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The University of Melbourne is arguably Australia's most prestigious university. It regularly tops the rankings for Australia in world rankings tables. Melbourne Uni is located in inner city Melbourne. As you might expect, it sets high ATAR scores for entry into courses and charges high tuition fees for international students. Course satisfaction ratings are less than world class, perhaps reflecting the university's commitment to research and postgraduate study. If you are a current or former Melbourne Uni student, you're invited to post a review.

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  1. Truthbetold
    | Reply

    Best in its country

    You all think you’re the best in Australia; but the rest of the world laughs at Australia because you have Arts majors like Gender Studies, Anthropology, Art History and Sociology.

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  2. Cadence
    | Reply

    Very dark and sad place -Juris Doctor

    I came from a top uni in Singapore and decided to fly to unimelb thinking it is a great place to read law with greater exposure. It is just sad that the teaching staff at MLS is always scrambling because of the HUGE increase in the number of students enrolling each year, to the point that some students had to sit on the floor to attend lessons. Some international students also could not enrol in core subjects because of limited space. You do not get class recordings unless you have strong evidence that you were sick for some time and were not able to attend class. Even with the approval, the class recording will only be given to you a few weeks later.

    Law finals are notoriously difficult, and it is always above 80% of the grade. With 3000 students in the same REB (some taking different non-law subject exams), it has always been chaotic. Since law exams are always longer than other subjects, yet they are held in the SAME hall, there are a lot of admin issues. I recall that during my first exam, the announcement was so loud during our reading time because it was meant for non-law candidates, it disrupted students a lot. Another time, my senior complained being berated by those volunteer invigilators because the rules during exam are understood differently for different invigilators. That invigilator misunderstood the rules yet threatened my senior that he will mark her as ‘absent’.

    Support? Hell no. Everything is just chaotic. I find myself scrambling through this chaotic degree.

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  3. Masters Graduate
    | Reply

    Masters in Art Curatorship

    The University of Melbourne’s Master of Art Curatorship was a course I certainly don’t regret studying! Very good education overall.
    I’d say most lecturers were supportive, approachable and possessed knowledge that reflected the arts industry (many were reputable academics and had recently worked in arts institutions). There was a diverse selection of subjects with informative guest lecturers. Content was relevant and interesting.
    Desite what other reviews say, I found most of the student cohort to be friendly and respectful.
    Only criticism would be the amount of group work in certain elective subjects, especially when grouped with undergrad students – as *some* were very disrespectful (racist, sexist, generally rude), specifically those who had no interest in their studies. However, this is likely to be even more common in other universities. Otherwise lecturers were good at keeping students on track, but group work was often tedious for this reason.
    I would certainly recommend the University of Melbourne to serious students.

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  4. Ghost
    | Reply

    Depends on the course

    I think your experience at UniMelb really depends on the course you enrol into. My experience so far has been great- its almost as if I’ve been sheltered from the snobbish elitism that everyone talks about. IMO its a hit and miss, maybe go on other websites and subreddits to see how currently enrolled students find the professors and overall atmosphere of the course.

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  5. Stephanie
    | Reply

    New Student of Unimelb

    Hi everyone, after reading the comments I really worry about the atmosphere of Unimelb. I will enroll in BA next year, on Feb 2023. Are the teaching staffs really that unexperienced? Please tell me something more about this university.

    • Andrew
      | Reply

      Haven’t been there myself, but I’d get the opinions of people who go to the school in person. It’ll help you get a more complete picture of the real experience at Melbourne. I’ve visited the campus and talked to some students and it looks much better than many have said!! I know it’s too late of a reply to be relevant to you though, I’d appreciate it if you could reply with your experience when you can.

  6. Karl Marx
    | Reply

    Why not donate your tuition to charity instead?

    Useless lecturers, tutors, and teaching staff. Very arrogant classmates. Wrong learning atmosphere. Stop 1 that tells you BS. Lecture content is very disorganised and you don’t know what you’ll end up seeing on the exam. Trick or treat? Do you want the red pill or the blue pill? Make your choice. I would like to give a special shoutout to the snobby teaching staff in the bachelors of science. Thank you very much for teaching me useless knowledge which does not relate to this REAL world—also special thanks for making the tutorial questions far from the exam questions. It’s a genius test to see if you’re smart enough to learn by yourself.
    There are mini-quizzes so-called IQ tests to question yourself and how smart you are. No support at all. You have to guess your entire way out of this hole. Good luck to all of you that fell into this capitalist dungeon. You’re left to die on your own. This university has changed my political stance to Marxism. I fully support communism. By the way, filthy-rich international students have their own way of solving this problem. Hire a tutor and pay them to type up your lab report. Or else, cry and die on your own. The lab demonstrators give you bonus questions to answer in your lab report. The quality of your lab demonstrator is like playing the lottery game. Good one –> Good grade, Bad one –> Bad grade. You end up getting nothing from the labs. What you get from this university is a lack of self-confidence and increasing self-doubt, which takes you to the final destination called Psychiatrist. To all of you that fell into this trap good luck. For people considering coming, think carefully. Make that wise decision. Don’t let your money go to waste. Don’t destroy your mental health. Honestly, I wish negative stars were present.

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  7. C
    | Reply

    Thinking about a Master of Teaching? Go somewhere else.

    The only thing keeping University of Melbourne Master of Teaching enrolments going is the name of the university, in my opinion – it’s why I went there.
    Because of their ‘prestige’, they can keep in place pedantic rules about placement and your learning experience. During times of COVID-19, students have been having difficulty getting placed across universities. You would think that the University would, in light of this, relax rules around where students can be placed, right? Nope. Which means that it’s even more difficult for you to get a placement when enrolled in the UniMelb MTeach.
    During your course, you will experience the following hypocrisy: you will be taught how important it is to give students choice, but you will be constantly reminded of how little choice you have in what and how you want to learn at UniMelb. As part of your degree, even if you choose to opt out of the research option, you will still be required to do two units worth of research. This subject is called the Professional Learning Capstone and is the most useless subject that you will be required to spend hours, weeks, and months on. I have not spoken to a single student in that subject who has enjoyed their time doing it.
    Throughout your course, you will have your lecturers talk about the amazing research accomplishments of the senior faculty in the Faculty of Education (likely as a way for them to ingratiate themselves with the higher-ups), but you will rarely, if ever, see them in a tutorial or a lecture (unless of course it’s been pre-recorded).
    Go to Monash, Swinburne, somewhere else – students there seem to be having a better time.

