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RMIT University, Melbourne City.

RMIT University is Australia's 2nd largest university overall and has the most international students. RMIT occupies several blocks of the Melbourne city centre and has other sites, including the Bundoora suburban campus. It specialises in applied, vocational courses and many are offered below university level. If you are a current or former RMIT student, you are invited to post a review and tell us the good and bad about RMIT.

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  1. RmitLawStudent
    | Reply

    Law @ RMIT; a symbol of modern Australian education

    The study of Law here is laughable. Too many professors/lecturers/tutors have too much fun expressing their personal opinions thinking they mean more than squat to us. This is not something they should be paid for. They need to up the ratio of facts to personal mental bullshit to at least 98:2. If you don’t believe how bad it is here, then take a law unit and find out.

  2. Kay
    | Reply

    Outdated learning material and below customer service. They gave a shite about you!

    I paid for a two course study User Experience design and User Interface design bundle, I finished the first one which started in late May, while I was waiting for the second course to begin, I’ve found out they didn’t enrolled me in July because they did not inform me to pick a enrolment date and the upcoming consensus date for the second course. During that time RMIt online was sending me marketing emails while I was too busy completing assignments that are due on July the 10th, when User Interface design officially begins.

    I’ve made two complaints about my experience and they admitted it was their fault and a few students did made similar complaints but won’t enrolled me in their July intake. Therefore they failed to deliver the service on time and basically neglected my enrolment for the second part of the study course.

    I decided to take it further with RMIT’s complaints department for compensation for the bad service I’ve received, the case manager reviewed my complaint and chased up it with RMIT online’s staff. She then gave me a follow up and cited that RMIT doesn’t have the responsibility to inform students about such dates as it’s the student’s responsibility, don’t care if they did not provide the service in my preferred timeframe and I’ve notice a discrepancy that RMIT fully stated they never similar complaints like mine despite some of my classmates experience the same situation like mine also lodge their complaints.

    Having RMIT online to make contradictory claims of having not yet receiving similar complaints sounds they’re in denial and even tone deaf. It not worth the money, crap customer service and the quality of learning is below average.

  3. Jimmy Williams
    | Reply

    Industrial Action Harming Students

    The continued industrial action is harming students. I appreciate academic staff need to be paid more. And in the meantime, staff have such strong boundaries around their effort that students are suffering! Their passion is limited, students in research degrees get little assistance from their supervisors, questions on assignments go unanswered, and in some courses, take 9 weeks to mark assignments with copy-and-pasted feedback the same as everyone elses!

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  4. Sarah
    | Reply

    Been Studying With RMIT 2015-2022 and Do Not Recommend.

    Don’t study at RMIT.
    I have two associates degrees and a bachelors from here. I thought it was decent until I started at another university and realized how poor the standard was and how they had created an exploitative business model based on exploiting foreign students.
    Several degrees that they offer (in IT to my knowledge) are not even certified/registered- so they’re not even worth the paper they’re printed on.

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  5. Smithers95
    | Reply

    Do not got to RMIT! You have been warned!

    Complete joke of a university! Substandard quality of education and extremely low quality of students; most still think they’re in high school and their antics reflect this. No one here has the priority to learn well and get high grades. Do not believe the utopia presented in online marketing videos. This place is a really bad tertiary version of a really bad public high school; I’ll bet that’s where most of their students come from.
    The students that gave this place a good rating are the Steve Stiflers of western culture.

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  6. anonymous student
    | Reply

    Don't do a business degree at RMIT

    Found the engineering courses okay.
    The business courses were slow, unhelpful and barely teaches you the basics of what you need to know. Most students can bullshit through any business degree at RMIT, whilst barely learning anything of substance.

  7. actual_english_speaker
    | Reply

    What happened to English language standards?

    My hypothesis is that I can graduate from RMIT without having to go beyond the English grammar level of a 3 year old native speaker. I will keep you updated on this experiment.

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  8. Maryam
    | Reply

    Student Connect - SHOCKING

    I have just enrolled in Master of Occupational Health and Safety.
    Twice I have contacted Student Connect. The first time I had to hang up after 50 minutes on hold.
    At the moment, I have been on hold for 48 minutes. I have a feeling I’ll be hanging up soon.
    Terrible service for a university that is charging $4000 per unit!!

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  9. Padhu
    | Reply

    WARNING: Avoid Australian universities at all cost

    I’m an international student from India and sharing my “world-class” and “international” experience I experienced at RMIT University:

    I got offer for the program “M.E Electrical Engineering”. There were 4 courses in the 1st semester of the program. 3 of the courses were handled by Chinese staffs and 1 was handled by an Indian.

    On the first day of lecture itself I found it hard to follow the Chinese professors’ accent and spoken English. Initially, I just thought it was the Australian accent. After few weeks, when the new topics in the courses picked up heat, it was even harder to follow them and I had to turn to youtube videos. It was confusing initially as I got 7.0 in IELTS and couldn’t follow their spoken English.

    Their way of teaching was so hard to follow and even made easy topics as convoluted as possible. While the youtube videos I saw, handled the topics like a piece of cake. Most of those videos were from the United States youtubers and I had no problem in following their English and teaching.

    I asked my Indian friends regarding this issue and even they found it very hard to follow Chinese staff’s English and relied on youtube for most topics. They even said that, if they had already known the situation, they would not have even applied to these Australian universities in the first place.

    Half way through the 1st semester of the program, I was devastated by the fact that my father and I spent many days at the bank and had to pledge our land to get education loan, all for some poor-quality education in a “world class” Australian university. Honestly speaking, I should have given that money to those youtube channels. Some might even think I’m a racist for pointing out the poor quality of teaching and spoken English of Chinese professors in Australia, but I have spent a fortune in a hope to get a good quality education.

    In the 2nd semester of the program also, 3 out of 4 courses and were handled by Chinese staff with poor spoken English. It took me just a week to realize that if I continue at this university, I will only become a master degree holder and not a real engineer. I immediately applied for Leave of Absence (LOA) and started looking at US based universities.

    However, all the Chinese staffs that handled my courses graduated from China’s top universities and had a very good academic profile. Coming to their quality of teaching, it was just appalling. I even wonder if these staffs cleared their IELTS/TOEFL exams.

    One of the main reasons I applied to Australian universities and ignored US, Canada, UK based universities is due to the ranking provided by QS World University Ranking and TIMES World University ranking. I found out that these ranking sites emphasize more on international student enrollment and international staff percentage/ratio. This is the only reason why these Australian universities are in the top list.

    US based universities with international ranking around 1000s provide better courses and programs than these “world-class top” Australian Universities ranked at 100s. Also, more than 90% of the Indian students pursue their program at Australia to get PR and citizenship only. They don’t even care about the quality of education and the prospect of getting job after completing their program.

    Indians can skip the Australian Visa interview if they go to an education consultant. The main disadvantage is that, the students who won’t even get admission in a Tier 3 university/college in India, easily gets into these “top” Australian Universities. These students also skip IELTS/TOEFL as the Australian universities provide the option to do a course on English instead of clearing IELTS/TOEFL.

    If you are an international student and want to pursue masters from a world class university, kindly avoid Australian universities at all cost. There are way better universities at the US, UK and Canada. I made a grave mistake by choosing an Australian University and don’t let their fancy buildings lure you.

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    • Rakesh
      | Reply

      “I asked my Indian friends” why only Indians? Why not asked the Australians or any other non-indians and see what’s their experience are like, I honestly think this “review” are just plain hatred towards the Chinese, even if their accent were “super thick”, you could always referred to the materials that they provided or even asked help with your fellow classmate.

    • Sharyn
      | Reply

      Why tar all Australian university with the same brush? You cannot compare all Australian universities as you have not been to all Australian universities. It appears you are saying do not go to RMIT. Just say that then!

  10. Anonymous
    | Reply

    RMIT Vietnam MBA - for recently graduated or 1-2 years professional experience

    RMIT’s Vietnam campuses (Saigon and Hanoi) offer an MBA program. For those fresh out of undergraduate degrees, or with perhaps 1 or 2 years of work experience, the program will likely meet your needs. For those with more working experience (or other post-graduate degrees), this program will fail to meet your expectations. Generally speaking, fellow students in the class were all early 20s and, in my opinion, approached the program as if it were an inconvenience. It made group work a waste of time and detracted from the quality of education I received. I raised it multiple times with the university, however, there was nothing they could do. As such, I withdrew from my 4th module and changed to the Australian Institute of Business to complete my MBA. A shame, as some of the course content, was exciting and some of the lecturers were impressive. Overall: if you have more than 5-10 years of working experience, this isn’t the MBA for you.

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  11. Nick Founder
    | Reply

    RMIT rules

    I have studied at many universities and in terms of teaching RMIT is the best as they really ensure students understand the material and they provide strong guidance on what is expected in assessments.

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  12. G
    | Reply

    Waste of time and money

    You know the saying, “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach”, I think RMIT have found the exception with their lecturers and tutors not able to teach either.
    Been going here for 3 years now and I am convinced the uni goes in search of the most boring lecturers they can find. I have studied so many interesting subjects that have been ruined by the lecturers’ lack of enthusiasm and interest in teaching. Since going online during COVID, I have noticed this even more, with lecturers just uploading recordings of previous years lectures rather than even holding a live lecture. I have also had lecturers and tutors not even show up to scheduled classes, with no excuse/reason and no apology when we see them at a later date.
    Also, given this is the Royal Melbourne Institute of TECHNOLOGY, they are useless at helping with technology issues and even responding to emails/online queries. I even had a tutor kick me out of a coding class for helping a friend after the tutor wasn’t able to, even though I had finished the whole tutorial in 20 minutes (yes it was that easy).
    I have also found all the content so far to be slightly a more difficult continuation of what I studied at school. I really don’t feel I have learnt a lot through my study here and have probably learnt more through my own individual research on topics, such as Youtube and khan academy. Honestly, I am looking forward to finishing my course so I can get into the workplace and actually learn something about what I’m interested in. I understand it’s hard during COVID but I from what I’ve heard from so many other students at other universities, their programs have adapted so much better than ours, and they feel they are actually learning throughout COVID.
    I also believe none of the different departments communicate with each other. I am studying a double degree, and following the program structure for classes each semester I always end up with clashes, even though these are the recommended subjects to take for the semester. Its not like I don’t have much space to fit these classes in. Most of my days include an 8:30am-10:30am class and a 4:30pm-6:30pm class with a 6-hour gap in between, yet somehow, I end up with a clash of classes at either that 8:30am class or 4:30pm class. What are lecturers and tutors doing during the rest of the day? This semester I have a clash of classes with both classes being from the same department and they couldn’t even get that right, leaving me to find another time to watch a 2-hour lecture.
    I think the university is running one of the best scams of all time, taking money from young, broke students, without providing them with any actual learning, knowing full well that these students need the degrees to get jobs in their respective fields.

