively interested in what they teach. If I did well in any course they’d go out of their way to recommend me to apply for peer tutoring and if I had them again later in the bach they’d remember me by name, so they do pay attention. There’s one unit chair in the creative writing course who likes to set ONE type of assessment and little else but if enough people go and fill out the survey after the tri she might finally listen and put some diversity in her bloody course. Mostly had this issue with her honours course but it still applies for her undergrad course. Other than her most teachers set a nice variety of assessments that aren’t too difficult, and almost all teachers are quick to reply to emails and very helpful if you need extra resources or information.

    The STAR system can be a little hard to understand for first-timers and classes might be scheduled at weird times. I didn’t make it into a seminar immediately after the lecture so I had to find a place to study on-campus for two hours- the cafeteria is fine but bring good earphones, and I didn’t use the library until 3rd year but also bring good earphones for that! In my 1st year I had a one hour lecture at 10am and then nothing for the rest of the day, so I ended up not coming into the lecture for the rest of the tri because it was a waste of Myki money and too annoying to waste a sleep-in.

    I enjoyed my time on the Cloud campus more because I didn’t have to travel and the campus is a bit soulless. For more practical or hands-on majors I wouldn’t recommend it but it’s well-suited for English courses. There’s kinda shit-all to do on campus unless you like occupying the same two areas for hours at a time. There’s not a whole lot of stuff to do around campus on a day-to-day basis and the events are pretty lame or just not worth going. The cafeteria is ok, but as I mentioned it’s too loud. The food is pretty mid but there’s a Maccas and shopping centre a busride away. The library doesn’t have enough seating and it’s always full. If you reserve a seat the library staff don’t mark it as reserved so there’s usually someone sitting there. It’s also usually kinda loud? You get a lot of cliques hanging out in there which is annoying.

    The 1st and 2nd year units are really good, including electives. There’s a wide range of classes to take that counts towards your credits. The 3rd year units for the bach of creative writing suck. I think there are two good courses out of the eight that I did. The choice of electives are shitty in 3rd year because at that point there aren’t any other relevant courses that they could think of but you still need to fill out two or three “relevant” elective units. By 3rd year the teachers kinda get a bit stuffy, they’re a bit far up their asses but they do still care about the content.

    Overall, it was a fine experience. Maybe I just lucked out.

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    • Georgia
      | Reply

      Is Bach of Arts creative writing worth it??

      Hi, I’m currently in year 12 and debating on whether I should take the creative writing course as my major. I love writing and want to publish a book one day–do you think this course is worth doing? Did you get a lot out of it? I’ve looked at the descriptions of the different units but tbh I only like the sound of about 4 of them. I don’t really like the idea of getting into poetry or creative non-fiction, and I feel like I’d only be picking this course for the help with editing and grammar & the scriptwriting side of things. So if I’m only interested in those things, do you think the units were good enough to go to uni for and just deal with the units I might not like as much, or would you suggest seeking out alternative classes that focus more specifically on my interests & not spend so much money? I’d love to hear ur opinion cause I’m kinda stuck.

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      • admin
        | Reply

        Find another major if you want to make money. This degree is about the worst for job outcomes. It’s extremely rare to earn significant income from writing books. It also helps to actually have done some stuff in your life that you can draw on to write about. Find a career that will take you somewhere interesting and then you’ll be better placed to start writing books.

  8. Alexia
    | Reply

    Bachelor of arts

    I cannot leave a good review for Deakin I finish my Bachelor of Arts and I cannot justify the $22 K I spent for this Uni being well spent.
    This trimester is the most expensive and there is little lecture and seminars. The subjects are not scientific proof.
    The anthropology subjects are all about polemic and are all the same.
    It was great when I started in 2019 but now it is just idiotic learning .
    I should have changed 2 trimester ago.
    Anyway good luck 🍀

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  9. Nick
    | Reply

    Utter Garbage Top to Bottom

    This joke of a university will only serve to increase your HECS DEBT or to reduce your family’s bank account if you are an international student. I have recently graduated on the edge of High Distinction from a Bachelor of Commerce, studying Economics and Finance. I am a member of 2 society, by invitation, that are open only to high achieving students (Beta Alpha Psi and Golden Key). Since my grades were objectively good, you can trust that I don’t have any grudge against the University as others that haven’t performed well might have.

    So, here is a list of issues:

    -Teaching staff is totally useless and unqualified. Having a Ph.D doesn’t mean you are qualified. Trust me when I say that out of 22 subjects (2 were Credits), I have encountered only 3 purely local lecturers. The others, appeared to be mid-time expats from developing country who have completed their postgrad studies in Australia and got into lecturing right after. Amateurs at best, with the bulk of them being a complete failure even at being amateurs.
    -From the above, the worst implication is the practice of the English language: trust me HANDS DOWN when I say that while most of the lecturers had a medium level of English -which is ridiculous when you think that the UNIVERSITY EXISTS IN A ENLGISH SPEAKING COUNTRY- some were incomprehensible, literally. There were at least 3 lecturers that you could hardly understand them, it was as bad as that.
    -The study material is so bad that it beggars believes. Slides are either provided by the publisher of the textbook, or made by somebody long before the trimester you end up using them. This wouldn’t be necessarily a problem. if the slides were as premium as the price you pay for the units. Instead, they are scanty, not informative, with spelling and grammar mistakes. They aren’t of any use. In many units, teaching staff “provide” video made by third party to complement the material, which is incredible and disgraceful because a) you would think that for the price of the course, they must be able to produce all they they need in a better way and in house and b) it ends up that the free, third party material is constantly much, much better than any f*****g garbage this joke of a university provides.
    -The lecturers’ lecture will be no more or less than reading the slides for you. That’s it. Those poor and quite useless slides described above. They will read them for you. For 2 hours. Enjoy!
    -Out of 22 units, I have encountered only 2 associated professors. The remaining ones were lecturers
    -THERE IS A USELESS, INEFFICIENT, DETESTABLE OVER RELIANCE ON F*****G GROUP ASSIGNMENTS. Virtually every unit had a large group assignment components. As if it wasn’t already an obstacle for learning what one is trying to, the actual group assignments were NEARLY ALWAYS UNRELATED AND OF NO USE TO/FOR what is being done and the final exam. If you are unlucky enough to end up in groups with muppets, which it seems to be always the case if not for those 2-3 group members you may find out of the whole bachelors, then I GUARANTEE YOU THAT YOU WILL END UP SPENDING MUCH MORE TIME FOR THAT 30% worthy GROUP ASSIGNMENT THAN FOR THE STUDY OF THE COURSE. It’s going to be a huge disgrace, trust me, don’t put yourself through this torture. If you have family and/or work commitments, you are GOING TO BUY YOURSELF A JOB. Don’t do it, there is so much better out there.
    -Student Central, the office that deal with Student Queries, it’s quite slow and useless.
    -It’s heavily Left-Leaning University where there is a constant reminder of both minorities and fringe issues, and a total disregard for free speech and intellectual enquiry. will I was CENSORED twice by a Unit Chair and I was threaten by the Dean of Student for having expressed my mind, withing the boundaries of my constitutional rights.
    -You won’t find many and solid opportunity for scholarship even if you are a high achiever, however if you are aboriginal or an international student you will find an extensive range of study support. As an Australian Citizen, I would encourage any other citizen to take stock of the orientation of Deakin when it comes to the distribution of financial support for studying and to avoid it at all cost given how skewed against citizens their policy for scholarships’ adjudication are.
    -For what concern the major in Economics in particular: it is absolutely useless, trust me. There is an active effort to get around the necessary mathematics and preferring instead not-threatening verbal explanations. In other words, the major is dumbed-down because they accept anybody even though they are not up to date with the necessary mathematics. Moreover, because Deakin is fundamentally a useless organization run by Graduates of Art and/or soft Commerce disciplines, they are incapable of identifying known issues and provide a remedy. In this case, by including a precalculus/calculus I unit in the major most of this huge problem would be solved.
    -The Bachelor of Commerce is too broad and will end up making you a master of nothing and a jack or very little, if anything! It needs a complete review by somebody THAT IS NOT CURRENLTY CHAIRING THIS COURSE. Rubbish like principle of marketing, management, HR, professional insight need to get out and in demand, commerce oriented unit need to be introduced as Core Units: think machine learning for economics and finance, A.I., programming and the likes. Economics, Finance and International trade need to somehow merge, and more nuanced units that are necessary in an undergraduate course should be removed (Energy and resources economics, labor and health economics, international finance, etc… In exchange for more foundational and math/stats based unit).
    -Finally, it seemed that many subjects were for at least 1/3 the repetition of other subjects. A complete waste of time. It seems like that at Deakin, the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.