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    • T
      | Reply

      As a current student in MTeach I couldn’t agree more. I’m no better prepared for the classroom than I was at the start of the course, I’m $60K worse off in fact. The MGSE staff make my blood boil

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  8. D
    | Reply

    Would not recommend anyone to go to unimelb, waste of time and money

    I was miserable the whole time I was that unimelb.

    The quality of teaching is a joke compared to the tuition while the assignments are unreasonably demanding for how little they actually teach. You’re expected to do most of studying by yourself. The marking guides are often very ambiguous and people who cheat are greatly rewarded.

    Student services, stop 1, specifically has been absolutely garbage, unhelpful, long queue time and response time and sometimes actively work against students’ interests.

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    • D
      | Reply


      If anyone wants more evidence, google “university of Melbourne worst satisfaction score”. The university reported the lowest satisfaction score out of 139 institutions, recorded by the Australian government’s survey 2021.

  9. Bec
    | Reply

    Great learning content, but full of snobs

    The level of learning is quite decent. This is the only reason for the second star. However, no one’s that friendly. Everyone sticks to their own racial/ethnic groups like a low socioeconomic public high school. It’s not the type of place where you would strike up a spontaneous and friendly conversation with other students; you’d get that “why are you talking to me” look. At least intelligence is currency to some extent at this place.

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    • Panda
      | Reply

      I hope the culture changeS...

      I am glad I am not the only one feeling this way after reading most of these comments – in my first week at uni, I am feeling discriminated against by some extremely snobby and condescending students, including the professor.

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  10. Johnny
    | Reply

    Is the University of Melbourne Really That Bad? Please Reply!

    To be honest, after I finished reading all these comments, I’m a little worried about enrolling at the University of Melbourne. On the US News website, on a list of top global universities, it ranked 25th place. That’s pretty good, considering there are more than one thousand universities out there.
    I’m planning to do a bachelor’s degree in Design, as I want to be an architect, but according to the comments, this university had “snobby professors” and, apparently, they don’t care much about the students. Again, I don’t know how much of that is true, but I would want someone on this website to enlighten me.
    I come from New Zealand, and if there is any chance someone gets back to me, I’ll appreciate it. I don’t want to spend “the best four years of your life” in a bad place. I’ve been doing tons of research about this university, and this is one of the only websites that had negative things on it. Other websites displayed the University of Melbourne in a much positive light. If there is someone currently enrolled in this university, please get back to me.

    • Jo
      | Reply

      follow up

      I would love to know how things worked out for you, Johnny.

    • Lifelong student
      | Reply

      NZ universities are far superior

      I have studied at UNSW and USYD and based on that, I can confirm Auckland university is far superior in terms of teaching and student diversity. In Australian universities, 90% students in any class are likely to be Chinese.

      • FNSM
        | Reply

        So does that make pretty much every Australian high school just as inferior when it comes to diversity…as they’re all about 90% white. Who would like to put money on the latter not even mentally registering for Lifelong student?

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  11. Jake
    | Reply

    Avoid at all cost.

    Just o me a favor and avoid it at all costs, it is not worth your time and money. The university has an extremely high acceptance rate, letting basically anyone into their 3-year bachelor degrees which does not qualify you for anything. You are then forced to do a master’s degree if you actually want to get a job, but getting into master’s degrees are extremely competitive for most, and if your WAM for your bachelor’s degree isn’t extremely good, you are basically just left with a useless bachelor’s degree and 3 years down the drain. This is just how this university traps new students who think that the uni is great, prestigious, high on QS rankings, and taking in herds of students that can’t find jobs in the future. For same career pathways, many other unis in Australia offer bachelor degrees that sets you out for work straight away, so please just go somewhere else. I regret coming to this university so much, and the only reason that I gave this a one star is because that’s the lowest rating the system allows me. The lectures, literally just read of slides taken of textbooks, and you have no idea what is important to note down – they sometimes just go off topics that isn’t even relevant to the course. No in-depth, explanation – yet still manages to go overtime. They give no time for tests, and make it that once you submit an answer you cannot change it; so for those of you who leave difficult questions at the end are forced to give up the mark and guess, or give up the marks for the easier questions you know.
    I CANNOT emphasize this enough; THE UNIVERSITY IS A TRAP. DO NOT COME. DO NOT GET TRICKED BY THE PRESTIGIOUS NAME. IT’s EXTREMELY EASY TO GET IN, BUT HARD TO COME OUT WITH A DEGREE THAT QUALIFIES YOU TO WORK IN THE WORKFORCE. GO TO UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY, UNSW, or whatever. AVOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so mad at myself for not listening to the others on this website, and not doing enough research on what the degrees of this university actually qualifies you to.

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  12. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Be careful misleading entry requirements for law school

    Be careful when considering this university, the minimum requirements for entry are misleading. The actual score required is likely to be higher even for postgraduate course work which I have never heard of being that competitive even amongst other go8 universities. Was told that the minimum selection score (average result) for entry into the course was 70 despite it being listed as 65 on the website.

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  13. Khadijah
    | Reply

    Avoid the Melbourne JD at Melbourne Law School

    If you are an American looking at the Melbourne JD, give it a BIG pass. It is not an ABA accredited law school, doesn’t prepare you for the bar exam, and doesn’t give you eligibility to sit the bar exam in most states. Furthermore, US law firms most likely will not hire you upon graduation. If you want your law career to end before it starts than this is the school for you. I was actually mistreated by the staff and was told implicitly that I chose their school because I did not get into any US schools. (Not true) Please do your research well before deciding on your law school. My opinion is that it is much better to go to law school in the US or UK.

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    • Sav
      | Reply


      Why tf would a Australian Law school/program being accredited by the ABA. Your situation isn’t a reflection of the University, but of your own ignorance and stupidity.

      • Paula
        | Reply

        amen to this. please don’t fear monger, smarten up Khadijah.

  14. Bell
    | Reply

    I graduated with a bachelor of science

    I finished my Bachelor of Science here at UOM studying health sciences. I majored in anatomy and neuroscience and in my experience, I believe the lecturers taught the content very well, there were only a handful of lecturers that were not good. Assessments were quite tough but if you are consistent and work hard, you will be okay. There is competition however to get into the health sciences masters courses such as optometry, physiotherapy etc (there are also limited commonwealth supported places available for domestic students and limited masters spots in general for international students) so it important to do really well or else you’ll be left with a semi useless science degree. If you are looking to pursue a masters degree in health sciences, it would be a good idea to look up or email the university of how many spots for masters courses are available.

