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Monash is Australia's largest university in terms of student numbers, with 70,000+ students. Monash has several campuses in Melbourne and regional Victoria. It also has campuses in Malaysia and South Africa. Monash often ranks as one of Australia's top 5 universities for research. If you've ever studied at Monash, feel free to post a review and let others know about your experiences.

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  1. Student
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    Underpaid staff with poor quality rip-off courses hidden behind a layer of prestige

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  2. Sergio Diaz
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    This is why Monash turns over oceans of useless grads every year

    Monash does not value diligence, effort and actual understanding of learning material. It’s teaching methods are littered with encouragement of supposedly “studying smart”, which is actually marred by the use of unintelligent, thoughtless “shortcuts” in the context of Monash. Maybe I’m just a nerd, but I find this extremely unenlightening. You, too, would shake your head at the sight of a professor teaching a student a “shortcut” understanding of material if you actually deeply understood that same material.

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  3. student
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    Screwy education quality

    From my experience in this uni, I agree with many other comments, and also encountered some problems described in comments for other universities. If they were all true, I’d say perhaps AU unis are not good choices if you want quality education. A Reddit comment says that AU universities are research institutions that pretend to be universities, which seems to be true, the uni seems to try to invest less than nothing of your 6k per unit back onto you. However it’s also true that you sometimes find a gem, but you’ll be too occupied with other shit to appreciate it.
    Self learning:
    My self-learning material is usually recordings of lectures in the past (e.g. 2021’s online lecture, if not more ancient), and/or obscure textbook or self-written notes that skips the derivations. To give an indication of quality, I can’t find any content being public on the internet (most contents are privately hosted, or private if they are using public service), which is logical as I think they really would not survive public scrutiny. The Applied class is 2 teachers in a room full of students, you’d hardly get a chance to talk with the teachers, if they don’t decide to spend most of the class chatting away at one desk to begin with. You are expected to talk with students instead, but like others said, there are a lot of Chinese/Indian students with group mentality, and Australian students are comfortable talking with each other as well. TBH workshops devolves into chatting not doing questions way too often. In comparison, a few units in have specifically made online lessons and videos, but that’s not a given.
    Like others said, assignments deliberately make it very hard for you (seems common among unis). I don’t know if it’s sheer incompetence or malice. Had an assignments’ only solution went against the very principles demanded by the unit and pretended it’s nothing. Others lean on deliberately vague instructions.
    And now it’s all group work, good luck group working with students who just want Pass. At the beginning of units I often hear CEs say “This unit has an average mark of 60, in line with the faculty standard.”. Really the bar is that low. I asked some students and they said after initial setbacks they just learned not to try, and now I also see that the fault is not the students’ alone. For group work, this means you’ll get no contribution and just carry the group yourself, averaging your mark with theirs, if you have the time, or receiving poor quality contribution that might as well be nothing.
    I think the self-learning content and homework are the extra impedance for when you want to learn better yourself despite the school’s mediocrity, by costing you time and sanity. (Sometimes it’s literally better to not care.)
    Perhaps one of the other comment about poor staff experience is true. Some tutor seem to be just in for the pay and not happy or are stressed themselves, which is reflected on the quality of work they have to do for you. A lot of time the assignment feedback feels like they don’t care (and I’ve seen better). Had an unit where the feedback is copy-pasted by policy, and if you want better, go ask the tutor. In my 1st lab in this uni, the tutor gave off the impression that they just want us out of here and was annoyed by questions. Some units has hundreds of students per class and sometimes I could see the staff were visibly stressed. It led to an unfortunate assignment marking based on incorrect output in their tests despite the fault being one line elsewhere, and they had no time to listen to explanations. It’s very often that I get no response past the initial reply like I’m being ignored. On the other hand, I had some occasions where tutors gave bogus suggestions when being asked about assignment questions like they didn’t even try.

    Overall, screwy education, but perhaps good student living experience and activities. May be suitable if the goal is just obtaining a degree.

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    • Armand
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      You are right!

      Monash doesn’t offer good teaching conditions. They use Teaching Associates who are paid as casuals (not even part time!) and they are underpaid or unpaid. Did you know that a Teaching Associate makes less than minimum wage because of their contract? They don’t get paid sick leave, overtime, week-end rates or night shift rates? Did you know that a Teaching Associate is the one doing all the teaching while a University professor avoids helping students out? STAY AWAY FROM MONASH! STAY AWAY FROM THE FACULTY OF SCIENCE!

    • Steven
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      This is a fair review, although, you can’t expect any different from the top universities. I’ve been to 5 different universities and the smaller (usually lower ranking due to their size) offer actual quality education and the teachers genuinely care for the students.
      ANU was a waste of time, they cut all programs that isn’t politics and law.
      Monash was fine, but the teachers/lecturers didn’t care as their classes were too big.
      University of Canberra is the best I’ve attendant in terms of quality education. The classes were quite small and the teachers genuinely care for the students, the content is relevant and you get a lot of practical experience.
      In conclusion, avoid the top universities if you want quality teaching.

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  4. D
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    Come to this university if you want depression

    I’m in my final year of Mechatronics Engineering at Monash. This is by far the worst engineering school in the country. Jesus Christ, where do I even begin? From start to finish, engineering at Monash will drive you to the ground. Everything taught is so beyond theoretical to the point where the concepts they teach are completely unrecognised by the industry and purely just to feed the professor’s ego in getting a taste of what he had to learn. I know this because I transferred from a few engineering schools in the USA and they do not teach concepts to this extreme extent. Not to mention the overly difficult labs, assignments and homework that you’ll spend hours on end doing which aren’t shown in lecture notes. Lecturers like to show the easiest examples in class and bombard you with the hardest questions which you will feel hopeless trying to attempt. If not, they’ll show examples that will skip multiple steps of working out for simplicity sake and have you with worst time trying to figure out how they got from step 1 to step 2. And before you know it, that exact example will appear in your exam requiring FULL working out.

    Oh speaking of exams. Let’s say Monash has the worst reputation for the hardest exams. In the exam, they like to ask you questions that they never really ask you during the semester. All part of their way of “seeing if you really understand the concepts”. Instead they’ll ask you questions that are so indirect to what they taught. It’s like teaching a child that 2+3=5. Then you test him to see if he really understands the concept by telling him what’s 5-3, despite the child never seen a minus sign. That’s what Monash is all about in a nutshell. That’s why the students who graduate from Monash engineering with first class honours and high WAM’s are naturally gifted students and the one’s who already knew about the concepts before it was even taught to the rest of us, not student’s who work the hardest or tried their best.

