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Curtin University cafe and courtyard.

Main café and courtyard. Photo credit: Place Laboratory

Curtin University is a large university located in Bentley, a residential area about 8 km from the Perth city centre. Curtin is attended by large numbers of international students. Is Curtin a good choice for them or others? If you've studied at Curtin, have your say by posting a review.

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  1. HellaBell
    | Reply

    Good online university

    I am a mature age student and am halfway through my Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Accounting). I am studying 100% online and can honestly say I am mostly happy with my experience. Their online setup is pretty easy to navigate.

    Having studied at TAFE twice, I have found that as a university student, you are a more independent learner (ie, no hand holding). Which I understand, as it is a higher education I am receiving. I rarely contacted staff for assistance, but when I did, I found them to be very helpful and things were resolved quickly.

    All the units I have done so far, the content has been relevant and up to date. The way they are presented and taught can differ, as each lecturer has a different style.

    So my experience with Curtin itself has been a good one:
    – campus (visited for exams and group assignments): clean, easy to navigate and has plenty of life
    – online: easy, convenient and flexible, the *main* reason I chose Curtin, as I work full time.

    If I had any issues, it would be because of a lecturer and that they used vague language/poor word choices (especially on an assignment/exam question). I like communication that is concise, where you don’t feel like you are making assumptions.

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  2. Simon
    | Reply

    This is a poor university. The staff never respond to emails.

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  3. Carly Sanford
    | Reply

    Excellent University

    Curtin is one of the best universities in Australia. Great facilities, staff that actually care about you and your success. I am very proud to be a Curtin graduate.

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  4. YaaBoah
    | Reply

    Curtin Health Sciences faculty and staff are not supportive

    The Master of Speech Pathology Course was a horrifying experience. The staff are not supportive. You are basically left alone to educate yourself. They are also very vindictive if you complain. They will spite you. I had a terrible experience studying here. Unfortunately i never read any reviews nor did I know anything before going there. International students are especially not supported. If you can avoid studying here please do.

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  5. mash
    | Reply

    you get what you pay for- cheap course, no support

    online study at Curtin is VERY disappointing and incredibly frustrating. I’m doing a post graduate course and have completed studies at various other universities with a much more positive experience. the course delivery is incredible rigid and outdated. Curtin are not student focused at all. When i have tried to discuss really simple, logical easy changes they could make to improve course content for all students they have made me feel like a complete pain in the arse who has no business wasting their time.

  6. thomas
    | Reply

    terrible service, starting back in a week and my classes still haven’t been made available to add to my timetable. Have been on the phone to curtin 5 times in the last week waiting 20 minutes each time only to be given blunt answers and directed to another number thats unavailable, emails haven’t been responded to either. Can’t tell work what my timetable will even be, not impressed with the lack of effort and organisation of this university.

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  7. J
    | Reply

    Avoid Curtin univiersity online studies

    The online Curtin university studies are a complete joke. I have completed other studies through different universities and by far Curtin are the worst i have dealt with.
    Lack of support.
    Lack of willingness to help when asked.
    Inconsistencies with subject matter.
    Old fashioned and out dated content.
    Lecturers who put their business first opposed to answering emails.

    Curtin university = old fashioned, out of date, run like a circus and avoid at all costs.

  8. Anthony Porrins
    | Reply

    Academic mismatch?

    I am a current student at Curtin. I am not impressed. I found , with half my units this semester the delivery of half the units I have taken barely resembles the unit outline. Definitely check fully what a unit is about at Curtin before taking it.

  9. anon
    | Reply

    Online education not worth it with Curtin

    I began a bachelor of primary education online through Curtin. The course extremely disappointing. Assignments were poorly explained and teachers were entirely unapproachable when attempting to get more information. References were heavily graded, which is fine, however, every teacher seemed to have a different idea of what APA was, which meant you’d get good marks in one subject regarding referencing, then the next you’d barely pass for doing the same thing.
    Feedback was entirely unhelpful, and when requesting for a remark, I was met with my unit co-ordinator outright refusing to have someone else regrade it, even though I was within my rights to request it.

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  10. RhiRhi
    | Reply

    Fantastic University

    I’m a current student of Curtin and love it. Great staff really helpful. Fantastic online anon campus! 10/10

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  11. Sammy
    | Reply

    Fantastic Uni Recommend

    I’ve been going to Curtin to do my Masters and love it. Staff and teachers are good and, as Kitkat said, the study guides are super helpful. Recommend this uni highly

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  12. Kitkat
    | Reply

    Fantastic Online

    I’ve been studying Bachelor of Fine Arts with Open University Australia with Curtin Uni, and have loved every minute of it. I previously studied one year of the degree at University of Tasmania, and hated it. The online forum for UTAS was horrid and old fashioned, Curtin is amazing compared. You communicate with tutors and fellow students via Blackboard and various collaborate sessions, and present work via PowerPoint presentations, notes and so on. I enjoyed it so much, for each unit there is a Study Guide – I printed this out and got it bound the study guides were well written and had a step by step guide for art techniques. I have learnt so much 1000000 times more that I did at UTAs. Obviously you get a few not so good teachers, but all in all most of my teachers were friendly and really helpful. I recommend the online course for anyone it’s brilliant.

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  13. Smith William
    | Reply

    Gym lovers are highly recommended should not join Bentley, Western Anytime Fitness Australia membership as my best friends was kicked by them with just response to their text message “Hello, Hi Merry Christmas” to the fitness consultant.
    Greeting to them are treated as “insulation” In many way, we have found that they kicked out members as usual after they raise up the weekly membership fee. If someone already join in, please do not reply any message to them and they will find any excuses to terminate your membership They are all having conservative thinking and hate to see foreign people pop in the gym

  14. Jon
    | Reply

    I studied early childhood education online at Curtin. Their setup is terrible. You’d probably save time just studying on campus because they keep sending you on a wild goose chase every time you have to complete a task. Then when you ask a question they make you trawl through the forums for the answer which can take hours. Recently my wife started a diploma course online through a pretty small institution which was much easier and way more user friendly.

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