    Guys, avoid at all cost, in my view. I really did not enjoy my bachelor and I am now studying a Bachelor of Computer Science and Master of Business Analytics concurrently so to have some actual skills to bring in employment. Deakin for me was a cost within a cost as it was not just a financial burden but it ended up taking much, much more time than what it should have without though giving you back any relevant learning.

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    • Messi
      | Reply

      everything said here is a fact and I 100% agree with you nick

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      • Roo
        | Reply

        Every single world of this is 100000% true.

        This person speaks FACTS. Every single words of this message is so true that it hurts to know the truth. The point where the person talks about how horrible the accent of most professors is something I have faced quite frequently to a point where i stopped going to the lectures and wasting my 2 hours for someone to read slides in the most hideous accent ever!! i had to completely rely on my own self learning skills to get through this uni. I was just paying insane amount of money for a piece of paper saying i achieved a degree in XYZ thing from this uni.

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  10. Prachi
    | Reply


    I am a prospective international student who wants to do the Bachelor of Biomedical science degree. I need an honest review of this program from either campus. Reading some of these reviews is really stressing me out as I thought Deakin was a good option for me after watching their videos and seeing their campus, however, the student reviews are just horrible.

    • Susan
      | Reply

      It's a very good university

      I am a post-graduate student and have mostly studied at Deakin University. I seriously wonder about the motivation behind so many of these negative comments. I have never encountered one staff member who was unprofessional in my whole educational journey, and I have studied both on-campus and off-campus. If people put in the work required and are polite and respectful to their peers and staff, the same can be expected in return. My undergraduate degree was in Applied Science, and it was definitely the most enjoyable course I have ever studied. I would repeat it all again in a heartbeat, and the friends I made at the time were wonderful people. I left one other university to complete my first degree, because I didn’t like the course and no longer could stand feeling like just a number, rather than a person attached to a name. At Deakin, I am treated like a human being. I personally would not hesitate to pursue science with this university.

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  11. Anon
    | Reply

    First year student: All lecturers encountered lazy, quite, don't give a shit or can not be understood through strong accent

    Complete waste of my time. Year 12 had much better education.
    One of my lecturers can not be understood with a strong accent, speaks fast and is so quiet Everyone just leaves the lecture early and not a lot of people go anymore.
    The other 2. Quite and lazy. It’s like listening to a bedtime story when they talk (no like literally). One of them I can even hear her speaking to me from 1 meter away. Like literally face to face conversation 1 meter away I can’t flipping hear them. Literally.
    Students culture are just boring, classes lack communication and chemistry too.
    Not surprised reading other reviews. Those who have good lecturers are so lucky lol.

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  12. Sam Long
    | Reply

    Very poor quality course

    Very poor-quality Batchelor of creative writing course which I expected much more from!
    Some of the lecturers were incompetent and coming from a professional teaching background they the worse presenters I have ever come across. The lecture slides were dreadful, old, blurry and it that were poorly organised. Just because you have a degree doesn’t make you a good teacher!
    Being told by an arrogant lecturer that if we didn’t email staff by their full title and position in a highly formalised way they wouldn’t bother to reply! The staff need to get into the real business world as we don’t talk like that anymore and if someone sent me a formal email, I probably wouldn’t respond due to the high level of off-putting lack of connection.
    Having dogs farting and snoring in the background during online lectures was disgusting and highly off putting!
    Lecturers telling us to do one thing and the unit chair says another thing then realises she was wrong and thinks she can send a ridiculous supposedly funny email trying to cover her a**e saying they were both correct?
    I will be the firstly to admit I obviously didn’t do enough research and I wouldn’t have gone anywhere this university and after talking to many others this place is not well regarded and you can do much better as I have done by doing my course elsewhere.
    I have documented proof of these issues that I can and will provide if requested.
    For $30,750 for the course, I expected much more!
    Sadly, this course will not prepare you for the real world as they claim!
    Please do your research as this place is very average compared to others!

