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Federation University Australia (FedUni).

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Federation University Australia is a regional Victorian university based in Ballarat (around 100 km from Melbourne). FedUni is a dual-sector institution that also offers TAFE vocational courses. It sets low tuition fees and is popular with international students. If you're a FedUni student or a former student (including of the University of Ballarat, as FedUni was once known), you're welcome to post a review.

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  1. Macy Sullivan
    | Reply

    Don't do nursing here

    Fed Uni nursing; none of the campuses is helpful.
    The most unsupportive place I have been.
    Inflexible and not very empathetic.
    Nursing profession can be stressful and apparently cut-throat or at least that is what they are trying you for.
    It doesn’t matter if you are doing great academically and you have an above 6 GPA.
    If life puts you down and you ask for support with studies so you maintain those good grades, it won’t happen.

    Go to another university that is helpful and supportive of your career aspirations. Fed uni is horrible and I should have listened to everyone that said go to RMIT instead.

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  2. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Best Decision I Ever Made

    Federation University is probably one of the best educational institutions in the world. It’s lack of recognition on the internet astounds me. You are offered support from before you apply, to after you graduate and everything in between. Need a mentor to guide you when you start – done; Need academic help – you got it; Mental and physical wellbeing – check. Disability and Learning Access – they already have it covered.
    They have pathways for everything, and support where you need it. You can always achieve your dream, even if you never thought you could. They have your back.
    FedUni was the best decision I ever made, and I will never look back. Coming from myself, family and friends that have been to some of the other ‘top’ universities in Australia and the world – they just do not compare to FedUni. I have completed my undergraduate degree, and two postgraduates with them, and if I ever need to study again, I know where to go.
    Highly recommend, you won’t regret it.

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  3. Zali Williams
    | Reply

    Terrible University

    I completed a Diploma of Community Services with Federation University TAFE and I would never recommend it to anyone. My first year teacher was wonderful but the rest of the university staff had poor communication and very unorganised. Second year we had 3 different teachers 2 were unorganised and seemed to not care about our learning at all. The last one was great but was put under great stress from having to teach 2 classes at once due to lack of teachers. After completing the Diploma, I heard nothing about my certificate and had to chase it up whereas every other student in my class was emailed to let them know their certificate was ready to be picked up. I was told my placement hours were still not finalised after 4 months yet the graduation officer said my certificate was ready. In less than 24 hours I was told my hours were not finalised then when I asked why not, then she said oh they are finalised. Major lack of communication going on at the expense of students learning. Would never recommend this University or TAFE.

    I am currently doing an accounting degree with Swinburne University and the difference between Swinburne and Federation is night and day. They are easy to contact and always on top of things, the teachers are wonderful, helpful and very knowledgeable. Avoid Federation University at all costs.

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  4. Rj longford
    | Reply

    Avoid at all costs.

    Shocking university. Incredibly poor communication and typically (as with all universities) the nursing course is filled with 70% percent of crap that we will never use. They’ve set very high benchmarks that are not supported. The expenses are outrageous and crippling for most doing it tough. Staff are rude and have the human emotion of a wet dishrag. And then to top it off we are forced to have the covid injection or no placements. How dare you put my life at risk. From start to resignation it was appalling. This uni offers no inspiration, no encouragement or support and no future. The reputation of the uni is accurate. They are only in it for the money. You can find better. I did.

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  5. Damian
    | Reply


    Especially with COVID, FedUni has made the shift to online learning so easy for me…teachers are super understanding with everyone’s situation and they make sure that everyone is supported by providing financial assistance to those who are affected by COVID (Not sure if other unis do this). Although online classes are much more boring than face to face, the option of listening to the recorded lectures is a big help for me as i work and am not able to attend some lectures…therefore i am able to catchup with work i missed out on during the live lectures/classes.

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  6. Jelena Matthias
    | Reply



    For me personally, the student services are very helpful and are always willing to lend a helping hand when needed!