    I do not really like the Melbourne model although it did give me the opportunity to explore various aspects of science such as biochemistry, psychology, anatomy and physiology and breadth subjects such as languages. With my bachelors completed, I am going to pursue a masters degree. I guess what is bad about the Melbourne model is that I know people from other universities (my age) who are already graduating from their bachelors and starting jobs. Example is someone doing a bachelor of nursing at another university. Also the University gets more money when more students are kinda forced to do masters degrees to get a job.

    The idea of Stop one, the place to go to solve issues or course planning etc, seems like a good idea but it is incredibly frustrating and at peak times, you have to wait on the phone for 2 hours. I’m lucky I had sisters to help me with my uni problems.

    Overall I would give the teaching 4-5 stars but I do understand why the overall ratings of this uni are quite low on this website and why students are frustrated.

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  15. Deek
    | Reply

    Doesn't live up to the hype

    I found the lack of communication within the university to be a sticking point for me, my expectation it being a top-ranked institution was that the lecturers and tutors would have lots of knowledge and that it would be a collegiate environment. This was not the case. Contact hours were low and often cut short so that students could move between classes that were scheduled back to back, classroom conversations were not mediated meaning unproductive conflict arose as standard, and academic staff behaved unprofessionally, biasing favourite students and demonstrating unabashedly elitist attitudes.
    I felt like I learned a lot, which in saying the above made studying at Melbourne all the more disappointing, competition between students created a difficult learning environment, and I was constantly on edge and unsupported – even to the point of being undermined by academic support staff so I would perform badly. I genuinely believe their whole academic staff needs a boot up the bum to wash out the old world attitudes – they are teaching the ideology of change but rigidly sticking with the status quo.
    Campus is nice although needs upkeep.
    Social is not great, feels neglected.
    Zero benefits for students and student union basically hiding in their offices.
    Libraries in decent condition although I noticed some shelving in the Borchardt was empty with no explanation.
    Colleges seem to need better oversight, one O-week activity they were threatening to make them drink the water feature water and from what I understand sexual assault is overlooked

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  16. s
    | Reply


    Um yeah look Ive got a lot to say.
    I’m only at the end of first year now. But I have already found that the lecturers only read straight from the lecture slides, many of them seem to be reading them for the first time during the lecture as well.
    Some lecturers are barely understandable as they can’t say some English words properly. This becomes more difficult to learn (on top of the already hard material, which is expected, not blaming that on the uni ahah) when they are key words that explain what we are leaning…

    As someone else mentioned below, the lecturers are swapped during the semester, I’m not sure if other uni’s do this or not? But it is very annoying and results in having to adjust to each lecturers style multiple times during the semester. Which only makes the workload more to manage.

    I have no comparison to other uni’s except for the fact that my friends seem to not have as much, but we are doing different degrees. But, the workload is a lot. I enjoy doing work and picked my major because I am interested in it, but I end up having (e.g. last semester) 10 hours of lectures, 7 hours of prac classes/labs/tutes per week. For maths, there’s weekly assignments which take a while (for me at least), and then the exam is %80!!!!! there’s one week to study for it and we also had a test worth 10% in the week before. so the assignments which you spend ages on every week are only 10%. For physics I had to do weekly homework online and a lab report, the exam was 70%. Then for other classes either just tests in the semester and an exam, or a folio+essay, or 3 essays (1 was the exam). I mean its not that bad but its not like they want you to have a life at all, and ive managed to fail 3 subjects out of the 8 ive taken so far because its too much.

    Stop 1 is helpful at times but other times just tells me to talk to someone else, or sends me a link to the website which I had already read before asking them a more detailed question.. One time they told me to email someone about my question that they couldn’t answer, so I emailed, and still got a reply with links to a webpage id read multiple times….

    I mean its not the worst thing in the world, but I don’t feel supported and ive had to use MIT’s online lectures and other online recourses much more than the lecturers, which basically means im paying for something that I have to find my own free recourses for anyway. Which is absolutely ridiculous.
    Also, they are very non-lenient about academic progress and threaten you with expulsion if you fail a certain number of subjects. I get that this is because some people can’t handle it and they should not really be doing it, but if they enjoy doing it or if they are just trying to figure everything out then I don’t think this really is fair.

    I think im gonna stick with two stars. was debating three but im not really sure there worth 3.

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    • Andrew Thomas
      | Reply

      Poor Lectures are merely a reflection of a far deeper problem with our universities.

      The comment about lecturers reading reading from slides is, in part, due to the ridiculous expectations currently put on academics to teach, apply for grants and “publish or perish” (don’t even get me started on the folly of this last one). The corporatization of universities in Australia has led to a race to the bottom that effects negatively not only on students, but academics too. We can only hope that at some point, the grown-ups will one day return to our universities so that they can again return to what they used to be.

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  17. Rudolph
    | Reply

    Corrupt and Treasonous Institution

    The University of Melbourne has become a major compromise to Australia’s national security. They are completely beholden to China as the University continues to increase its Chinese international cohort demographic past 80%. Many of the lecturers are globalist snobs who care nothing for Australia or our values, and the quality of education is in absolute squalor as prices continue to soar. The University has a serious culture issue regarding its attitudes towards Western civilisation, and unashamedly promotes Chinese values over our own. As a white, male, domestic student, I feel completely disenfranchised, disrespected, and disregarded. Although marxist and socialist ideology is trending in universities around the globe, the problem is particularly insidious at Melbourne and many self-serving out-of-touch academics actively and unashamedly support it. This institution is a money-milking, soulless and degenerate cancer that must be thoroughly disinfected.

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  18. KC
    | Reply



    I have tried to find a feedback form online directly with the University of Melbourne to provide this feedback, but there does not appear to be one. This is not surprising given that my review is regarding not being able to communicate with the University easily, which has caused me distress.

    I have continually been disappointed by the barriers to contact the different areas that I have needed to engage with, within the University. Curiously, the areas that deal with actual student matters (not STOP 1 (general enquiries)) are not ‘student facing’ and don’t have telephone numbers, so I have generally only been able to have email exchanges and I have occasionally (only with certain areas) been able to make an appointment/arrange to receive a telephone call.