    This brings me to my point, Monash engineering is known for punishing you for what you get wrong rather than rewarding you for what you get right. In a lot of assignments I did, the question structure was 1a) 1b) 1c) 1d) where 1b, 1c and 1d would build on top of the answer from 1a. If you get 1a wrong, they will dick you down and mark you wrong for 1b, 1c, 1d even if you answered 1b, 1c and 1d correctly. Because of that, they’ll give you an undeservingly low score even if you got 3/4 questions correct. Also same goes for quiz questions where you have to select 1 or more options. In the quizzes I did, if there are 5 correct options to choose from, and I selected 4 correct and 1 wrong, they will give you fixed score of 11% because you didn’t select all the correct options. There’s no fairness at all.

    Another truly terrible part of Monash are the teaching associates. They don’t give you genuine feedback or show you the correct answer to the questions you did in the assignments. You will never find out what the right answer is. You’ll never know what you did wrong. All you’ll know is that you’re wrong, and that’s what they want you to know. They won’t even bother to reply to the hard questions that you ask them through email. They’ll only reply to the easy ones. Also some of them can barely speak English. No disrespect, but I could barely understand the lecturers in a lot of the classes I took. For some reason, these lecturers who don’t speak English as their native language make learning difficult to understand. I can’t tell if it was their accents or their style of teaching.

    The only good thing is that you can say you graduated from Monash University and that’s it. But no one honestly cares. In the workplace, I can assure that graduates from other universities will just be the same as you. In fact possibly better than you because they had exposure to taught concepts that were actually applicable. They were taught a legitimate practical side to engineering that is genuinely useful to the industry. But oh wait, at least you know how to calculate the the inverse Jacobian matrix of a triple pendulum hanging off a ceiling.

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  5. Richa
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    F you Monash. Just, F you.

    I’ll be honest, without sugarcoating anything. Monash is not a university. It’s a factory. I am supposed to be taking Data science. But guess what? Half of my course is just Computer science. The course map has been designed by some incompetent people who just look at their version of reality on paper.

    More than that, they don’t care at all about student welfare and mental health. You are just another student ID number, without anything human behind the number. I have been encountering tons of mental health problems during my semester. I told my lecturers about it, especially that we have assignments due weekly. They told me, “Considering your past performance, we can afford to give you 2 additional days. But within those 2 days if you don’t submit anything, that is your problem.” Yeah no sh*t that is my problem. In conclusion, they tell you that your health does not matter at all to them, they do not help you out with no solution, and if you are like me and fall prey to anxiety, depression and high level stress, then do not even apply to Monash.

    I came to Monash with so much of hope, and I can’t wait to go back home. As an international student, Monash is the worst university ever. You don’t have time to process anything. They just throw assignments every single week, without mentioning the number of quizzes and tests we get. There is absolutely no assimilation, no understanding, just doing assignments mechanically, and nowhere to complain or say anything about it. For all modules I did, you don’t get to recover from one assignment, and within the span of 1 day of submission, another assignment is posted. I understand that universities are all harsh and assignments are all inevitable. But quizzes every week, assignments every week, and forgetting about the fact that our Discrete Maths lecturer gives us grades on the “effort” we demonstrate. How the hell does he mark us on our effort? If you are able to solve a difficult problem within 30 mins of tutorial it means you are worth the “effort”?
    I also forgot to mention the brilliant idea of the interviews we have after submitting our assignments. To put context, after each assignment has been submitted, especially for the coding ones, we get 15 mins interviews with our lecturers. They ask us to live-code a question similar to the one in the assignment so that they are sure you did the whole work by yourself. But here’s the thing, I spend 3 days or more on one question for the assignment, how do they expect me to do the same thing within 15 mins of interview? They are ruthless, unscrupulous and find pleasure in inflicting pain. They post assignments like they are giving meat to encaged animals and are having fun watching us fight for it. One of my friends rightly said this to me: “They think we are in Squid Game or some survival game of a sort. They are borderline masochists.”
    And to be honest, we did not have any better way to describe Monash.

    Forgetting about the pressure, the toxic environment (because friends here find it normal to have mental breakdowns), no extracurricular are encouraged. Or worst, it’s just that you don’t even have time for yourself. So, if you are looking for a university that will help you grow and understand yourself, Monash is definitely not the university you are looking for. They just care about their stupid world ranking, but nothing is reflected in their work or their student-staff approach. The staff is rude, not attentive to your words, you feel stuck. And I swear to God, as an international student, where you are alone, in an unknown place, where your university should have been a safe place, do not count on Monash to do that. Monash is the place you’ll fear going, and even the course you chose that you may have liked before university, you’ll start hating it.

    • Aditi Verma
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      I totally agree with you. THIS is the reality of Monash University. Also, my course structure is terrible. I’m currently in my first semester and definitely transferring to some other university.

  6. MV
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    Monash Pharmacy is the biggest scam

    I’m in the final year of Monash Pharmacy program and it’s absolute trash, I can’t wait to finish my degree and get out of the school. I have a WAM of 81 and GPA 3.9 at Monash Pharmacy.

    Monash always advertises about being ranked #1 in the world in terms of pharmacy and pharmacology, but ask yourself, how many schools are there in Australia and in the world teach Pharmacy as an undergraduate degree? Most Pharmacy degrees in North America are graduate degrees PharmD thus they are not in the same ranking system as Monash. Being ranked #1 is a scam.

    Monash Pharmacy feeds students with online content. They asked students to read the material before coming to classes, This material is written by Monash and there is no textbook whatsoever in Monash Pharmacy. And when we come to class, we have to do assessments right away. Yes, no lecture, no teaching, read the material yourself and do tests. The lectures are so-called interactive lectures which mean that the lecturers will only answer questions students ask. I spent the majority of my third year reading Therapeutic Guideline and UpToDate guideline since all of the material by Monash is from them. They called the model “flipped classroom” and claimed that it is more effective for students than the traditional classroom model. I highly doubt that research about the effectiveness.

    Honour year and Master component of the program is a scam. In fourth year, I have to do my research and go on a 2 months placement. About the research, it’s just a bunch of data put together in an Excel sheet, and all I have to do is to create some graphs with them and write an analysis just as in IELTS writing task 1. It’s more like a high school assignment for data management class. The two month placement is basically unpaid labour for CWH. Hospital placement is quite valuable, but apart from that, everything else is a waste of time and money. Student pay full tuition for honour year when they hardly use any school resources.

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  7. Mabaya Jabari
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    Just some observations from my time at Monash

    I have to say there is a lot of Asian students in Monash, not that its a bad thing but most do not speak English and in class they chatter away in their language (In-class) leaving other students feeling like outsiders and uncomfortable. Every class has a group of these students making it difficult to make friends as they wont accept you and also sometimes prove hard to work with due to their English skills. Not trying to be racist but I feel like Monash has become a Uni for only internationals and the opinions and feelings of domestic students is just disregarded and ignored.