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  13. James McKay
    | Reply


    This university is a farce, designed to suck you of your money and leave you completely unprepared for your future.
    I have studied at this university for over four years, undertaking the International Studies degree. Many of the lecturers are dedicated, intelligent and well-meaning, but the degree is a farce and is only worsened by the incredibly inept RMIT bureaucracy.
    This university does absolutely nothing to ensure the wellbeing of their students is prioritised. They charge exorbitant amounts to do literally anything, and will happily leave you waiting on a call line for literal hours when you’re in need of assistance.

    The RMIT Vice Chancellor Martin Bean should feel immense shame for the hardship he has put students through, while he boasts a pay packet that could be used to directly fund the dozens of underfunded bureaucratic failures within this university.

    Make no mistake, this university DOES NOT value education, it DOES NOT value your contribution or growth – it is here to suck you financially. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

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  14. George
    | Reply

    Don’t be fooled

    To call yourself educators is an absolute disgrace. The only thing you could claim to have taught your students is the virtue of patience in the slow moving conglomerate that is RMIT. Don’t be fooled by the clever marketing techniques of RMIT, those advertisements are the antithesis of people’s real experience. The problems begin before the course even starts with it taking hours and days wasted of holding the line to get customer service to answer the phone. And then when they do, you will be profoundly disappointed as rude and incompetent customer service staff will hurriedly dismiss your inquiries claiming to be busy, without resolving the problem or hand balling the problem to another department. The circle of idiocy continues. Furthermore and maybe worse still is RMIT lying about the starting date of the course, claiming it to be this month, while then unscrupulously delaying it a further two months. Not once did they think of the powerless students whose timetables revolve around their study plans, forcing them to change at the inept and merciless will of the university.

    I suggest that you take your profits and invest in a competent team (not a single person) of customer service staff and you don’t let your hubris as a university get in the way of “education”. Look elsewhere if you don’t want to be treated like another number.

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  15. Ahmed
    | Reply


    After studying Science at RMIT for many years I came out with nothing.
    I had a big confrontation with a high up (so called) academic, he stated very clearly that his aim was to get RMIT noticed for its research, so all academics have to publish heaps but he was not bothered at all by students and the inconvenience of the need to teach them, quote “students are just a way to fund the more important research”, he said they are simply an inconvenience and he tells his staff to spend the minimum time on teaching possible because the only thing they need to be concerned with is published journal articles.

  16. Ryan
    | Reply

    Dont go to rmit


    i started learning electro engineering at rmit in 2019 and ive had trouble with every single thing at rmit. From fees and emails to student card not working nothing works as it should. Theres no means to talk to anyone about problems either. A problem get recorded to an enquiry then closed the next day. If you really wany to test if rmit are any good just try calling them with a simple question and i guarantee you’ll get sent to someone else every single time. No one has authority or knowledge to do anything. If it doesnt work on their website your on your own

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  17. JW
    | Reply

    Go Elsewhere! Read My Experiences!

    As I come close to completing my Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering at RMIT, I am left feeling disappointed in the quality of education that I have paid for.
    The facilities are modern and refined and the student support services are good (apart from RMIT Connect). I thoroughly enjoyed being part of RMIT clubs.
    For more than 80% of my course, I have relied more on external resources such as YouTube/Khan Academy Tutorials than my actual lecturers/tutors (I gave them a good chance) as I was able to grasp the content more effectively than listening to my lecturers. Regularly, tutors and lecturers would not stick around for their designated timeslot. The teaching principle is ‘rush through the worksheet questions and neglect the theory’.
    The amount and quality provided material was very inconsistent between tutors and some tutors almost did not give any!
    Some real-life examples of what you are paying for include an ‘experienced and senior’ tutor who was unable to do simple matrices on MatLab and spent an hour tutorial, reading off the manual. A complete waste of $3,000 for that class. Additionally, during the final exam in year 2, we were directed to cross out some exam questions as they could not be solved had clearly not been checked over… Furthermore, poor organisation and communication was seemingly staff culture. Tutors and lecturers in some cases were a few weeks in front/behind of each other and that completely messed with the flow of the class. One tutor admitted to not communicating with the lecturer.
    Since going online in early 2020 due to COVID, the incompetence and laziness of the tutors and lecturers have become even more apparent.
    Those are just some of the experiences I have had at RMIT over the last 3 years, and I would advise any future students to steer well clear of RMIT as It seems that all the effort is put into luring Year 12’s to the open day XD. Other students in other areas of study experience similar levels of neglect and second-class education.
    Stay Clear!

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  18. Gerald Clemente
    | Reply


    I studied at RMIT back in 2002 after high school. The university was great then so that is why I decided to do my post-grad certificate in Supply Chain & Logistics there.
    I regret spending almost $4000 per subject for these reasons:
    – Material is basic and not informative – use of youtube clips far too much, tutors communication skills are below teacher level and samples are more US-based rather than AU.
    – Support services are not supportive at all, student advisors assigned are not emmpathetic or flexible.
    Example – I tried to get a re-sit on an exam while my father is going through chemo, they rejected my claim and tried to handball me to student unions which makes you fill out so many forms; and for a full-time employee / care taker – it is impossible to get the time.
    – Its all about the money for them – cancelling your class if you don’t pay within 2 weeks of fees then charging you $250 for re-engaging – all because you didn’t see reminder as I do not regularly use the RMIT email account.

    Bottomline – there are far better Universities, Tafe or even RTOs (registered training organisations) who can give you better and more practical education for your hard-earned money.

    Feel free to contact me at 0437 385-189 for more detailed feedback.

  19. James
    | Reply

    Complete failure as a Uni!

    I study a vocational course on track to a career change at RMIT. I did my clinical placement in December and it took them 5 months to even mark my placement logbook as complete. I previously studied a Bach in classical history at the University of Newcastle, how is a small town uni with a third the budget and number of students completely better at delivering a rounded uni experience than one with as much resources as RMIT?
    Staff lack professionalism, will happily lie to you to get you off their back and even blatantly ignore phone calls and emails.
    Definitely study anywhere else!

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  20. Disgruntled
    | Reply

    Do not consider RMIT for your education.

    Reviews are always subjective to the individual’s experience, so here is mine so you can make your own choices. I did an IT subject, and in the O-Week lecture we were advised to email any questions that we had about course material. I did so, but the lecturer told me to post on the forums instead and never actually answered my question. The next time, I got the reverse – don’t post this on the forums, ask it in any email, but still no answer to my question.
    The lecturer did not address much of the course content and assumed that students already knew all of the material, and was far more interested in demonstrating their own personal technical prowess. With one assignment, I got a below pass mark and comments that said ‘did not attempt’. After querying this, my submission was reviewed, and my mark almost doubled (3 points off) by the original marker (my tutor).
    After lodging a complaint, I was told that my mark was reviewed by the lecturer – even though I had email evidence stating the original tutor had re-marked my assignment.
    When I queried how a mark could almost double, I was then told by the Deputy Dean that he would review the material and get back to me within 3 business days. We are now 17 days AFTER the three days expired and I’ve had no contact.
    So my experience – once RMIT has your money, they have no interest in providing a quality education, and will sweep any complaints under the carpet, never to be addressed.

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  21. Aditya
    | Reply

    MEng in Robotics and Mechatronics

    Hello There!
    I currently have admits for MEng in Mechatronics and Robotics from RMIT and MEngScience in Robotics from UNSW. I am stuck in my decision making. In terms of variety of subjects, time for personal pursuits and networking opportunities, I feel RMIT is superior. But in terms of International name and course subjects I feel UNSW is better. I know this might not be the correct way to ask but can some please share some insights so that my scale of decision could tip on either side. Thanks!

  22. Josh
    | Reply

    Bachelor of Marketing or Logistics at RMIT?

    Hi everyone, I’m trying to decide which Bachelor of Business I want to take as I’ve just completed by associate degree (it will be a one year program). Has anyone got experience with either the Bachelor of Marketing or Bachelor of Logistics & SCM? The things im curious about are the usefulness and relevance of the programs in a real world job, the quality of the teaching staff, options for internships, and just your thoughts on the courses as a whole.

    Thanks in advance.

  23. Jacob
    | Reply

    bachelor of business rmit

    So after paying $45,000 for a bachelor of business at RMIT they also want to charge me an extra $55.00 to get my Testamur!!!!!

    Apart from this I also feel the learning experience was pretty poor at RMIT University. Tutorial classes were for an hour and you lost 10 mins at the start of the tutorial while the teacher sets up there laptop etc and then you lose an additional 10 mins before the tutorial finishes so the room is clear for the next class.

    I soon learned that it was better to email my inquiries or call the lecturers then attend tutorials.

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  24. Khalid
    | Reply

    Don’t enroll here. If you do, you’ll regret it

    I wish I had read these reviews and gone somewhere else. I couldn’t believe what have happened to me. They have wasted my time, efforts,and money as well.

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    • Alex
      | Reply

      Re: Don't Enroll

      I’m in Year 12 currently, could you elaborate on how they wasted your time/efforts?

  25. Meg
    | Reply

    Bachelor in communications thoughts?

    Hi, I am planning on studying a bachelor in communications at RMIT next year and I was hoping people could provide their personal reviews of anything in regards to the program, professors, administration and campus (Pretty much anything) so I can gain some insight to what I should be expecting. Thanks 🙂

    • Sienna
      | Reply

      RMIT Communications Degrees

      Comms degrees at RMIT are really great! I’m in my 3rd year of my Bachelor of Professional Communications and I have really enjoyed the experience. We get lots of guidance in professional development as well as opportunities to explore our personal interest areas. Some tutors are better than others, but that’s the case in most universities anyway.

  26. Jason
    | Reply

    Rude, arrogant, unprofessional and clueless call centre staff!!!

    Horrible customer service on 03 9925 2000. Firstly, it’s impossible to get through to someone because no one answers the phone. Yes, even at 8.30 am. That very rare chance of getting through by luck then the staff have zero knowledge about anything. They never have the right answer to even simple questions. After weeks and weeks of trying and being on the line for over 30 minutes at a time I finally got through to a rude woman today and she kept on talking about other courses that were irrelevant to me and refused to talk about the course that I was inquiring about! This is beyond ridiculous! She was trying to sell me some Graduate certificate course like they force you to buy fish at a third world fish market. She wouldn’t let me speak a word. Always talking over me! I expected some professionalism and quality from RMIT. Highly disgusted and disappointed! I will think again about applying to study at RMIT. Why bother spending my money on such arrogance and unprofessionalism! I can imagine how bad lecturers must be if the basic call centre is this bad!

    Since the first woman was clueless and had zero knowledge about what I was inquiring she finally gave me the number to the program co-ordinator 03 9925 2517 and the woman (it wasn’t the program co-ordinator) who answered the phone was no different to the previous one. I was told they start at 9 am and I called sharp at 9 am and it took this woman over 5 minutes to answer the phone. Wonder what she was doing?? Sleeping? Gossiping?? She didn’t have proper answers to my questions and was rude and could hear the uninterested sarcastic tone through the phone. She was probably half-asleep while answering the phone. I’m seriously shocked and disgusted by the hideous attitudes of the RMIT call centre staff!