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  13. angry studeny
    | Reply


    Studying Graduate Certificate of Data Analytics….Probably the worst university experience one can ever have. Learning on the cloud should have been metaphorical. Every clown who calls himself a lecturer or tutor in this course is an absolute joke and im quite certain some of them legitimately have no idea what they are teaching, and have not tried to proof read their course just to see how atrocious it is and how they should just resign and do us all a favour as there is no fixing this level of stupid. To top it off, every lecturer is not clearly spoken, so lectures become redundant, and then the gap in your understanding really begins to widen. Sometimes you get amazing results (not consistent at all with what you actually learned – nothing). Sometimes you get terrible results. Sometimes they tell you that you should have added a section that was not even on the assignment task sheet (should have just known bruh). This “university” can quite simply eff off and disappear it is so bad. I am writing this after receiving two of the best marks of my life and one of the worst. Technically I should be on a high from my performance but its just too hard to rub the invasive smell of bullshit so I decided to keep it real. If i could give minus stars id go for -5. STAY AWAY IF YOU CAN

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  14. Sam
    | Reply

    Bach Psych

    I changed over from another university to complete my undergrad in psychological science. I found the university not too bad at times but had some major issues as well. I would say that they don’t mark the 3rd year core units to the rubric or if they do it’s to a different one. They tend to brush off many concerns and never actually answer anything glaring issues. One unit (psychopathology) was so badly marked most students that would normally get 85%+ in assignments were getting below 65%, when questioned about this the school of psychology basically turned on any student that asked for a remark and marked them down further or dismissed all concerns about the delivery of the content. Another unit, personality, the unit chair stuffed up the exam and made it inequitable for all student and nothing was done for all students. The unit chair also outed a student with a disability that needed access to an easy access classroom to their classmates. There are some good units, chairs and services at the university but it caused me problems in my 3rd year than you really need. There are better universities out there and I will be doing honours elsewhere.

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  15. Hannah
    | Reply

    Bachelor of psychological science

    Hi Everyone,
    Anyone here done bachelor in psychological science online?
    Can you give me some advice and feedback on Deakin?
    Or any uni that you would recommend?
    I have done my bachelor of medical science, but now i want to become a registered psychologist, so i have to redo bachelor and hopefully get some credit subjects
    Thank you

    • Rita
      | Reply

      Post grad

      If you already have a degree you don’t have to do another- check out the post grad diploma psych science. That’s what I’m doing. It’s only 10 subjects.

      • Emilia
        | Reply

        I had exactly same experience with marking in UNSW GradDip of Psychology. Had an awful experience there. How were your lecturers in Deakin- easy to understand? At UNSW some lecturers accents were so thick, it was like ear raping.

    • Chloe
      | Reply

      It’s awful, don’t even bother with Deakin. I went to Swinburne after Deakin and highly recommend.

  16. S
    | Reply

    Great experiences at Deakin.

    I’m a high achiever and studied at five different Universities including Melbourne, Monash and Deakin. I completed the Master of Commerce degree at Deakin Burwood Campus. Out of all them, I’ve learnt the most from Deakin because the lectures and assignments are practical and easy to understand. Lecturers are very knowledgeable and pleasing. If you do the work, attend the lectures, tutorials, read everything and go beyond whets prescribed there should be absolutely no issues. Exams are perfectly fine and if work is done during the semester, there would be no problems with it. Student support was prompt and helpful compared with my dealings especially at Melbourne. I did not face any racial discriminations or poorly organed units in my entire time at Deakin.

    The only thing that is lacking is perhaps the resources such as the library of Melbourne and Monash and study areas. But really they are not that necessary as the textbooks have been prescribed anyway.

    My experience with Deakin is different from others in this page, and I’ve had nothing but positive experiences at Deakin University, that I’m now pursuing another degree at Deakin. I give it a five star rating.

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  17. Arushi Jain
    | Reply

    Griifith or deakin for bachelor of nursing

    Hi. I am interested in Bachelor of Nursing and I am torn between Deakin Waterfront (Geelong) and Griffith Gold Coast. Can anyone guide me on this? I also want to know if there are ample job opportunities in Geelong and Gold Coast. Thankyou 😊

  18. Glen
    | Reply

    Waste of time

    Master of Teaching online is a pathetic shambles. Having already completed a distance learning Masters from another University in a diffe3discipline, I have a direct comparison. It was so bad I deregistered before the census date as I just couldn’t subject myself to 2 years of crap.

    I give 1 star only because there is no option to select 0 stars.

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  19. Nitin
    | Reply

    Advice Please

    I got admission for MBA Marketing at Deakin and my joining would be this november, after reading all the feedback here now am confused should i join or not. If any one would like to give me some advice i will really appreciate it.
    Thanks in advance for your help

    • Gabriella Raimondi
      | Reply

      Incompetent staff

      RUBBISH. About to lodge a complaint with ASQA. ABSOLUTELY USELESS. DESPERATELY INCOMPETENT. Couldnt enrol start of Tri 1. Numerous phone calls and emails. Still couldn’t enrol into units by end of week 1. I asked to have my course intermitted . It was approved. Okay. But today i received a text message with 2 fails, XN because i didn’t hand in my work plus these mongrels charged me nearly $7,000 onto my HECS debt!!!!!!!
      During this semester, despite having the email, not one single unit instructor bothered to contact me, if they believed i dodnt hand in my work. No one gave a damn.
      You will now REFUND me my HECS debt for those 2 units. You will also withdraw the two XN!!!!!!
      My son sat an online exam. The text he wrote disappeared and he couldnt edit. After multiple contacts, this issue hasnt been corrected and his mark has been affected. He’s been receiving HDs all year and has 3 HDs for all his otger units but 60% for the one which had an error during the exam. He contacted you immediately, but no assistance. DISGUSTING.
      STAY AWAY from Deakin.
      Used to be a great university but now its TGE WORST. Epitome of incompetence. I will now withdraw and my son has applied to Monash

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      • S
        | Reply

        Hey I studied at both Deakin and Monash.
        And I faced a similar experience at Monash, I got like 80% or something with the units and all the sudden received a fail mark for an exam. When I told them, they said they accidentally put the wrong mark of someone against me.
        Like every Uni has its incompetence.

  20. Jason
    | Reply

    Not good

    Some of Deakin’s services are good but you attend a university to study. I studied a Bachelor of Commerce (HR) and found the HR major to be atrociously run. Some units were redundant and others were structured and run so poorly that I would have been more work-ready with a Certificate IV. No amount of complaints or working with student advocates seems to shift the incompetence.

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    • Melissa
      | Reply

      HELP ME DECIDE- Deakin or Monash???

