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AustUniversity of Notre Dame Australia (Fremantle).

The University of Notre Dame Australia is a private university. It embraces both the modern Australian university style and traditions of Catholic universities in Europe and North America. Notre Dame is based in the city of Fremantle, which lies within the greater Perth metropolitan area, and also has campuses in Sydney and Broome. Notre Dame focuses on the education and training of young people for entry to the major professions: medicine, law, teaching, nursing, accounting and finance, physiotherapy, counselling, health sciences and the priesthood. If you've ever attended Notre Dame, feel free to post a review.

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  1. Anonymous
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    LPAB Units at Notre Dame is WORTHLESS

    Did you know that if you have LPAB units your barely going to get 4 subjects exempted at Notre Dame? Guess everyone has read the poster. I also wouldnt recommend Notre Dame.

    The Ugly truth about the LPAB Diploma in Law Course:

    1. Accreditation units have been shunned by Law Schools

    2. Examiners have photocopied past exam papers

    3. Some lecturers finish classes 1 hour early

    4. There exists no uniformity in the style of teaching

    5. No mid-semester exams

    6. No tutorials

    7. No Student Representative Council

    8. The same Members on the Examination Committee are also on the Curriculum Sub-Committee, Performance Review Sub-Committee and Quality Sub-Committee.

    9. Fees are non-refundable.

    10. Under Rule 67 of the LPAB Handbook a student could be made to ‘resit some or all of their previously passed subjects.

    11. The Diploma in Law Course is not ideal for domestic undergrad students. The Academics have got it right in shunning LPAB units. It has become a 3rd rate education for a 3rd rate qualification.

    It’s time to shut the course down for domestic students.

  2. Lee Graham
    | Reply

    I finished my degree in Counselling a few years back, and it turned out to be a total waste of money. The agency they gave me for my practical made me do more roleplays, then gave me no real life clients. The university offered weekly supervision for our practicals with clients, and every week, I had nothing to say because I had been given no clients. So I left the degree with NO real world experience, and no confidence to find work in counselling.

    The university needs to ensure that students are receiving a minimum amount of real life practical experience with clients, or the degree is a waste.

  3. ed nyg
    | Reply

    This Uni has treated me, a former student and alumni with absolute contempt. I got told “You probably don’t get a job because you look different then everyone else.”etc. This is just one example of many, others include getting hounded by them to rate them in official rankings well, getting told when I asked for help on subject enrolment “just go figure it out for yourself”, and there’s others too….

  4. :)
    | Reply

    Could not have made a better choice in choosing ND, amazing staff who are passionate about you and passionate about you succeeding as best you can. Although the religious requirements can be a bit strenuous on top of course work, I’ve learnt more than I’d like to admit in the liberal arts classes we’re required to take so I thank ND for opening my mind to that and giving me that opportunity. I’ve heard nothing but praise when I say I attend ND or speak of it and honestly the students and our successes speak for themselves – every student from every discipline is so determined and passionate about the paths they’ve chosen and instead of climbing on top of others to get ahead we truly all help each other develop as best we can into our careers whether they be a nurse, a teacher, a journalist, a lawyer, an accountant. I am seriously so proud to call ND home and I hope other people will get to experience this one day too 🙂

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