    RMIT management, before you teach others to become doctors, lawyers, teachers etc. start by recruiting some good quality staff and give them proper training in customer service and make it mandatory for them to read and educate themselves about courses etc. before they answer the phone and sound like dimwits!

    Not sure if I want to study at RMIT anymore! Obviously, there are better options out there!!!

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  27. Sam
    | Reply

    You've been warned

    The teachers at the Urban School where I was enrolled in year eleven biology, physics and maths were all angry, impatient, and totally incompetent.

    A nightclub would have been a quieter, more peaceful learning environment. Students who yelled and swore all throughout lessons were regularly tolerated, even though official policy states that they should have been thrown out. After six weeks of giving it my all, and regularly complaining to both the teacher and the year level coordinator, I saw no improvement, so I had to take a break. I asked over and over and over how to apply for a leave of absence, but was given the same “answer” every time, which was not at all relevant to my question. So I pulled out of the course altogether.

    RMIT has robbed me, not only of my desire to continue studying science, but also of my desire to live.

    Thanks guys!

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  28. Rachel
    | Reply

    Good for a Sport degree?

    Hi! I’m applying to Australian universities to do a year abroad (I’m from the UK!) and been offered RMIT.
    My course is Sport & Exercise Science- does anyone have any experience with this department?

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    • Kate
      | Reply

      Do NOT accept an offer for RMIT science faculty.
      I’ve done science related degrees at other Australian Universities and RMIT provides no education. I had a very bad experience with them. When I tried to let higher ups know what subject coordinators were doing to student, I got no response. They change the weighting of your assignments after you submit them. They’re by far the worst university in Australia. You pay top dollar for a piece of paper with your name on it and that’s it. You’ll receive no skills. Also quite a few industries won’t go near them or their graduates. Studying with them will ruin your career before it even begins.
      The science faculty is completely incompetent. The lectures and tutorials are mostly just “academics” playing YouTube videos and calling it a lecture, instead of actually teaching anything. Beware none of the tutors are qualified or receive any teaching or marking training. The lecturers and tutors barely have a basic level of spoken English.

      Don’t be sucked in by RMITs clever online marketing. There science degrees are a joke. You’re much better applying for any other university. You could do an online coursera and get more skills and a better education. They don’t care about students at all, only your money. The staff are rude and not qualified.

  29. Yash Gangar
    | Reply

    Need Guidance!

    Hi I have just received an offer from RMIT for Masters in Telecommunication Engineering. So is this course worth it from RMIT? I also have an offer from macquarie University as well? What do you recommend among the two universities. Also what are the employability rate after the graduation. Please help me with the same.

  30. Student
    | Reply

    You're On Your Own at RMIT - ZERO Support and Unprofessional Business Practices.

    I enrolled in a post-grad course with RMIT. This was my 3rd degree and 3rd University. If I could rate RMIT less than 1 star I would! From day 1 I was given the run-a-round. RMIT Connect online staff have no clue- theyre like bots that can only produce a link to any enquiry (that are mostly broken or result in an error message) and offer no solution. If you are lucky enough to have someone actually answer the phone, you will luck out when youre put through to multiple different people who can not assist you either! My experience with the teaching staff was not any better. There was no unit synopsis available for any units in my course even though semester was due to start in under 6 weeks time! Emails were not replied to in a timely manner and eventual responses were short and unhelpful. My previous degrees have been studied online and the RMIT online systems are not user friendly and the most difficult to navigate. After withdrawing completely from my course (due to the lack of support and unprofessional business practice) I looked further into the process of fee refunds, and although I thankfully did not need to request a refund as I withdrew before census date, all I can say with regards to fee refunds is READ THE FINE PRINT!!!! (especially if youre an international student!)The census dates on the enrollment confirmation were the dates to withdrawal without academic penalty -NOT the census dates to withdrawal without financial penalty (even though I was told they were the correct dates). Their are also multiple steps necessary to receive a refund and these steps are not all listed in the one relevant document – I had to search multiple documents to find the correct process and then after an email enquiry, I was informed of additional steps that were not outlined in any documents. It gave me the impression that the process was intentionally stalled, which could likely lead to not having undertaken the correct refund process in time to meet census deadline!

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  31. NigInt.
    | Reply


    I’m an international student planning to study an M.Sc program in Medical Physics at RMIT. Can anyone tell me something positive about the program?

    Again, are international student privileged to enter into the medical training (Registar) position after studies?

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  32. Deana
    | Reply

    DO NOT GO to RMIT!


    An absolute joke, from start to finish. Some lecturers are fine, but the entire system is awash with chaos, a complete disregard for students all of the time, and last minute changes or providing of information which is a joke. You are charged a hell of a lot of money for very little. Go elsewhere and don’t be duped by their pretty marketing campaigns.

  33. silcy
    | Reply

    outcome of engineering management ciurse in rmit

    hi guys is there anyone studying in rmit doing engg. mgmt. program….. I’m planning to do masters this july… how is the course….. job opportunities frequency for freshers….. is it really worth investing??….i eagerly await your valuable advice..!

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    • Bri
      | Reply

      I see not much has changed since 2013 when i was last there. Totally lazy, disinterested, disrespectful, poor work ethic from teachers running a Diploma i studied.

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  34. Joel
    | Reply

    Masters in supply chain and logistics management

    Hi friends those who are studying at RMIT….I have received an offer from RMIT University for Masters in logistics and supply chain management…’s a 2 years full time programme….want your feedback regarding the university and how is the faculty….also they have mentioned about the practical industrial exposure….please give me ur inputs

  35. Snugasabug
    | Reply

    My programme was great

    I completed a two year dip Laboratory tech (path tests), in 2016. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a solid base in which to enter the work force in pathology, or as a bridge into further medical sciences study.
    The staff were predominately excellent, with their knowledge far exceeding what was required too teach the units. The Marxist body politic has not yet infected sciences here; which is refreshing.

    Great program for those interested in medical sciences.

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  36. Crispian Fitzhardinge
    | Reply

    Logistics and Supply Chain - go elsewhere!

    Hello all,

    Sorry to say I didn’t read the reviews on this site prior to commencing studies online at RMIT, and I ignored the advice of a friend. Had I done so I would have gone elsewhere. And I wish I had…

    The whole online learning experience has been terrible, and compared to units I’ve done through Uni SA and Griffith I suggest RMIT have absolutely no interest in inline students beyond getting their money.

    The email system is appalling – you can only email people you’re authorised to email, and for me it’s been an ongoing battle just to be able to email my lecturer, let alone my classmates for the group assignment. After 8 weeks I still cannot email my lecturer.

    Although that probably wouldn’t matter. Right from the start the class was told that on campus students get priority, and online emails / inquiries will be dealt with when possible. What the #### ?? I’ve paid just like everyone else, so that is completely unacceptable. Further, all the unit content was delivered by downloading a 3 year old powerpoint show or reading the text book – no online tutorials or live classes. The discussion forums are rarely reviewed, and when they are the answers to questions have been vague or totally unhelpful. Often the answer is just “Refer to your text” – no page, chapter, etc.

    It’s been such a terrible experience that I’ve given up on this unit altogether and am moving my studies to Uni SA.

    You’ve been warned!

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  37. MOKSHA
    | Reply

    I am a fellow student from India wishing to apply for Master of Engineering (Management) in RMIT. i was completely shocked when i went through the reviews for RMIT. i wanted to ask regarding the teaching if it actually is worth its name.

    • kawaljeet singh chadha
      | Reply

      MBA from RMIT, Deakin and Macqaurie

      I want to do MBA from a very good university and want to get settled there only.
      Currently I have offers from Deakin and RMIT for MBA and Macqaurie for Masters in Management.

      Can someone please suggest which decision to take as after reading RMIT Reviews, i am dilemma to chose RMIT for my MBA.

      I really appreciate for the reply and responses.

  38. A
    | Reply

    Electrical Engineering

    Hi All,

    I was planing on joining RMIT for MSc. Electrical engineering course, does any one have any suggestions on it. I’ve come across mixed reviews, with most of them being negative, especially about the faculty.

    Thank you

    • Winston
      | Reply

      What kind of suggestion you mean?
      (I am currently a second year student of electrical engineering)

      • Rajan
        | Reply

        Hello I would like to know about the course structure and job opportunities. Also about part time job availability. Is it manageable (study and job)? How do you rate this course and Univ?

  39. M
    | Reply

    Advice needed!!

    Hi guys,
    I’m interested in studying a Bachelor of Science (Food Technology) and a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering) at RMIT however I’ve never spoken to anyone doing that or a similar course. I was just wondering what people think of it or anyone’s opinion on that pathway.

  40. Shannon
    | Reply

    Please consider studying elsewhere...

    I was studying Diploma of ICT at the RMIT Melbourne Campus, under the School of Vocational Business. The first semester was detrimentally marred by a supposedly “sudden and unforeseen” explosion of new enrolments which saw some class sizes balloon out to numbers of 35 students and/or higher. The course co-ordinator’s solution was to ask students in the over populated classes to change their enrolment to a newly created class group. I promptly did so, and was moved to another class group. From that point onwards, the new class was atleast 2 weeks out-of-sync with the proscribed syllabus and curriculum structure. My self and classmates struggled to keep up with the curriculum, resulting in a few drop-outs and much unnecessary confusion about the assessment dates and requirements. I decided to hang in there, past the first semester census date, paid my fees and continued the courses. I received Competent with High Distinction for each of the completed first sememster courses, however, the problems with the diploma programme continued into the second semester. Aside from the multiple and ongoing timetabling issues/changes (which students were often notified at the last minute, if notified at all) it became seemingly obvious that there was a plethora of problems all through out the courses making up the program. The weekly modules, assignments and study materials provided over the Canvas LMS were inadequately delivered, poorly reviewed (with some materials dated as far back as 2011) and at times even the instructors could not give clear requirements to the students, based on the course materials the instructors were expected to teach from. I could easily go on and on listing every flaw with the Diploma I as studying, although I would probably exceed the character limit of this form. I am now applying for a Leave Of Absence, with the hope that when I return to complete my Diploma of ICT (commence in first semester 2019) that some of these ongoing problems will be resolved enough for me to gain a clear and concise learning outcome. The other major concern I had from the beginning was that I was implicitly informed that I could not apply for RPL for any unit of study I already held compentcy for i.e. a completed IDENTICAL module. It was not that the prior learning I had received was irrelevant, it was a flat out case that it was not even an option to apply for RPL of any sort. Other students also confirmed this was the case – some students held competency from identical course modules from other institutions and upon enquiring about RPL with the course co-ordinator; were shut down and dismissed as quickly as I was. Overall, my experience at RMIT could only be described as appalling, especially as RMIT holds itself with such a high regard and reputation. RMIT was a total let down and a complete waste of time and money.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

    • G
      | Reply

      Advice needed

      Planning to do master of project management here is it worth money or time please help

  41. Dhruv Patel
    | Reply

    I just received and Admit from RMIT for Masters in International Automotive Engineering. I have better options in UK as well. Should I go to RMIT or look for other options.? It would be great if someone could help as deadline is just around the corner.