      Ive received an offer letter from Deakin, Burwood and Monash, Clayton to study my Bachelor of Arts Psychology course. I’m so torn between both and was hoping to hear some experiences to help compare and decide which is best for me as I’ve got to decide ASAP for the July semester (I’ll be studying online until we’re all allowed to travel again due to the covid-19 situation). I’m aware of the high recognition that Monash offers, however, I’m the sort that prefers a balance between academics and a social life. I’m eager to hear your advice on which uni can offer me a healthy balance or to hear the pros and cons of both. Thanks a lot btw

  21. Lmao Anon
    | Reply

    Unorganised and Conflicting Information

    [Waurn Ponds]
    This university is beyond unorganised.
    Taking the Bachelor of Arts/Master of Teaching course (D303). You get told conflicting information by student central, the course directors and others. You constantly have to chase someone up for information because nothing is available to you or the information available to you isn’t valid any more.
    Was sent an email at the start of the year stating to enrol in x unit for placement in tri 3 at the end of the year – I ignored this email because I didn’t even know I did tri 3 at any point this year, the course map stated in the final year I would do tri 3. As this year continues more information about tri 3 is being released, by this point I’ve forgotten about the email. I attended Burwood meetings about commencing the masters in tri 3 – they stated just enrol in the units when it’s time. I asked student central at the start of the year if there was any units I was suppose to enrol in, they told me I was fine. I go to enrol in the units and they won’t appear – I go to student central and they tell me I’ve meant to have enrolled in them at the start of the year. I email student central about it, they state I can’t do anything about it, it’s all my fault. I email one of the people that oversee the D303 course, they pass me on to someone else. That someone else was able to enrol me in the units but I wouldn’t of been able to do this if I went through the system that meant to assist students with their issues: Student central.
    There are tests that the student MUST pay for, I emailed the course director and asked which test I had to sit, the undergraduate or postgraduate – she stated undergradate. I enrol in undergraduate, again I get another email stating do the postgraduate once I’ve already paid for the undergraduate. This test is non refundable so now I’m out of pocket.
    TLDR: Deakin is beyond disorganised. People give you conflicting information and there’s no “reliable” source to get this information from.

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  22. Ashleigh D'Amico
    | Reply

    Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) Online Student

    I am shocked by the negative reviews… I am about to finish my Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Finance, and i have completed the course 100% online over three years, and I have had a great experience. Teachers have been great for the most part except for one awful lecturer I had in first year for Law but I think he was fired after one semester. I live in Brisbane and have found it so easy and flexible. Wish they offered a Masters of Finance! I would prefer to stay at Deakin but looks like I’ll have to go to RMIT or Griffith for my masters.

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  23. Deakin sufferer
    | Reply

    Not even worth the one star

    [Burwood, Biomedicine]

    Unless you live on Res, do not chose Deakin University.

    Firstly, the units are lazily organised. I was not informed that many of my COMPULSORY units would have to be completed in Geelong, hours away from the main campus, which is already in whoop-whoop. So I need to triangle between my house, Burwood Deakin and Geelong Deakin just to show up to my compulsory classes (labs and seminars) which chews up hours of my day.

    The lecturers and academic staff are for the most part, lazy. I had a unit where 7 our of 11 weeks of lectures were cancelled, and this unit was content-heavy and the seminar was spent playing Kahoot. There have been instances where a person (with HIGH grades) nearly FAILED an assignment, and none of the staff would agree to giving any feedback or remarking or reviewing it.
    This is usually the case with the staff, they don’t want to encourage or help you – one tried to plug the textbook (which he wrote) whenever we had questions instead of helping out. It is painfully clear that they do mot give a shit about you, or often, the subject they teach.

    The labs are pathetic, in one, we weighed coins, in the other, we counted corn kernels. In one unit, we showed up to the labs (every week but one) to see the staff had done the dissections for us, instead of us having the hands-on experience of doing it ourselves as it was intended. We were told we were welcome to have a look at the dissected organs. We all got on with our own work for the three hours.

    The library – the one, single library – is always full. There’s not many other places to study on campus.

    Furthermore, there is zero student culture. Most people stay in their cliques from high school, unless you live on Res and have made friends there. This is probably because of the expensive but boring DUSA-organised O-Week “parties”, where most people left by 9:30. The number of clubs on offer is abysmal, and most of them are race-oriented (e.g. Chinese society, Jewish society). {note: having these clubs isn’t bad, but it seems that they are the majority of the clubs}. Plus, the uni is ugly, the buildings looking like mismatched concrete slabs. Burwood is a dry area, so there is no Uni bar.

    This one is no fault of Deakin’s – but it will probably take you much longer to get there than Google Maps says. The tram often breaks down and trains that stop at Box Hill are constantly cancelled. If you drive, be ready to pay catastrophic amounts for parking, which will be checked by some guy who drives around the parking lot in a golf cart.

    I’ve attempted to transfer uni’s, but the staff and student services I contacted were not able to help me. This is usually the case, whenever I bring a query to the Student Services people they never know how to help, even if it was something they claim to assist in, e.g. unit information, etc.

    In conclusion, the staff is unprofessional and lazy, and the student culture is dead. Deakin should be reserved as a worst-case-scenario pitstop for people who bombed out in Year 12.

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  24. Alli
    | Reply

    Racial Discrimination

    I am an international student. I joined Deakin with lots of hopes and excitements. I was studying accounting at the Burwood campus. once i was stressed and depressed with some personal issues and i couldn’t complete one of my assignments on time. so i met the unit chair and asked for an assignment extension but she was unable to accept it because it was already due. therefore, she introduced me to the academic progress and integrity officer of the faculty of business and law to talk further about the assignment. jus because i had the looks and colour of an indian she thought that i am an indian and racially discriminated me. while talking to her i explained my situation but there was no mercy. her reply was “this is not bloody india”. then I left the room with tears. her words affected my mental health in terrible terrible ways. and I never ever thought that there will be staffs like her at Deakin. i told my friends and family about this incident. some of my friends told me to go the human rights or Victoria ombudsman. but my family told me to stay away from her and they were so upset. the staff who discriminated me is the academic progress and integrity officer and she’s a white Australian so no-one didn’t consider about it when i complained. because of her my career was destroyed and i was excluded from the university. and i had just 4 more units to complete my degree. now i have joined a college to complete my degree. an international student who studies accounting at Deakin pays $4150 per unit. which is $33200 per annum for 8 units. still we don’t get respect from some of their staffs for the money we pay. i still feel sad and frustrated for what happened to me. but if i think about it again an again it will make me sick so i must accept the way I am. someone has rightly said that we cannot judge a book by its cover. therefore, i cannot discredit the name of Deakin because of one racist. Deakin is a good university.

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    • Georgia
      | Reply


      Sorry to hear about your experience at Deakin. You should have complained about this person to someone (course coordinator or someone with authority) at Deakin. Shouldn’t have kept quiet. I did my Bachelor’s degree at Deakin and had a wonderful experience throughout my uni days. As you said one person’s awful behaviour cannot discredit the name of Deakin. Deakin is one of the best uni’s in Australia! Big virtual hugs to you. All the best!

