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Edith Cowan University (ECU) Business and Law Building, Mt Lawley.

Edith Cowan University is based in the northern Perth suburb of Joondalup and has a campus in the city and in Bunbury. The university also offers many of its courses online. If you have attended or are attending ECU, you can share your experiences by posting a student review.

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  1. Andrew
    | Reply

    Not Happy Jan

    The lecturer was great, but here is my experience. Halfway through a Grad dip and they discontinued the course placing it into “teach-out”. I have applied to other uni’s but they won’t accept my RPL fully (have to complete 2 of the units already completed. ECU provided no notice of this, I actually thought I was starting next term it’s only that I called that I found out!!!! They provided no assistance/pathway to another university. I won’t be studying here again just poor customer service – We pay a lot of money to study – and they have shafted me completely and offered no assistance all my “money and time down the drain”. Treated poorly. Note: the Lecturer was amazing and the content was excellent – But how can you trust them, after this expirence.

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  2. Sarah
    | Reply

    Would not recommend

    Would not recommend ECU for honours in Psychology. It just is not well coordinated, with 2 of the 4 coursework units being an absolute shambles, and the course coordinator not being particularly helpful or inclined to do anything at all beyond her most basic job description. There are some really good academic staff at this uni. If you could get one of them as a thesis supervisor and put up with the disorganised units and unhelpful course coordinator, you might be ok. But beware- there are a lot of academic staff who appear to have bluffed their way into their positions. They have limited research knowledge and limited knowledge about teaching.

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  3. Michelle
    | Reply

    Current student review

    I’m currently studying for a Bachelor of Social Science online and so far my experience studying at ECU has been mostly positive. I find the course content mostly relevant and I’m learning a lot. Most teachers are great and very responsive although there are the few odd ones with big egos who think it’s ok to make offensive comments in lectures, point the fingers at others, and criticise feedback they have received from past students, even though it was constructive. Some lecturers also have very strong foreign accents that are difficult to understands, and others uhm and ahh a lot when they talk which makes it very hard to follow the flow of what is being said. Some teachers expect you to do a LOT of reading, most of which is then never referred to or discussed in class, assessments or exams. You have then spent HOURS (10-15 hours on top of lectures and other unit activities) each week reading things that you needn’t have bothered to read, when you could have been watching lectures, or working on assignments instead. Assignments are not always well explained in unit plans and teachers will often add criteria in class, which should be in the unit plans and marking rubrics. Trying to get a head start on an assignment is often an exercise in frustration and futility because they are poorly explained in the unit plan and teachers will make you wait until closer to the due date to explain them in class. However, I do find that marking is lenient as I am getting much better grades than I think I should be… or maybe I actually am learning something and my work is of a better quality than I think it is… who knows?

    Student support is great and so is the Academic Skills Centre.

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  4. Hello
    | Reply


    I don’t feel that UniPrep prepares students for university. The text book is very Curtin uni specific.
    Learning Skills is a massive waste of time – how is making a social media profile (LinkedIn) profile preparing me for university? Or watching a video suggesting I become a Dominos pizza delivery driver? The other assignments feel rushed together with half the instructions missing.
    Academic Writing does not teach academic writing. Instead, students are left to fend for themselves with a limited ability to ask for help, other than a terrible message board that you’re lucky to get a reply on (the lecturer is very strict with no emailing her with anything other than illness related – but she has time to post unfunny boomer memes, go figure). The majority of students should not fail a 10% assignment because they were confused.
    I also don’t know why Collabs take almost 2 hours when the lecturer talks about her homelife for a quarter of it.
    I do not feel prepared for university. I have not gained confidence. I would not recommend this course. I am incredibly anxious for next year. UnPrepared.

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  5. Shamy
    | Reply

    POsitive experience

    ECU is the place to go . I completed my Nursing C33 at ECU and got a graduate program. I am excelling in my Career. The study Environment is good . MInd you I completed my bachelors in 2016.

