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Monash University Holman Hall student accommodation.

Holman Hall student accommodation. Photo credit: Hayball

Monash is Australia's largest university in terms of student numbers, with 70,000+ students. Monash has several campuses in Melbourne and regional Victoria. It also has campuses in Malaysia and South Africa. Monash often ranks as one of Australia's top 5 universities for research. If you've ever studied at Monash, feel free to post a review and let others know about your experiences.

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  1. wublubbadubdub
    | Reply

    Yeah, don't bother

    Studying the Graduate Diploma in Psychology

    Awful experience, no flexibility and minimal support.

    Also, you’re absolutely forced to complete a “respect” module otherwise your account becomes encumbered and you cannot access your learning material despite already having paid. Given the time constraints associated with this course and managing full-time work, this was less than helpful.

    On a positive note, the content is very interesting and some instructors were quite good in terms of content delivery. Often a delay in getting marks returned, however.

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  2. Kacy
    | Reply

    Law in Monash

    I am planning to study in Monash in 2021 for Law, is it bad or good?

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  3. Jason
    | Reply

    Is Monash a good uni to study Master of Social Work?

    I’m planning to study Master of Social Work starting in 2021. Do you recommend Monash? Is it a good uni for this course? Any advice would be highly appreciated.

  4. Anon
    | Reply

    Monash is one of the worst law schools with most academics only publishing in Australia. They have no global standing. I have worked with several law grads who cannot solve any legal problems whatsoever. Melbourne uni and la trpbe grads are creative and useful. Monash is just a money making scam.

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  5. Fernanda
    | Reply

    Hi, I’m a foreign student looking to study psychology at Australia, and Monash sounds like a good option. Does anyone has recommendations or suggestions?. I want to specialize in clinical psychology. I would love some advice.

    • Melissa
      | Reply

      HELP ME DECIDE- Deakin or Monash???

      Ive received an offer letter from Deakin, Burwood and Monash, Clayton to study my Bachelor of Arts Psychology course. I’m so torn between both and was hoping to hear some experiences to help compare and decide which is best for me as I’ve got to decide ASAP for the July semester (I’ll be studying online until we’re all allowed to travel again due to the covid-19 situation). I’m aware of the high recognition that Monash offers, however, I’m the sort that prefers a balance between academics and a social life. I’m eager to hear your advice on which uni can offer me a healthy balance or to hear the pros and cons of both. Thanks a lot btw

  6. Caitlin
    | Reply

    If you have a disability, do not go here.

    I have chronic pain disorder and the disability services and Monash are hell to deal with. My family and I had to quote the disability act and threaten legal action just to get a soft chair for my exams. That is just one of the many tangles I’ve had with Monash. Half of the staff are also terrible teachers. Good researchers probably, but terrible teachers. No empathy

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  7. Russell
    | Reply

    not good for online learning

    Monash university has got to be the most arrogant, overrated university in Australia. I have studied at three different universities and monash is by far the worst. Their online learning portal is clunkly and poorly designed, their content is dated, and their fees unjustifiably high considering most of my subjects consist of watching videos recorded years ago.

    If your going to study online, go somewhere else

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  8. Alex
    | Reply

    Top ranking uni

    I finish both graduate diploma in psychology and graduate diploma in psychology Advanced both online at Monash . I was happy overall from my experience with Monash.

    Just keep in mind these pros and cons:
    1- Monash Uni is a prestigious Uni and it is ranking in under 60 in QS ranking , and has high reputation would wide. This is something you need to consider when you say about your degree in professional communities.

    2- The courses are a little more expensive than others, but has a better quality

    3- They were generally organised

    4- The units is namely “part-time”, but in reality it is a full time study and you have to study 40-50 hrs/week to get a reasonable mark.They are very strict about their policies and do not compromise.The worse thing that I can say is the marks that you get is below than average in other universities. I bet you have to kill your self to go over 70/100 marks in each assignment . Also if you apply for remark, you will probably get the lower mark than what you already got.

    5- I have read some comments from others, but I have not faced with the problems that they mentioned in 3.5 years study online with Monas.

    I recommend Monash

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  9. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Poor teaching staff

    Currently a student at their Malaysian campus, and I have to say they absolutely suck. I am a distinction level student with a scholarship that is about to be dragged down to Pass – losing the award with it. This is due to incompetency in marking and teaching, but more so on the former. Just like the other comments, they selectively fail you so you have to redo an entire unit. It’s like they’re milking money off of us! An alma Mater means ‘’ nurturing mother’ but this school is anything but! What a shame. Hope I can leave as fast as possible.

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  10. Raquel
    | Reply



    I am in my final year of 4th-year Psychology doing the graduate diploma of psychology advanced online. And I have NEVER had such a terrible experience with a university in my whole life!

    The degree is EXTREMELY expensive $20,000 for ONE year and to top it off they provided a supervisor for the course that was on maternity leave! This resulted in me and other students not having our ethics application approved in time and having to spend extra money and time on this ridiculous course!

    Then to top it all off they SYSTEMATICALLY target you! and TRY to fail you! they do this in the hope that you will have to re-do their classes. They taregted my Turnitin report for an essay which had LESS THAN 1% similarity and then TOOK 10 MARKS OFF MY ASSIGNMENT claiming that it breached academic integrity!

    I am a Distinction average student and they systematically are targeting me to try and make me fail so that I will have to re-do my last two classes, so that Monash get more money from me.