  8. Sebastian
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    For God's sake, please stop sending money to this crap university

    Just completed a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at this university. If you ask me, “What have you learned that is useful?” I would like to start by admitting that, as an average student, I think I am qualified to speak for most people. My answer is that you can learn everything you need to know at this “top university” on YouTube or Stack Overflow. The staff is so bad that they even ask students on Tutorials how to fix code bugs! Project management professors (Ph.D.) with all the proud titles don’t even know that the DOI links in the reference of the papers written by students are accessible! Also, I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I believe that every faculty at this crap school has their “KPI”. If the university can’t make enough money this year for the university leadership to get a cut from the flashy construction projects, they will fail as many students as possible (a financial disaster for international students). If you’re feeling sceptical or even defiant about an assignment or test grade you’ve already failed, try appealing it! Trust me, not only will the scheming teachers not look out for you, they will try to get back at you until you doubt yourself.

    In addition, Monash Connect is a useless department and you won’t get any help from it, Monash students have no right to any communication with their faculty office. Your only recourse is to go to the Campus center and ask the staff there to send a damn email to your faculty relaying your questions or needs. To get the answer you want? I never got one anyway.

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  9. MickMac
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    Very ordinary, academically.

    Quite ordinary for an “elite” university. There are some good lecturers and tutors, and some bad ones. All in all, providing bachelors level education actually costs any university almost nothing; our fees cross-subsidise research and post-grads quite majorly, and pay especially the senior staff very well.
    The fees we’re charged would be worth it if class sizes were much smaller.
    The students are okay as it does take a decent ATAR in the first place; in fact, fellow students and mates are what made this university tolerable for me.
    Many of the quantitative subjects don’t provide adequate opportunities for practice and there a heaps of curve-balls in exams and tests. We want more practice problem sets and answers! What’s exactly the issue with providing this?

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  10. Andrew
    | Reply

    The Truth About Monash

    I would give this zero stars if I could. Oh do I wish I had read the reviews here before applying to Monash University.

    I started at Monash through their MUFY program, which wasn’t that bad especially at the peak of covid. I joined Monash University with the major of software engineering, and had started at my first year with the common engineering first year. The subjects were terrible and the only purpose was to cram random knowledge from engineering pronciples into you and to take one take as much time as humanly possible studying the pointless material. The common engineering year isn’t recognized by any other university and especially as a software engineering major, the information learned couldn’t be more useless. The teachers had a major superiority complex and would use every chance they had to fail students simply because they could.

    After the first year, I had junped into the core subjects of software engineering. These subjects were no different, they’re simply cobbled together with no comprehensible order. Advanced python for some reason was in the first semester, with no subject teaching the fundamentals. You spend a year in the common year learning engineering math, when in software engineering the whole concentration is around discrete math. Monash wanted you to come to the university to study their terrible subjects already being well versed in everything they threw at you, regardless of what stage you’re at. The teachers were extremely racist and said things like “A lot of chinese students this year, that’s how it should be!” The teachers would fail students every chance they had and any extra help one would ask them would receive a reply of “figure it out yourself.” Even on is borderline passing, the final exams don’t even compare to the experience one had faced thus far. The final exams are filled with questions at the level that is never shown during that classes. If the teachers, assignments, quizzes and everything going on during the semester doesn’t fail one, the final sure will. To make sure of that there are hurdles of one having to achieve a minimum grade for the mark of the final/in-semester work to even be considered in the final grade.

    Monash expects you already have the knowledge of whatever degree you’re studying beforehand and just want you to sit through 4 years of torture for nothing. The teachers expect you to study their respective subjects for 23+ hours a week, while they sit, judge and provide little to no help at all. If you’re sick, mentally ill, and/or don’t fit the racial criteria to stroke the teachers’ egos, one will fail at this university and have a gaping hole in their wallets. Monash is nothing but a sorry excuse for an education, their ranking and reputation work hand in hand. Their reputation comes from their ranking and vice versa. They provide nothing at the level that is boasted, they don’t want students, they want exam taking robots. The student satisfaction rates, despite being boosted, are still extremely low for a university at the caliber that is advertised. If you even try to report or call out any of the above, there will be a huge target placed on your back and it will be made impossible for you to recover.

    This is the genuine truth about Monash. Don’t be fooled by the advertising and the money pumped into keeping it’s image.

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  11. Sarah
    | Reply

    a truly pathetic experience

    Doing my postgrad in IT here and I cannot even describe how poor the experience has been. The course has been cobbled together from several other courses (this course is 100% online) – the content doesn’t even approach even PARTIAL coverage of the learning outcomes, and the tutors expect you to spend 25+ hours a week on external study with resources they do not provide.

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  12. Former staff
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    Stay away from Monash

    Do not come and study at Monash. They underpay their staff, they rely on sessionals (people on precarious contracts) to teach students , they misclassify teaching activities to pay sessionals next to nothing.

    Do not come study Biomed at Monash, especially 1st year, because they recycle content and they only offer you online lectures, workshops with little to no interaction and practicals which are a waste of your time where they teach content which is meant for high school, not 1st year students. They also use broken equipment in practicals and have little to no regard for student safety.

    Toxicity everywhere, especially admin staff who se themselves as kings and queens. You will get to see a lot of wokeness and mental illness is rampant. Stay away from feminazis who berate men every chance they get. Stay away from psychopaths and sociopaths who hate students but are allowed to work there. Learn how to recognize them and learn to stay away from these people.

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  13. Previous student
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    The good and bad at Monash (Education and IT)

    I wish I had seen the reviews on this site before applying. However after coming here and reading some of the other reviews I wanted to leave my own in case it did help someone else in deciding whether to study at Monash or not.

    I started at Monash this year and I was enrolled in the Masters of Applied Behaviour Analysis (Education faculty). My experience was actually 4 stars during this time (studying 4 units). The teachers were all incredible across all units! They demonstrated high-level knowledge of the field, they all had impressive backgrounds with work experience in different countries, and had all gone through the same process I was to becoming a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst. The lectures were accompanied with PowerPoint presentations, so they flowed smoothly and were simple to follow; we were given interactive discussions each week and readings, which were also relevant to the assessments ; and everything tied in to the professional requirements for becoming a BCBA. As I’ve noticed others have said, education studies were actually great and I WOULD recommend studying these courses at Monash.