    Presumably, the current system exists to save costs, however it has caused a very unsatisfactory experience for me. I am surprised that the barriers exist given the amount of fees that I am paying.

    I have found the email communication difficult and tedious at times.

    I have also experienced a particular problem not receiving telephone communication from the University about a time sensitive matter that affected me.

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  19. Alex
    | Reply

    Love University of Melbourne

    I have recently started at the University of Melbourne and have been educated in the United States. What I can say is the education is wonderful. The professors are helpful when you ask for help and the workload is pretty heavy. I see this as a positive as I am here to learn as much as I can in the short 2 years that make up a masters program. As far as I am concerned even in this COVID-19 era, University of Melbourne deserves all the hype. I look forward to enjoying it even more once in person classes resume.

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  20. Sheikh
    | Reply

    Insights required about Master of Environmental Engineering degree from Uni Melbourne?

    Hi all,

    I am aiming to pursue a Master of Environmental Engineering degree from Uni Melb next year 2021. This degree is very important for me as I am aiming to join the workforce and looking to upskill myself.y

    Can someone please share their insights about this particular degree and any other postgrad engineering programs which have a good reputation. They are so expensive and I want to make the right choice.

    Reading all the comments is making me concerned. Eagerly waiting for all the valuable insights.

  21. alan chester
    | Reply

    Soulless money grabbers

    Money-grabbing cash cows is what they are. lack of social support in all facets. The bachelor of commerce especially seems like a total waste, with too much emphasis on theoretical aspects of learning which you will DEFINITELY FORGET in a couple of months.
    Lack of spirit on the campus, especially in the commerce FBE building where its just business as usual.
    The incompetencies of some of the lecturers and tutors serves as just one of the many problems. Some can’t even string a simple sentence in english.

  22. Emma
    | Reply

    You're better off going to another university.

    This university is purely just accepting international students for their money; they do not care about them and this was made clear with the COVID-19 crisis.

    Last semester when the university went online, I had to go back home to Europe (so in a complete different time-zone). I wasn’t the only one as some of my friends also went home, so we asked the teacher if he could make one extra tutorial time (twice in the semester only) for us- and he answered that its not in his budget! Its a joke to be saying this to an international student, especially after you’ve been uploading pre-recorded lectures from last year.

    I am still stranded overseas, and about to start my second semester. I’ve emailed my professors if they could record the tutorials which are in the middle of the night for me, and one said that ‘he hasn’t taught anything online in 26 years and he doesn’t know how to do it’- I’m sorry but it is not a surprise the second semester is online, he should of prepared. Another teacher just said the ‘people in charge of the timetable’ said its basically my problem and I should adapt if I can’t make it, or change subject.

    It’s in time of crisis that the real nature of the university is revealed. Don’t waste your money here and just go elsewhere. Its not worth all this.

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    • s
      | Reply

      Yeah you’re whole situation sucks, sorry for you !!
      For one of my subjects, our tutor said that they can’t give us help/advice or answer any questions at all between our last class and our assignment due date (folio for the whole semester was the assignment), because they don’t get paid for that time and its not included.
      This isn’t because they weren’t allowed to give advice (e.g. a take home essay for an exam would be different because theyre not allowed to give advice, but in this case they were), its just because they didn’t get payed.
      Like what bulls*t honestly.

  23. John
    | Reply


    Some of the lecturers would mark you down if they let you. I noticed it more than any other University that I’ve been to. One of them pretended he couldn’t understand my English writing and basically said it’s because your Asian. When I said I will complain, he simply laughed. And there was a cover up after that.

    Only good thing is to put this University on your resume and the resources.

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    • Xiao
      | Reply

      Oh my, i’m so sorry that you had to experience this. What subject is this?

      • John
        | Reply

        This was a Masters course related to IT.
        Like I’m a HD student and then all the sudden one unit coordinator/tutor gave me a hard time and pretend I couldn’t write proper English. And when to discuss with him, he just played around with me.

  24. Eric B
    | Reply

    UoM is a terrible place to invest your time

    Please take your money elsewhere. This university is a pure cash grab. The resources available are probably the only good thing about this place. The students and professors are mostly snobby and very up themselves. You learn nothing of value to take into a professional industry but you’ll sure as hell know how to cite with clarity. I was writing my final year research paper and i was getting advice on cleaning it up and they literally said don’t use a particular word. I asked why, and they just responded oh I don’t like it. I went back to peruse all the current research articles on this field and that word is used quite extensively. Even if you think you’re doing well they will score you mediocre because they like bell curves. STOP 1 is atrocious, useless uni students that have never successfully answer a question. Just steer clear of this hellhole.

    • Abrar
      | Reply

      May I ask which course you were enrolled in? I am going to enter as a post grad next year and what you said about research kinda worries me.

      • March
        | Reply

        Fabulous uni, great experience.

        Wow so surprised by all the negative reviews! I studied a BA Majoring in Linguistics and Spanish and had a fantastic experience! The professors are incredible, knowledgeable and on point with feedback. I would say that if you are not self motivated, and expect hand holding this is probably not the University for you. You really do have to make the most of it. I made it a point of getting to know the lecturers and communicating with them and was rewarded with RA work in my third year which lead to a scholarship and further RA work for two years after my degree ended. Opportunities for research and further study abound. There are tonnes of social opportunities if you are able to join the groups (obviously with COVID I can understand that may be more difficult) Lots of study help, but again you have to ask. It is not handed to you on a platter. I think it’s a great preparation for the real world and I highly recommend it. Having said that Stop one really can be annoying but if you go at certain times of the day and avoid peak hour it’s fine. I imagine that if you are having trouble asking for help from one person who may or may not be stressed and overwhelmed by the changes COVID has brought upon them, going to someone else for further support will be beneficial. A little compassion and appreciation doesn’t go astray 😉

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    • jfk
      | Reply


      amen brother. such a terrible university. wasted my time here and essentially the stuff we learned was complete bs and lacks the relevance to the real world. it just pains me that this is supposedly the apex of higher education in australia when it is evident its just a souless cash cow making its dough off international sudents.

  25. jemima
    | Reply

    take your money elsewhere. you don’t learn anything – students from other unis would have a much better understanding of the subjects, and are more employable.
    you’re also mostly surrounded by suck-ups, and you’ll constantly be surrounded by politics-driven cover-ups.
    the university is rich and powerful. the amount of covering-up they do is amazing – money can do anything, even in the face of sexual harassment.
    and yes – staff and students are absolute snobs for being in “the best university in Australia”.
    I thoroughly regret my decision of enrolling in unimelb.