    • Kartik
      | Reply


      Hi brother, I am also about to do my masters, and from what I am reading about your review, I see that you to were in the same situation as I am currently. Can you please tell me which course you opted for and How is it going? Currently, I have received admits for Automotive Engineering from Coventry(UK), BCU(UK), Oxford Brookes(UK), Staffordshire(UK) and now about to get from RMIT. Can you please shed a little light?

  42. John Doe
    | Reply

    Bachelor of Information Technology

    I’ve just completed my Bachelors of Information Technology and it was a complete mess. Multiple attempts to reach out to lectures were met with poorly written responses or no response at all.
    Feedback was vague (e.g. ‘I don’t like it.’) and not constructive, assessment formulas weren’t released until a week before due date, suggestions made as a student rep were not acted upon AT ALL, and in one case a tutor we made a formal complaint about received a promotion to course coordinator.
    When completing an Associates Degree in Information Technology however, the course was mostly great thanks to a few amazing tutors but even then there were a few that didn’t meet the mark of being professional OR helpful.
    To put it into perspective, I stopped attending any lectures and tutorials that weren’t compulsory entirely.
    Funnily enough, my GPA increased a lot (2.4/4.0 – 3.6/4.0).

    To anyone reading this who is deciding whether to attend here for an Information Technology course, be prepared to do 90% self learning. Learn how to research on your own, and practice things.
    You need to go far beyond what they teach you if you want to make the $1000 per unit worth it!

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  43. Kit Kat
    | Reply

    Omg I am so sorry to hear that this happened to you. I had an interview for a similar course and the staff was really rude and I could tell they were resigned to dislike me and had already chosen someone else. I hope everything for you turned out in the end, and thanks for the heartfelt review. – Kit

  44. Zac
    | Reply

    Bachelor of Biomedical Science

    Hi everyone, I have just been offered a mid-year entry place in RMIT’s Bachelor of Biomedical Science degree (Bundoora campus). Does anybody know how it is like? From reading your reviews, it sounds like a pretty awful organisation. Has it changed at all recently?

  45. Gonzodog
    | Reply

    It’s an interesting post you have as you have had a few issues.
    I wonder why you had to focus on naming and blaming other nationalities and shaming the librarians with the descriptions you used.
    Placements are not easy to arrange so many students. I didn’t experience what you did but you really did blame and shame people for their nationalities, their physical appearance and it makes me wonder what you were like in class.
    I don’t know what the fuss is about, It’s not like Melbourne became multicultural in a second.
    I’m not saying there aren’t issues with RMIT but that’s what classes are for, that’s what the first couple of weeks are for, to work out if you want to work in the field.
    Every education place has issues but Melbourne is a multicultural society and if this is a reflection of what kind of person you are, stay away from healthcare.
    As for your experiences at RMIT, there’s a lot of people who have had negative experiences, and a lot of people who have had challenges but worked through them and other students who, had good experiences.

  46. HR Student
    | Reply

    Cautionary tale

    I finished my undergrad in psychology at La Trobe University. Although the course wasn’t perfect, students always had clear information and I felt well supported. The same cannot be said about my studies at RMIT. I began my postgrad studies in Human Resources this year and it has been absurdly unorganised. Assessments make no sense as they give vague outlines and tutors explain it one way but mark it in another.. I have had tutors explicitly say that if we don’t write the way they like they’ll get pissed off when they read it and they’ll mark us down but when asked how they would like it written you’re given vague answers that make no sense in the context of the assessments. If you do decide to enroll you can expect to be inundated with emails correcting marking rubrics, assessment instructions and miscommunications from tutors.

    I wish I came here to read the reviews before enrolling in this mess of a course!

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  47. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Clearly Nursing isn’t for everyone. This course is great! Do the work, be professional and interact on placements and you’ll have no issues. You obviously weren’t a very good student. Don’t blame other people and organisations for your lack of trying

  48. Oz
    | Reply

    Bachelor Of Industrial Design

    I was kinda shocked when i first read the comments. I am a first year ID student and i ve done a certificate course before that and so far everything has been going more than good. Especially the comments about the staff and other people who work in Rmit are really untrue, i never encountered with rudeness or sth at all, they are being really kind everytime i need help.But i kinda agree that ID course studios are kinda unorganised and you feel like you dont know what you are doing but it doesnt change the fact that the ID course meet my expectations. I would recommend Rmit Industrial Design really, if you can.

  49. Matti
    | Reply

    Masters of Electrical engineering

    I got admission for the July 2018 semester for masters in electrical engineering. I just need someone to tell me how the program is because I have another offer at University of Wollongong

  50. Radhika
    | Reply

    Is RMIT good choice for MS in data science

    Hi, I am from Mumbai, India; aspirant for Masters in Data Science for July 2018 intake. I hold admits from Deakin and QUT but I am waiting for RMIT as there response is expected till mid april. However after reading all these comments I am shocked and confused about RMIT.
    What should I do? Which university would be best among these three?
    Can anyone from Science or IT help me out on this?

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

    • Junaid
      | Reply

      Ah.. actually I got seat in rmit for data science for July 2018 and I’m from Hyderabad
      No doubt it’s better than Deakin
      Ping me on my email: [email protected]

      • Von Homme
        | Reply

        How was it?

        So how did it went? If you don’t mind, could you please share a bit of your experience? I’m also thinking of enrolling there next year.

  51. KVS
    | Reply

    MS in Data Science

    I am thinking to enroll for MS in Data Science. Can someone help me with some sort of suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

  52. AX
    | Reply

    Is it just me or is the Architects course so far up itself it makes it impossible for you to enjoy it, Im doin first semester and hate it ….

  53. Claud Mope
    | Reply

    Hi! i’ve enrolled in a Bachelor of Environmental Science at rmit and not too keen on the city campus to do this course. Any advice or former students???

  54. Francis
    | Reply

    Master of Finance

    RMIT is the worse university to study. I finished the first semester last year and have no desire to go back. I had 4 teachers in 4 different subjects. 3 of them were just ridiculous. The teacher of “economic analysis for business” had no idea about what he was talking about. His book, that is the only one you will use during the whole semester is full of mistakes. Many students had reported the issue to the directors of the school of business and they did nothing about it.

    You will never know what happened in your exams. They won’t show you anything. The criteria to score the assessments are decided by the mood of the teacher (I’m really sure that they do not read most of them) and you will be always lost in the course.

    the staff are rude and always try to complicate your life.

    Another issue is that it is well known in the market that RMIT has a really weak teaching and studying there is useless, no one will hire you. RMIT has the worse rate of employment after graduation.

    I didn’t know

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  55. Bettsy Boo
    | Reply

    Seems to be a Theme happening here I graduated from RMIT 80s, hardly any foreign students then
    lots of Aussies, course fees were low, it was known back then for courses such at Chiropractic, Physio,
    I did Nursing and it had a good reputation very small place no parties, cafe did get the odd band like
    Midnight Oil come out and sing.

    Sad to hear its gone to the Dogs.

    Universities should be made give refunds if there quality of Service is not up to standard… EG Monash- shocking I wasted 3,000 there on one unit no one spoke English and every time I rang or emailed not connected I am in QLD.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  56. BArchie
    | Reply

    RMIT Masters of Architecture??

    Hi, how is the Master of Architecture course in RMIT? I am curious whether is there enough studio space for students to work in between classes. I have heard that RMIT is a good university for Art & Design, but with all the bad rep it gets with bad administration, I am unsure how true its good rep for the course is.

    • Realitysucks
      | Reply

      Please do reconsider

      I’m doing the master of architecture now and planning to quit. after a semester of studying. I did a studio and two electives during this term. One of the electives is fine. The other one is a research program which you have to work with some PhD students. And they’re the most unpleasant man on earth to work with. they don’t reply any of your emails throughout the whole term. You can only see them if they call for meetups. so don’t expect you’ll get something done before deadlines….
      on to my studio, my tutor is completely helpless and all he can critic is to brag about something he did sometimes ago, which doesn’t mean anything to excel your project. (Worst feedbacks ever since I started architecture). The weekly tasks are just something to keep you busy yet they don’t really focus on them. (So pretty much said that you’ll likely to waste a lot of time doing nothing). The computers are crap and lags all the time. Of course you’ll have to fight for a spot as well giving that the building is always packed since they filled the department with so many students. I finally give up and do my assignments back home. Anyways to sum it up first, poor feedbacks (enough said) second, ambiguous course structure (wtf is going on with this school) third, work space. Forth, tutors’ work ethic (not everyone but the majority) of not paying attention at all.

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

      • Zoe
        | Reply


        Bruh, i just accepted my offer to do an M.Arch there starting this feb

  57. Craig
    | Reply

    Bachelor of Health Science review?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with RMIT’s Bachelor of Health Science (chiropractic) and could let me know how they’re finding it from their own experiences. From what I’ve heard from most of these reviews, RMIT isn’t too attracting of a Uni but I’m curious about this individual course so if anyone could let me know of their experiences that would be amazing.

    • Mia
      | Reply

      I have two friends who are in their 3rd years in this course and they absolutely love it so far

  58. Shivani
    | Reply

    I have taken admission for MS in IT. So can anyone tell me how is the overall review for this course…
    And does RMIT offer internships??

  59. Hannah
    | Reply

    Travel experience + Graphic Design

    Hi is there anyone who has studied the ASSOC. DEGREE OF GRAPHIC DESIGN at RMIT?
    I heard that there is a travel program you do during this course. I heard from RMIT open day from the presentation of this course.
    I’m not asking about the option to study a semester abroad, but as in the class or students of this course actually go do this travel program as a part of the graphic design course. Not sure if I heard wrong, maybe the speaker was talking in general that RMIT provides travel options.
    But I know Monash does have a program for communication design students to go to Italy. Maybe I mixed the universities up.

    But if anyone else has studied a semester abroad for any courses at RMIT, please tell me where, your course and what your experience is like? Also who covers the costs?

  60. Hilda
    | Reply

    Good review all round

    I am absolutely shocked to hear these reviews. I am in my second year at RMIT and the experience has been nothing but good. The people who have complained about being given little guidance or support haven’t looked. There is learning support through the library, online and through many other services. In my school (GUSS), the lecturers and tutors are incredibly helpful, you just need to make the effort to reach out to them. Yes they may give you little guidance on administration (enrolment online etc.). However, I haven’t heard of one uni that does. Look online or go to RMIT connect and you will find assistance. In terms of the teaching staff, they have mostly been great. Overall, I have only had one tutor that I felt to be inadequate. The lecturers and tutors seem to put a lot of time and effort into their teaching, and have lots of industry and research experience. It is hard work if you want to excel, there is group work and you do sometimes have to teach yourself – these are all skills which are valuable in the workplace so I don’t see an issue with being prescribed tasks where you must utilise them. I can only speak on behalf of someone studying social science, and I am so disappointed to hear that others have not had the same experience as me. I hope you consider other reviews before rejecting RMIT.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

    • Louise Anderson
      | Reply

      Hi. I am so relieved to hear this. I have just accepted an offer for the double degree in social work / psych. I was so excited about this and then shocked at these reviews.