  25. shenali
    | Reply

    NEED ADVICE ON Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Cyber Security COURSE AT DEAKIN

    I was thinking of starting my Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Cyber Security course at Deakin.
    Would you all recommend Deakin for such a course?
    Please help!!!

    • D
      | Reply

      Hi Shenali, I LOVE cyber security and have studied some subjects towards Cyber Security at post grad level at Deakin. I honestly found, for the most part, the lecturers I had very helpful, but I studied online. I would warn you about the unit Object Oriented Programming, if you are a programming whiz and know C# or are good with programming, you’ll be fine, but if you are not, do not expect much help from lecturers. Basically they’ll just give vague hints and expect you to figure everything out for yourself. This can take literally days and days of searching and studying in order to try to complete ONE of the assigned tasks (pass tasks). Other than that unit, all the other units I’ve taken at Deakin have been quite content heavy and time consuming, but all passable, and yes I did learn a great deal. But there are a few that either have serious attitude problems and don’t want to do their jobs. It’s bad enough that I want to transfer universities. However, I would say about 65% of the lecturers are reasonable or very good.

    • Lizzy
      | Reply

      Bachelor of Cyber Security

      Hi there,
      I would like to know if Deakin Uni is the way to go to study Bachelor of Cyber Security via cloud as with COVID around there are no face to face study. How are the lecturers? Are they helpful? Any info good or bad is welcomed.

  26. GC72
    | Reply

    Critical Carte Nursing PFFFFT

    I have completed 2 post graduate nursing courses with other universities and in one word how word I describe my Deakin experience “equivocate” the ability to look like, sound like and not act like other universities. The nursing lecturers (the term lecturers used very loosely) appalling! I would love to elaborate on how deplorable this Masters is however I have far better things to be doing. My advise is to give this course and uni a WIDE birth. The only reason I gave it 1 star is it wouldn’t accept 0

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  27. Felix
    | Reply

    A bureaucratic mess with zero student culture.

    [Waurn Ponds]

    Deakin is sopping with bureaucracy. How much of our student fees go toward the excess of pointless expenses this university chugs through, with little being passed onto the student? There seems to be triple the amount of (empty) conference rooms on campus than student spaces and lecture theaters, all topped up with unused video conference technology. Deakin’s latest purchase has been four massive flower pots to act as bollards at the bus loop. They filled them with rocks. It might seem like an informed, if not overzealous prophylactic move of safety if there weren’t a myriad of other places to drive your vehicle off-road if you wished. Perhaps one day some weeds will grow between the rocks and they bollards will look somewhat nice.

    Three of the four cafes on campus are owned by the same company, with the same food on offer, reminiscent of the food halls of Stalin’s Russia. They closed the student bar over the last few years to add a touch of prohibition to campus – a big theme at Deakin is pretending fun doesn’t exist. With the cafe’s closing at 2:30 and the bar long gone, there is nothing to do on campus outside of class. People go home after class as there is no reason to stick around. Waurn Ponds is no cultural hub; next door is a grassy field with a horse and a freeway. The student union has no answers to fun-seekers, with DUSA-sanctioned events looking more tame than an under 18s youth group’s weeknight activities.

    Lecturers are researchers contracted to a number of teaching hours. Meaning, lecturers don’t want to be there. It’s not their primary job, and their attitude typically reflects this. This is no fault of the teachers themselves, rather the product of Deakin’s paradoxical frugality. Teaching is treated like an annoying tax on the university larger plans for spending, which encompasses seismic marketing budgets, confusing infrastructure decisions, and of course, more bureaucrats.

    If you’re walking through the desolate campus, wondering where the crowds of students are, they’re crammed in the library – the place is too small to accommodate the number of students. Bring your Ventolin, because the amount of moldy 80s textbooks on the shelves should be considered a pollution hazard.

    If you are an architecture student, you can look out at the campus’ brutalist architecture as depression manifest in concrete. The wood-paneled facades in the library very intelligently make your textbook much more gratifying to look at. Some of the newer buildings have a more contemporary glassy conformity to them instead.

    Often throughout the year, the student union will put up A2 posters in various languages reminding you to not cheat on your assignments, sort of like a communist-era checkpoint prompting you to praise the local despot. DUSA has a week of ceremony to celebrate the concept. So far, no military parades.

    If you think perhaps Deakin will grow and prosper, think again. The two latest infrastructure projects on campus have been factories in Deakin’s ‘innovation precinct’; one makes innovative (or reinvents?) car wheels and the other is a sort of rent-a-space for industry. There is a little CSIRO building in the corner, but I’m not sure if it still has a pulse.

    All of this is to say ‘why?’ For an institution built to nurture research and education, the university seems to do the bare minimum to attempt this whilst funneling money into bureaucrats and private businesses. Universities in Australia have been hit with some regressive political decisions over the last few years, but Deakin have seemed to just bite the pillow and take it. Universities have been called degree factories as of late, and Deakin embodies this. Why bother?

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    • Disillusioned
      | Reply


      Spot on, especially about the lecturers.

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      • Lachlan
        | Reply

        Teaching course

        I have been a full time teacher now for 3 years. My course at Deakin was the ‘guinea pig’ cohort because they changed a lot of the content. I graduated in 2015. When I graduated I had absolutely no confidence in my ability. It was almost like doing an apprenticeship after spending 4 years studying a separate degree. No support on placements or communication between staff. The worst was the transition into being ‘job ready’. They did absolutely no preparation with us or told us what to expect. The course may have changed now. It has been 5 years, However if you are studying teaching I STRONGLY recommend doing some volunteering at schools or out of school hour work.

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    • EG
      | Reply

      Felix, I cannot stop laughing. I’m a current student and have just had my second mental breakdown thanks to lack of support and help from our unit chairs for an assignment. Thank you for making me laugh. And I’m laughing because it’s so relatable and I’m glad other people feel similar to me!

  28. abhinay datta
    | Reply

    Feed back needed

    Friends some input needed on the below matter

    A friend of mine has applied for Masters in Data sciences. He
    has currently applied to three universities
    Deaken university in Melbourne
    Monash university in Mebourne
    University of Sydney
    Could I please get some feedback on
    Which university to choose should the application be successful in all three cases
    Which is a better place to live between Melbourne and Sydney considering part time jobs availability for students ?
    What are the employment prospects post completion of this course

  29. Chamith
    | Reply


    I was thinking of starting my Business Analytics and Information Systems course at Deakin.
    Would y’all recommend Deakin for such a course?

    And will swinburne be any better than Deakin? Please help!!!

    • Harry
      | Reply

      Mate goo for swinburne

      • mahad rashid
        | Reply

        Can you please mentioned the reason for choosing Swinburne over deakin for master in data science?