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  26. Emily
    | Reply

    I am currently thinking of attending the bachelor of science program. Could someone please enlighten me on how the overall experience as a bachelor of science student was?

    • John
      | Reply

      This might be too late for u, but as a former Bachelor of Science student myself, it’s better if u don’t attend at all. Throughout my whole 3 (& 1/2) years of studying, I saw the decline in quality, the university cutting costs & building expensive new student hubs instead of improving the quality of their sh*tty education. Entire departments (especially Maths, Physics) department are still teaching the subjects like they did 50 years ago, and still reluctant in accepting digital submissions for assignments, not to mention some subjects (especially Maths subjects) have exams that are as high as 80% of the assessment & still do not allow use of calculators in exams. I can basically count the number of times there was a Turnitin submission for assignments in my whole undergrad, and it’s far less than the number of times I went onto Turnitin during my Australian Year 12 program. This uni boasts about improvement and preparing students for the future but still run their academics the way they did 100 years ago.

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  27. Janet
    | Reply

    Please improve your culture and student support, Unimelb

    I came from one of the top schools in Singapore and I struggled to excel in Melbourne University. Not that it was difficult to manage the content, but I felt so isolated most of the time. It also didn’t help that I am doing architecture and the course content was even more hectic than most. I came in with bright hopes but now I am not so sure. Although international students are not the majority, I almost always see more international students than locals in my class. This supposedly leads to a more global outlook, but groupwork settings are difficult and not enough support is given to these students as well to manage and adjust to the environment. Please unimelb, if you can’t help every student to excel as much as their potential should be, then don’t accept students just because they can afford the fees. I took on a big study loan to come here, and seem to have given myself more problems. P.s. it would be great if they offered more pathways to placements and career opportunities.

    • Deen
      | Reply

      I agree with the point that they don’t provide enough support to students

    • Esther
      | Reply

      Hi Janet,
      I’m also from SG. Thinking of doing Architecture in uni Mel in 2022. I would like to know more about this course. Besides the lack of support for students, is the program / content good? Do they train students to be world ready? Are their lecturers up to date with what’s going on in architecture these days?
      Will you continue your masters there? Or will you go somewhere else?
      Appreciate your frank reply. Be as frank as possible. Tks so much!

    • Sashawan
      | Reply

      Hi Janet, I got an offer letter recently for a MSc in my field (natural sciences). The fees are mortifying. I’m surprised that even people from SG had to take out huge loans. I’m reconsidering my entry because of this as well. I can attend the university at risk of putting my family under financial strain but I was thinking it might be worth it for such a high ranked university. Considering all the reviews here, I’m certainly having second thoughts.

  28. S. B
    | Reply

    I was one of those students lured into comming to unimelb by the bright neon sign of “#1 uni in Aus”. Like someone said earlier, the title comes from churning out research papers which the University spend all their undergraduate tuition fees to fund. The non-specialised bachelors were appealing towards a highschool graduate who was uncertain on what career to go into. The broad bachelors are advertised for students who want to explore and find what they really want to do. Honestly, I realised this is just a monetary ploy. As most graduates say, you cant do anything with a bachelor in Science or Arts – the two largest cohorts in UoM, they simply wont give you any sort of accreditation. 40+ majors in the Bachelor of science sounds great, until you realise they are all meaningless once you graduate. Psychology, engineering, neuro, vet etc forces you to do a masters to be registered, meaning the Bachelor of Science major in psychology will maybe (if youre lucky) get you a job in a counseling centre at the most. This ends up being a 3 yr bachelor ( + ) 2 or 3 year master to get an equivalent of a 3 year bachelor of psychology somewhere else. Same goes for engineering and other majors. Why? Because Masters courses are very, very expensive. So if you have an inkling of an idea of what you want to do, I strongy recommend you do that course in another University.

    There is a reason why Unimelb has the highest number of international students. Apparently amongst the international students I heard its an ‘if you have money you can come’ system. The evidence for this is the Trinity College bridging study for internationals, where the english requirements for enrolment are way below the standard international student admission. Its great there is a multicultural community, but are the intentions of the University really multiculturalism or enrolment fees?

    The teaching staff is also a severe problem. Keep in mind I’m a Bachelor of Science student (major. Neuroscience), so I’m not sure of other courses. Most lecturers are part time researchers and part time lecturers, and they teach as if the University is forcing them to. Many lectures are juggling up to 4 different subjects and almost all subjucts have 4-8 different lecturers. Dont bother sending emails because some will not respond at all. The lectures feel like show and tell of what each lecturers researched/specialise in, with no teaching. Yes they have 3 phd’s and 50 research papers, but can they teach? No. This has got to the point where students are enrolling in subjects JUST because the lecturer is rumoured to be good. Due to the switching of lecturers, in some subjects there is no coherence whatsoever, and the same content is repeated constantly between lecturers. It’s not their fault, how are they expected to keep tabs on everything else that has been, and will be said in the subject. On top of that, there has been protests in campus recently due to underpaying staff.

    The only positive about the University of Melbourne is that the work/study load is so extreme and grades are so difficult to achieve, whenever you transfer or graduate into a different uni, everything will feel so much more easier.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

    • s
      | Reply

      Yes I agree with all of this.
      Im doing bachelor of science but hoping to major in maths.
      The lecturers /lectures are really poor and they honestly just read straight off the lecture slides. and it feels like they wouldn’t know what to say if the slides weren’t there. sometimes it feels like theyre reading the slides for the first time in the lecture. which is hard to believe considering the slides are already like 15 years old. I don’t have a problem with them being 15 years old if theyre still relevant and you know whats in them, but I do have a problem when even after that the lecturer still seems like he isn’t even sure of the content himself!

      I have had to resort to MIT lectures on YouTube for my classes and they have been so helpful.
      I had a really good tutor this semester for linear algebra so thats a plus I guess, but I still failed the subject.
      The constantly changing lecturers are also really really really annoying. I had one really great lecturer at the start of the semester and was understanding everything, and then we changed to this guy who could barely even speak English and seemed like he was questioning if what he was saying was right (and often rue-loaded examples which students had pointed out were incorrect, im fine with a mistake, but when its all the time?…). I really struggled in the topics when they were taught by him, and I didn’t realise it was the lecturer until we swapped back to our first one again and I immediately understood it again .