    However, I then had a change of heart about my career and transferred into the Graduate Certificate of Computer Science (Software Engineering). Given my recent experience being so good, I did not even consider changing universities (and I wish I had). I just finished my first unit in CS (and failed my first unit ever) and unfortunately it was to be expected, since it was a shambles. I registered for disability support and this has normally been communicated to my teachers to assist my learning, yet this did not happen. I also received no extra help from my teachers, when I asked a question it would be answered by providing me the answer to the problem instead of assistance to solving the problem itself. I did end up receiving accommodations for deadlines and test times (which was positive overall) however the experience as a whole was below average. As someone who had no prior experience with programming and quite terrible math skills, it was extremely difficult to study a unit which was fast-paced over 6 weeks with hardly any assistance at all. The lectures were not inclusive of any sort of outline for sessions (like a PowerPoint) so it was hard to follow; questions were encouraged all throughout the sessions (so there were interruptions throughout which also made it difficult to follow); the major assessment was not covered until only 2 weeks before and it was HARD and should have been introduced in week 1; and to be honest given my situation coming from a psych/education background, combined with the way the unit is structured and taught – I should not have even been granted a spot. The other negative that I didn’t even consider was the cost (especially in comparison to other courses), as each unit is upward of $6000 each. You can basically learn everything yourself for free (I relied on YouTubers to teach me). If you’re like me and have zero CS experience, I would not recommend Monash for this course!

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  14. Disgruntled Student
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    Language issues among business students make courses a complete waste of time.

    Monash university is terrible. I am completing a graduate cert of business and am one of only a handful of students who speak business-level English. There are a number of international students who are great and can communicate effectively, but its difficult to collaborate with 75% of students when many of them do not speak the language well enough to participate in discussions. It also makes me wonder how these people pass and get their degrees – I can only imagine that cheating must be rife. Monash are clearly investing all of their efforts on recruiting international students to make as much money as possible and as a result good students are wasting their time attending this school. Look elsewhere.

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    • KN
      | Reply

      Hi, I got an offer for master of business, though I applied for a master of management, I haven’t received any scholarships (except the international study grant for aud10k. Is it worth going to monash or should I try for any other university strictly from a business school perspective.

      • K
        | Reply

        Monash for engineering???

        Can I please know is Monash university good for engineering students… or else what’s the best university to apply in Melbourne.

  15. Z
    | Reply

    Best decision to study at Monash

    Studying at Monash University was the best decision. I studied a Masters of Environment & Sustainability at both campus in Clayton & Caulfield and the support I had from academics and staff was amazing with their feedback. My classmates had the same passion and drive for the course and what we were learning. A lot of them now are working in corporate, NGOs, and government in ESG matters. So there are definitely opportunities out there even if you pursue a generalist degree as I have done. I was about to go on exchange for a semester abroad (which is something I’ve always wanted to do) and then completed an internship overseas to complement my studying experience at Monash. The only downside is that the campus are a bit further out in the eastern suburbs and is hard to get to via public transport.

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  16. A-person-who-was-stupid-to-have-believed-Monash-was-a-Tier-1-Institution
    | Reply

    Don't go! It's 3-5 years of watching online content you could research yourself!

    This university is absolutely garbage… do not go here if you want a quality education! I’m currently doing an Engineering /Arts degree. All the lecturers are online except for 1-2hr tutes/pracs per unit, which is not nearly enough collaboration if you want to develop a rock solid understanding of the course content. This degree is nothing more than a 5 year online video course with the occasional online test, online essay submission or online exam. As for the “academic experience”, what experience? There are no opportunities to meet fellow students, engage in informal discussion on the subject matter, debate, discuss difficulties etc. The university does encourage the formation of Facebook groups for these discussions, but how is that going to work if the subject content is mathematics or physics? How would a student write a complex equation on Facebook? No. There are limitations… limitations the university does not want to acknowledge. The Executive Team at Monash University which is currently led by Prof. Margaret Gardener, is attempting to bridge the shortcomings of their newly designed “modern education system” (i.e. online video watching) by fooling the students that technology and online collaboration can replace the traditional methods of in-class learning. Margaret, wake-up. You have reduced Monash University to Open Universities Australia (except with a heftier price-tag). If I wanted online learning I would have chosen a university that has been doing it longer and better than Monash (such as Deakin University who have been doing “distance education”, now re-titled as “online learning” since the 1990s).

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  17. Pinky
    | Reply

    The admission office is unprofessional and no service minded.

    After having conversation with the lady from the admission office, I have felt bad all day, feeling so different from having inquiries with another university that I applied for. Actually, I really wanted to study and enrolled for a postgraduate program at Monash Uni. However, I have changed my mind to study with another university-online course, it is only because of the enrollment staff from the admission office. I still have her name on my email, really want to give the feedback to Monash university. I am sure that with her personalty and opinion, she does not suit with her roles to service the prospective students. She always makes other people wrong not herself!! and no service minded.

    It happened last month when I applied for an online diploma as an Australian citizen. In my situation, I just wanted to review the new technologies after being 5 year off work for the baby. I also had extremely unpleasant experience with the staff in their central admission office with the way she communicated with the prospective student.

    After the first conversation via phone, I told my husband that the lady from the administration office was not so nice, the way she talked is pushy and very rough. However, I still submitted all information as requested, and replied emails for a few times until I received the last email requesting to get the GP signed the document whether my English is good enough to study the online diploma with Monash Uni. As a graduated student in Australia in 2014 and have worked in Australia before having the baby for 5 years and living in Australia, I have been off the country only 15 month, I don’t think I need the GP signed for this application. Therefore, I applied for the same course with other university. However, she called to follow up whether I get the GP signed on the document. With her conversation, I already told her that I got the offer from other university which don’t need the English approval from GP or require IELTS. But what she said she made me wrong that I did not want to continue enrolling for this cause because of my English and I couldn’t get document signed by the GP. She also made me wrong that I didn’t understand her questions because my English is not good enough. Actually, I already told her twice that I haven’t even tried to get the English approved by the GP because other university that I applied for did not require it. But she had her own answer in her mind. Actually, I prefer to study with Monash university with the well-known and good ranking, only if I get better service from the administration staff. I think that this type of personalities should not have the roles to service students or customers.

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  18. Damien Hoytavitch
    | Reply

    Waste of money and time

    Absolutely garbage university that rates itself much more highly than it should. $50,000 of a Master of Education course that provides nothing but links to articles and videos. You could google this content for free!

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  19. Robert Villella
    | Reply

    A Rip-off

    $37,000 for the Graduate Diploma of Psychology, and we are being taught by kids who are current Master’s students at LaTrobe……….need I say more?

    An absolute rort. I am only doing this for the piece of paper. I could learn more for free online, but I need just one more line on my Linkedin profile, and so I’m paying these mugs $37k to give it to me.

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  20. May
    | Reply

    depends on the faculty

    The Education faculty is one of the best ones at Monash. For Psychology or science, not so much. If you’re looking for a great Education/Teaching degree experience, I recommend Monash. Staff are friendly and unit structure is well planned out. The opposite can be said for Psychology.

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  21. Russell
    | Reply

    Overly expensive and you DON'T get what you pay for.

    I am completing in postgrad through Monash and I really wish I had picked another uni. They are way more expensive and you get nothing for it. Most of my subjects have consisted of pre-recorded lectures, sometimes so old that referring to them in assignments would breach their own referencing guidelines on age of references. If I were confident I’d get full credit for subjects completed I would transfer out tommorow.

