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AustUniversity of Notre Dame Australia (Fremantle).

The University of Notre Dame Australia is a private university. It embraces both the modern Australian university style and traditions of Catholic universities in Europe and North America. Notre Dame is based in the city of Fremantle, which lies within the greater Perth metropolitan area, and also has campuses in Sydney and Broome. Notre Dame focuses on the education and training of young people for entry to the major professions: medicine, law, teaching, nursing, accounting and finance, physiotherapy, counselling, health sciences and the priesthood. If you've ever attended Notre Dame, feel free to post a review.

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  1. Diana
    | Reply

    Notre Dame uni is great.

    I am really enjoying my postgraduate study at Notre Dame university. I’m doing well and I find the uni tutors staff very supportive (Zoom meetings to discuss the course and also what is required and expected to succeed). I’m really happy with my choice to go to Notre Dame. The subjects are interesting and well prepared. The uni staff are caring and empathetic and they want to help you to succeed. Yes, the subjects are expensive at 3k each with no Government subsidy however I think they are worth it for my planned career path. I’m very happy with Notre Dame and my choice to go here. More supportive than my past uni I attended decades ago.

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  2. Sarah
    | Reply

    Horrible University. Would not recommend

    I would not recommend Notre Dame to anybody. I had more negative experiences with them than I had positive.

    When I was due to start my course after my gap year, I had been emailing and calling them for months prior to semester 1 starting, asking about my enrolment information and how to access other student information. I was told every time to “just keep waiting, it will get sent to you.” I called them again in late January and they told me that they made a mistake and they hadn’t moved my name from their ‘deferral list’ to their ‘enrolment list’ which was why I hadn’t been sent any information. I asked when I would be able to choose my preferences for classes and they said that it was too late and classes had already been allocated so I would just have to pick from what was left over. As a first time uni student who was moving 3 hours away from home to attend, this was not a good start and caused a lot of stress and anxiety which no staff or admin member did anything to ease.

    On top of this, their timetable allocation system is an absolute joke. In my second semester I was able to ‘choose’ my own time table. You will pick a number of preferences for class times, and will NEVER get any of your top 3 picks. Not sure why they even bother with preferences. It is highly likely your class times will be scattered randomly, which 3-4 hour gaps in between classes.

    The situation that was the final straw for me occurred in my 3rd semester. I was in the middle of a 24-hour take home assessment/exam and was cut off from access to the online library and all the student services halfway through my exam. I couldn’t complete any further research for my paper. I was calling staff members and admin frantically trying to regain access to the system so I could complete my exam. I was hand balled around to 10 different people, but no one had any idea how to help me. Two very stressful hours later they figured out that because I had decided to defer for a semester, they had ‘accidentally’ locked me out of all the student services early. I never once received an apology from anyone for the stress it caused me. I received an email 3 days later informing me that I could resit a deferred exam if I wanted – not much help considering I had already completed and handed in the first exam, why would I want to do a second? No thanks 🙂

    Everyone ND student I have met has at least one horrible story from their time at the uni.
    I have since changed to another uni and could not be happier about my decision. Now I am at a school where the staff actually care about the students and the services they provide, rather than being solely interested in making money.

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    • Grace
      | Reply

      Wow, that sounds so stressful, sorry you to go through that, sounds horrible. May I ask where you are now? I’m looking for a uni.

  3. Fif
    | Reply

    Lack of empathy

    horrid response times. Admin staff are so rude and unhelpful constantly, wait time for responses is DAYS more than absolutely necessary. The staff give little to no help. Expect “ASAP” to be minimum 3 days. No care for students, only money.
    Lecturers are lovely but not worth the ridiculous responses from admin.
    The lecturers care about students but nobody else does. It’s exhausting to even try to get a response.
    If i’m paying $14,000 annually I expect a quick response and at the bare minimum, some help thanks.

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  4. Why
    | Reply

    Values Contradicting with their Teachings.

    I had the worst experience in this facility. Did it affect my wellbeing? Definitely.
    The staff lack compassion and sensitivity. Poor communication: I had issues with my timetable due to limited to no classes. On the day of the release of the timetable the website would crash due to traffic and would end up with no classes for 2 of my units. I emailed the coordinator to assist me with the issues, week 1,2,3 no response. Ended up not doing the units, wasted my money and time. Overwhelmingly stressful.
    I had issues with sorting out my practical requirements due to extreme financial issues (unrelated), ended up not doing my prac. Emailed the pracs coordinator the following semester to enrol again before the census date, no reply (ironically a communications tutor). Emailed other coordinators to assist with enrolment but the person with the authority to enrol me hadn’t replied still. They replied a semester later, how would you respond to that? One year of no prac and limited units due to prerequisites.
    My classes would be hours apart (4-6) and also days apart. One semester I attended 5 days a week due to my tutorials being everywhere. Hard to manage time especially if you’re independent and working. I will not comment on the response I got when I asked to at least change a few classes so I can be able to balance work and sort out my sleeping schedule (lucky if I get 4 hours). Otherwise this uni will suit if you’re not working and coming from a reasonably materialistic background so you will be able to meet all their requirements to complete your degree.

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  5. Fed Up
    | Reply

    Worst University in Australia

    Just finished a three year honours degree at this terrible terrible institution. Behind the times in teaching, technology, communication, pretty much everything.

    I taught myself more often than not and didn’t attend one class in my final honours year because I could simply regurgitate the slides for everything.

    A lot of the staff don’t want to be there. One of my lecturers (also a lawyer) would complain that he hated marking but he was only there because he hated clients more. He would complain about his wife and make awful jokes.