      Whats worse is that each lecturer has a somewhat or very different style, so you need to keep up with each lecturers style and readjust each time its changed, as well as doing all the required work.

      Its really frustrating when you spend so much money on the uni course and end up having to look everything up online anyway.

  29. Tushar ingle
    | Reply

    Need Honest Reply about education

    Hello Everyone I am Tushar I’m From India I got opportunity to study in Unimelb ( Master in Electrical with Business ) after going through all this comments I m quite Nervous and little confused about should I go with University of Melbourne or not. can Anyone suggest me ??

  30. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Snobby and Overwhelming

    Transferred to Melb Uni. I was so overwhelmed and miserable I dropped out and went back to my old uni. The course content was great and the campus was beautiful, but the workload was impossible. I just couldn’t keep up. Students, and even some professors, were extremely snobby and condescending.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  31. Carlis
    | Reply

    Good Education, Terrible Service. Bad experience.

    the education is good, but the service is terrible, specially stop 1 and global learing team, i wanted to do exchange and the process was too confusing and the personal is unhelpful, rude and complicated. the university platform is very burocratic and complex, wouldnt recommend paying all the required amount of money for such an unprofessional service.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  32. Josh
    | Reply

    I’ve seen several articles stating that scholarships are being offered to international students. Somebody please answer, is it true? And if so what are the conditions?

  33. Sarah
    | Reply

    Nothing like what I'd feared, a great and supportive university

    MGSE has been an outstanding university for a Masters in Education. Placements were organised for me, and one was close while one was quite a distance. However, I do understand the difficulties they face in sourcing qualified supervisors that are willing to do the job.

    The educational staff at MGSE have been extremely personable, willing to discuss issues and fair and reasonable with their marking. One staff member has a reputation for being a very hard marker, and this has brought my marks down somewhat, but I acknowledge that maybe I am just not quite at the level required to complete certain assignments to the high standard they expect.

    Overall, as a student from a disadvantaged background, having come through an “easier” university previously, I was quite daunted by the prospect of a Melbourne University Masters degree. However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how welcoming and supportive they’ve been.

    Just about to complete my course and it’s been an absolutely wonderful experience that I will not regret.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

    • Daria
      | Reply

      I struggle with the world load and bad communication in the MTeach and not enough time to study for lantite and these things when we have 9 assignments of 1500-2000 words to write in a 6 weeks period

  34. Juan
    | Reply

    Its Good but expected more.

    The university focus is indeed on becoming an academic /researcher
    im doing architecture masters, the theorical subjects are way better presented and supported than the practical ones.
    the design studios are runned by practicing local and international firms, which is good, but sometimes they don´t have the right teaching skills.
    The university and faculty is too crowded, is really hard to find a spot to sit and work, teachers are not really approachable as there are many students and it is really hard to make friends as it is too big.
    It seems they also have a prefference for international (fee paying studies) which are majority from the same two or three nationalities that keep speaking on their language instead of using english and it is hard to communicate. they definetily should try to have more diversity of student nationalities or balance the classrooms and be more exigent on the english requirements.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  35. Susan
    | Reply

    I am about to enrol my child for bachelor of arts (Media and communication) but after getting all the feedback and negative comments about UNi of Melbourne, I am not too sure now.

    Can someone kindly enlighten me.

    Thank you.

    • Erica
      | Reply

      Hi Susan,

      I’m currently studying at UniMelb (Masters) and I think it’s a great university. I’ve also studied in Queensland and in New South Wales, and my experience with UniMelb has been the best (though the previous were also fantastic experiences). The University of Melbourne is a very theoretical university and places a lot of emphasis on intellectual rigour, critical reasoning and analytical analysis. Before I started studying here I constantly heard from friends that I’d be writing a lot. They weren’t kidding. I’ve become a much better writer whether it be for articles I undertake on a freelance basis, essay writing for my current degree or even text messages ha-ha. Furthermore, I’ve become a much stronger ‘thinker’. I believe it would be a great university for your child, especially hearing that they’re wanting to undertake communications and media majors because in this area writing and critical thinking and analysis is essential. I actually did communications for my undegrad. Great focus ;). It also has many options for internships and subjects that are more practical as well with their assignments. They’ll get a very important and well-rounded experience with both theoretical and practical options available. However, it is more theoretical. There’s a focus on creating academics at UniMelb. I’ve noticed this in my specific postgraduate degree, that there are more theoretical subjects than practical; therefore largely training students to undertake PhDs or further study. In comparison, my undergraduate degree at Bond University back on the Gold Coast was far more practical – very practical actually. There are also great facilities here, the campus layout is beautiful, the staff and students are fantastic and the libraries are brilliant. At the end of the day though, it’s your child’s and your opinions that matter and what they want to experience. I’d advise that you attend Open Days at different universities, do campus tours and even see if you can schedule a meeting with course coordinators at various institutions.

      I hope this helps in some way.

      All the best,


  36. Sad Student
    | Reply


    Very little help given to international students. Considering that majority of students are international, the university needs to put in more effort into understanding their needs and helping them.

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  37. Yeon
    | Reply

    To be honest, if you select Melbourne uni, you will spend a lot money on your tuition fee and pls be careful for the subject. Some subject is very good and they are normally those core subject, but when you pick your elective subject, pls pls be careful!! Some of the professor not even from uni, they are so irresponsible and you are actually wasting your money!!

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  38. Abc
    | Reply

    The ranking is based not on students performance or they securing job after graduation. It is the academic research that make them top. Employers do not normally care about where you graduate from. So, do a degree in any uni you want.
    Academics in Melbourne not care about their students, but their career or research only. So don’t expect a response to your queries on subject.

  39. Agus
    | Reply


    University for you who wanna become researcher, not for you who will apply the knowledge. I am taking commerce now, and i feel that Melbourne Uni focus too much on the theory and concepts, not on the practical side as well. For those of you who want to be an entrepreneur, THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO GO.
    They give you so much assignments and home works with tons of materials for the final test (usually around 70% of your final grades).
    If you still wanna come to Melbourne Uni, Bye social life. Try to be a nerd.

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  40. Mindy
    | Reply

    Its an arts school. Come here for arts.