    Tutors, lecturers and all academic advisors are super friendly and are always checking up on students to ensure that we get the best results.

    Compared to other unis and institutes I’ve been to, FedUni has conducted safety procedures much better. They have everything prepared beforehand so that students are not stressing over what to do when emergencies or hickups come about.

    I highly recommend this Uni to students who want to study in a friendly and safe learning environment.

    P.S- I’ve heard lots of negative things about Fed from other people saying that teachers are too strict, however, be mindful that this is Uni not primary school where you get everything handed to you! You either work or you don’t graduate!!!

  7. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Master of Social Work Experience

    1/5 stars.

    I attended a post graduate course at FedUni Berwick campus. I have professional experience in the education field and have a solid understanding of what should be happening behind the scenes in order to run a successful educational institution. I am very unimpressed by what I saw here. Despite some staff trying their best and trying to make innovative changes within certain areas of the course I took here, the majority of staff are not passionate about what they are doing and as a result the academic integrity of the subjects I took here really lacked any kind of consistency and substance.

    Practicums and the organisation behind them are frankly terrible. The university is so unorganised that most students will need to extend their degree by six months or more because the staff are so slow at organising practicum placements for students. Limited connections within the community lead to this as well, and unfortunately most students get placed in organisations don’t hold any integrity and have no shame in putting students to work in simple reception roles instead of what is required by AASW standards. After bringing this up in a meeting with the course coordinator, I was given the generic response “oh that shouldn’t be happening”. No attempt to investigate this issue further was undertaken.

    Racism is still very prominent here at the Berwick Campus and I was told by a staff member that any students with “Indian sounding names” are automatically docked assessment points.

    Overall incredibly unorganised staff, subjects are inconstant and the university isn’t willing to change it.

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  8. Tom John
    | Reply

    Personally, I have studied at FedUni for almost 3 years and I have found that FedUni is a great place for your studies. I am studying B.A in international studies and you have opportunities to travel to other countries. FedUni have the greatest place to study such as, library, 24 hours study space and other Campus facilities. It is so quite and the computer is so fast due to strong connection. FedUni also have the special program called student engagement, it develops your leadership and personality skill.

    Since I have studied in FedUni, I am having a great experience because there are so many student supports such as, writing space – where you can drop your assignment and somebody will correct your grammar, Pass program – where you can learn to improve your understand in a particular subject and Library stuff – they are so friendly so you can ask questions regarding of your research topic then they will help you to get the right resources.

    International Students also have a great chance to study and improve their English in the same time. FedUni is a regional university, mainly Aussie. This chance will be helpful for international and CALD students to learn Aussie cultures. It is a great experience.

    Other things are health center, student connect, where you can ask any questions in relation to what problems you have. Student connect also is a program to allow students in finding volunteer jobs and also careers you want to do.

    Thank so much for FedUni. I really love this place. Quite place is a good space to study remember everyone 🙂

  9. Kea
    | Reply

    Not recommended on any level. Any Uni would be a better uni.

  10. NeverFedUniAgain
    | Reply

    never again! never ever never!!!
    -School Admins(head of school,dean etc) will offer you so many program changes by saying this degree is better why you are not changing to it and at the end they will give you a new COE and they will charge you from new year prices. Your Tuition fee will almost double up. Don’t be a part of this dirty game. They are like phone scammers. Never trust them!
    -Improve your hindu, chinese in lectures which you think that they will be delivered in English!

    Study FedUni if you want to:
    -enjoy Racist Teachers failing you no matter what you did due to your African skin color, asian looking, or religion or ethnicity (have all related documents I can send if anyone needs)
    -get no jobs and waste your years
    -follow up fake job ads, go to fake student career office and make fake Resume/CV and fake Cover letters and still can’t get their fake Low Paid Internships
    -Pay a Massive Tution fee (it will be wasted to feed admins in their every 2nd-day high class cocktail parties and you are not invited/allowed to join as a student they will enjoy their cold beers, pizzas and finger food)
    -Not wishing to improve yourself amongst millions of memorising and passing students
    -But improve your Indian, Sri Lankan and Chinese language in lectures which you expect them to be delivered in English! (better study chinese and urdu before you enrol in otherwise you may fail in many subjects lol)
    -Get Parking Fines on your car for parking in the forest(!) to suck your money properly (they are soo serious to get your last cent in your underwear)
    -If you are smoking (You may get a smoking fine due to smoking 5 kilometres away from the campus)
    -Ballarat! average annual temperature is under 0. Get ready to freeze !