  30. TC
    | Reply

    Engineering in the Cloud

    I am mature aged second year student studying engineering cloud based, as a second degree.

    My experiences haven’t been very pleasant to say the least! I’m experiencing really hit and miss (but a lot more miss) experiences with overwhelming amounts wages of frustration and mental anxiety.

    I’m really keen to hear other people’s experiences with Deakin’s Cloud engineering degree as I’m seriously looking at moving despite trying to resolve it with faculty staff.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

    • Dazed&confused
      | Reply

      I feel your pain

      Hi TC

      I too am a mature age student studying an Masters (and same faculty as you) via cloud and I have been reduced to tears on several occasions owing to how truly bad it is. I am half way through and am thinking of dropping at the grad dip stage as, like you, the quality of teaching and support is almost non-existent. I find it difficult to comprehend how bad it really is. I know two other students (albeit its hard to get know anyone when you are external) and one quit at Grad dip stage because she couldn’t tolerate its crapness, and the other is barely hanging in there like me. Im guessing that it is much different for on-campus students…

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      • TC
        | Reply

        Hey Dazed&confused
        Well I’m a year on and can confidently say this school has absolutely broken me mentally.
        Mostly born from the absolutely horrifically poor quality teaching support for cloud students outside of business hours (most support services are 10-4). Ive had several breakdowns at home after putting so many hours into high quality Assignments, projects and teamwork, to have results come back marked very low with no feedback, or with completely irrelevant feedback (or no results at all)! There is absolutely NO constancy with the marking or lecturing.

        Fail any more than 1/2 your Trimester units and the Academic Board will threaten you!!!
        I have voiced my concerns with teaching staff so many times, but its rinse and repeat, so Ive stopped. I’m starting to really loose the passion for the industry I love so much.

        If you’re reading this considering an Eng degree online with Deakin- DON’T DO IT!!!!!!
        There are several other schools out there that do a MUCH better job and you’ll keep your mental health in tact.
        Clearly, I should have gone on campus mode…

      • Souvarni
        | Reply

        In an apt and desperate need of authentic reviews

        Ok, now this is terrible to hear. No exchange of thoughts and any sort of legit interactions with the faculty? Ok, this is making me requestion an extremely crucial decision I’m making as an international student considering Deakin’s Bachelor of Engineering (Honours). I’m clearly hunting for thoughtful and detailed reviews. Keep aside how expensive it could be in the sense of paying for an education but talk about how expensive it is in terms of the effort, energy, and time we put in. As an international student investing so much in this steward move, I need to have some authentic understanding of how it goes in here. Your reviews directed to this program in cloud campus and Mechatronics engineering would be way more appreciated. In desperate need of reviews.

  31. Ninad
    | Reply

    How is masters in construction management at Deakin University in terms of job oppurtunities and career growth?

  32. Ketut Winaya
    | Reply

    High Appreciation for the Lecturers.

    I did my master’s years ago and I found that the lecturers were fairly friendly, helpful, and caring. I have read a few bad comments about Deakin Uni, it might depend upon the course a student is taking. I had a very good time during my study there. The only issue I had then was the distance between the campus and the place where I lived was so great that I spent too much time on the tram. Thank you Deakin for developing my teaching capability through discussions, roleplays, and modellings.

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  33. Daniel
    | Reply

    I went to Deakin and loved it… really good place with heaps to do… Only thing that I hated was the Parking, however, once I found NEEPA, a parking app that allows you to park on properties surrounding the University, it was easy!

  34. James
    | Reply

    Bachelor of exercise and sports science

    Is Bachelor of exercise and sports science a good course at Deakin. Having read all the bad reviews, I’m wondering if I should accept the offer from deakin. Has anyone done this course at Deakin? How did you find it, please give me some suggestions.
    PS: any university suggestions for this course at Melbourne? I heard Deakin was ranked #1 in the world for sport management, is it also good at sport science?
    Your suggestions mean a lot to me please help, Thank you.

  35. Rose
    | Reply

    Need Advice about Teaching Course


    Was think of moving to Deakin to complete the Masters of Teaching (primary and secondary) but after all negative reviews I’m not sure anymore- does anyone have any advice regarding what Deakin’s teaching courses and staff are like?

    • Bob
      | Reply

      Rose, there seems to be something about this site that attracts far more negative reviews than seem to me to be justified. If you check out a handful of universities at random, I think you will be astonished by just how negative almost all of their reviews are.

      I don’t know anything about the teaching program, but my own experience of Deakin was overwhelmingly a positive one.

      I’m not saying the people who leave bad reviews here are untruthful. But I am saying that for whatever reason, people who’ve had negative experiences seem to be especially motivated to post here.

    • Sheila
      | Reply

      Me too!

      I am also thinking of transferring to Deakin for the same course Rose. Hope we are making the right move 😉
      All the best!

    • Jess
      | Reply

      Hi Rose,

      I’m am currently doing my masters at Deakin (although not in teaching), but I love it. It has been one of the best learning experiences I have had. My lecturers are so nice and I really feel like I am learning good skills. My experience has been an extremely positive one

      Good luck with your plans 🙂

    • Ex student
      | Reply

      Would not recommend studying online

      The online masters of teaching has been awful. Just navigating the pages to find something so simple as an assignment and criteria is like a hellish experience. I do not recommend it and am transferring to another uni interstate and greater inconvenience to me because this university experience is really unpleasant.

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      • Kayko
        | Reply

        Not flexible course!

        Ex Student! I’m frustrated with the current changes in the Master of teaching program! all of a sudden they are not offering the same units when I’ve signed up to the course this year 2019 forcing people to change to the new course map leading to delays in graduation. Their Master program seems to lack the flexibility where the units are offered only in certain terms with many prerequisites so you have to wait a whole term to a year and easily end up doing 4-5years part time study! Out of interest what university you moved to?

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  36. Andrew
    | Reply

    They give you a better education at Tafe

    The three years I was at Deakin studying I.T., I found whenever you ask the lecturers or tutors how to do something, they would keep referring to this saying “we’re not here to spoon feed you your education”. It could be a simple question like, what technologies should I use to accomplish this task? Turns out you’re just supposed to refer to theoretical literature, reference everything you are referring too, regardless of its practical merit, and you get really good marks for it. The only problem with that is, I was there to receive an education. Now working as software engineer, not a single thing I learnt at Deakin has helped in preparing me for my new career. But at least now I am qualified for it.

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    • Fazi
      | Reply

      Deakin or Swinburne for IT

      Seriously?? I’m joining bachelor’s in Information technology this July. I’m deciding between Swinburne and Deakin.
      Would you suggest Deakin Burwood campus??? Thanks.