    I study the bachelor of arts and I love it. intellectually stimulating, world renowned staff and researchers teaching the subjects and engaging with students. I’ve heard some pretty awful things about other faculties but honestly unimelb has a reputation as an arts school and thats what it does best. if you want science or technology, engineering, commerce, well then look you’re barking up the wrong tree. Just because a school has a good reputation doesn’t mean it does everything well.

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    • Deen
      | Reply

      I also think the humanities subjects are good but some of the language teachers (e.g. Korean and Japanese) are awfully uninspiring

  41. Andrew
    | Reply

    Good overall

    I did my Honours year at the University of Melbourne.

    For international students the University of Melbourne is quite expensive. I found classes were big, and the buildings could be a bit old.

    Nevertheless it does rank well, although don’t expect that this necessarily translates into good graduate outcomes in every case, especially for international students.

  42. Jonathan
    | Reply

    Things have changed a lot

    I don’t know why I came back? I guess it’s the lack of jobs available. I hold an MSc in maths, and I’m doing engineering, so I can get my foot in the door, for a STEM job.

    Let me just say, that easily about 80% of the students in the classes, don’t have an adequate grasp of the English language. This includes seeing iPads being used to translate material, students in tutorials not speaking English (one lecturer actually had to bring this up), the same with labs, etc. The lecturer will assign assignments almost every week or fortnight, and groups are generally designed to have one (or two people) person, who’s proficient in English, so they can carry the group along. I have received hand-written scribbles, that aren’t master’s level work. To be honest, I don’t really feel inclined to continue.

    Then there’s the lecturers. Many regurgitate what’s on the PowerPoint presentation. A substantial amount aren’t proficient in English, and I’ve found it better to just read the slides or a textbook.

    As said before, these substantially large assignments, are worth very little, and the exam is where the bulk of the work is. You typically get a week (or two if you’re lucky), to prepare, and the exams are bunched way too close together.

    In my maths degree, I actually felt like I was part of a diverse group of students, who’d help each other. There’s little diversity here. The students are chosen, based on what’s in their bank account. Melbourne University just wants money, so they can constantly build new buildings. The facade hides a very low caliber learning experience.

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    • Fuad
      | Reply

      Things have changed a lot

      Hi Jonathan, thanks for the comment, I have read through it as I am a father concerned about my son who is in the second year of science at Melbourne Uni. At VCE he was the top in all three maths subjects, he is doing good now into his second uni year. Earlier today he told me that he is considering moving to an other uni, and even change the field to Business or Logistics (not sure under what major comes logistics). I am not happy as he is a great student and tutor in Maths, he does tutoring many VCE students now. The postgraduate study for 6 years to become a qualified math something has been taunting him. I have read that you had this Math degree from Melbourne Uni. So, do you think I have to worry too much or just let him do what he wants, however, I guess is has a short patience into doing things which require long time to see the outcome and I am afraid he is going through this impatience mode with his uni study. Appreciate your time for a feedback, thanks

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    • Zacharias Sifakis
      | Reply

      I totally agree with everything you said.

  43. Jenny
    | Reply

    Hi Olivia, exact same thing has happened to me within the same faculty. I have also made a complaint to the Ombudsman regarding the issue.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  44. Jenny
    | Reply

    Overrated University and atrocious staff

    The complaint’s handling procedure is absolutely atrocious. The University will protect its staff and make its students pay and pay at no inconvenience to themselves. The MGSE in particular are one of the worst Education departments in the country, they can’t run placements properly and any complaint or issue you have with them will result in you being slandered and expelled from the Uni. They have fired so many staff its amazing the faculty can even operate. Save your money and go to Monash, Melbourne is going down the drain and will soon drop rankings.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

    • Valerie
      | Reply

      May I ask what course did you take in particular? Online or face to face?

      • Steven
        | Reply

        Is there a difference between onlibne and face-to-face Uni of melbourne's Masters courses?

        I am interested to know if one is better than the other. Can you let me know?

      • Jenny
        | Reply

        face to face but online won’t be any better and you will have much reduced contact hours at the expense of your practise.

        Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  45. Aporiana
    | Reply


    Money is all they want. I received two very different offer within 2years for the same postgrad course. First offer sounds so gratuful and approving, cos i applied as a fee-paying student. Offer received in two weeks, and grant unconditionally to entre the 150points. Second time, I applied the exact same course but with CSP(means you only pay a little percent of the Massive tuition bill), they cleverly assigned me into a pathway course where CSP can not be applied. Apparently My previouse degrees and working experience is enough for the level I applied for, only because I pay more. Funny the guy write to me in great length to explain the offer and why my previous qualification doesn’t met their standard suddenly this time, doesn’t even have basic knowledge of my academic background. The game they play to get more money from students is just another capitalist routine.

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  46. Amy
    | Reply

    Excellent, but hard to connect with others as too many students

    I did my Psychology undergraduate at Melbourne University. It was overall a great experience in terms of excellent teaching staff, and supportive tutors (some not all). There are as many as 200+ clubs and societies to choose from and many professional development events and workshops available. I have had contact with Careers advisers and academic support people who were excellent as well. However, one downside is that there are so many students here that I didn’t really get to connect with people one-to-one during my time here as there are about 200 students enrolled in the course and you see different people each semester.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

    • Anushka
      | Reply

      Need more insights into Uni of Melbourne BA in Psychology

      Hi Amy,
      i am trying to decide between Univ of Melbourne and a Dutch University for a Bachelor in Psychology (Arts). I have heard from others that the program in Melbourne is very theoretical. How was the faculty? Also do you feel there are enough employment opportunities post a Bachelor’s program or do you really need to do a Master’s as well.
      many thanks

      • supercalli
        | Reply

        not only unimel but all

        It does take a six years path of becoming a certified psychologist. Every psychology in every country, in order to get a decent salary, thus needs to get to masters or even PhD to secure your place because job hunting of psychologists are very competitive.

  47. Jenny
    | Reply

    To be fair I’m part way through my degree and it has involved some shuffling around. I’m currently transitioning into Bac of Arts after recognising how predated the coursework within the Bachelor of Environments is, but I’m not entirely sure it will get better.
    Most teaching staff and open to discussion with students and helping you take your studies further, but the actual coursework is aimed at the laziest of laymen, ensuring everyone graduates with minimal effort and most don’t learn anything new.
    Possibly just the way of a Bachelor degree, but I think we all got the gist of photosynthesis in week 1, and if it was to be developed later on, perhaps presenting new information instead of recycling slides would be better.
    More funding towards teaching staff and coordination between subject leads might help this.

