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Murdoch University campus grounds.

Campus grounds. Photo credit: NixPixMix

Murdoch University is a Perth-based university and popular study destination for international students. The university occupies Australia's largest campus by land area. It's located in the suburb of Murdoch (about 14 km from the Perth city centre). If you are or were a Murdoch student, you're welcome to post a review and let us know what you think about the university.

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  1. Ben
    | Reply

    Excellent University

    I found Murdoch to be an excellent university with exceptional lecturers who really cared about their students. People either get university-level education or they do not. If you think that the blame for your studies not going well lies with university staff, it is a sound indicator that you do not get it. If you study hard and show some initiative, you will do well. Murdoch University is a first-rate establishment and I would strongly recommend it if you are serious about your education.

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    • admin
      | Reply

      Spot on with this comment. We get too many reviews from students who seem to think staff are responsible for their success or failure. Staff are busy. And thousands of students do well without seeking out any special help.

      • Rickie tang
        | Reply

        I do not agree.
        Lecturers and tutors have tremendous impact on how the students can study well.
        In my class, more then 75% give poor scores for certain Lecturers and tutors while almost 95% of students give high marks for other Lecturers and tutors.
        Some Lecturers and tutors are just not suitably qualified to teach even though they may be PhD.
        A simple survey will be able to determine what I said is correct. Ask students for their opinion on each unit they study and the tutors or Lecturers in charge. In addition, cross check students’ performance in assignments. If there are more then 65% students who fail in most assignment, I would say naturally there is something very wrong about the teaching .

  2. Peter Donnelly
    | Reply

    Having completed my undergrad at UWA, I can say the standard at Murdoch is much lower, in terms of the ease at which they award high marks. Which is good for students – but poor for standards. Also, currently studying a Grad Dip at Murdoch (Renewable Energy) I have experienced poor communications (turnaround and feedback on assignments, reply to forum and email questions) from a number of staff, and a substantial overlap in material across several units – which represents poor value for money – considering they are charging $2000 per unit. I would not recommend the course or university to others, also as there are far too many students to cope with library space and the wireless server, which keeps dropping out due to it not being able to cope with the number of users.

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    • Charlie Gidaszewski
      | Reply

      Murdoch rocks.

      I write this review because I keep being told that Murdoch gives higher marks than other universities. How can anyone prove that that is the case. It’s an illogical thing to say. Unless there is proof that this is going on than these comments are fallacies. I’m a student at Murdoch, I have high grades (83.3% grade average), I have an IQ of 119 (not that high) and I work my arse off. That’s how I feel I get my good grades. I don’t think anyone is cooking the books in regards to my grades.
      Feedback has always been delivered promptly and all my tutorial teachers have always responded quickly to emails I have sent them.
      As for the post graduate course concerns, that seems to be a common complaint everywhere. It is my understanding that professors use post grad students to further their own expertise rather than helping them with their Masters or PhD’s. It’s their way of staying at the top of the mountain, so to speak. It isn’t an issue exclusive to Murdoch University. You just have to look for good people to work with as is the case in every walk of life.
      As for the library, it’s 4 stories high and I’ve always found space to do my work and the internet on campus is great. Restaurants serve nice affordable food, there are water fountains everywhere, there are basketball courts all over the place, there is a gym, a tavern , a bookshop (which is owned by the uni), there are market stalls every Thursday.
      In short, Murdoch is an awesome uni and I’m glad I study here.

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  3. David
    | Reply

    It’s not one of the best universities but definitely not one of the worst. Very laid back feel to the school. You won’t experience too much stress from the coursework so maybe that’s why the school’s ranking isn’t that high? Murdoch is good for students who want the easy way out.

  4. Carolina
    | Reply

    Fees are ridiculously high for international students (me personally )paying up to $15000 for one semester whilst I was told by Australian friends they paid $8000 per year. The information given by many lecturers is outdated and seems to have been the same for atleast the last 3 years (seen from previous exams). I have seen lecturers with majority of references from 1998 ?!?! Do consider your options before you go to Murdoch.

    • admin
      | Reply

      For bachelor courses, it’s normal for international students to pay about twice as much as Australian students. Fees for local students are heavily subsidised by the Australian Government.

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