  11. jne
    | Reply

    I am in the new nursing program, it has some serious flaws with the face-to-face only averaging around 7 hours, making it very hard for labs that do require hands on work and practice with equipment. This can be hard for some students to deal with and the fail rate for some classes(especially labs) can be very high. I’m also on residence and let me just say that this is an absolute trap, while i’m housed with very nice people(and many aren’t), there are sneaky costs you aren’t told until it is too late and some rules are not upheld. You get your offer for accomodation on the same day you get accepted into the Uni, you have three days to accept. However there was a $500 acceptance fee to accept your place(after paying $70 to have your application processed) that was never mentioned, so there goes the food budget for the first semester. Put yourself in the position of someone who can’t drive, you pretty much have to accept this hidden cost as it’s too hard to find a rental in a strange town in that time. One of their bragging points with Res is that there’s ammenities included and they have WiFi, the first week there was freezing, but we couldn’t turn our heaters on because they weren’t going to be turned on until june or something. The internet was a joke, for a week or so it didn’t work at all, then it would cut out randomly, I was doing my first online quiz/assessment when it went out, i contacted the head of the subject so i could reattempt the quiz, while I was still able to do it I was told that I needed to find reliable internet because it wasn’t a good excuse and an exception probably wouldn’t happen again. It took months(at least 3) for it to become reliable. The showers ran cold(and boiling for a few seconds) for at least two months. So I share a regular fridge with 10 people, a toilet/shower with 6 people and the shower is cold, I have no heating and no cooling(there is no air con in the entire hot house) and the internet is dodgy

  12. Bday
    | Reply

    pretty good uni. I enjoyd my bsc

  13. Mina
    | Reply

    I’ve completed a Business degree with a few Arts electives there and I must say, the school of Arts staff are much more pleasant than the Business staff who seem like a bunch of clapped out misfits who failed at their own careers so they have a chip on their shoulders. There’s one lecturer in particular who rambles on so much that he forgets what he was originally trying to say and he needs to stop for a few minutes to gather his thoughts. He has also been known to lose work.

    Went back to do a Science degree and the staff are great. The uni can be a little bit disorganised and the lecture notes half the time are pulled off the net. But staff overall are so friendly and will help you out if stuck. You can just walk into their office. The science building is a shiny, brand new addition to the campus and it’s quite cool. Gives a more academic feel to the place.

    So I think the uni just does the best with what it has. Also, I haven’t met an unfriendly student yet. Everyone is quite social.

    Just don’t study business there. Seriously.

  14. aby
    | Reply

    worst university ever especially for international I was in Ballarat for few semesters , one day I gave my course coordinator a medical certificate saying that im suffering from anxiety the next day the CC was calling me in front my my classmates ” oh so you suffering from anxiety because you are slacker ”
    worst uni ever and they will take advantage of you because you are international student and the know all international dont know they Australian system properly..

  15. Mock Men
    | Reply

    I completed a Masters Degree there a few years ago. I found that as an Australian full fee paying student l was treated as less than an international student. A view shared buy by most local post grad students. The structure of the degree was set up for international students and the standards expected of international students was less than for Australian students. I once notified lecturers of international students plagiarising within a group work assignment and provided the proof. I was told by a lecturer that the university didn’t wish to upset the students so they gave them a warning. I was told that my grade was being dropped from a HD to a D to give the impression to international students that isn’t wasn’t all about them. In hindsight l should have kept my mouth shut. I have very mixed feelings about the uni.

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