  61. Ann
    | Reply

    Bachelor of Communication (Media)

    Hello, is there anyone here who studied Bachelor of Communication (Media) at RMIT or have some knowledge about the experience of studying there in that degree. Can you please tell me your experience like is it good, fun, horrible and why. Also, what kind of things did you do and if there are some issues/problems. Thank you.

    • Emily
      | Reply

      Just wondering if you ever ended up doing this course and if you went to RMIT? I’m thinking of doing this and need some guidance. 🙂

  62. Haw Ming
    | Reply

    Mechatronic Engineering

    Hi, I’m from Malaysian. May I know how is the course in this uni like? Teaching, Campus life, Lecturer’s attitude, etc. I am deciding among this and Monash. Hope any one of you reply to this thanks.

    • Riley
      | Reply

      highly Reconmended

      It’s a great course, I just finished my first year. You do a wide variety of things such as programming, robotics, designing(physical and with CAD software) as well as a fair bit of math and physics which can be really interesting. Would highly recommend.

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

      • Haw Ming
        | Reply

        Thank you very much, I am very appreciate it.

    • Achal Pandit
      | Reply

      For master of engineering (robotics and mechatronics), I have received an offer to study at RMIT or Deakin. The campuses of the two of them are located at different places in Victoria, one at Melbourne and the other at Geelong. Being an international student, considering all the aspects along with studies being the major one to compare between the two, I am in a very into dilema. It would be greatly helpful if someone being the former student within the same discipline could guide me with the situation. Thank you.

      • Darren
        | Reply

        RMIT for Robotics and Mechatronics

        RMIT for Robotics and Mechatronics. Deakin and Swinburne recently changed their course structures and deleted most of the robotics training.

  63. Kyle
    | Reply

    Can anyone help me? How’s fashion marketing in rmit?

    • Aditi
      | Reply

      Hi! I am an international student and don’t meet the entry requirements for masters in robotics and mechatronics specified by RMIT, I have gone through the syllabus and i loved it! Can anyone suggest me some pointers that can increase my chances of getting accepted at RMIT?

      • Prem
        | Reply

        Haha We will in this sem if you join this year

      • Darren
        | Reply

        RMIT for Robotics and Mechatronics

        Completion of Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Mechatronics) at Chisholm Institute has guaranteed entry to Robotics and Mechatronics at RMIT according to the Chisholm course entry.

  64. John
    | Reply

    I want to do master is engineering management from rmit but after seeing soo many bad reviews I am very confused. Can some one guide me with honest feedback. I don’t want to waste my money. Please guide me about its campus life as well.

    • Aditya Negi
      | Reply

      For Master in Engineering Management RMIT.

      Hi john initially i was also confused after reading all below reviews. But i had word with students from certain uni like monash, Melbourne uni and Deakin all of them said RMIT is a good option if you are willing to do MS from Engg. Management in Melbourne , as the same course offered by certain uni for 2 years like Latrobe, Swine burn, Deakin, RMIT, Victoria but among all of these RMIT is an awesome choice. You can do one more thing look for students who are already doing the course and you can find them in FB easily. You will get honest reviews from them. As i m currently not a part of RMIT, but soon i am taking admission for Feb intake 2018. So hope to see you there.
      As for campus is located in main city CBD, where you will get an immense part-time job opportunity.

      • Ayush Maan
        | Reply

        Hi Aditya,

        I am looking to join RMIT in the same course next year July intake. Would like to know your views about the course once you join in February.

        • Sarthak Setya
          | Reply

          Hi Ayush and Aditya
          I am also looking forward to join Rmit for masters in Engineering Management in July intake. Aditya as you suggested that we can connect with the students who are studying this course, so I did that already. I heard that engineering management is not listed in Skilled occupation list of Australia, so getting job after masters will be quite difficult but I am not sure about it. If you are studying this course currently at Rmit, please share your reviews and let us know about campus and study.

          • Prem

            Actually, I think you’re wrong. Engineering management is listed in the SOL of Australia. Just Google it

  65. Neo Ghost
    | Reply

    I completed my degree and enjoyed it, until I did my co-op placement at Victoria Scouts, to complete my Degree in Business Information System in 2008. The people involved in my course at RMIT, and placement at Victoria Scouts treated me worse then a dog, so much so, I had to threaten my course co-coordinators that I would file a lawsuit against Vic Scouts and RMIT (which also involved a fellow family member having to sign a ‘deed’ with the university in secret). RMIT really should stand for Royal Melbourne Institute of Terrible.

  66. Jumana
    | Reply

    Hi! I am from India and I was eagerly looking to take up the Masters in Business (Economics, Finance, and Marketing) course at RMIT. However, reading the reviews here has left me dubious. If anyone would be able to give any insights on this particular course and the job prospects after, it would be a great help. Thanks!

  67. Anonymous
    | Reply

    I did an Advanced Diploma at the city campus and dropped out more than half way into the first semester. Never have I had such an awful experience in anything in such a short amount of time.

    The staff were crap. Plain and simple. You would think that RMIT would hire people that actually had good backgrounds in the industry that you were looking to get into, but no. Some had little to no industry experience while others decided to teach because the industry just did not work out for them (meaning they sucked at their job). Of all the classes I think I only had one decent teacher. Every other teacher either did not care about what they were teaching or they were just completely incompetent at teaching. Some teachers were just rude. Rather than giving constructive criticism to your work, they’ll just bluntly tell you that they don’t like it. The poor international students were always picked on by teachers for not understanding a few things. English is a second language for these students, have a bit of patience with them. Totally awful staff.

    The workload for this course was absolutely ridiculous, to the point where it was recommended early on that some students should consider quitting their jobs so that they could have more time for the course. I spent up to 24 hours a week at the city campus. I had 3 four hour classes in a week, 2 of which were on the same day. The timetable structure was garbage and we had no choice but to stick to it. Some were lucky to get a decent timetable but I guess I was one of the unlucky ones.

    The lectures were a joke and were also compulsory. Lecturers rarely gave their own input and just read off of a PowerPoint presentation. During one lecture the lecturer began cursing out loud because the student roll hadn’t returned to the front yet. Another lecture had the lecturer stop every student that arrived late and made them explain to everyone why they were late. Excuse me? Do you think we’re children or something? Is it really necessary to stop the lecture just to humiliate someone that arrived late? So stupid.

    Y’know, for an institution that has the word ‘Technology’ in its name, it’s pretty funny how there’s BARELY enough computers in their library to help out students. Most of the time you’ll find yourself waiting for someone to get off a computer just so you can print something out. The library in the building that I was studying at was hilariously bad. It was small, it didn’t have enough computers to help out students, it didn’t have enough printers and you would always find yourself getting kicked out of a computer lab because there would be a class in that room next. My course HEAVILY required a computer. At one point, they supplied laptops for students to do their work, but, for whatever reason, students could no longer use the laptops and had to buy their own. Wow. Thanks for making things even worse.

    The thing that pushed me to drop everything was when my friend and I were wrongly accused of plagiarism. We were both called in separately by our class teachers that we had committed plagiarism. I figured “okay, so I must have done something wrong.” They vaguely told me what I did wrong. I took it and left. Plagiarism was now stuck to my student report at RMIT and it would affect my results for every assessment from then on. One of the teachers tried to intimidate me by staring at me and saying in an angry tone “We’re watching you.” Later on, my friend who was also hit by the plagiarism accusation tells me that the teachers told him that I photocopied his work and slightly edited it in Photoshop to make it look like my own. I DID NOT DO THAT and I WAS NOT TOLD THIS when my teachers confronted me. After the whole plagiarism fiasco, my teachers started treating me like I was a child. I had friends who were told by the teachers to sit away from me in case I “copy their work.” One teacher constantly kept walking by me, write what I’m up to in whatever book he’s holding and would annoyingly tell me to get back on task EVEN THOUGH I WAS WORKING. The whole plagiarism thing had affected my time at uni so much that by the time I decided to take action and justify myself, the staff did not look at their emails because they were on holidays. Great. Fantastic. Needless to say, I dropped out after all that happened. I could not take it anymore. I felt like a complete mess. My friend who also got hit by the plagiarism nonsense also dropped out because he just had enough.

    I now go to a different university and it is leagues better than the experience I had at RMIT. When selecting a university, please take great consideration for what you might be getting yourself into. Do your research before you make your final judgement. If I had known what I know now about RMIT, there is no way I would have picked this university. Don’t have to go there anymore. Good riddance.

    • Bri
      | Reply

      Sorry to hear Anon. Alas, no suprise here. I undertook a Diploma on city campus. It was useless. Disorganised and disinterested tutors. They really should not have been in a teaching role. They should’ve been in an admin role or policy perhaps, far far away from students.

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  68. TheDude
    | Reply

    Any news on the photography courses?

  69. Jenny
    | Reply

    I was just wondering about RMIT overall and if you’d recommend the uni for someone unsure about where to go after highschool. I was think about studying something based off of music so possibly the Bachelor of Music Industr, if anyone has done the course how is it?

  70. WZ
    | Reply

    I’m doing Industrial design honors, it freaking sucks.

    I’ll talk about the studio classes first, the classes’ structure were extremely unorganized. The explanation about the classes were ambiguous asf. And it happened that lectures wrote the structure up as the classes progress each week (almost no preparation?) and sometimes the lectures comes up with annoying pointless tasks, which requires a lot of energy and barely any feedbacks.

    I feel RMIT is trying to imitate the style where a lot of elite unis, like ACCD, Strates etc. are using, whch is to lay heavy workload. But the difference is that RMIT offers a little feedback. It made me extremely annoyed to discover the portfolio a whole team of four people spend weeks working on, only got a few non-constructive lines as feedback.

  71. Farhan Akhtar
    | Reply

    Hi Guys, Am looking for IT Course in RMIT, I had read all comments but am not able to find any info about IT. help me for my Masters Studies.

    as well as i heared that getting time for part times in RMIT is somewhat critical ..

  72. Raphael
    | Reply


    Has someone here done the photography Bachelor Degree at RMIT? I’m thinking of joining, so far I’ve only found positive things but there are not too many reviews out there. Has anyone done it here?

  73. Georgia
    | Reply

    I wish I had read these reviews and gone somewhere else. I just started the diploma of accounting and it’s been a terrible experience so far. 2 out of 4 of the teachers are shocking, one of them didn’t even turn up for class this week because she was “in a meeting”, then expects us all to be enthusiastic in her class. The majority of the class are either playing games on their phones or listening to music or somewhere else, it’s not a good environment for people who are actually there to learn. I could go on about all the things wrong about this place but they’ve already been accurately covered in the other reviews. If you speak English and want an education go elsewhere! Or YouTube, I learned more there than in 8 hours of accounting classes!