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  22. Terry
    | Reply

    For the god sake don’t go to Monash

    I would give zero stars if that’s possible !!!!Extremely overrated
    This school is terrible for student who struggled with any kind of illness and making no improvement throughout time.
    I am current studying a double degree here and it is devastating.
    I was yelled by the engineering staff because I had a mental breakdown (I was nervous and I could not stop silently crying and shaking…so I asked if I could go outside to calm down for 5mins) in the tutorial, she say I am “ disturbing the class” and the arts bachelor is slightly better, wait for it, slightly better if you have learnt all the content before, and you know everything before they teach in the class. Why? They don’t even know some of the content and pretend they all it all, once I got a assignment is to transfer from one language to another, I used a “higher level” way to translate, they claimed that it is wrong because when he was studying, he hasn’t heard that before, and I brought a dictionary in the next class and show him that I was right, he still claimed I’m wrong(I would have except the answer if he say it is because that has never been taught in the class not because I’m wrong)but he said I’m WRONG. And since then he ignore me every class and since he is the one marking the essay, he failed me once and comment clearly said that he is doing that on purpose. And more of this kind of things.

    Nevertheless, the “” is totally messed up. Not the staff I think, is because they didn’t hire enough people in that department, they answer some emails and ignore the others, and when you call? They will send an automated email to you, and after that, NOTHING!!! I sent 2 emails in December 2020 , 1 in January 2021, 1 in February 2021, up until now, I got one reply, is we got the one that I sent in January, it wasn’t even helpful it said that they will transfer me to the course advisor and up until now it’s been a month I still haven’t got any reply from the advisor!!!!! It is the worse experience you could get when you’re paying 23000aud per semester. As a result, I am taking an alternate exit, cause I’ve had enough.. stay away from this school to avoid any mental/ physical illness

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  23. Ann
    | Reply

    Monash or Vic Uni - Which one is worse?

    Im considering enrolling for the Master of Psychological Counseling course in Melbourne and my top 2 (read: Only) options are Monash & Victoria Uni! I am an international student making a huge life-altering decision here so I don’t want to be stuck with the wrong choice. How is Monash as compared to Victoria (and vice versa)? Should I even bother applying to Monash? And how are the lecturers & coursework like here?

    • John
      | Reply

      Monash and dont look back

      Monash is better than Melbourne.
      Melbourne does a lot of crazy things and gets away with it
      And Monash is way more renowned for its Psychology faculty than Melbourne

    • So Done
      | Reply

      Hi, I have the same question. If you have indeed opted for Monash’s Masters professional counselling, would you recommend it?

  24. Monash Applicant
    | Reply

    Unprofessional conduct from Monash Admissions Office

    I regret that I applied to Monash University. I had extremely unpleasant experience with the staff in their central admission office. I applied to Monash for a postgraduate program as an overseas student. I filled the application form and submitted it with the required documents on 12 September 2020. They did not ask for any additional documents during their assessment. After 45 days, the central admission office sent me an email on 28 October 2020 and they asked me whether I prefer to defer my application to the semester 2 considering the English Bridging Program which I need to study initially. I replied to their email on the same day and I said “yes”. The next day I received another email from Monash and I learned that my application doesn’t meet “the university entrance criteria”, and my application was found unsuccessful. It’s funny but they asked me my preference about the English program as if they will make an offer, however, after 1 day, they suddenly found out that I don’t meet the entrance criteria. I felt that they were kidding me. If I don’t meet their secret criteria, why did they ask me my preference regarding the English program then? I asked which criteria I don’t meet. They replied to me as “the university entrance criteria which includes the student visa framework”. In other words, another reason, “the student visa framework”, added to their ambiguous and unclear response this time. I felt that I was humiliated by this response. I asked which student visa criteria they talked about, but they didn’t give me any specific information. Nobody can claim that I don’t meet any kind of student visa criteria considering the fact that I already have an Australian visa in addition to many other visas. Because they didn’t specify any academic or visa criteria for their negative evaluation, I can’t make sure whether their evaluation was not based on some kind of discrimination or other subjective opinions. Instead of “some secret or unwritten criteria”, if they had said something like “you don’t meet the minimum gpa requirement” I wouldn’t need to ask them any question regarding the basis of their evaluation and I would be satisfied with the response. However, the admission office says “you don’t meet the university criteria or the visa criteria but I can’t tell you which criteria I talk about”. By the way I already received 5 different offers from Australian universities and two of them are better than Monash in terms of ranks. This fact also shows that their evaluation about my application is totally false and arbitrary. In fact I am going to study the same program in the USA. However, this unpleasant experience bothered me and I wanted to share my review for other potential and prospective students. Because I have never had such unusual and unpleasant experience during my other applications for other universities in the world.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  25. M F
    | Reply

    Overrated university

    This university is severely over-rated.
    As a graduate student, one does not even have a quiet space to work.
    Unlike other universities, a graduate student does not even have an office, to share with others.
    The vibe is deficient, and very boring. So many other universities have such a good atmosphere, but not this one.
    Some professors are not even doing their job properly, and there is little accountability. All they care about is getting the fee for the university – you are just a number.
    Now that I am finished, I am glad to say, I look to avoid this place for good.

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  26. S
    | Reply

    Monash was pretty good.

    I studied my Bachelors at Monash Clayton quite some time ago. The lecturers and lectures were very good and so were the tutorials. Everything was a mix bag of a balance between theory and practical. The prestigious of the Uni is without any doubt, and I was able to get employed as a graduate as soon as I finished my degree.

    The negatives it the campus is very large that its easy to get lost without using a map and takes a long walk from the car park to lectures and tutorials. The administration of some subjects were very questionable. Especially ,I received a fail mark for a major assignment in one of the last units in my degree because my essay was apparently over the word limit. I told them to re-run the word count again and they said its a mistake and they changed it. Another time, I also received a very questionable mark and so I asked what happened and apparently they said put the wrong exam mark of another student against my name…

    Besides that, I did cherish my life as an undergrad at Monash, but as I said its easy to get lost within the campus and feel like a no one.