    Do not go here.

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  6. Anonymous Parent
    | Reply

    Enrolling Students Beware!

    Parents of school leavers receiving offer letters from Notre Dame should check them carefully. Excellent students with good predicted ATARS, who are eligible for Commonwealth supported enrolment, may be offered full fee paying degrees. In my childs case, this occurred and at no point were the implications of this discussed with her and it never occurred to us that she wouldn’t be offered a commonwealth supported enrolment. The administration, whilst polite, have been unhelpful about changing her enrolment to commonwealth support and made it clear this won’t happen. Unethical and deceptive and wouldn’t recommend them to anyone!

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  7. Upset
    | Reply

    What a waste

    This Uni is a joke.

    They are very keen to sign up you up. Very active when it comes to collecting fees.

    Nowhere to be found when you have questions. Admin is horrible, complete waste of time and money.

    That being said, if you need to exchange dollars for a degree without much need for actual learning then you should definitely go here.

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  8. Jaci
    | Reply

    No Compassion

    In 2015, I applied for withdrawal without academic or financial penalty from Notre Dame. Because I was 3 days late, they asked me to attach supporting documents. As requested, I provided a personal letter, a letter from my psychologist, a personal timeline. It was quite confronting to give all this information to someone I did not know. But I did it because I wanted to lift the $10,360.48 from my FEE Help debts. I did not attend any lectures or tutorials for the whole semester. After reluctantly providing all of my personal information, the assistant manger of the Fees Office denied my request. This was on the basis that I was enrolled into another university at the time which meant that my situation meant nothing. Due to personal reasons, I failed the units that I attempted at the other university. Even after telling Notre Dame this, they still denied my request. I now have to pay over $10, 000 which is accruing interest for a whole semester that I never attended.

    Wanting to reach out and see if this has happened to anyone else?

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  9. Larson
    | Reply

    BA, Education, Psychology waste of money and teaching material rubbish (Garbage). Law expensive and over rated.

    I did a BA (Applied Psychology) and it was a total waste of time and money. This is because the applied psychology or behavioral science will not give you an accreditation as a psychologist. For that, you will have to do another 2 to 3 years at another university on top of Notre dame Sydney. When I asked the coordinator why the change in degree and why is my degree worthless, he smirked and said “because you guys keep me working”. The counseling and education faculty are also a joke because anyone will pass the units without even trying while learning very little. Also, do not do Law in Notre Dame Sydney because the domestic fees are extremely high compared to CSP UNE unit fees. You are better off doing law from UNE and you will still get a good law degree. Do not believe those people who say that employers prefer graduates from Notre dame because this is not true. I did a degree at UTS for business which I found extremely useful and I would recommend UTS, but if you can’t get into UTS, start UNE online for the first year and then, transfer to a university near you.

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  10. Anonymous
    | Reply

    LPAB Units at Notre Dame is WORTHLESS

    Did you know that if you have LPAB units your barely going to get 4 subjects exempted at Notre Dame? Guess everyone has read the poster. I also wouldnt recommend Notre Dame.

    The Ugly truth about the LPAB Diploma in Law Course:

    1. Accreditation units have been shunned by Law Schools

    2. Examiners have photocopied past exam papers

    3. Some lecturers finish classes 1 hour early

    4. There exists no uniformity in the style of teaching

    5. No mid-semester exams

    6. No tutorials

    7. No Student Representative Council

    8. The same Members on the Examination Committee are also on the Curriculum Sub-Committee, Performance Review Sub-Committee and Quality Sub-Committee.

    9. Fees are non-refundable.

    10. Under Rule 67 of the LPAB Handbook a student could be made to ‘resit some or all of their previously passed subjects.

    11. The Diploma in Law Course is not ideal for domestic undergrad students. The Academics have got it right in shunning LPAB units. It has become a 3rd rate education for a 3rd rate qualification.

    It’s time to shut the course down for domestic students.

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  11. Lee Graham
    | Reply

    I finished my degree in Counselling a few years back, and it turned out to be a total waste of money. The agency they gave me for my practical made me do more roleplays, then gave me no real life clients. The university offered weekly supervision for our practicals with clients, and every week, I had nothing to say because I had been given no clients. So I left the degree with NO real world experience, and no confidence to find work in counselling.

    The university needs to ensure that students are receiving a minimum amount of real life practical experience with clients, or the degree is a waste.

  12. ed nyg
    | Reply

    This Uni has treated me, a former student and alumni with absolute contempt. I got told “You probably don’t get a job because you look different then everyone else.”etc. This is just one example of many, others include getting hounded by them to rate them in official rankings well, getting told when I asked for help on subject enrolment “just go figure it out for yourself”, and there’s others too….

  13. :)
    | Reply

    Could not have made a better choice in choosing ND, amazing staff who are passionate about you and passionate about you succeeding as best you can. Although the religious requirements can be a bit strenuous on top of course work, I’ve learnt more than I’d like to admit in the liberal arts classes we’re required to take so I thank ND for opening my mind to that and giving me that opportunity. I’ve heard nothing but praise when I say I attend ND or speak of it and honestly the students and our successes speak for themselves – every student from every discipline is so determined and passionate about the paths they’ve chosen and instead of climbing on top of others to get ahead we truly all help each other develop as best we can into our careers whether they be a nurse, a teacher, a journalist, a lawyer, an accountant. I am seriously so proud to call ND home and I hope other people will get to experience this one day too 🙂

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