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

    • Lo
      | Reply

      I’m doing CS at Deakin. I have learnt heaps but you’re spot on about the lecturers having no interest in helping anyone. They have very defensive attitudes when asked for help. They provide Lynda and youtube videos to cover important content. Fed up with paying for stuff I could just google.Probably will change unis.

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    • D
      | Reply

      Would not recommend cloud study for IT.

      I’m studying IT also, as a cloud student. I’m finding that basically I have to try to figure everything out for myself.. the content only covers a tiny bit, I’m brand new to programming, and then when I ask the tutor for help, literally the response I received today was “That’s the incorrect way to reference Bitmap” (without telling me the right way)… that was the entire point I asked for help…
      I’m thinking programming is hard enough to learn, but not getting actual help when I’ve already spent literally ten hours trying to solve it myself isn’t the greatest. Especially since I’m paying a lot of money for it…

  37. Nat
    | Reply

    Great university

    I am currently studying a Masters in Politics and Policy as a cloud student. I have found Deakin to be excellent (having studied externally at another uni, and on campus at another uni). Lecturers are sufficiently available – I don’t need to be spoon fed – and the focus on assignments has meant I have been able to learn and research interesting topics. Best degree I have done so far! Lecturers are great and the waterfront campus in Geelong is just beautiful

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  38. Bob
    | Reply

    Astonished by all the negative reviews

    I came to this site because I am planning another degree at a different university. I was taken aback by just how negative its reviews were – so much so that I was suddenly wondering if I should reconsider my plans. But then, for perspective, I decided to check what people had to say about Deakin: a uni I do have experience of.

    I completed a master’s in a business discipline at Deakin a few years ago. I started out at Monash before a chronic illness made on-campus study impossible. I transferred to Deakin due to their greater orientation towards online learning. They allowed me full credit for my Monash units.

    I can say that on an intellectual level, the units I did at Deakin were definitely up to the same standard as the ones I did at Monash. Practical, too. Killer workload, but what do you expect for master’s level business subjects?

    I can also say that with very rare exceptions (none of which had any real effect on me anyway), I found the lecturers to be extremely helpful and service-oriented. Due to my illness I was definitely “high maintenance” (I don’t think I handed even one assignment in on time), but I can honestly say that the university bent over backwards to accommodate me. Even going so far as to send out invigilators to administer my exams in my own home.

    I have no idea what the on-campus experience is like, but for off-campus learning, and based solely on my own experience, I would recommend Deakin to anyone.

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  39. Rain
    | Reply

    Extortion is the first word that comes to mind regarding the Arts Department. Insane prices for education with little substance. When you get an offer, be very careful, Deakin may change their ,mind based on discrepancies such as if their staff like you, or lo and behold, if you threaten to surpass them. Oh and do not get me started on the behavior talk about of the administrative art department, talk about unprovoked passive aggressiveness.

    M advice, keep a copy of every email from staff in the future if you are a student.

    I feel for the decent lecturers i had at Deakin, they are few and in between.

  40. Uthkarsh
    | Reply

    Waste of time and money.

    IT faculty provides absolute trash quality education. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS should avoid enrolling into any of their courses. The only way the faculty is going to change is by not giving them any sources of funding until they realize what students go through.

    After suffering from a decrease in enrollment numbers of students from CHINA, they are now actively seeking potential students from INDIA.
    DO NOT fall for their marketing tactics, most of which were severely deceptive and over represented.

    Lecturers mostly consisted of academics with high qualifications but zero industry experiences, whose duty are to only read out lecture slides for two hours every week. Most assignments and assessments were mostly about avoiding potential cases of plagiarisms instead of assisting in the learning of course contents.

    Team of incompetent administrators behind the scenes does not help either, even before HE funding cuts, they went out of their way to ensure students are treated like cash cows. Any matters related to finances are not up for discussion to ensure every single penny is squeezed out of students.

    Deakin is also known for the unethical use of student interns within the IT industry. It is expected that every student throw themselves forward for a 100 hours or more UNPAID internship fulfilling the duties of a PAID EMPLOYEE instead of gaining meaningful experiences in the industry.

    Lastly, I’ve seen my fair share of fellow classmates dropping out switching to other uni having the time of their lives pursuing meaningful education instead of staying within this toxic environment. Do yourselves a favor and attend some other uni where you will carry your education throughout your life with pride instead of feeling shameful from the meaningless education from Deakin.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

    • Sarah
      | Reply

      What about Melbourne campus?

      hi, is this the same situation for Melbourne campus?
      i was looking forward to apply to this uni but now i’m not so sure..

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  41. Pushkar
    | Reply

    Deakin’s Construction Management or Moansh’s Infrastructure systems?
    What should I choose ?

  42. Mick
    | Reply

    Don't bother.

    Course content is lazy, apparently made up on the fly with spelling and grammar mistakes. Often third party material of which the teachers seem to be viewing for the first time in class.

    Teachers aren’t up with the bleeding edge – not good but understandable to a degree. More fundamentally there’s a sense that the place is toxic behind the scenes. Encountered one staff member who is without doubt a malignant narcissist. An atmosphere of university cuts perhaps allows the personality disorders to thrive and desperate to stick it out.

    Deakin is a good example of why higher education is in a market bubble: high fees, thin on the knowledge transfer. International students paying a premium are right to be upset.

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    • Delcroze
      | Reply

      Doing the course now off campus and I couldn’t agree more!! I really regret coming here!!!!!!!! I’ve been in the Education sector for 20 years and wanted to boost my qualification but this course is GARBAGE!!!!!

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  43. Me
    | Reply

    Got given a “conditional offer” into a course here, little did I know that it wasn’t even an offer at all! Condition was that I had to provide an official transcript from a previous course (as the one I provided wasn’t official), and I did.
    I was then told I couldn’t be accepted into the course as I didn’t have the prerequisites, so why even give me the offer in the first place? If the first transcript wasn’t official, don’t send me an “offer”, send me an email asking for the official one.
    To offer someone a place in a course and then revoke it is just misleading and unfair.

    • Y
      | Reply

      Yeah same happened with me they gave me conditional offer and later withdrew when i applied for unconditional they said you dont meet the demands they made me wait for 25days could have told me earlier.

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

      • Radhika
        | Reply

        Worst experience with admissions!