  74. Archilove
    | Reply

    I have gotten an offer for master of architecture in RMIT Uni. However, I’m studying the same course at Deakin Uni. Should I go ahead with the transfer? Can anyone give me an honest review regarding this?

    • Rhi
      | Reply


      I currently study at RMIT and don’t bother there is a general lack of support from teaching staff and majority are just there to get a public check. There is minimal feedback on assignments and have experienced some lecturer’s have not worked in the field that they teach. Internet is always out same as the tech in the rooms. Savings yourself the heart ache

  75. Stella
    | Reply

    I am absolutely appalled at RMITs lack of organisation. Their administrative departments are terrible. In 2012, due to an administrative error, my transcript was incorrect and stated that I had failed a subject that I was actually never enrolled in. No department would take ownership for this error. All I can say is thank god I was studying design, and not a subject that requires a specific score for me to enter my industry. More recently, (in 2017), I applied for a Masters course and was granted credit (articulation) to enrol straight into the Masters course; hence, skip the graduate certificate component of the course. Despite all the physical evidence highlighting my acceptance into the Masters course, they have no trace of this! I waited one week prior to contacting RMIT to confirm my enrolment so that I could choose my subjects… thank god I hadn’t purchased any text-books! Once again, no department would take ownership of their error, putting me through from one department to another. I have now officially contacted all three departments twice in one day, and am now forced to go into the university and do the same again. I will make sure to wear walking shoes! This is just pathetic. I have been to three universities in Melbourne, and would not recommend RMIT to anyone…. not buddying Architects, designers, engineers, scientists, nurses…. There are much better universities to attend to attend in Melbourne- Melbourne University (UoM) is by far the most organised. The only thing RMIT has going for it is its location/ its proximity to the city (food, resources, transport etc.).

  76. REGRET
    | Reply

    I have wasted 5 years of my life doing a Bachelor of Nursing degree at RMIT (Bundoora Campus). I have never come across such a disorganised, unhelpful and blame shifting organisation in all my life. My effing primary school had it together more than this place. First of all they quote on quote ‘expect all nursing students to commit 100% of their time to their degree’ which is all fine and well if RMIT is paying for my rent, food and bills but it isnt. Seriously…try holding down a part time job doing this degree…IMPOSSIBLE. The VAST majority of my course are international students who barely speak a lick of English. Ive sat in tutorials where these students have given oral presentations and I havent been able to understand a thing theyve said yet they seem to pass each assignment with a higher grade than me. And these are the people who will be trying to explain to a patient how, when and what dose to take pharmacueticals….
    My main gripe with this degree would have to be with the monkeys responsible for clinical placements. They seem to think year in year out that 6 days notice of roster for clinical placement is legitimate and if you try to tell them ‘hey can you tell me what dates i’m out on clinical so I can inform my employer of my availiability’ they come back with ‘we expect you to be available whenever we want’. Apparently its too far fetched of an idea that some of us support ourselves through our education and we dont have a mum and dad in China who can just western union us $4000 a week to chill on. Lastly I was told in November (with a mere 6 months left on this soul sucking journey) that it is now a requirement of my degree that I partake in a rural or regional placement of 4-5 weeks in length. So honouring of the old curriculum…the one i signed up for (stupidly) 6 years ago, a rejected application for special consideration that I WILL lose my job (my only source of income) if I take off this amount of time (which I had to email back for a detailed explanation of why it was rejected because apparently just telling me it is rejected is sufficient??…by the way it basically comes back to AGAIN them believing I need to devote every waking moment of my life to this degree) and to top it all off RMIT UNIVERSITY EXPECT ME TO PAY FOR ALL ASSOCIATED COSTS WITH SPENDING 4-5 WEEKS IN A RURAL/REGIONAL TOWN WHICH INCLUDES ACCOMMODATION OF GENERALLY $70+ A NIGHT whilst I am somehow expected to pay my rent back in Melbourne based on the income I am going to NOT have because I CANNOT WORK. Go figure. F**K YOU RMIT.

    • Hmm
      | Reply

      International students DO speak English. To be accepted from AU uni, they need to submit the english proficiency test score. However, their english isn’t perfect, which is very natural, because it’s their 2nd language. They speak their language fluently, and speaking English is just a plus.
      Although their English-speaking ability may lack (especially pronunciation wise) but that doesn’t mean they are STUPID. Most of them are pretty SMART PEOPLE. A lot of them have their BACHELOR’S degree, some even have MASTER’S degree from renowned uni back home. That is the reason why (because they are smart) they excel in their studies even if they have language barrier.

  77. an
    | Reply

    can someone please tell me about studying fashion/textiles?

  78. anon
    | Reply

    I have been to 3 Universities and this one is so far below the others in terms of teaching staff and course content it’s unbelievable.

  79. jack
    | Reply

    I thinking to enrol RMIT .Can anyone share honest review and feedback on Electrical and electronic engineering course based on teaching staff, curriculum & industry training exposure

  80. anon
    | Reply

    BA Fine Art.
    In our third year, the lecturers taught us literally nothing, this is not an exaggeration for the entire year not a single thing was taught to us. We had 10 mins face to face with a teacher each week if we were lucky and sometimes nothing because the class was so big. The fact that we were taught NOTHING for a year is only worstened by the fact that we were taught badly for the first two. We were not taught basic fundamentals of the discipline. We were treated badly and weirdly by lecturers and technicians regularly. There was one teacher that seemed to care, one that seemed so over it he barely made it to class and another who tried to control everyones work and if we did not listen to her opinions about what she thought we should make she would mark us down. There is a hierarchy and if you do not fit in you get crappy marks and are left out of opportunities. Its a female dominated environment and much like a high school popularity contest, the older and less pretty students are treated with disdain. Some of us found that on our final assessment forms one of the lecturers had cut and paste the same feedback!! They give you nothing. This course is a joke. Go to TAFE!

  81. Chee Liu
    | Reply

    Not sure about other courses. I did my master of finance at RMIT and I had a great time over there. The quality of the professors are in general quite good. I enjoyed the teaching quality of the staffs. There is a good mix of teaching staff. Some with more research experience and some with more industry experience. Because the campus is located in the city, city life and transport is good.

  82. Vedesh
    | Reply

    should I choose this uni. if ia m applying for electrical eng. ?

  83. Anny
    | Reply

    If your thinking of studying business in RMIT and English is your first language, look somewhere else. If your looking for science courses go to Melbourne Uni, if your looking for engineering, study at RMIT (excluding IT Eng) most of the course material is practical compared to other unies in Victoria. All my time in Engineering course at RMIT, I never seen cheating or plagiarism work. International make-up around %18 in the course, compared to business degrees which is %92 are international. If your looking for campus life, RMIT is not the place for you (your too busy anyway to look for campus life, if your not busy, your not working hard) go to American universities or Canberra university in Australia. For Australians, go to Monash university, there is zero cheating and plagiarism and with smart staff and courses, but their courses are overly-unnecessary difficult, extremely strict with everything and crazy amount of course material with few to zero practical stuff. Not my cup of tea, I like moderation, I’m happy at RMIT, there is bit of problems here and there, but nothing really major. Do your research and talk to student before enrolling and don’t only take the opinion of this review and other reviews in here.

  84. Barath
    | Reply

    Can someone give me an opinion about studying engineering management in RMIT city campus.?

  85. DV
    | Reply

    Thanks for all the inputs about RMIT. Was thinking of enrolling in the Graphic Design course but now am seriously doubting it !!

  86. Josh
    | Reply

    Currently studying Diploma of Languages at RMIT city campus. Would not recommend it. Though it’s only a 1 year course the teaching hours have been cut this semester as well as having constant problems finding a room to actually hold our class in. Good luck finding a computer or study space in the library. My advice go somewhere else.

  87. Don
    | Reply

    I’m an international student and graduated from RMIT’s business school in 2013. I have wasted time and money in RMIT. The management runs the school like a degree mill, the curriculum is poorly planned and heavily reliant on textbook materials (cut & paste). Very heavy emphasis on group-work, mostly theoretical subjects. Critical thinking is not encouraged as much. RMIT reward students who are good in rote memorization. Trust me, If you try otherwise your grades will be penalized. I’ve learnt it the hard way.

    For group work, having to carry non-contributing group mates is a killer. If you are the sole contributor in your team, good luck! You can report dead weights and be an a**hole, word gets around and no one will want to team with a snitch.

    I will never forget the revolting looks on HR when i told them i had an RMIT degree. RMIT is a stain on my employment record. I landed a job in the telecom industry as my managers decided I’ve earned the right to stay on after 3 months of probation. I am now in a middle management role in business development and lead my own team.

    I’m planning to take a second degree next year to expand on my technical skills. No more RMIT.
    If you are a passionate student craving knowledge and wanting to equip yourself with workforce relevant skills, look elsewhere. I’m sure you can find better schools. Good luck students!

  88. mechEng student
    | Reply

    I did Mechanical Engineering out in Bundoora. The lecturers there are brilliant! Anyone else enjoy the Mechanical degree?

    • Prateek
      | Reply


      I want to join RMIT for masters of engineering(mechanical and manufacturing).
      Would this course be helpful or not and what are the job prospects after completing the course?

  89. N.B.
    | Reply

    I’ll put it like this, its my opinion that nobody should study aviation at RMIT.

  90. koushik
    | Reply

    can anyone tell about the international sports technology course please..

  91. siddarth
    | Reply

    Hey guys.
    I am applying for Master’s of Engineering Management in RMIT.

    I have read all the comments. I am bit worried.

    Please give your suggestions

  92. Colin
    | Reply

    Don’t enroll here. If you do, you’ll regret it.

    I was studying a Masters of Strategic Procurement and have given it up after the finishing the post graduate certificate (1 out of 3 years part time). Reasons are:

    -When I told HR and some senior managers in my company (an engineering firm listed in the ASX200) I got overwhelmingly negative feedback about RMIT. I enrolled when I had just recently moved the Australia for work, so I was only belatedly made aware that the word is out among the Australian business community that standards have been slipping at RMIT for years and their graduate’s CVs don’t get put on the top of the stack. If you’re planning to work in Australia after graduating then going to RMIT could hurt your chances of landing a job.

    -Everything is structured as group work so that those that are capable of reading, writing, researching and conducting a conversation in English can carry a number of other under performing international students who have no business studying at an Australian university and would fail otherwise. This is not ALL international students; I worked with some from China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and India who did high quality work and were equally pissed off about carrying the dead weight.