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  27. Grey
    | Reply

    Toxic, Hostile Environment - Not Conducive for Learning

    I studied as an undergraduate at Monash University’s Malaysia campus and the overall experience, spanning 3-and-a-half years, was absolutely appalling. The way Monash University operates in Malaysia is just disgusting, with not even a shred of the dignity and support accorded to its Australian campuses. The entire university environment is 100% toxic, from the teaching staff, facilities and student body to even the in-house counsellors. The faculty included “expat” teaching staff who were more interested in playing the role of the privileged Western expat, than in actually carrying out their teaching duties professionally. These expat lecturers would spend in-class time going on and on about partying at Changkat and other similar expat areas – it’s almost as if they were forced at gunpoint to come here and teach local undergraduates. The student body was equally toxic – consisting mostly wealthy students fresh out of the private schools in the surrounding area, the local student populace was very much cliquey, disruptive and ignorant. In sum, a crowd unfit for university-level learning. It was not uncommon to see students openly mocking lecturers/tutors in class and engaging in other vulgar, problematic behaviour towards students as well (e.g. loudly making r*pe jokes). One surprising source of toxicity at the campus was one of the in-house counsellors, whose conduct can only be described as inappropriate and problematic for a university counsellor. Some of her actions during counselling sessions were clear red flags and even breaches of counselling ethics – for instance, frequently re-telling and drawing unsuitable comparisons to other students’ personal suffering/experiences, being dismissive of students’ experiences, talking over students, not listening and constantly resorting to saying “others have it harder”. To be even more specific, while recounting my personal problems to her, she interrupted me by listing down irrelevant details such as struggles faced by children with fathers involved in organised crime (a rarity in the local context) and also by Muslim students on intercampus exchange in the Australian campuses (I’m not a Muslim). There’s no doubt this counselor’s credentials are highly questionable and her bizarre responses are a further detriment to students’ mental health – this is just one small example of how Monash Uni’s Malaysian operations deceive and screw over local students who genuinely desire an Australian G8 education, but can’t leave Malaysia for various reasons. The absence of a proper office/resource base and structured programme for work placement/internship opportunities is also a major problem here. Simply put, Monash rides on its name and prestige but ultimately does nothing with them to provide actual value to its students.

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    • random stranger
      | Reply

      That was why I avoided Monash and Sunway area after high school. Did A levels at Methodist College despite an extremely long commute. Respectful and calm environment with very hardworking lecturers. I studied pure science.
      If you had a chance to re do your degree, which university would you have picked instead?

  28. Anon
    | Reply

    Monash Arts

    They cut all the options in my major and class sizes are bigger every semester. The Dean of Arts has made it clear by the cuts that she doesn’t respect Arts subjects.

    Lecturers are friendly but over-worked. Students are seen as customers and staff work in a culture of fear.

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  29. James
    | Reply

    Be prepared to listen to broken English for the duration of your miserable degree.

    Time to address the elephant in the room:

    Im doing an engineering and commerce degree. Engineering gets progressively worse over the years, occasionally you get a semi-decent lecturer who cares about the students, can speak English and is passionate about the subject. But for the vast majority of my time at Monash, I feel like I’m listening to lecturers whose sole intention is to bore you. On top of that, the quality control of the lecturers is deeply concerning. Its hard to think the uni is prestigious, let alone innovative in their teaching strategies. Ive never met an institution that has made me despise the degree I was once so passionate about completing.

    Is it that hard to find lecturers that are passionate and can speak English properly? Honestly embarrassing, more so infuriating.

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  30. Anon
    | Reply

    No communication

    Overpriced and inflexible. They give you no direction on how to enrol/re-enrol for teaching periods and then won’t be flexible to accomodate the students who are paying a ridiculous amount of money to study there. I’ve had good experiences with most of the teachers, however some seem more suited to research and the lectures are not focused, more of a discussion which doesn’t have much to do with course content.

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  31. Cody
    | Reply

    Does not value its students or staff

    Really didn’t enjoy my time at Monash. The university tends to stuff as many students as they can into classes, and then cut corners by underpaying and overworking staff. This really showed in my Arts and Science degree; not a single teacher knew my name and I spent four years feeling like a number to the university. I really encourage prospective students to look for an institution which values its students and their education, rather than considering Monash, which is essentially a greedy business.

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  32. wublubbadubdub
    | Reply

    Yeah, don't bother

    Studying the Graduate Diploma in Psychology

    Awful experience, no flexibility and minimal support.

    Also, you’re absolutely forced to complete a “respect” module otherwise your account becomes encumbered and you cannot access your learning material despite already having paid. Given the time constraints associated with this course and managing full-time work, this was less than helpful.

    On a positive note, the content is very interesting and some instructors were quite good in terms of content delivery. Often a delay in getting marks returned, however.

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    • Vespa
      | Reply

      Grad Dip in Psych

      I am also studying GDP at Monash and couldn’t agree more.
      Given their significantly higher course fees than other uni’s for a six week learning period, I would have thought more assistance, support, and flexibility would be given.
      Unless you have 40 hours a week to spend on the unit then don’t expect to do any better than average. I have found the marking to be extremely harsh on most occasions given outside of the marking guide, there is no real guidance on what is expected. The instructors are very high quality but unless you’re already writing to their level I have not found they’re particularly understanding of other styles if you’re not already in the field.
      I have studied at a number of other uni’s successfully but I have never been so confused and unsupported as I am at Monash.
      I would not recommend Monash unless you have twice the required time stated in the outlines.

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      • Alice
        | Reply

        Unnecessarily strict

        I absolutely agree. I get mostly distinctions for my units and last semester I just could not bring my grade up for this specific unit no matter how hard I tried. This semester, another unit is being taught by that same professor and the same thing is happening again. We spent hours doing this group assignment (which he said was well-written) but got disappointing marks in return because we failed to mention stuff that was not even in the assignment requirement/ discussion points.

      • Paul
        | Reply

        Monash was great!

        I completed the Grad Dip and Grad Dip Advanced this year. 40hours is an exaggeration. 25 more like it for the grad dip. Psychology is a science, there’s a right way and a wrong way to present information – many students don’t grasp this concept. You have to get your assignments done efficiently and in the correct manner for you to achieve HDs. There are ENDLESS questions from students about assignments – critical and independent thinking goes a long way – many students don’t grasp this concept. I found the experience to be excellent. The staff were very helpful (I honestly felt sorry for them having to answer the most ridiculous questions that were 99% covered in the assignment instructions or marking rubric, or common sense), the content broad and interesting, the preparation for a fourth year thesis was fantastic also. Those reading, keep in mind that those who have had a negative experience will be more inclined to leave a bad review 😉 I’m a mature aged student who reaaaaaallllllly did not want to go back to uni. Thankfully the Monash experience was challenging yet enjoyable.

        • Bec
          | Reply

          Hi Paul, I know this post was a while back but I am desperately trying to collate feedback on the post grad dip advanced in psych before I go ahead. I am a mature aged student too and The feedback I’ve read here is making me think twice. Did you have to do a group assignment and if so, how does that work when you’re online and what was required of you? I really need to take this through to Masters but am worried with the reviews on marking and group assessments. Out of curiosity did you pursue registration or further study afterwards? Any feedback would be so appreciated! I am also slightly worried about the content of stats – it’s been a few years since my undergrad, did you find the coursework supported you through the research and stats units? Thanks so much!