  11. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Incompetent administration

    The University really doesn’t look after their students once they have you enrolled. The support staff will give you the run around and be really unhelpful. I’ve found the course content ok but have had numerous issues with my enrollment being miss recorded and mishandled. I was going to return to complete the course next year but will be using credit to transfer to RMIT next year instead as I’ve found the stress of the run around I’ve been given at Monash too much to deal with. Save yourself the money and stress and study somewhere else!

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  12. Maya
    | Reply

    Not good!

    Monash has been a disappointing university experience. There is extremely limited student support and most of the time no one knows what’s going on especially in the arts and fine arts units which is extremely frustrating.

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  13. ESOL
    | Reply

    Don't study at Monash University

    Having worked and studied there, I have some insight into why the delivery of education has dropped so much at Monash University over the years. The successful delivery of education relies on the quality of IT staff and projects they deliver within the eSolutions department. That is what the various business units and academics rely on to deliver educational value. Unfortunately, with totally incompetent management from the CIO, and the eSolutions Director, down to the Delivery Manager within Shared and Campus Services (watch out for “Vignesh”), is it any wonder people are turning away from Monash University as a study destination. The end user (academics and students) suffer as a result, and so will you if you choose to study there.

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  14. EK
    | Reply

    Terrible Online Grad Dip Psych course

    I completed a majority of the Grad Dip Psych at Monash and would NOT recommend this course or Monash Online.
    It was hugely expensive and the experience I had was terrible. The majority of lecturers are academic with no real life experience of psychology and the course coordinator when I was studying there was a joke. I was ridiculed in live class, compelled to undertake psych tests as part of ‘projects’ during the course without there being appropriate and approved ethics forms, participant information, and there was no help or support from the university. They changed the course for enrolled students with 2 weeks notice causing a massive exodus of students. When students questioned the uni there was absolutely no help, empathy or care. Basically the attitude is give us your money and shut up.
    It was a TERRIBLE experience and it was clear this uni with its online psychology courses is only interested in taking your money. I transferred to CSU and finished my Grad Dip there and loved it and found it to be much much better.
    I am about to start my Hons year, but many of the friends I made during this course fell by the wayside and gave up their psych studies and I think much of that was due to the way Monash operates.
    I would strongly recommend anyone looking to do psychology online look at some of the many other options out there as Monash is in my opinion using this course to make a lot of money, spend the majority of their resources signing up new students, and then don’t give a toss after you are signed up.

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  15. Amy
    | Reply

    Monash Online

    Thinking of enrolling in Monash Online psychology courses. Does anyone has comments or experience from Monash Online? Thanks.

    • Shirley
      | Reply

      Monash online psychology

      Hi, I’m thinking to do the same course! Have you started?
      Thanks 🙂

    • EK
      | Reply

      Go elsewhere

      I completed the majority of my Grad Dip Psych online. I would recommend you go elsewhere. My experience was TERRIBLE. It’s expensive and the attitude towards students is reprehensible.
      The course coordinator was a joke. I completed my course at CSU and had a fantastic experience there. I would strongly recommend you look around as this course is not what their marketing machine purports it to be.

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  16. Lucy
    | Reply

    Arts in history and international studies

    Hi, I am a student looking to study a bachelor of Arts at monash and was wondering what is the course really like? I want to major in history and international studies and would love any advice. I also have a minor physical disability affecting my ability to walk for long periods of time so any comments on whether the university is accommodating or not would be appreciated (:

  17. Shaun
    | Reply

    Master of Banking and Finance help

    Hi there,

    I’m planning to study a Master of Banking and Finance at Monash. Can any past/current student tell me how’s the quality of the course? Is it as practical as let’s say RMIT’s courses? Are they teaching students to be work ready and providing industry placements etc?

  18. Ex Monash Student
    | Reply

    Online Study DON'T BOTHER

    Online study was dreadful and expectations were unreasonable. As a full time worker and part time study there was little support and flexibility. Very very easy to fall behind and basically drown. Online NO.

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    • Ramona
      | Reply

      Online study @ Monash ?

      I didn’t realise Monash offered online study? They did previously through OUA but they stopped offering courses online a couple years ago. Which course were you completing, if you don’t mind me asking?

    • Future Student
      | Reply

      Hi Ex Monash Student,
      What course were you studying online? I am considering doing an online course at Monash.

  19. Haw Ming
    | Reply

    I have receive both of the conditional offers from RMIT and Monash. Which one do you think is better for Engineering. In terms of teaching, resources and serive. Thanks.

  20. Kevin
    | Reply

    Might transfer just want some feedback from current students

    Hey I’m an international student currently studying in Macquarie University and I am considering transferring to Monash. I’ll be in the faculty of business if I do transfer. Just wanna know how are Monash lecturers and tutors like? Are they good are they bad? Does Monash have more options to help students with their studies?

    • Elle
      | Reply

      Great University

      I graduated from Monash about 7-8 years ago and I loved the on-campus experience. I studied bachelor of Commerce at Clayton, and found a job at big 4 accounting firm before I graduated from my course. When i started work I felt well equipped.
      Admin people aren’t friendly.

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  21. Emily
    | Reply

    A great university with dedicated teachers. I was in the Faculty of Education and found that most teachers genuinely wanted you to do well and were willing to answer any concerns you had.

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