    -The lecturers had extremely thin procurement / business / industry experience. They’re primarily junior academics who haven’t had time to complete their PhD and also work in industry for any significant period. The material was presented in a naive and overly theoretical fashion which emphasized the fact that they really didn’t know what knowledge and skills they needed to impart for their students to be competitive in the job market. There were commendable attempts to try to supplement their lack of professional credentials with guest lecturers from industry, but you mostly came away from those sessions wondering why RMIT didn’t just hire that person to teach the class instead.

    Hope this helps some people avoid making the same mistake that I did.

  93. Michael
    | Reply

    I currently study double degree in bachelors of Environmental Science/ Business (management), this program at RMIT is particularly exciting, where i have met great people and the lecturers and tutors have been mostly good. On the down side some lecturers have been difficult to understand which makes the experience less enjoyable, however the great and friendly tutors in class are quite helpful and aim help you achieve great marks. The overall feel is great but not as alluring, with many buildings which hold specific study areas, for instance building 10-12 is the engineering building and so on. Transport to RMIT is very easy and with many accommodation close to RMIT. City life is also great where there are many places around RMIT where you and your friends can hang out or you could head to State Library to study.

    • Adam
      | Reply

      It’s good to hear the positive points about rmit.
      I am deciding between university of Melbourne and RMIT for mechanical engineering. Which university should I choose?

  94. Qiuzi
    | Reply

    I am a current rmit student in Bundoora campus . The teaching staff are really easy to approach, and being very patient. I make awesome friends there and attend school activities, such as skiing in Mt Buller. I enjoy my time in the campus .

  95. OT
    | Reply

    Unbelievably rude staff at the Info Corner. I cannot believe how unprofessional, rude, and unhelpful they are. Unbelievable. So disappointed with my whole experience.

  96. JC
    | Reply

    I’m studying pharmacy at Bundoora campus. Practically all of the student activities are in city campus so I need to travel 80 minutes each way by tram to attend.

    The campus is beautiful, especially with it’s new “$7 million” entrance (a wooden walkway with two student art projects that probably cost $200,000 max) but the education is not. The only people who taught me anything is the peer assisted study sessions in first year first semester, and the physiology department, the rest was from textbooks. Physiology keep getting their funding cut because they are not corrupt. Lecturers have thick accents, only care about their own research and give off the distinct impression that they don’t want to be teaching. For one course the lecturer didn’t even provide lectures – just made us read his ebook which is filled with errors. He would occasionally come to our “tutes” to yell at us and get a power trip then leave…and we paid thousands for this because it’s a prerequisite class.

    As for tutorials, the tutor sits silently at his/her desk while we have a test that we never get feedback on except a number. Providing feedback means they will have to change their course a little next year, which they are too lazy to do. I’ve been at RMIT for two years and every tutorial is the same. In fact some students are passing around copies of tests from 2012 and apparently getting perfect marks because teachers are too lazy to reword a few multiple choice questions.

    The majority of my education is online and the website is seriously screwed. Every time I visit my home school (in person) I have to wait while the poor receptionist is on the phone walking someone through the website and swearing about it under her breath.

    Corruption is rampant, not just money but also sexual favours. As for too many internationals, well – education is one of victoria’s main industries. Many asians and muslims come here to study and sure some of them cheat. But those who cheat are the ones who want to go home where the rules are different so it doesn’t really bother me.

    There is a hot shot new vice dean who is doing his best to fix this broken school but experience tells me it will take a long time, like turning around an ocean liner. As for me, I’m jumping ship to a real school and not a diploma mill.

  97. James Benson
    | Reply

    I had a nice time at RMIT – the lack of coordination between overseas students and locals is a problem. Course coordinators are strong while casuals are not – great location

  98. Dan
    | Reply

    I don’t attend RMIT University in Melbourne but Vietnam instead. The quality of facilities and teaching overall is better than any local colleges actually. And one more thing that I appreciate is friends and staffs here (not lecturers though). FYI, I enrolled in Bachelor of IT. There is only one lecturer that I like and the rest of them are horrible. They are not knowledgeable enough to teach anyone. They are also irresponsible, they only come to class to read slides. Understanding and practicing is done mostly by students. Assignments are nightmare and time-consuming because they are not related to the course material. Some of them respond ridiculously to students’ emails. For example, Web Programming and Mobile course are the most horrifying because they did not teach anything and expect you to handle a large project (Make a mobile game, Create an app that integrates Dropbox API….). I wish I had the gut to take community college in the US after high school. What a shame!

  99. Jean
    | Reply

    I myself just recently ended my enrolment at RMIT after 2.5 years, I gave the course many chances because I really didn’t want to quit and wanted to obtain my degree but it just became ridiculous. I studied Bachelor of Art (fine art) and had bad experiences from day 1. First of all no one properly explained to me the structure of the course, how many units to enroll in and what classes were best for me to do etc so I had no idea and just picked whatever I thought looked interesting which I now know was completely wrong and a huge waste of time and effort with all my work because in my 2nd year I was told I’d have to do a bunch of make up courses and that it’d take 4.5 years to complete my degree. In first year Art History they completely throw you in the deep end and expect you to know how to write an amazing harvard style essay with no help what so ever, this can be especially hard for mature age students and people who haven’t written many essays in the past. I recieved poor grades due to the “teachers” just not liking or understanding my art, despite the fact I did all the work that was asked…art is subjective and I can’t quite understand their grading system on the practical classes. Fine Art is an extremely tricky course because its all well and good to learn different techniques in whatever area you’re studying but what about after you graduate? Barely anyone especially these days can make a career solely by being an artist. RMIT needs to intergrate the business side of the arts such as curating or opening your own business and have a much bigger focus on Art History. I can’t say it was ALL bad because I did get to learn things I otherwise wouldn’t have such as screenprinting but it wasn’t enough for what I will one day be paying back for it all. RMIT has a lot of potential but needs to focus more on the students and less on the marketing of the school itself.

  100. Tyrese Glibserstone
    | Reply

    First of all, don’t listen to all those paid reviews on this site saying RMIT is great and all that bs, welcome to a chinese and Indian tafe.. it’s not even a Uni and everyone’s foreign, so screw it already, teachers, staff and 99% of students are all foreign and barley talk English, they’ve taken over the whole uni, it’s all a lie, AND they do everything to kick us locals.. well for me interstate people out cause I only pay 8k whereas those narrow minded foreigners pay 16k+ a semester, someone like me who sees the behind the scenes of this whole money scamming op these people are running have sent me email after email of depressing fails as apparently my assignment ‘didn’t submit’ which it did, I know that for a fact, just to kick someone like me who knows the truth out, Since I’m open minded and speak freely about their feelings and findings of this TAFE and.. well to say the least they don’t like it, especially when you tell your deputy head to their face to talk clearly and speak up, but I will take their guidings one last time, I’ll leave… and happily, so fk off RMIT no-one likes you except those narrow minded brainwashed I LOVE AUSTRALIA foreigners, I’m glad I saw that there’s an RMIT undercover crew and some other Australians or Westerners see what’s going on, I want this uni ripped from the inside out, I’m on board, it’s already basically a chinese/ indian embassy … with dodgy teachers, contracted staff and horrible subjects that are irrelevant. None the less if you want to waste your time, money and life, Please enroll with us at RMIT, I’m sure those brainwashed Chinese & Indians that occupy 99% of this uni and believe Australia is some sought of god country who will never think for themselves will give it a good review since they know nothing and will always be a slave to the system. Absolutely disgusting

  101. Sarah
    | Reply

    Good courses, great location and lots of uni parties

  102. Katherine
    | Reply

    There should be more campus life and much more friendlier and hard working staff and NO CASUALS

  103. Adrian Ashcroft
    | Reply

    I am a student at RMIT from the U.K. I really wish I did NOT come to this piss take of a organisation. What was meant to be a great experience down under,went very ”down under” for me.
    I have witnessed so many DISGUSTING things that happen so often at RMIT from, cheating international students mostly from China. Unbelievably bent course coordinators that are a bunch of twat’s and should not be doing the job they some how landed themselves in. And finally some very….very…VERY immense disorganisation from each department from Business central, ruined by a bunch of rude old ladies (Only two of them are ok) that haven’t got a clue about anything most of the time. And other departments I have had the pleasure to have had such ”good service from”.

    Im studying in the Diploma of Business under the TAFE school, and for those who have heard or considering applying to this program. DO NOT APPLY TO THAT PROGRAM, it will be the worst choice you could ever make at this stage of your life. There are no open days for this program so I didn’t have a clue about the nature of the program. The course is full of ”internationals” most from China who applied via a corrupt educational agency. I watched a documentary on four corners that have stated the issues with these type of students, give it a watch ( I also failed few subjects because all of them in my group don’t have any idea on English language, and practically plagiarises everything in the form of wikipedia!. Nobody interacts in the course, most of the time their dopey and a lot fall asleep, or play with their flipping mobile phones. YOU can’t imagine how boring, dull, and horrible it is and this type of energy rubs off on me and would depress anyone.

    I tried changing to a different program, bear in mind I just arrived off the plane from England and didn’t have a clue who to ask to change to another program under the same school TAFE. there are no personal course tutors for some strange reason, so I asked a course coordinator named John Marshal. He turned out to be a let down, and that d***head never replied any emails he said he would respond to. This man tried to use me to help peoples english in his classes and to be his personal English tutor for the asian students. I thought what a twat I’m not here to help you and your bloody cheating class, I’m here for my own reasons. So I went higher up to a lady named Theresa Lyford, she turned out to be scum!.Few local students has told me she has messed up peoples visas and other stuff she caused, and never replied emails unless its to cover up her own rear end. Before I had a chance to say hello to seek information to get out of this horrible Diploma, she was already interrogating me on how its my fault regarding my visa and some other bullocks. I can still smell her bad breath, I asked if I could change to the Associate degree, and replied internationals were not aloud…She lied through her teeth…Some university this turn turned out to be.

    RMIT its self is a good location given its in the CBD and it is convenient as well. However the social life Is nonexistent as there badly is any culture there. The school is a master of ripping you off, me failing due to group work with students that don’t know English. I had to cough up $4000 just for failing those subject. The Administration is very disorganised and unhelpful and have lead me in circles from each department to another. The only good thing I can say is I meet some Australians which is ridiculous since I have come to an Australian that feels like I’m in Asia -_-. How ever I would defiantly would NOT recommend coming here unless it is in your own genuine interest!. I’m sorry to who ever is reading this is offended at some of the things I said about RMIT, but put your self in my shoes.

    • anwar
      | Reply

      thanks a lot brother i was thinking of applying to RMIT but now i will turn to some other institution

    • Maxwell
      | Reply

      I feel sorry for those “internationals” student, really, just sit there and waiting for a degree. I am from China and I applied for myself without any agent interfere. I hate those Chinese hanging together and talking louderly, it feels like back to my high school again, and that’s no a good experience. BTW, I’m studying photography, so not many “internationals”.

    • Anon
      | Reply

      Hello and welcome to RMIT Undercover. We are so sorry to hear about your experience and to say you are not ALONE!.