      • Selim
        | Reply

        Always second choice only

        Successive Chancellors and Vice-Chancellors just have enlarged the University to such an extent just to enlarge their pay-packet. It’s so big, student getvloost in their numbers as persons and it’s reflected in everything the University does from propping up their Law Faculty with high tech moot courts to big new buildings at the expense of car parking. But beware, it might come back to haunt someday. where’s the financial management? how reckless.

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  33. Kacy
    | Reply

    Law in Monash

    I am planning to study in Monash in 2021 for Law, is it bad or good?

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

    • Samaneh Esfahani
      | Reply

      Consider looking around

      I am currently doing a Master of Laws degree at Monash. I find the intensive structure of the units very ineffective when it comes to the acquisition and retention of knowledge. The structure is suitable for a workshop course, but not a postgraduate unit.

      However, I have found most lecturers as very knowledgable and the topics covered as quite interesting. The exception is Principals of Taxation – LAW5350 – the substandard teaching quality was alarming especially for a prestigious university such as Monash.

      So my advice would be if you are looking for a piece of paper to say you have completed a course at a prestigious university then chose Monash, but if you are interested in actually learning something look around a bit more.

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    • Me
      | Reply

      Don't do it.

      I completed an LLB (bachelors) at Monash in the mid 2000s. Simply put, it was the most excruciating academic experience of my life. I have since gone on to complete four more degrees at other universities and I would never have considered going back to Monash under any circumstance.

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  34. Jason
    | Reply

    Is Monash a good uni to study Master of Social Work?

    I’m planning to study Master of Social Work starting in 2021. Do you recommend Monash? Is it a good uni for this course? Any advice would be highly appreciated.

    • Nati
      | Reply

      Same question

      For what it’s worth, I’m in the same boat. Got accepted to Monash as well as RMIT and wondering if to let the latter’s more interesting-sounding syllabus decide this. They do have a much higher ranking on this website, but I am not sure how representative we ought to take that as being! Have you learned anything so far?

      • Deb
        | Reply

        I am offered both MSW in Monash Uni (Melbourne) and Curtin Uni (Perth). Trying to make a decision for 2021 too. What are your thoughts? Will it be tough looking for work in Perth in the Social Work if the qualification came from another university from another state (ie. Monash Uni)? I was considering Monash because I am doing it via distance learning from Perth, and hence am paying a bit less in fees.

        What are your thoughts, or advice?

        • Nic
          | Reply

          Did you end up making a final decision?

  35. Anon
    | Reply

    Monash is one of the worst law schools with most academics only publishing in Australia. They have no global standing. I have worked with several law grads who cannot solve any legal problems whatsoever. Melbourne uni and la trpbe grads are creative and useful. Monash is just a money making scam.

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  36. Fernanda
    | Reply

    Hi, I’m a foreign student looking to study psychology at Australia, and Monash sounds like a good option. Does anyone has recommendations or suggestions?. I want to specialize in clinical psychology. I would love some advice.

    • Melissa
      | Reply

      HELP ME DECIDE- Deakin or Monash???

      Ive received an offer letter from Deakin, Burwood and Monash, Clayton to study my Bachelor of Arts Psychology course. I’m so torn between both and was hoping to hear some experiences to help compare and decide which is best for me as I’ve got to decide ASAP for the July semester (I’ll be studying online until we’re all allowed to travel again due to the covid-19 situation). I’m aware of the high recognition that Monash offers, however, I’m the sort that prefers a balance between academics and a social life. I’m eager to hear your advice on which uni can offer me a healthy balance or to hear the pros and cons of both. Thanks a lot btw

      • anon
        | Reply

        Psych at Monash or Deakin.

        Hi! I go to Monash and do BMS and my bestie goes to Deakin and does a Bachelor of Arts Psychology course. From what i heard, psychology is way better at Deakin! Please go to the Monash stalkerspace on Facebook, you’ll find reviews by students currently doing/finished the degree.

  37. Caitlin
    | Reply

    If you have a disability, do not go here.

    I have chronic pain disorder and the disability services and Monash are hell to deal with. My family and I had to quote the disability act and threaten legal action just to get a soft chair for my exams. That is just one of the many tangles I’ve had with Monash. Half of the staff are also terrible teachers. Good researchers probably, but terrible teachers. No empathy

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    • Anonymous
      | Reply

      Disability Hell

      I agree, Caitlin.
      Monash University has no concept of disability support. You register, provide all the documentation and set everything up for disability support prior to the commencement of your first class. No internal communication, lectures have no knowledge that you are on disability support and the unsupportive comments Given to you as a student is a joke. Almost ended up in hospital my first semester. There are better, supportive places to study.

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  38. Russell
    | Reply

    not good for online learning

    Monash university has got to be the most arrogant, overrated university in Australia. I have studied at three different universities and monash is by far the worst. Their online learning portal is clunkly and poorly designed, their content is dated, and their fees unjustifiably high considering most of my subjects consist of watching videos recorded years ago.

    If your going to study online, go somewhere else

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  39. Alex
    | Reply

    Top ranking uni

    I finish both graduate diploma in psychology and graduate diploma in psychology Advanced both online at Monash . I was happy overall from my experience with Monash.

    Just keep in mind these pros and cons:
    1- Monash Uni is a prestigious Uni and it is ranking in under 60 in QS ranking , and has high reputation would wide. This is something you need to consider when you say about your degree in professional communities.

    2- The courses are a little more expensive than others, but has a better quality

    3- They were generally organised

    4- The units is namely “part-time”, but in reality it is a full time study and you have to study 40-50 hrs/week to get a reasonable mark.They are very strict about their policies and do not compromise.The worse thing that I can say is the marks that you get is below than average in other universities. I bet you have to kill your self to go over 70/100 marks in each assignment . Also if you apply for remark, you will probably get the lower mark than what you already got.

    5- I have read some comments from others, but I have not faced with the problems that they mentioned in 3.5 years study online with Monas.

    I recommend Monash

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  40. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Poor teaching staff

    Currently a student at their Malaysian campus, and I have to say they absolutely suck. I am a distinction level student with a scholarship that is about to be dragged down to Pass – losing the award with it. This is due to incompetency in marking and teaching, but more so on the former. Just like the other comments, they selectively fail you so you have to redo an entire unit. It’s like they’re milking money off of us! An alma Mater means ‘’ nurturing mother’ but this school is anything but! What a shame. Hope I can leave as fast as possible.

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  41. Raquel
    | Reply



    I am in my final year of 4th-year Psychology doing the graduate diploma of psychology advanced online. And I have NEVER had such a terrible experience with a university in my whole life!

    The degree is EXTREMELY expensive $20,000 for ONE year and to top it off they provided a supervisor for the course that was on maternity leave! This resulted in me and other students not having our ethics application approved in time and having to spend extra money and time on this ridiculous course!