  48. Blake
    | Reply

    Last year I left my full time job to attend me Master’s at this university. It stated that no background in the discipline was required however, upon starting the degree I found the teachers were hard to understand (foreign), access to genuine help was costly and that the course was indeed NOT designed for people like myself who hadn’t the background in the industry, the content was far too difficult for someone who hadn’t come from the discipline either as an undergraduate or working background. I just wish they had better rules for this or were more honest about it, rather than wasting now 6 months of my life to apply elsewhere, it is frustrating. Student Services was barbaric too, waits of 4-5 hours somedays to receive assistance, with arrogant men who basically made you feel dumb. I wouldn’t bother with Melbourne again to be honest – as Monash Uni alumni I highly recommend their university instead.

    My only real positive comment is that the university really has a great vibe in terms of networking and opportunities to engage with your peers.

    • dev
      | Reply

      May I know what major you took in UniMelb? Any chance it was Criminology? I have bachelor degree in psychology. Thank you for responding 🙂

  49. Sir Trekkalot
    | Reply

    It is not about education. It is about making money from fee paying graduate students . I have a very sour taste in my mouth about Melb. Uni as a mature age grad. cert. student.
    I give it a zero for everything. It is/ was horrible in every aspect . The vibe is Totally impersonal , with no support and the study work load is insane and inhumane.

  50. Jo
    | Reply

    Was here for 4 years and was miserable the whole time. Filled with arrogant, ugly, snobs. Unfriendly atmosphere. Graduates are kicked to the curb, they do not care about students at all. They only care about money. It is a business. That is all. Please avoid!! you will regret coming here

  51. stacey87
    | Reply

    I am currently trying to decide whether to attend Melbourne University or RMIT. I had heard Melbourne was arrogant and the staff were unhelpful so wanted to take my time to suss out the two universities and which would be most helpful to me.

    I was incredibly disappointed when I by chance contacted Melbourne University Student Services. I spoke to a girl who was really abrupt with me. I tried explaining that I just needed to ask a few simple questions to help me make my decision and she said she “didn’t have time for this”. Anyway, long story short, when I was upset at the end of the day I explained to my husband what had happened. He was super annoyed and suggested I complain. I didn’t really want to but he mentioned if I didn’t others may experience the same treatment. I spoke to a really nice manager (sue) and just logged the issue with her which she said she would follow up. However I have decided not to attend this university and have no further dealings with their student representative, who is the most rudest arrogant person I have encountered. Off to RMIT and happier for it!

  52. Hope
    | Reply

    Nice gaaaarrryyyyyyy

  53. Melbstudy
    | Reply

    Most lecturers are good. Very competitive atmosphere. Overall feeling of being treated like a number at times.

    • Mel
      | Reply

      This is so true.

  54. Richard
    | Reply

    Arguably one of the laziest and most incompetent engineering faculties in the country. The University of Melbourne hasn’t updated much of it’s second/third year course content in 6 years, and their staff is filled with highschool-hall-monitors promoted to academic engineers.
    Past exam paper’s with worked solutions are littered with errors, and ridiculous arrangement of course content makes lectures unnecessarily complicated.
    If you have any interest in getting a job in the real world, these idiots have nothing to offer you accept a promise of everything being fine once you get to post grad. Speak to some Masters of Engineering students about how useless their staff are at providing opportunities for students. No-one is asking for a free ticket into an internship, but unless you steadily average above 85% in your GPA you can forget about any attention from Melbourne University. You’d probably be better off studying engineering at Swinburne where they help you get a year of valuable hands-on experience.

  55. Rosie
    | Reply

    It has a great campus life and I had a lot of fun there but academically it depends on which area you are studying. I started in ‘Environments’ but discovered to do a major they listed, I had to do most of the subjects as breadth. I changed to Science and in this course medical sciences seemed well run, well taught and funded, but my major of Environmental Science was obviously given no thought as all the other subjects in the major clashed with the required subject, which they didn’t change even after a lot of complaints, so it was impossible to complete my major as it was supposed to be. Also some lecturers were great and others were terrible. In most subjects each lecturer only taught for a couple of weeks and it was difficult to contact them or tutorial teachers for help or to answer questions. The university seems to spend all its time promoting itself and forgets to prioritise teaching. The courses are also really general and at the end of a bachelor degree I don’t feel I know enough to be able to work in the field of my majors. Also I did all the subjects for 2 majors but they would only list one on my transcript. Overall I am disappointed with the academic experience.

  56. Liam Parker
    | Reply

    While conveniently located and with good student organisations, clubs, atmosphere, etc. The University of Melbourne lacks the quality of capable and committed staff for teaching their subjects, and designing them for that matter.
    Tutors often are simply research students or postgraduate students who have regularly known to have little understanding or experience in a subject, and almost always have never actually taught it. Like is often stated, research is clearly the focus of the uni.

  57. Calvin
    | Reply

    I am a third year student in Melbourne Uni, currently doing undergrad with commerce as my major.
    I would say, Melbourne uni is a good university, EXCEPT the teaching staffs.
    This is the top university in Melbourne, they have more than enough money in their pocket, but they do NOT have money to spend it on hiring experienced teacher?
    I am not lying, ask someone who have studied there before, most tutorials are being taught by inexperienced students who just graduated or still studying, but never had any qualification in how to teach students properly. All they do is read and write the answer for tutorials. I know it might be important for them to teach, but we international student paid lots of money to study here, but what we get in return is not equal to what we spend.
    Consider carefully if you want to study here.

  58. Kate
    | Reply

    The university is very research focused and does not seem to overly care about its students.

  59. George
    | Reply

    Reputation research and reputation – that’s how Melbourne Uni gets its ranking. The actual point of university is to educate and it doesn’t do that very well at all. Biggest regret of my educational life – avoid it like the plague.

  60. Satu
    | Reply

    It is easy to find nice and cheap accommodation in Melbourne. As an international student, you don’t have to worry about finding a place to live before arriving. Melbourne is great for food, footy (AFL) and going out.

    I found it difficult adjusting to a major exam at the end of term (instead of smaller ones throughout). It puts the pressure on.

    Overall was a good experience. Melbourne Uni is a stimulating place to study and the city has to be one of the best in the world.

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