      We would like to share and expose a lot of concerning issues within RMIT.We would like to reach out to you MR Ashcroft and others to expose some of the un-spoken truths that you have experiences that has been censored by RMIT. We aim to expose RMIT,s unfairness, cheating International students originating from China (for more info visit out page on Facebook and You tube), as well as RMIT horrible and pig headed administrations and plenty more!.
      RMIT Undercover aim’s to bring good change and fairness, as well as a lot of improvements within RMIT’s administration and service. Please share our videos and we hope that together we can bring change once and for all!. For more information please visit our page on Facebook and You Tube. We have plenty of undercover videos exposing some shocking truths!, so like us on Facebook and keep posted!. Also check out these links, we hope that this helps and wish any one coming to study in Melbourne a great experience!.
      Our Facebook account is:(

      You Tube: 1)

  104. Jessica.
    | Reply

    I am a British student from Wales that has come half way around the world to experience a student like of good education. And it turned out to be a NIGHTMARE having been at RMIT for three semesters.
    I got placed into a program for ”internationals” which turned out to be for students who’s second language is english. Being from wales where we do speak welsh,I was brought up to speak english as a first language. And I thought this was just a massive misunderstanding when I applied via an educational agent in asian where my father works.
    I tried to re-apply BUT, my IELTS score was zero so I was told by Business central. I thought, hang on a tick, I speak english, as i laughed to the lady at business central. She gave me a look as miserable as the weather in winter. And said I should speak to the HUB. HUB then said They didn’t handle those issues and sent me back to Business central. And back again!. I spoke to two course coordinators. And they turned out to be such rude and arrogant and deliberately unhelpful people.
    I slogged on for three semesters not speaking to any one in my class, and a lot of those ”international” students cheated a lot. Or never heard of robin williams when he died,So it defiantly has not been the best of an ”Australian experience”. Group work was frustrating as I would receive there ”inputs” through the use of wikipedia.

    Ill never forge the time when I nearly got deported!. I asked Business central about visa extension (after taking 13 days for my for them to process my application form,to return back to the program I was in to complete some subjects I failed due to group work).They gave my the wrong information saying they will extend it. Turns out it was false and I was declared an illegal immigrant for awhile due to there brilliant service. Scared to death of being deported I had to apply for special consideration for a few tests I could not do.This was due to me trying to find out how to extend my visa which the university said at info corner I had to handle it my self with immigration some how. The special consideration department then said I did not have enough evidence to gain consideration. WHAT BLOODY MORE DO YOU NOB HEADS WANT!!!!. I was so mad at them, its was no doubt a serious issue and defiantly worth consideration. Have to thank Business central for that!.
    I complained to student union, and they looked into the matter only to prity much blame it on me, saving all the details. Their ”investigation” was prity much a fookin PISS TAKE!.

    I hope my post here reachers out to any one having the same issues. Don’t get me wrong I love Australia its brilliant!!!. Beats our weather any day, and i love the couture. But I can’t say the same for RMIT AT ALL!.

    • Adrian Ashcroft
      | Reply

      Effing hell I thought I was the only one that had experienced pretty much thee exact same thing you went through. Effing get out of there, uni in UK or any other uni in Melbourne is well better than this.

  105. Laura
    | Reply

    I love RMIT, I think it is such a great university. I came from QLD because the courses up there are terrible, and I wanted a degree where I got experience whilst learning. I’m studying communication and I get to learn from current industry lecturers and tutors, do real life case studies and assignments with actual clients and I get to do an internship as well. Everyone is so supportive and th student union is pretty fun for campus life. RMIT is so easy to get to, I like that it’s in the city so I can get around easily.

  106. Christina
    | Reply

    I’m lucky to be studying a subject with few International students in it. Social science, get on it.
    The courses for the first year subjects have been terrible though. All the general subjects that students from all the global science and social context have to take are a joke. The teachers are a mess, the tutors are horrible (they play favouritism) and the fail rate is really high.
    I find that the more specific subjects, as in some of the second and all of the third year ones, are much better, because the classes are smaller, teachers are better qualified, and it doesn’t feel like you’re being left behind if you don’t understand anything.

    Transport is easy, just get off at Melbourne Central and you’re golden.
    City life is always good, and the range of food is fantastic!
    Campus life is non-existent, except for a couple of the free sausage sizzles. In my three years I still haven’t been to a RMIT party yet. The clubs that organise them are complete a waste of time and our money.

  107. Jason Eastwood
    | Reply

    RMIT is not a ”university”…Not from all the cheap advertising on how great and how much they push there imagine of being a ”university”. It is just a scheming, cheating, money hungry institution that has hijacked the name university.
    They have no regard for student well being and quality of service. Only just to explain and brag about how amazing they are, when little does everyone know what really goes on in RMIT…

  108. Tyrese Gliberstone
    | Reply

    I’m a first year student at RMIT from QLD, and dude, I shoud’ve gone to QUT or UQ. There is absolutely no Campus life… and that might be because there is no campus… it’s in the city with buildings scattered everywhere, you walk outside a building and you’re in the public, school kids, people shopping or going to work, this is far from a well designed University, you don’t know who goes there and who doesn’t… In Terms of education, I’m doing the I.T Degree and fml.. so much BS, all the courses are irrelevant, only the programming is, and I don’t know much about programming and everyone else does cause they all experts in it who have coded for like 10+ years prior, why the hell they’re at Uni i have no idea…. Therefore the lecturer goes too fast cause everyone in the class already knows this stuff off by heart… meaning anyone like me is left behind… The other subjects are for little kids, so you’re wasting basically 1 year learning stuff all. The teachers are super annoying and hard to understand, one of them has such a thick asian accent noone knows wtf he’s saying and also the teachers have no patience at all… anyway the unis main buildings are next to a shopping centre so it’s easy to get food and it’s next to the state library if you need to study. BUT you want a degree from a uni that isn’t even a uni, it’s an institution as it says on your grad paper, come on in! Don’t study anything other than computer related degrees, it’s a technology uni and that’s all it’s recognized for… For technology degrees at least having something from a Royal Melb Institute of Technology will look nice…. But legit the second I graduate I’m heading back home to QLD and starting a real degree at a real Uni, if you’re not doing Technology, PLEASE apply elsewhere, you’ll regret it, if you’re interstate everyone there will already know each other as they’re all friends. (Also if you’re doing the Info Tech degree there, get ready to enter into a cohort full of nerds and no lives :/)

    • Killian Johnson
      | Reply

      I completely agree with you!. Finally someone that understands!.I have so many problems with my lecturers that can’t speak or communicate properly who’s second language is english. to the point they put ”awesome 3 sum” on the board as an answer in statistics. that proof is up on RMIT confessions. its so disctusting how so many asians cheat as well and pay people to do it..i have a lot of video evidence i will put up on that…I’m so sorry to read what u been through and wish we could meet up becose i am suffering so much becose of this fucking uni…wish u all the best and take care and yea….get the fuck out while u can…ur only young once!!!.

    • Will
      | Reply

      Electrical engineering postgrad - STAY AWAY

      During my very brief time at RMIT university I encountered a number of problems stemming from the horribly disconnected departments and systems at the university. Particularly regarding the school of engineering (SoE) and the graduate services departments.

      The application process for a doctorate degree is normally quite a long process (2-4 months). However, in my case as I was applying for a scholarship at the same time, both of these departments (Graduate services and SoE) needed to work together to further my application. They couldn’t. My application only actually progressed after I had to have numerous angry conversations to both departments to get them to firstly locate my application (they lost it multiple times) and then to communicate with each other about my scholarship status. My application took 8 months to complete.

      I thought my troubles were over when I finally received an offer, but unfortunately they were only just beginning. After leaving my full time position as an engineer to pursue a doctorate, I quickly discovered a number of other systemic issues at the university. As well as battling the constant problems with having my security clearance revoked for lab entrance (at most 3 times a week), I also had to fight for my scholarship payments.

      I was initially told my scholarship payments were to begin when I started, however within a week of starting I was told they would be “significantly delayed”. After three weeks of waiting for my payments, I was forced to go back to work in order to not to continue to suffer financially.

      Luckily for me, upon hearing about what was happening to me, my supervisors realised that this was happening to a number of other postgrad engineering students. In fact, at the time they realised it was happening to me as well they were PERSONALLY BANKROLLING another student to bridge the gaps in their scholarship payments. My supervisors were fantastic, taking my side and fighting against the university for me. In the end, I was even offered a significant increase to my scholarship and an amendment to my program starting date to factor in time I spent working. However by this time I was sick of the university and the SoE and discontinued the course after three months.

      The fun doesn’t end here however, after discontinuing my course I was never asked to return my equipment (including a laptop and library books). By this stage, I knew how poor the SoE was at handling even minor problems. I walked into the university and returned all my equipment without being asked and demanded a receipt saying I had returned everything. It was lucky I did this, because at the time of writing this review (6-7 months after discontinuing) the SoE has only just emailed me asking for their laptop back.

      Frankly, The school of engineering’s behaviour at every single point of engagement has been a display of complete unprofessionalism. Their routine treatment of not just myself borders on student abuse. They simply don’t care at all.
      DO NOT consider RMIT and the SoE for further study.

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  109. Killian Johnson
    | Reply

    RMIT is the worst decision I ever made. So many of the Chinese students cheat using apps.The course coordinators are dame rude and un-healplful.There is no social life or an university atmosphere at all compared to other unis in Melbourne. They have messed up visas at building 80 level 7. and send students from the hub to info corner then to the business central department and back all over again. And of course I have had the displeasure to study and still am at this f***ing ”university”. Im an american student thats in the diploma of business (originally applied for business management). And its pretty much a course designed for Chinese that can’t speak english. No body talks to me in english, no body speaks in english.And they badly meet any requirements in terms of I.E.L.T’s score. Because they all cheated at that to so I found out I feel like I’m having a Chinese university experience not an Australian one. So save your money. And DONT GO TO RMIT!!!..Major CAUTION.

  110. Nguyen Tuan Khoi
    | Reply

    Since 2010, RMIT has become downgraded seriously. The learning quality, including teachers quality and teaching method cannot be accepted. Most of the teachers, in my opinion, do not have academic skills to teach students. They have such an outdated method of teaching and do not even understand what they are teaching. Students cannot have feedbacks for their exams’ results, just only the grades. Overall, I think future students should choose other Australian universities, do not ever think about this extremely downgraded and low rankings like RMIT, never !

  111. Thomas
    | Reply

    Extremely poor university and courses! I have studied at a number of universities in Melbourne and found them to be both enjoyable and brilliantly refined. RMIT however feels outdated, lazy, arrogant and downright stupid in all regards. The teachers on the whole are under-qualified and extremely incapable of what they are meant to be doing. The class structures and general administration is completely useless and confusing. However the biggest problem is the culture, RMIT is so poor in this department that you may as well be studying on a online course because they is nothing of any social value outside of your direct class mates on offer at RMIT. I highly recommend you find a better uni.

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