    Then to top it all off they SYSTEMATICALLY target you! and TRY to fail you! they do this in the hope that you will have to re-do their classes. They taregted my Turnitin report for an essay which had LESS THAN 1% similarity and then TOOK 10 MARKS OFF MY ASSIGNMENT claiming that it breached academic integrity!

    I am a Distinction average student and they systematically are targeting me to try and make me fail so that I will have to re-do my last two classes, so that Monash get more money from me.



  42. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Incompetent administration

    The University really doesn’t look after their students once they have you enrolled. The support staff will give you the run around and be really unhelpful. I’ve found the course content ok but have had numerous issues with my enrollment being miss recorded and mishandled. I was going to return to complete the course next year but will be using credit to transfer to RMIT next year instead as I’ve found the stress of the run around I’ve been given at Monash too much to deal with. Save yourself the money and stress and study somewhere else!

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  43. Maya
    | Reply

    Not good!

    Monash has been a disappointing university experience. There is extremely limited student support and most of the time no one knows what’s going on especially in the arts and fine arts units which is extremely frustrating.

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    • Anonymous
      | Reply

      Find another university!!

      Currently completing study in Fine Art at Monash. No support, administration is terrible. Gathering the information to credit transfer took multiple emails and phone calls. You would think there would be a standard process? Yes there is, yet no one you talk to can outline what it is or the correct person to contact.

      Word of warning:
      Do not make the mistake of disagreeing with lecturers Opinions or commenting to them about another students Lack of creative integrity. It will be handled badly and you will be made a target. If you want to survive DO NOT have an option, follow the general census and keep your mouth shut. Individually, opinion and free speech are not valued at this university.

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  44. ESOL
    | Reply

    Don't study at Monash University

    Having worked and studied there, I have some insight into why the delivery of education has dropped so much at Monash University over the years. The successful delivery of education relies on the quality of IT staff and projects they deliver within the eSolutions department. That is what the various business units and academics rely on to deliver educational value. Unfortunately, with totally incompetent management from the CIO, and the eSolutions Director, down to the Delivery Manager within Shared and Campus Services (watch out for “Vignesh”), is it any wonder people are turning away from Monash University as a study destination. The end user (academics and students) suffer as a result, and so will you if you choose to study there.

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    • Anon
      | Reply

      Reply to ESOL.

      I’ve worked quite a bit with ESol and other departments from a central perspective at Monash as well. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve recently become a student and am looking to change to another university as soon as this unit is up. I’m very curious who you are… I reckon we’ve worked together.

      Currently I’m still waiting after 3 weeks of lodging a basic IT service desk enquiry (I know there was the Christmas break) and haven’t received anything other than the standard automated response. I’m not really interested in further paying top dollar for a course where you can’t get basic assistance. I’m shocked at just how bad it is… no wonder they performed so poorly in teaching quality rankings in the most recent years compared to in the past.

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  45. EK
    | Reply

    Terrible Online Grad Dip Psych course

    I completed a majority of the Grad Dip Psych at Monash and would NOT recommend this course or Monash Online.
    It was hugely expensive and the experience I had was terrible. The majority of lecturers are academic with no real life experience of psychology and the course coordinator when I was studying there was a joke. I was ridiculed in live class, compelled to undertake psych tests as part of ‘projects’ during the course without there being appropriate and approved ethics forms, participant information, and there was no help or support from the university. They changed the course for enrolled students with 2 weeks notice causing a massive exodus of students. When students questioned the uni there was absolutely no help, empathy or care. Basically the attitude is give us your money and shut up.
    It was a TERRIBLE experience and it was clear this uni with its online psychology courses is only interested in taking your money. I transferred to CSU and finished my Grad Dip there and loved it and found it to be much much better.
    I am about to start my Hons year, but many of the friends I made during this course fell by the wayside and gave up their psych studies and I think much of that was due to the way Monash operates.
    I would strongly recommend anyone looking to do psychology online look at some of the many other options out there as Monash is in my opinion using this course to make a lot of money, spend the majority of their resources signing up new students, and then don’t give a toss after you are signed up.

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  46. Amy
    | Reply

    Monash Online

    Thinking of enrolling in Monash Online psychology courses. Does anyone has comments or experience from Monash Online? Thanks.

    • Shirley
      | Reply

      Monash online psychology

      Hi, I’m thinking to do the same course! Have you started?
      Thanks 🙂

    • EK
      | Reply

      Go elsewhere

      I completed the majority of my Grad Dip Psych online. I would recommend you go elsewhere. My experience was TERRIBLE. It’s expensive and the attitude towards students is reprehensible.
      The course coordinator was a joke. I completed my course at CSU and had a fantastic experience there. I would strongly recommend you look around as this course is not what their marketing machine purports it to be.

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  47. Lucy
    | Reply

    Arts in history and international studies

    Hi, I am a student looking to study a bachelor of Arts at monash and was wondering what is the course really like? I want to major in history and international studies and would love any advice. I also have a minor physical disability affecting my ability to walk for long periods of time so any comments on whether the university is accommodating or not would be appreciated (:

  48. Shaun
    | Reply

    Master of Banking and Finance help

    Hi there,

    I’m planning to study a Master of Banking and Finance at Monash. Can any past/current student tell me how’s the quality of the course? Is it as practical as let’s say RMIT’s courses? Are they teaching students to be work ready and providing industry placements etc?

  49. Ex Monash Student
    | Reply

    Online Study DON'T BOTHER

    Online study was dreadful and expectations were unreasonable. As a full time worker and part time study there was little support and flexibility. Very very easy to fall behind and basically drown. Online NO.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

    • Ramona
      | Reply

      Online study @ Monash ?

      I didn’t realise Monash offered online study? They did previously through OUA but they stopped offering courses online a couple years ago. Which course were you completing, if you don’t mind me asking?

    • Future Student
      | Reply

      Hi Ex Monash Student,
      What course were you studying online? I am considering doing an online course at Monash.

  50. Haw Ming
    | Reply

    I have receive both of the conditional offers from RMIT and Monash. Which one do you think is better for Engineering. In terms of teaching, resources and serive. Thanks.

  51. Kevin
    | Reply

    Might transfer just want some feedback from current students

    Hey I’m an international student currently studying in Macquarie University and I am considering transferring to Monash. I’ll be in the faculty of business if I do transfer. Just wanna know how are Monash lecturers and tutors like? Are they good are they bad? Does Monash have more options to help students with their studies?

    • Elle
      | Reply

      Great University

      I graduated from Monash about 7-8 years ago and I loved the on-campus experience. I studied bachelor of Commerce at Clayton, and found a job at big 4 accounting firm before I graduated from my course. When i started work I felt well equipped.
      Admin people aren’t friendly.

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  52. Emily
    | Reply

    A great university with dedicated teachers. I was in the Faculty of Education and found that most teachers genuinely wanted you to do well and were willing to answer any concerns you had.

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