        The same thing happened to me. I applied for Deakin University in december 2018, I cleared Casper test, Scored good on IELTS. My course was masters of teaching (Secondary Education). I wanted to go for July 2019 session (they said no july session is there, whereas it was written on the site). And they deferred me to February 2020. I received a conditional offer letter for the same course. I again sat for Casper test in september 2019 and cleared it. They gave me unconditional offer letter and then the very next day they say, compliance team has some issue with your case. To explain you better, I am a doctorate in the field of Biochemistry, i also am having a bachelors degree in education. So i wanted to enhance my teaching skills. Bachelors of education in India is not recognized internationally, so if you want to teach in schools abroad , you need an international degree and thats why i wanted to do it so that i can get into the global market. But they had issues with it. I was rejected and i wasn’t even informed. Not even my agent was informed about rejection . My agent kept mailing them for an answer. Some facts about how they conduct GTE interviews.
        They were not knowing when did i graduate. They were speaking wrong dates.
        The pre-requisite for Masters of Teaching is a qualified casper test, they were not knowing that the results of casper tests are directly disclosed to university and not shared with the students. This made me suspicious about unorganised and least professional nature of University. Then in first GTE interview when i spoke all the details, that wasnt enough. When i was interviewed again because of some concern at their end (after providing me unconditional offer letter) , they were asking about my kids (which I don’t have) ..
        So overall the experience was very bad and rude. I waited until 26 december 2019, And in the evening i receive a phone call from them (Delhi office)-when are you going to pay the fees. For a moment i thought i have been accepted but my call was transferred to some higher official where the woman says you are not accepted, we apologise, we have heard your feedback, yet we can’t disclose the reasons why are you rejected (because of some policies). I counter-questioned them, “atleast you can tell me the reasons why was i given unconditional offer letter at the first place”. I was give 25% scholarships, a student ID. And why did they issue all of it if they had some compliance issue.
        Most of the GTE interviews have concern that people will go to Australia and settle down there. But someone reminds them, we are not an uneducated class and spending our money to drain , and live in a country which is not welcoming skilled people at all. Point system and immigration laws are very strict, and every one knows it. Still there are aged people, teachers who are studying across the globe at any age. I was hurt, as a teacher i was looking for ways to improve myself. But experience with Deakin was very sad. If you are a sincere student, and looking for finest education. Think twice before choosing this university. For a moment i thought if this is the university i really am applying for? You can certainly judge the book by its cover!. Quite Unprofessional. But if you are somebody who are really not very much into studies and want to just go ahead with whatever course they offer and if you align to their “policies” Go ahead. Till date i havent officially received their rejection officially signed from their Senior manager admissions. So Indians (specifically), we spend our hard earned money to gain education, If you are really educating yourself then go through negative reviews. Some of them are real honest. God bless all of you!

        Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  44. Jerry
    | Reply

    Ah where to start…

    In the 4.5 years I was there I had two good lecturers. The rest either didn’t care, had no idea how to teach, or barely spoke English.

    Course content for engineering was abysmal. Most of it was recycled from other places and sometimes they didn’t even bother taking watermarks off from the places they stole it from…

    Engineering is a practical class, so we did practicals on admittedly very good lab systems. Except we did the same laboratory slightly modified year after year.. It got to the point where people could recycle their lab reports between classes…

    When it comes to exams often we would be told to study one thing, only for the exam to have a completely different content. Utter trash, no care for the educational prowess and no care for students. We are just there to fund their research projects and that’s about all you will get from them besides from a few select people that give a damn.

    Feedback and results were absolutely pathetic. The university states a feedback window of 1 week from submission.. sometimes we just never got feedback, or got it AFTER the exam, simply rubbish. It really shows how much they don’t care about students.

    The university doesn’t care at all about students getting work, and will even try its best to make it harder for you to work and make it even harder to get internships and things, it really astounds me how adverse they are to students exceeding.

    The only single redeeming quality I can think of is the campus’ are okay, they have made significant investments in it.

    Please for the love of God, don’t choose this University.

  45. Sarah
    | Reply

    Garbage. Huge disparity between lecturers, with some appearing totally unsuited to the profession, if not unsuited for dealing with humans in any capacity.
    There is no standardisation; subjects vary in workload by orders of magnitude, with some subjects being literally primary school level and others taking 90% of your time, Some lecturers appear to literally be psychopathic. NOT the uni you want to go to. Try one with some kind of internal oversight instead.

  46. Sal
    | Reply

    I’m in my second trimester of a Master of Communication online – Cloud Deakin – and thus far it’s pretty useless.

    I decided to do a Masters in Communication because I wanted to add new skills to what I learned in my undergrad (visual communication). I wanted to learn what I need to work in a broader communications role – writing, public relations, marketing, etc. I had one class last trimester that was excellent – Public Relations Writing and Tactics – I actually learned important skills for my future career. Apart from that everything has been very theoretical and academic. Communications theory is important, but when all your assignments are academic essays it seems pretty useless unless you want to become an academic. And the quality of teaching on Cloud Deakin is not great – most of my teachers don’t bother recording lectures, they simply provide notes and PowerPoint presentations WITHOUT audio for online students to read. I presume that on-campus students would actually get a lecture of some kind so I’m not sure why they don’t provide the same level of education for online students. And when I’ve emailed some of my teachers to ask for clarification, especially regarding possibilities and options for a thesis, they’ve passed the buck back and forth to each other, none providing me with the information I need.

    In my first trimester I went to the Melbourne Burwood campus a few times and was impressed with the facilities – the library is well stocked and the grounds are clean and modern. And it’s easy to get to by tram, or train/bus, but it’s a long way away from the city.

  47. Dave
    | Reply

    Absolute waste of time and money. Very little practical learning, all theoretical based learning, using resources recommended by corporate marketing.

  48. Ash
    | Reply

    I am doing IT at Deakin as well. I am 100% agree with you. The faculty of Science and Built environment is absolutely hopeless. I also had an issue with a lecturer but the faculty did not act professionally in such an important issue and they simply ignored me. Definitely avoid this university specially in IT area

  49. Wayne Bulmer
    | Reply

    I can’t tell whether it’s their laziness or inexperience but the information technology teaching staff is completely out of touch with the wide range of technologies available in todays IT industry. They also seem to be unaware of the wide range of applications in which computer technologies can be used.

  50. Sebastian
    | Reply

    Don’t waste your time. The learning they provide is garbage.

  51. Nova
    | Reply

    Deakin is a little way out of the city, which is fine because it makes things cheaper. I would have liked to been able to drive to uni but the parking was too much of a hassle and too expensive.

    I enjoyed my computing course overall. Finished in 2013. The lecturers and tutors varied in quality. But they mostly did a good job.

    Exams were more stressful than they should have been. They weren’t especially hard. But there was a lot of weight on a 2-hour exam at the end of term. And we didn’t get feedback on the exams except for a grade.

    Met some pretty cool people there. Would recommend Deakin.

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