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  6. Peter
    | Reply

    Complete Disaster

    Study online at ECU if you want:
    -All your tutors based out of a call centre in India, with other workers talking in the background of your phone calls
    -Outdated content with typos, broken hyperlinks and references to diagrams that don’t exist
    -A completely broken Blackboard experience
    -To pay $4400 a unit for the privilege

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  7. Darrel Shaw
    | Reply

    Do not recommend ECUseless despite 1 or 2 outstanding staff

    Do not recommend.
    Teachers are primarily without any teaching background or qualifications and in some instances with poor English like Charles said above.
    Very few outstanding teachers, outweighed by vindictive and unmotivated so called ‘teaching’ staff who do less teaching and more ass covering.
    This school does protect their research ‘teachers’ because it brings in research dollars on top of student fees and that’s what this school is all about.
    They don’t call it ECUseless for no reason.
    Australian version of community college.

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  8. Nick
    | Reply

    Strongly recommend against for online learning

    Very poor experience completing my Grad-Cert with ECU online
    – poor course content
    -common errors in content requiring follow-up clarification
    -assessments not relevant to course content
    -course advisors often not able to understand simple questions
    -lecturers not available

    Strongly recommend against ECU as an online learning provider. Perhaps they’re better if you’re based in WA though.

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  9. Jove Bogoevski
    | Reply

    Poor Masters degrees

    A very disorganised university and a shocking masters in nursing program. Lecturers (Drs) way to harsh, unapproachable and unhelpful.
    Advertising part time flexible study but not delivering it. Lots of seniors need to just leave and allow younger lecturers to teach.
    A money hungry university which treat students like numbers.
    Will not recommend doing a nursing degree with ECU.

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  10. Ketij
    | Reply


    I just came here to say that Uniprep really set me up for my first semester, and I truly appreciate it. I learnt to write an essay again, use APA7 formatting, and create a semester planner, which is my favorite part. Handy for someone who has been out of school a while (:

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  11. Agnes Mutua
    | Reply

    poor treatment of students

    I was initially excited to join ECU. However when I studied as an international student I was very disappointed by the lack of support that I received. My concerns were never addressed when I made them and the staff in student Central were always very quick to disregard me or threaten me when I had any issues and never offered any help. I was just another number to them who was a source of income for the school. I didn’t get good placements for my nursing practicum which left me feeling very unprepared for my career after school. I will never recommend this school to anyone!!

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  12. Ainslie Russell
    | Reply

    Excellent support

    I have found ECU Joondalup to be an excellent university. The ambiance is very relaxed, and the lecturers and tutors have all been wonderful in my experience.
    There is excellent student support and lots of workshops to help should you need them.

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  13. Charles
    | Reply

    Poor International Lecturers in School of Business (accounting)

    Unfortunately as both an ex staff member and student I can say the academics they have appointed within accounting are home grown Ph.D. and limited I.e. No more than 1-3 years real world experience. The Indian (chandra) and srilankankan (kapu arach) English is sub standard and student focus terrible i.e. They will respond instaneously if you cc superior but won’t respond to 2-3 emails on a particular survey.

    The UTEI survey is not taken seriously good survey results are seen as random or low sample, while bad are seemed as valid and reliable.

    I have been at a few other unis in Australia and you wouldn’t have 30 plus students in a tutorial especially when they are well funded I.e. 90% of students are Chinese from Anhui province in China. A large tutorial group in some of the better unis would be 20 and 25 students would be max.

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    • Alex
      | Reply


      What you wrote was really helpful. Thank you.
      But were you able to complete your course and to succeed despite having difficulties to understand what your lecturers taught? What about the course itself? Was it well organised and up-to-date? Could you engage with the other students for some group work? By the way, are you an international student? What does the UTEI survey refer to? Besides is there any university you would recommend me for a Bachelor of Commerce (major in accounting)?

      Kind regards,

  14. Natalie Stoksik
    | Reply

    Looking forward to continuing my nursing studies at ECU, admin staff have been very helpful

  15. Jessica
    | Reply

    I thought I’d start the reviews for ECU. I completed a Bachelor of Education (secondary) degree at ECU a few years ago and am thinking about going back to do a masters course.

    The lecturers and tutors at ECU are very committed to their work and helping students to learn. I can’t imagine you would get the same level of attention at some of Perth’s other universities.

    Joondalup isn’t close to the city but we were never short of things to do in terms of parties, etc.
    I really enjoyed the course overall and definitely recommend ECU.

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